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Guardian of Omens

Chapter One

A grand cat like figure stood over the chasm, its metal body built into one side of one of the cliffs. The eyes of the Cats' Lair moved to and fro, both glowing red, as it looked for any sign of trouble while the inhabitants within its heart slept on. The world of Third Earth was beginning to wake from its nightly slumber, where the moon faded away into the early morning light of the sun shining down and unbeknownst to the sleeping feline warriors within Cats' Lair, trouble was lurking. And the trouble was stirring from four figures huddled in the bushes a good distance away where they could safely be out of the sight of the Cat's Eyes and put their plan into motion.

A soft hoot broke through the early morning twilight, a pair of orange eyes glancing nervously to the Cat Fortress nearby. The owner of the orange gaze was a white furred Mutant called Monkian. Monkian just scratched the back of his head with his fingers as he looked back at his two companions. "Are you sure about this, Slithe?" He uttered another monkeylike hoot.

There sitting between his two fellow Mutants, Jackalman and Slithe, was a strange girl, one resembling a Warrior Maiden only she didn't have the usual dark hair and eyes and sun kissed skin. This maiden was the exact opposite with pale skin and grey-white hair. Her dark blue eyes lacked the usual emotions of a human being. It made Monkian shiver at the thought of the girl with them being soulless and without emotions.

Slithe let out an angry hiss, his reptilian eyes glaring darkly at the Monkey. "Of course I am! This has to work! Yesss?" The lizard growled, his sentence ending in the usual gleeful hiss. He gave the girl a quick look over. He didn't want his two companions to know that this 'Golem' creeped him out as well. Just the way she stumbled about like a newborn baby trying to walk too early. Slithe and Monkian had both refused to carry the girl on their backs. It was up to a gleeful Jackalman to carry her on his Sky Cutter to this very spot.

It only took a few seconds for Jackalman to grow fond of the girl, and he was soon obeying all of Mumm-Ra's orders to make the girl as comfortable as possible in Castle Plun-Darr, even if she was given a dungeon as a bedroom. At least she had a bed and a warm set of clothes to cover her. Anyone looking at Jackalman could tell that he enjoyed killing the few wolves from the nearby plains just to make the furs the girl wore.

Jackalman just laughed with a snort, his golden eyes gleaming with much excitement. "I trust in Lord Mumm-Ra's plans. This girl is the perfect weapon. The BlunderCats won't ever suspect an innocent child being the secret agent of Mumm-Ra." He couldn't hold back his excitement anymore and the Canine bared his teeth, licking his lips. He'd normally be wary of Mumm-Ra's plans but there was something about Mumm-Ra's latest creation that was making him act strange. It was as though having a female around was waking up some kind of internal instincts within him. Whatever it was, he loved it.

"When can we start?" Jackalman asked, his ears laying back against his head, signifying his impatience.

"Mumm-Ra told us to wait until the crack of dawn. Until we see the first sign of Lion-O coming out of the Lair, we will make our move, but first," Slithe finally turned to the girl that stood between him and Jackalman. The furred hood she wore guarded her eyes from his view, only allowing the white strands of her hair and the lower half of her face to be seen. The reptile slipped the heavy furs off her shoulders, leaving the girl dressed in only the cloth tuniclike dress Mumm-Ra conjured up for her.

With her furs off, the Mutants could see that the girl looked to be no older than the THunderkittens with her dark blue eyes staring at nothing in particular, a vacantly neutral expression gracing her face, and her long white hair giving her the appearance of the Warrior Maidens of the Tree Top Kingdom.

"Alright, Girl. Go! Make for the ThunderCats' Lair like Mumm-Ra told you." All it took was one quick growl from Slithe to trigger something from within the girl's soul. Her seemingly cold and limp body flushed with the warmth of life, becoming tight with tension. And in her heart, she heard a soft murmuring, a voice giving her an order. It almost felt like a veil of enchantment had been lifted and she soon found herself feeling more alive and more consciously aware of everything around her.

She could feel the cold early morning breeze beginning to blow, the grass below her feet, smell the rich aroma of the plant life all around her, and above all, she could see everything that was happening. When she looked up, the girl saw Slithe standing there, glaring down at her. Monkian had a fearful look in his eyes while Jackalman looked completely happy with himself. Just the presence of these three was enough to instill a sudden sense of fear and she was soon running with the whispery voice of Mumm-Ra urging her on.

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