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Collectively they watched Murphy sleep from the rickety card table that served as their kitchen table.

In deep thought she passed their shared cigarette back to Connor.

"He looks so sweet when he's passed out, like a little Irish cherub." she murmured more to herself than the man seated next to her.

"Aye but 'es damn near a demon when 'es awake." Connor replied with a crooked smile before exhaling a slow stream of smoke.

"I love that about him, so much fire and passion. That cute little ass isn't half bad either." she noted with a smirk as her eyes swept over Murphy's exposed body.

"Ey now, what t'bout me?" he asked jokingly in mock jealousy to mask the real thing just beneath the surface of his grinning face.

She stood and plucked the half finished cigarette from Connor's hand before straddling his legs. She sat examining his face, thinking hard as she took a drag.

"I love the laugh lines around your eyes, and the worry ones in your forehead. Caused by Murph no doubt." she chuckled around the smoke that trailed out along with her words.

With a small smile she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her forehead against said lines. Her eyes held his as she continued softly. "I love that you watch over him as if your life depended on it, because it does, because he is your life."

Her next statement brought a playful smile to her lips. "I love that pissy face you make when you don't like something."

"I don' 'ave a 'pissy face'" Connor retorted as he pulled back from her a bit.

"Aye ya do, you're makin' it right now." came an amused voice from over on the mattress.

"We call it yer bitch face." Murphy added with a grin as he rose and made his way over to them, unabashed at his nudity.

"You are!" she exclaimed as she pointed her two fingers holding the cig at Connor's scrunched up face.

Connor deepened his scowl, sending her and Murphy into a fit of laughter.

She stood from his lap and extinguished the butt in an overflowing ashtray on the table. Only to light up another and hand it to Murphy before seating herself in the darker twin's lap

"Fuck the pair of ya." Connor grumbled as he shook his head at them.

She grinned at Connor and couldn't help but tease. "You already did once today. I'm down for another round but I don't know if Murph here has recovered just yet."