A/N: While based in the world of the WWE, the time line is my creation. It mixes time periods and events because it can. That's why it's called fiction. I own nothing but the plot. I make no profit from this story. I also know Adam hates cigarette smoke, but in my world he's a smoker. I hope you enjoy my first multi chapter story.

The beautiful blond man sat alone on a bench in the furthermost corner of the locker room. It was the same dull locker room found in any arena, in any town and in any country.

The rooms never changed. There were two kinds of locker room. Either they were clean, modern and well kept had actual hot water in the showers and had clean towels to use or they were small, cramped and dirty. Only cold water was in the pipes and sometimes even that was too much to hope for.

The one tonight was of the first variety. No matter where or in what kind of locker room, the blond always took the area in the back corner. He liked it that way. People tended to forget he was there. For years he sat in the corner, alone, crying unseen tears.

The blond had a name, Adam Joseph "Edge" Copeland. He was a superstar wrestler in the WWE. He was also the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Over his time with the company he'd been a Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion and he'd even held the now defunct Hardcore Championship. He'd held every men's title the company had to offer.

When Adam first came into the WWE, he'd been funny and outgoing. He and his best friend, Jason Reso, who played his brother in story lines, were the life of the locker room. They were well liked and highly respected by their peers.

A couple of years ago, Jason "Christian" Reso left the WWE altogether, leaving Adam all alone. That's when it started. First the rumors, then the teasing and taunting until Adam just retreated to the corner and there he stayed.

The problem wasn't the fact that Adam was openly gay. Hell, backstage either you were gay, lesbian or bi sexual. Only a handful of the people were one hundred percent straight.

Adam's situation came from one false statement, that Edge was the locker room slut, even though he wasn't. One bad rumor and he was suddenly a slut. Adam wasn't a virgin by any form of the word and he did go through men rather quickly but he was no slut.

The blond could say he did have a problem. He fell in love easily, too easily and he always wound up with a broken heart. Every time he thought he'd finally found "the one" he slept with them and by morning he was alone, in tears, in the corner once again.

Adam only wanted to be loved. To be held and treasured, fussed over and spoiled. He wanted someone to give those things in return. He wanted an honest to God loving, loyal relationship. To give and take, love and cherish, even fight and make up with. He wanted to belong to someone.

Adam was ruggedly handsome. His blond hair fell just below his shoulders and landed in gentle full bodied waves. His eyes ranged in color from a clear green to lust darkened emerald. His prominent chin and jaw line had a scruff of stubbly beard. He looked like a lesser version of the the mountain man he became when he was on vacation.

His six foot five inch frame was lean and lanky. His muscles were sharp and well defined. His abs were a chiseled six pack. He was toned and lightly bronzed, he was well and truly beautiful.

Edge had several black and red tattoos. A large, stylized sun on his left bicep and on his right, stars of different sizes over two skulls with flowers and bandanas. He also sported a cross on his left forearm and a scroll that read "Rise Above" on his right. Only a very few knew about the maple leaf on top of his right foot. Each tat marked a milestone in his life. They mostly came about while he was recovering from an injury.

Adam finished tying his sneakers. He'd defended his title and he was tired. He sat for a moment, watching his fellow workers.

Randy Orton, the current WWE Champion was waiting for his lover, Cody Rhodes to finish changing. Randy had once been Edge's tag team partner and part time lover. Randy had actually lasted longer as Adam's boyfriend, that is until Cody came in as a rookie. Adam was then tossed aside like dirty, used underwear.

Phil "CM Punk" Brooks, the current U.S.. Champion and one of Adam's one night stands, was being kissed by his fiance, John Bradshaw Layfield. John was a former grappler who was back for a while doing color commentary.

John Cena, the "face" of the company and had been one of Adam's more steady boyfriends. Now he was on the phone with his husband, Brock Lesnar. They had just celebrated their second anniversary. John was taking time off for a kayfabe injury soon. In reality, Brock was taking him to an island in the South Pacific for a second honeymoon.

In the other corner was Mike Mizanin. Adam frowned, Mike was the one that started the rumors about him after a month long relationship that ended the minute he let Mike sleep with him. He'd said Adam was easy and nothing more than a cheap lay. When he said that, Adam then understood why Mike had wanted to keep their relationship a secret, it gave credence to the rumors.

When he was with Mike, Edge had just become the Heavyweight Champion and Mike wanted it. It was a bad time for Adam, what made it even worse was that Jay wasn't there to protect him.

Luckily, Shawn Michaels was. He took Adam under his wing and protected him. Shawn's husband, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, also helped Adam by moving the Miz off of SmackDown over to Raw. The two ring vets were like fathers to Adam, even to this day.

There was a flurry of activity as the last match of the combined brand Raw Super show ended. Members of the heel group, the Nexus came bursting into the locker room. Normally they had one of their own, but the arena was smaller and there wasn't a spare "heel" room.

Wade Barrett, a tall, raven haired man was the Nexus leader. He had come to the WWE as a rookie from England and he was making an impact. He was being groomed to be "the next big thing" in the WWE.

The other members of the group included Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater, Mike Tarver and Darren Young. Others that hung around with them were Mike McGillicutty, Husky Harris and Mason Ryan.

The Nexus mostly slept with each other and to the rest of the roster it was like a Roman orgy but to the members of the Nexus it was normal and they didn't care what anyone thought. Only Wade stayed out of the bedroom antics. Barrett had eyes on a bigger prize, a blond named Adam. There was no hidden passion or love to his plan, only a carnal lust for the beautiful blond.

Barrett knew he would have to work carefully, as Adam was very wary and seldom interacted socially in or out of the locker room.

Adam sighed, he was hungry. He'd stop at the McDonald's on the way to the hotel. He put his Championship Title Belt on his shoulder. It was heavy on his sore muscles but it was company policy to be seen with the title when entering or exiting from the arena at any WWE sanctioned event or promotional junket.

The pretty blond stood with a grunt, Glen "Kane" Jacobs had choke slammed him and Adam had landed a little wrong. Another long hot shower and a good rest would help.

As the green eyed beauty bent down to pick up his gym bag another hand beat him to it. Adam looked up, he met the dark eyes of Wade Barrett.

"Hi love, need some help?" Wade asked, his voice was deep, like black velvet.

"Um... No thanks, but thanks" Adam laughed softly at his awkward turn of the words. He did think the leader of the Nexus was handsome.

Wade chuckled, the black velvet draped over Adam's body. "It's okay love. I was wondering, would you like to have a late supper with me? Nothing fancy, perhaps a stop at McDonald's?" Barrett asked the blond. He knew Adam loved the fast food, especially after a bad match.

Adam thought about it. He was going there anyway, "Well, okay for a quick bite. I was going to stop on the way back to the hotel anyway," he replied, hoping Wade got the hint that this was not a date by any means.

"Great. Can you wait for me to shower? I'll just ride with you if you don't mind?" Wade asked the blond politely. He knew if he played it slow the payoff would be worth it. He could bide his time for a couple of weeks or so.

"I'll wait outside, I need a smoke," Adam told the Brit. Adam enjoyed the occasional cigarette, he'd rather do that than drink.

"Alright love. See you in a few." Wade replied with a wink, then headed to the shower.

Adam gathered his bag and went to the locker room door. Just as he got there a taunting voice echoed across the room.

"Spread your legs wide for him. I know how deep you like it!" The Miz teased his ex lover. Adam just left the room and the laughs that followed.

One pair of eyes saw the tears that welled up in Adam's eyes. He wished he could take Adam in his arms and comfort him, but he couldn't not just now, but soon he hoped. He loved Adam and just wanted to cherish and treasure him, pet and spoil him and show him what real love was.

The blue eyes went back to watching his fingers as he buttoned his shirt. He couldn't wait till the next SmackDown TV taping. He had a match with Mizanin, he'd make the faux hawk haired man pay for hurting Adam, oh he would pay.

Adam bit back the tears as he lit his cigarette, he didn't want Wade to know he'd been crying. He could actually ignore Mike's words, it was the laughter of the others that hurt the most, especially from Randy.

By the time Adam finished his cigarette Wade was coming out of the building. "Hey love, you ready?" Wade asked softly. Slater had told him what had happened. Barrett opted not let Adam know that he'd heard what Mike had said.

"Yeah, let's go." Adam smiled as Wade carried his bag for him, Wade if nothing else was polite. They went to Adam's rental, a nice late model Ford Taurus, not exactly the blond's style but for road trips it was comfortable and fairly good with mileage.

"Good choice, lots of leg room." Wade commented. His plan? Show Adam he was smart, compliment him in anyway he could. The two men buckled up and pulled out of the vast acreage of the arena parking lot.

The blue eyes watched as Adam and Wade pulled away. He flicked away his own cigarette butt with a growl. He faked a smile as he felt lips on his neck. The lips belonged to the reason he couldn't have Adam right now.

He hated the feel of those lips. They had cheated on him, more than once. He tried to dump his lover, but threats of suicide and other things prevented it. He had to be delicate because he didn't want the responsibility if the threats were serious. He sighed, he should have never hooked up with the kid in the first place but hindsight is 20/20.

Adam pulled into the fast food parking lot. The restaurant was full. People who'd been to the RAW taping that night. Adam sighed, he was hungry, but if they went in, there would be no peace and quiet. Adam loved the fans, but not after a hard match, when he was starving.

"Um... drive through? We could take it to my room and eat?" Wade suggested, this was working out better than he thought.

Adam didn't like that idea, he wanted to be in his own room, he felt more in control that way. He had the reputation anyway so why not.

"How about my room? I have a nice balcony. Perk of being a champion," Adam suggested a little shyly. He didn't want Wade to get the wrong idea.

"Only if you're sure. I'd like that. Maybe someday I'll have a title and get the nice room," Wade said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Vince likes the image it projects. He says Championship perks keep the newer talent motivated. I have to admit, it is nice. Especially when we have to fly, we get first class, more leg room." Adam laughed softly, his smile made him look so sweet and innocent.

"You're pretty when you smile. Let's order then, shall we?" Wade said softly. He smiled as Adam blushed cutely. Small compliments, careful not to over do was the way to go.

When they later entered the hotel Adam was relieved to find the lobby free of co-workers. The two men made their way to Adam's room, a few floors up. Wade was carrying the heavy gym bags. Adam, title over his shoulder carried the food and drinks.

Adam opened the door to his room. It was the same nice deluxe king suite, in the same standard hotel. He told Wade to drop the bags anywhere as he dumped his title belt on the bed. He went to the large sliding glass door that opened out to the balcony.

"Nice room. Good perk of the title." Wade stated as he walked out onto the balcony.

"Yeah" Adam spoke as he sat down in a wrought iron chair, which Wade held out for him. The blond blushed again.

They were sitting at a small wrought iron table. It had a sun umbrella but it was down, leaving a clear view of the stars. The hotel was far enough out of the city that the lights didn't stop the starlight. A crescent moon hung low in the inky sky.

The two men ate their food in silence. What few people didn't know was that Adam was not like "Edge". Edge, the Rated R Superstar was a mouthy, opportunistic, social deviant. Sometimes viewed as a bitchy heel, sometimes a rebellious fan loved baby face. He was currently a heel but with a face's popularity. He was slowly on his way to a full turn to a baby face for an expected lengthy title run.

Adam always enjoyed a cigarette after dinner. He pulled out of his pack, before he could light his Zippo, a lit match appeared in front of him. He lit the cigarette, then pursed his lips and blew out the match with a warm puff of air.

"Thanks. You are a true gentleman, so European," Adam said with a soft laughing tone.

"You're cute. I'm sure there are plenty of American or Canadian gentlemen," Wade teased back.

Finally Adam just had to know, "Why are you here Wade? I mean why spend time with me?" the blond wondered if Barrett was like all the others who thought they could get in his pants.

Wade had been prepared for this, "Because Adam, I find you beautiful, warm, funny, caring and sensitive. I don't believe the rumors, I consider the source. Jealous people like to destroy. You deserve better. I just wanted a chance to show you, not all of us think about sex first. Sex is a benefit of a good relationship, it's not something to play with," Wade said softly, hoping his research into Adam had paid off.

Adam blushed at bit, "Hum... well... thanks. I... it hurts you know. I could live with the rumors. It hurts when people who I thought were friends believe them. I never... oh well, thanks for tonight. You were sweet, but I gotta get up early. Long drive tomorrow," Adam said to the Englishman, making it clear the night would go no further.

"I enjoyed it as well. Yes, I have to call around and find a ride. I drew the short straw this time, no room in our two cars," Wade said to the blond as they stood and gathered up the food trash.

"Oh really? Um... I'm driving alone, you could ride with me... if... you wanted too," Adam said, suddenly feeling shy. Another difference between Adam and "Edge." Edge was never shy, but Adam often was.

"I'd like that very much, thanks. Pick me up around eight?" Wade suggested as he picked his bag and went to the door.

"Sounds good. A warning though, I listen to metal music, don't tell Jericho, but Fozzy is my favorite," Adam said with a laugh.

"Hey, I like his music too. See you in the morning, love." Wade placed a gentle kiss to Adam's cheek as they stood at the door.

Blue eyes squinted into a grim line as he watched the Englishman kiss Adam's cheek. He sighed, he just hoped Barrett treated Adam better than the last boyfriend. Would he ever have a chance? He quickly hid around the corner as Wade went to his own room. One thing the blue eyes knew, he would keep a close eye on the beautiful blond.

"I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT..." Adam sang, badly at the top of his lungs as he drove down the highway.

"Adam, love...um... how do I say this..." Wade stammered as Adam interrupted him.

"I know, I know. I can't carry a tune in a bucket... sorry. I'm used to riding alone. Just smack me if I do it again. I won't be offended. We're about half way there, gotta stop for fuel soon," Adam said to his traveling companion.

They drove on. When they arrived in the next city, they drove to the hotel, the WWE had arranged for the crew. Each checked into his own room, ending their day together.

Wade met up with his fellow Nexus members and Adam had a message to meet with the creative team. The Englishman ran into the blond in the parking lot, but Wade rode to the arena with his group and Adam drove alone.

Title properly over his shoulder, Adam started towards the back entrance of the big arena. A few fans screamed out his name from behind a barrier lined with security guards. It was early, most of the fans were still at work or school.

Adam remembered when he was a kid, hanging around, waiting for wrestlers autographs. He never forgot how much it meant to him, so he tried to never turn away from a fan.

The blond slipped into his Edge persona as easily as putting on a favorite pair of shoes. He signed pictures, books, replicas of his WWE Rated R Championship belt. He smiled his devious Edge smirk for pictures. The guard let a small girl come over the barrier and Edge posed for a picture with her. It was her birthday. Adam picked up the six year old and hugged her.

The blue eyes smiled softly, Adam looked adorable holding the child. His lover tugged on his hand and pulled him past the screaming fans, disappointing a few. The blue eyes hated it, he liked the fans but he was currently a heel, so it fit his persona. He let his cheating boyfriend lead him away.

Adam went to knock on the door to the "Office" the arena had set aside for the creative team. "Hey Edge. You meeting with them too?" Chris Jericho asked with his trademark smirk.

"Hey Chris. Yeah, wonder what's up?" Adam asked the sometimes rock star.

"No idea, maybe a program together. We've put butts in seats before," Chris smirked.

"Yeah. At least you're a bit softer to spear. Glen did my neck in... oh... wait... not that you're... oh fuck my mouth," Adam frowned, he spoke without thinking and just insulted Chris Jericho of all people.

"It's okay, I know what you mean. I am getting soft in my old age," Chris laughed, hoping to ease Adam's faux pas.

"Whew. Actually...um...I've noticed...you are... um...the yoga?" Edge refused to blush, but he'd always admired Jericho and he was looking rather fit lately.

Chris nodded as the door to the creative office flew open, "Oh there you are. Come on we're ready for you," Michael Hayes, one of the heads of talent opened the door wider for the two wrestlers to enter the room.

They explained that the Nexus was going to start a program that would involve Cena, after he returned from his "injury." But to set up the story, the Nexus would randomly attack various members of the roster. Working from Mid Carders up to the top talent, Chris first then finally Adam. His title would be safe. Randy's was under threat, not sure if Orton, Cena or Barrett would wind up with it. A lot depended on the audience reaction.

"We'll give you two a couple of random tag matches, but you won't be best friends. You'll unite in the end, finally on Cena's revenge team. You'll start tonight against Barrett and Gabriel. Nexus won't beat you down outside the ring, you'll win this battle, but probably lose more. So work it out with those two. You'll have a twenty minute match time." Hayes said, reading from his notes.

"Sounds like fun. So we're heels with a face. Good heat, good response. Shall we find them then and work it out?" Chris took command as the leader. He was the veteran of the group so it was his job.

"Sounds good. I like a good heel face scrap. We've got four good finishers to work with too. Okay lead on," Adam said as the left the meeting.

The blue eyes watched Adam walk down the hall. God the man had a beautiful ass. He nearly drooled as Adam pulled his t-shirt off. He balanced the title between his knees as he briefly stopped. The skin on Adam's back was smooth, tan and flawless, like burnished bronze. He wished he could caress it, kiss it tenderly, the man sighed, maybe someday.

"Hey Chris, how is Evan? I haven't really seen him in a while. He was one of the few that actually still talked to me," Adam tried to keep the sadness out of his voice, as he spoke to the man walking beside him.

"He's okay. Yeah, he's working a tag with Kingston as you know. They spend a lot of time together. I can't blame him, they get the titles soon," Chris explained to the blond where his boyfriend was.

"They are good. You must be proud of him. He get along okay with your kids?" Adam asked his new tag partner.

Chris had three kids with his now ex-wife. They had a sham marriage to cover Chris' sexuality. In the early days it was better to hide it if you were gay or lesbian. They had son and twin daughters. Chris and Jess got along well and shared custody equally. They divorced later because Chris' life style was now common and accepted and Jess had found a man that loved her. He accepted Chris and didn't interfere with the kids. Jericho was lucky and happy about it all.

"Ash likes him but the girls aren't sure yet. They have only seen him a few times. I'll get them for their spring break. Vince said as long as I have a nanny they can travel with me, so we'll find out then," Chris explained. He wondered what would happen over the spring school break.

"You're lucky Chris. I love kids, want some one day. Lots out there to be adopted," Adam said with a soft sigh. That is if he ever found the right man to adopt with.

The two men were now in the arena, after having changed into their gear. Wade and Justin were already there, running ropes to warm up. Adam slid into the ring and joined them. Jericho watched for a bit, seeing how each man moved. As the match designer he wanted to see how they worked.

Chris warmed up with his yoga stretches, it really loosened him up better than any rope runs or practice dives. Plus it cleared his head making him able to think better. He wanted a solid start, ring calls in the middle, and a planned going home.

The foursome worked out their match. They all knew Chris created a good story and they could dance it well. He listened to their ideas for ring calls. Jericho liked some and nixed others until they had the perfect blend of styles.

That night their match stole the show. Chris barked at Adam, proving they weren't buddies. They made slow tags and some refusals. Edge was getting "fed up" and although they won, he speared Chris to end their segment, the WWE Universe went crazy! Nexus had suffered a defeat.

The show ended with the Nexus destroying the ring in anger and Dolph Ziggler was their beat down victim. The crowd was over the moon! Merchandise vendors sold out by the end of the night and advanced ticket sales were up.

Adam was sitting alone in the corner, changing after his shower. He combed his long, blond locks. It drove the blue eyes crazy as they watched. Then the eyes noticed how sad Adam looked. All traces of Edge had washed down the drain with the suds of the body wash he used.

The blue eyes narrowed, the Miz approached Adam, "Well, alone again I see. Guess Barrett doesn't like loose assholes either. I mean you are a slut," Mike said, making the loose asshole comment loud and clear for all to hear.

Blue eyes made a start, enough was enough. Especially when laughter and sniggers erupted at Mike's comments.

"Miz, just leave it. It's getting boring. Your jokes aren't funny and they are bad. Now leave," Chris Jericho stepped in. The Miz was a bit intimidated by the locker room veteran.

"Thanks Chris, I... appreciate it," Adam said with a smile. Chris nodded and went back to his locker.

The blue eyes were satisfied. Adam had been stood up for. Maybe Miz would leave it now.

There was a loud bang as the locker room door flew open, Wade stormed in. He went right to Mike Mizanin. His hand closed around the smaller man's throat. "If I ever hear crap like that out of your mouth again, I'll rip your tongue out and stuff it up your ass!" Wade said with a low growl.

The blue eyes went wide, he never expected that. Maybe, just maybe the Brit did care about the beautiful blond. Adam knew he wasn't alone, two people had at last stood up for him.

Wade pushed Mike against the locker to make his point further. Miz cried out in real pain, "Okay! Okay!". Satisfied, Wade let go. The raven haired man then spoke to the entire room, "This is stopping NOW. Adam is a human being and will be respected as such. He's won every title this company has to offer and next to Mark and Chris, the highest ranking vet here. You should be asking for his in ring knowledge and quit worrying about what he does outside the ring. Now grow up, ALL of you!" the Englishman barked with authority.

Adam sat in stunned silence, he was shocked. Both Chris and Wade had spoken up for him. It felt really nice. His green eyes shone with gratitude as he looked at the raven haired man.

Wade came over to Adam, "I think he'll keep his trap shut now. I... um... hope you don't mind. I just couldn't stand it any more," Wade said in a soft tone.

"I... no... thanks... it... well... thanks. Take me to McDonald's?" Adam asked hesitantly.

"I'd like that love. Such pretty green eyes," Wade said with a soft "chuck" to Adam's chin. Wade then went back to the Nexus, after another warning glare to the room.

While the blue eyes were glad Barrett stood up for Adam, he knew the blond was even further out of his reach. He may never find out what those pouty lips tasted like or how deliciously tight and hot that wonderful ass really was.

Yes, the blue eyes of Chris Jericho looked lustfully at the green eyed beauty. The one he truly loved, but would probably never possess. He sighed deeply. He went to find his cheating lover, Evan Bourne. Maybe he could salvage something, after all it was better than being alone.