As the challenger Alberto was introduced first by Ricardo. Del Rio drove into the stadium driving a real Rolls Royce Silver Phantom. Vince and warned that anyone who damaged it would pay for it. They took him seriously.

Del Rio got out and walked down the ramp through a maze of ladders. He shook a few for dramatic effect. The crowd was mixed with cheers and boos. They were ready for the last match. It had been a roller coaster ride on the WWE's grandest stage.

Alberto was in the ring doing his trademark gestures and crying out about his destiny. Ricardo was proud of his lover.

The lights in the stadium dimmed, a whispering female voice echoed through the air, "Do you think you know me?" followed by Metalingus. The crowd went insane as Edge stepped out onto the ramp.

He jogged to both ends of the platform, gesturing to the crowd to cheer even louder. He went back to the center aisle and when he was halfway down he stopped, struck his pose and the pyro went off. He did the devil horn signs with his hands and he was bouncing like a wound up basketball.

Edge walked under the ladders, spitting in the face of bad luck in his devious way. He ran to the ring and slid in on his belly under the bottom rope. He humped the ring the way that only he could.

He went to the upper right ring post and climbed to the second rope. He hung on and swung his long hair from side to side. On the music cue, he struck his signature pose again.

Next Edge went to the middle of the ropes, left foot on the bottom rope, right foot on the second, he struck his pose again with a puff of his cheeks. He repeated the motions on the other side of the ring.

In the middle of the ring he took off his trench coat and tossed it to a crew member. The crowd cheered even louder as he took off his title and kissed it.

Edge gave the title to the ref who hooked the leather belt around a cord. It was lifted high in the air. Both wrestlers followed the path of the belt as it swung overhead.

The ref checked them then rang the bell. Edge's first match as a married man was underway, with the always expected collar and elbow hook up.

Backstage Chris was in his private locker room with his three kids, Jessica and Peter. It was late and the kids were tired but Chris had promised they could watch Edge's entrance.

"Okay guys. That's all now. Mom and Peter are going to take you back to the hotel," Chris said in a fatherly tone.

The three little Irvine's tried to protest but they were very tired so they went semi willingly with their mom and step dad, after a lot of hugs and kisses from Chris. He also promised that he and Adam would see them sometime tomorrow.

After his family left, Jericho turned his attention to the match on the monitor. He was carefully watching for any sign of the Nexus. He was sure Wade got the point but Adam's safety was his only worry.

He winced as Alberto tossed his husband into a ladder that leaned against a ring post. He knew Edge knew how to take it but that was now Adam, his husband.

Jericho soon realized he had to stop thinking that way or he wouldn't ever let Adam in the ring again. He wouldn't do that, he knew Adam's career was everything to him. He also knew it would be the same for Adam when he was in the ring. They would have to work on that together.

Out in the ring the battle continued. Alberto had wanted to grab the belt and have Edge Spear him in mid air, like he had Jeff Hardy years ago.

Adam had refused. He told Alberto it nearly broke Jeff in half and didn't do him much good either. Alberto quickly changed his mind. They worked out a new gimmick using the ladder.

Edge was at the top of one ladder, Alberto another. The ladders were close enough for them to reach each other. They hooked up over the metal.

Albert almost pulled Edge off first, then Edge nearly pulled Del Rio off. Then in a spectacular fashion, Edge Speared Alberto sideways off his ladder.

The crowd went nuts! They'd never seen a sideways Spear before. They landed with a crash on the mat below. Both wrestlers sold it well. They rolled around "in pain" as the ref started the ten count.

Back in the dressing room, Chris made a split in his fingers as he peeked at the monitor through the hand he'd put over his eyes. He sighed as Edge gave his secret hand signal to the ref that he was okay. Del Rio did the same.

In another locker room, plans were being finalized. Barrett with Otunga's help had figured out a way to get around the court order. Edge was going to pay and Jericho could do nothing about it.

At a small downtown airport, a plane was landing. The airstrip was only minutes from the stadium. It was often used by people flying their own planes in for Bronco games.

A man got into a waiting limo. He was driven towards he Mile High Sports Authority Field. He wanted to make sure everything was under control.

Del Rio and Edge were now trying to climb the same ladder that was under the title. They would go up, then back down, then up, and back down.

Before that could get boring, it was Del Rio's turn to be spectacular. He reached over the top of the ladder and Edge allowed himself to be pulled over and again they crashed onto the mat only this time, Del Rio got Edge in the Cross Arm Breaker.

Edge kicked in pain. His foot hit the ladder, he hooked his ankle around it and pulled it down on top of them to break the hold. The corner of the ladder caught Edge on the upper arm, it cut him a bit but it didn't bleed much.

In his locker room, Chris rolled his eyes. When would Edge ever learn he wasn't invincible. Even a few years ago when they had a short run as a tag team, Edge took many risks.

Chris was quickly learning that being married to a wrestler, even if only for a couple of hours, was a new experience. He couldn't take watching any more, his nerves couldn't handle it. He went to catering to have a cup of coffee.

The match in the ring was nearing the end. It was time for Edge to make his final move.

Backstage, three men were quietly sneaking out to the ring area. They moved along the first row of spectators, careful not to draw attention to themselves.

The limo had arrived at the stadium, the man got out and went right into the locker room area hallway. He dropped his gym bag in a locker room that said "PRIVATE, EDGE ONLY!" And made his way to the Gorilla.

The Nexus was watching on the monitor, the man found that odd. Why would they care? He knew about the court order. They wouldn't dare risk being fired, or would they? He watched carefully, especially the little red head.

To the newly arrived man, Heath looked like a sly little vixen and a cute one at that, but right now that wasn't what mattered. He had to go to the restroom, it had been a long trip.

The three men got to where they wanted to be just as Edge Speared Del Rio out onto the arena floor. He took advantage of the opportunity to climb the ladder and grab his title. He held it over his head, then kissed it as he stood on top of the ladder.

The crowd again went insane! The newlywed Edge won the night. A single woman screamed as Edge's ladder started to topple over. Mike McGillicutty, Mason Ryan and Husky Harris had stormed the ring. Technically they weren't Nexus members, this was the loop hole Otunga had found.

Jericho had finished his coffee and was back in their private locker room, he never noticed the new gym bag lying there. He arrived just as Edge had won.

Chris saw the men storming the ring. He was furious as he tore out of the locker room. He wore jeans and a t-shirt as he was done for the night. He went tearing down the hall, past the laughing Nexus members and down the ramp.

The sound man thinking it was part of the show hit the cue and "Break The Walls" echoed through the stadium. The audience cheered as Jericho came to his new husband's rescue. The only thing, it wasn't part of the show.

Adam had landed on the ring mat in a crashing thud. The breath was knocked out of him as he hadn't been prepared for the hit.

Harris and Ryan proceeded to wail on Edge with hard, closed fists. McGillicutty cleared the ring of the dangerous ladders and the referee. He sent the man flying over the top rope.

Chris flew into the ring and pushed Harris away. He was going for Ryan when a steel chair cracked across his back. Jericho fell to the mat, close to his spouse.

The three near Nexus members started kicking and pounding on the newlyweds, Adam was nearly unconscious. Ryan was about to punt him in the head when another song hit.

"Just Close Your Eyes" played. Even though he'd been gone, his music was still in the collection, Jason "Christian" Reso came running to help his best friend, his brother from another mother.

Justin had been telling him what was going on. Jason thought Adam would be okay but when Gabriel finally told him what was going on, he caught the first flight to Denver. He'd just gotten back to the States from Japan.

Christian was angry, and you didn't mess with an angry Jason Reso, especially if you were hurting his best friend and brother. He quickly picked up the abandoned chair and knocked Ryan on the head, the man fell unconscious to the mat.

Reso turned to Harris but Mike caught him from behind. He held Jason while Husky started wailing on him. Reso kicked and fought as best he could but McGillicutty's grip was like iron.

Suddenly a new sound hit the stadium, something never heard before. Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta... SHIELD with a military sounding music score.

Three men descended from the stadium to the ring floor. They were dressed as a special ops solider would, all in black with flack jackets. One, the smallest man had half blond, half black shoulder length hair.

The second man had slicked back short hair, his hands balled in fists as he walked, he had a half crazed look in his eyes.

The third man was the largest at six foot six inches. He had long back hair and was obviously of Island heritage.

The three men jumped up on the ring. No one was sure who they were or what they were going to do. Had security gone crazy and did they think they were wrestlers? Or were they new wrestlers that just got over zealous? Who were they?

Barrett was angry. He led The Nexus in a charge down the ramp, "Don't touch Jericho or Edge!" the Brit barked, not wanting to be fired or jailed.

The crowd was crazy! Was this part of the show? Nobody even thought about getting up and leaving. Nobody cared that it was late and the show was way over time. They were really getting their money's worth.

Chaos broke out as the three newcomers went after Harris, Ryan and McGillicutty. This gave Reso a chance to help Adam and Chris. He got Chris to his feet and together they pulled Edge to safety outside the ring.

When Reso, Jericho and Edge were out of the way the new commers dashed into the ring. The three men in black were doing well. Harris and McGillicutty had been tossed out of the ring.

When Jason saw the three men in black were fighting The Nexus, he jumped back into the ring to help.

Heath had jumped up on the ring post, ready to pounce on the man with two toned hair, Jason stepped between them.

When Slater looked in Jason's eyes he nearly fell off the post. It was like Cupid's arrow had been shot directly into his heart. Jason felt the same.

Without thinking Heath jumped and Jason caught him. They slammed their lips together, lost and oblivious to the chaos around them. It was insane.

It only took the three men a few minutes to eradicate and annihilate the entire Nexus. Only Wade was left. The big Islander let out a growl and hollered for the other two to "get him up".

The two smaller men lifted Barrett up easily. They hooked his knees over the tall man's shoulders. Together they slammed Barrett in a huge triple power bomb.

The three stood over Barrett and joined their right fists in a kind of salute. The smallest man went and got a mic and then came back to others.

"My name is Seth Rollins and we are The Shield. We are tired of the injustice around here. We are here to see that justice reigns supreme," Seth handed the mic to the man in the middle.

"I'm Dean Ambrose. The time for bullying and pushing the weaker around is over. Whenever or where ever we see injustice you will fell the power of The Shield." Dean passed the mic over to the Islander.

"Roman Reigns. Believe in The Shield." was all he said and with a growl he tossed the mic down.

As he did Bret's guitar riff hit. A rather disheveled looking Bret Hart stepped out onto the platform at the top of the ramp.

"Sorry I'm late. Hunter, Shawn and I have spent the last hour locked in the office. We finally broke the door down. We came to a decision. While no actual member of The Nexus touched Jericho or Edge, I can't fire them. However, I can do this; The Nexus is hereby disbanded. Every member plus their three associates are suspended for three months and fined fifty thousand dollars each. Your reign of terror is over!" Bret then dropped his mic.

WrestleMania was over! It had been a long and exciting night.

Adam had woken up and when Bret finished, the newlyweds kissed. They were really and truly free...


Adam and Chris were at home at Adam's house on the mountain in Asheville, North Carolina. They were on the balcony watching as Ash, Sierra and Cheyenne played with Adam's four dogs, Lugar, Brannie, Tundra and Shine. They were all dirty from splashing in a muddy puddle.

"You wash kids, I'll wash dogs and we'll send Jess the dirty clothes?" Adam asked his husband as Chris laughed.

They turned their attention to the sound of a car driving up the long drive way. A horn honked and Adam waved with a smile as he dashed down the balcony stairs.

"Welcome honeymooners!" He shouted as Jason and Heath got out of the car. Adam ran to his best friend and hugged him.

Chris followed after his Kitten. He smiled at Adam's happiness. He briefly thought back in time.

After WrestleMania, he and Adam had come to the mountain house to recover and have a honeymoon. Hunter had given them six weeks off. Adam was out on an "injury" according to reports.

The Nexus was gone. They still had two months left of their suspension. Reports were that Wade had gone back to England but it was just a rumor.

The Shield were taking the WWE by storm and were doing very well. Some saw them as heels, some as good guys but not really baby faces.

Jason and Heath had fallen absolutely head over heels for each other. As soon as he was out of Barrett's influence, Heath was really a sweet guy. He and Adam had a long talk and all was forgiven. Three days ago, he and Jason eloped to Vegas and got married.

A week ago Jess sent the kids to sped sometime with Chris and Adam. They had to assure her that it was fine, Adam was anxious to see them, honeymoon or not.

Heath was holding back a bit. He still felt bad about all the Nexus incidents. Adam went to Heath, who was standing back at the trunk of the car. They were staying a few days so Heath was taking out their bags.

"Hi Heath, want some help?" Adam asked warmly. He picked up one of the suitcases.

"Um... thanks... I... the kids... it's okay?" Heath asked hesitantly. He wasn't sure if the three kids would like him.

"It's fine. Chris talked to them. They understand about our work. You acted like a bad guy, but you're really a good person. Now enough of this! Come on, you're family." Adam said with a hug to the red head.

It turned out the kids loved Heath, especially when he helped Chris with their baths. He made silly faces with the colorful foam spray can soap he had Jay had brought for them.

While the kids were being washed, Adam and Jason were bathing the four dogs. The pets slept in the house and they were too muddy for that. The two best friends caught up with all the news.

"So, Bret is staying on as the GM for a while longer. Hunter likes having more free time with Shawn at the ranch. Shawn has turned into quite a farmer and the adoption goes through soon. Chris and I are tagging again. We finally get the program we started years ago before my heel injury. We will get the tag titles so I'm going to give the WHC to Alberto. Hunt says I can have it back anytime, but I'd rather tag with Chris. So, what about you?" Adam asked as dried Shine's coat.

"Heath will go back after his suspension. He's going to team with Drew and Jinder. He's going to lose a lot, but he knows he has to earn his way back. I have to finish my contract, then I'm coming home to the WWE. I miss you too much and I want to be with Heath," Jason said as he helped put the dog washing things away.

Adam was thrilled Jason was coming back and he was going to be with his husband. Life at work would be fun again. No more sitting in the corner and no more laughter behind his back.

That evening they enjoyed Heath's home made pizza for supper. The kids loved churning ice cream out on the deck, even if it meant a second round of baths to wash off the results.

After supper, ice cream, chasing fireflies and more baths, every one sat down to watch a movie to settle the kids down. Each child was in a lap. Sierra was in Adam's, Cheyenne in her dad's and Ash was across both Jay and Heath.

When the movie ended, the kids were all tucked in together in a huge king sized bed across the hall from the Master bedroom. Chris read them a story, it was their alone time with their father. Adam showed Heath and Jay their huge guest room down stairs.

An hour later, Chris and Adam laid nakedly cozy in their bed. They always talked during this time.

"You know, something is missing," Chris said in a mysterious tone. He stroked Adam's hair softly, as the blond head rested on his chest.

"What? Everything is perfect my Lion." Adam's tone was curious and a little worried.

Chris picked up his husband's left hand. "I haven't gotten you an engagement ring," the Lion stated simply as he kissed Adam's hand.

"Oh, I thought... I don't need one, Chris. I love my wedding ring," Adam said honestly with a kiss to his husband's bare skin.

Chris reached over to the bedside table. He pulled something out. Adam felt something slip over his wedding ring finger.

Adam looked, a beautiful silver ring with a sapphire square cut was on his finger. It fit perfectly with his sapphire eternity band. "Chris, it's beautiful," Adam said with an emotion filled voice.

"It was my mother's ring. I'm sorry Evan nearly wore it but, I wanted you to have it, even then I dreamed of it." Chris explained softly.

"You... even then... oh Christopher." Adam realized how long Chris had loved him. If he'd only known sooner. Well, it didn't matter now, they were together, forever.

Chris took Adam in his arms and made slow, intense, passionate love to his Kitten. When they finished two hours later, they were sated and happy.

Adam had only one thought on his mind, "Please, just love me."

"Always, darling. Always," Chris assured his husband.

With a contented sigh, Adam closed his beautiful green eyes. He was finally loved, treasured and no longer alone.


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