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The Way To Love

That one person you love with all your heart, you can't forget about, until they break your heart. That's how Izaya felt, broken with no one to ever love him. He walked down the streets of Ikebukro, waiting for a certain man to come for he can torment him. It wasn't that Izaya enjoyed making Shizuo's life miserable; it's that the presence of him made him happy in some ways, even though he'll never admit it. He walked slowly, knowing exactly where the Neanderthal will be. He put an evil smirk on his face, covering his true self who can actually feel emotions. He saw the blonde man, smoking a cigarette while standing next to his boss. He noticed a man in front of him; he was wearing a suit, and talking way too much. Izaya knew what was going to happen next. He knew the monster couldn't be patient. He stayed where he was, watching as Shizuo stomped out his smoke, grabbed a nearby street sign and growled while sending the man into a nearby coffee shop. There, there Shizu-chan~ now you show your inner monster. Izaya said to himself. He walked over to Shizuo, knowing the blonde was already pissed to the point where he could snap him in two.

"Hey Shizu-chan!~" Izaya said in his normal, giddy intimidating voice that he knew annoyed Shizuo. Shizuo turned and growled at Izaya, his grip on the bend, street sign tightening.

"IZAYA-KUN!" Shizuo yelled, winding his arm back to throw it at the informant who jumped out of the way. It was something that happened a lot. Shizuo would see Izaya and chase him until something ironically stops Shizuo and Izaya gets free.

"Aw, Shizuo, don't be a meanie, I just came to see how your job is~," Izaya said and Shizuo growled. He knew Izaya didn't give a damn about his job. He only wanted to piss him off and ruin his day like he always did when he wasn't busy making people miserable.

"You know damn well you don't give a fuck about me or my job you louse," he said and Izaya pouted with fake pain.

"That hurts Shizuo-chan! You know I care, care about how miserable you are," Izaya said and Shizuo growled.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF 'BUKRO!" Shizuo yelled, and Izaya laughed and started running, knowing that Shizuo was closely behind. He turned down an alley that led to another street. He ran past startled and screaming people who knew never to interfere in one of their fights. He ducked and dodged the flying items that were constantly being thrown at him. He then ran into the road, and stopped. He turned around to see that Shizuo wasn't after him anymore. He frowned. Where is he? He thought and started walking back. He walked back to the alley to see that Shizuo wasn't anywhere. He turned around and sighed. He was planning on having a little fun with his monster before heading to Shinra's to give Celty an assignment. It's really not fun when the other player quits before the game is over… He thought and headed to Shinra's place. He walked through the streets of people of all kinds. Some he knew that had problems, who thought their lives were perfect but weren't and some who just wanted life to be over. He got in to the park when he was attacked from behind. He winced in pain as the concrete came at him fast, hurting like he was just thrown into a brick wall. He tried fighting off his attacker, but he felt he was being held down my bricks

"Get off of me! When I find out who you are don't think I won't murder you!" Izaya yelled, still; trying to fight and struggle when they pressed their knee to his spine, adding pressure the more he struggled. What the hell! They are trying to break my spine! He thought and stopped struggling.

"Izaya-kun, seems like you're not as smart as you seem," a familiar voice laughed and he growled.

"Shizu-chan you monster! Get off of me!" he yelled and Shizuo just laughed. He felt as if he were nothing at that moment, to have Shizuo actually catch him made him feel useless and stupid for not knowing that he was going to get attacked.

"Stop struggling you flea, then I'll let you go," Shizuo lied. He wasn't going to let him go. He was finally caught him and he wasn't going to let him fuck with his life anymore.

"Liar, you're not going to let me go are you?" he mumbled and felt the pressure leave off his spine and gasped for breath, not realizing he was short of it. When Shizuo was standing up, Izaya tried to run but he felt the hood of his jacket get grabbed.

"Nope, you're not going anywhere," Shizuo growled, throwing Izaya over his shoulder who gave a started yelp as he was flung over his shoulder.

"Shizuo! Let me go!" Izaya yelled and Shizuo chuckled. Izaya screamed and kicked but all Shizuo did was smile. He was bringing Izaya to Shinra's, because he was told to. He didn't know why, or for what but he didn't oblige. He just went with it. He wished whatever Shinra had to tell Izaya or had to do to him was painful… just payback for how much pain it caused him. He didn't exactly want to do this, but as much as he hated the flea, whatever Shinra had to do is perfectly fine to him.

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