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Shizuo looked down at Izaya's sleeping face and sighed, looking up at the ceiling. He had sobered up really quick once he realized what had happened. He wiped away Izaya's tears, feeling that it was his fault why his lover felt so guilty. Even if they blame themselves, the blame was placed on Delic's kindergarten teacher. She had left the little boy alone instead of bringing him to the police station like they were advised to. The police would've contacted Shinra, since he practically begged Shizuo and Izaya to be the emergency contacted guardian, and Delic would be safe. Instead, Delic was in his mother's arms, feeling cold, dying. He clenched his teeth at the pain, feeling his body bounce at a hurried pace as his mother ran out of the huge house. The pain was excruciating, and each step she took, put pressure on his side. He looked up at Vorona, seeing the tears on her cheeks as she swore repeatedly. Delic felt his vision go blurry from blood loss, and passed out, hearing his mother calling his name.

Shizuo awake abruptly startling both Izaya and Namie, who were standing in the kitchen. He was panting, his dreams replaying in his head. Not sweet dreams, but nightmares. Shizuo had remembered waiting for Delic and Izaya to walk through the door, Izaya telling him he had found Delic. Instead, Izaya and Delic walked through the door, but Izaya's face was sad as he held the child in his arms. He broke down in tears, placing Delic's limp body on the floor, revealing his blood covered shirt and pants, and saw his little boy's chest was cut open. Except, it wasn't from a knife, but from guns. He remembered the pain, the fear, but more importantly, Delic's dead body.

'I'm so sorry Shizu-chan, It's all my fault, I couldn't save him, I couldn't,' Izaya had pleaded, and he couldn't speak, he just stood there and watched Delic's unmoving corpse. 'I couldn't even look at Izaya… I couldn't even breathe,' he thought and that's when he felt an arm touch his shoulder and he jumped, quickly grabbing it out of instinct.

"S-Shizuo, let go, I-I'm only seeing if you're okay, okay?" Izaya said, feeling the fear in his chest as he felt himself being grabbed. Shizuo quickly let go, looking at Izaya apologetically.

"Sorry, you scared me," Shizuo said, and Izaya looked at him, worried. 'I scared you, you scared me…' Izaya thought and patted Shizuo's soft, brown hair. His hair dye had faded out, since he never re-dyed it. Izaya smiled at Shizuo's natural auburn colored curls, running his hands through them. Shizuo smiled, looking up, taking one of his hands, kissing it gently, before pulling it so Izaya was leaning over the couch looking at him. He kissed him gently, feeling the informants soft lips on his own. Izaya was almost captivated by his lovers lips before feeling something hit the back of his head, hard.

"Ouch," he said, breaking the kiss, looking back to see Namie giving him a disgusted look, holding up her middle finger and phone.

"What the hell, couldn't you have said I was busy?" Izaya asked and Namie shook her head.

"No, because the hospital is calling saying that a woman carrying a little boy they believe was Delic last night. He was covered in blood, barely breathing. Get your ass there now!" she yelled, and Shizuo felt a pain in his chest at those words.

"N-no," he whispered, and Izaya was already grabbing his jacket.

"Come on Shizuo, we have to find out now."

When they got to the hospital, they were out of breath, panting heavily when they got to the front desk. They both scared parent's standing with their children, who immediately ran out of the way in fear. They had taken a quick flight to Hokkaido, and to the local hospital where Delic was. Izaya looked over at Shizuo who couldn't breathe, let alone talk to the terrified looking woman who was reaching for the emergency button. He glared at her.

"Do it, I dare you, but if Delic dies, you're never going to hear the end of it," he threatened and he terrified lady hurriedly looked through her files, and found his name.

"D-Delic Heiwajima, room 2039 on the third floor," she cried, and both Izaya muttered a quick thank you before running to Delic's room. They were almost stopped, twice, but Izaya started screaming at them how they had no time, and that they hadn't seen their son since November. Shizuo smiled at how Izaya referenced Delic as their son instead of just his son. He quickly remembered how he thought Izaya was never going to like Delic, but look at him now. He's running down hospital hallways to find their son together. It made him feel elated. When they got to the third floor, they counted the numbers. 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2042… wait, what? Shizuo had stopped suddenly, causing Izaya to run straight into him all of a sudden. Izaya fell down with a thud, looking up at Shizuo who helped him up.

"We passed it," Shizuo mumbled, and Izaya rubbed his backside, muttering a low oh. They slowly walked into Delic's room, seeing the little boy attached to a couple wires, flirting with the nurses who were bringing him breakfast.

"D-Daddy!" Delic exclaimed happily, not moving an inch since it hurt when he did and Shizuo looked at his son, not smiling one bit.

"D-daddy… what's wrong? A-Aren't you happy to see me, you wanted me back right?" Delic asked, his voice sounding desperate for an answer and Izaya noticed the stare he was giving Delic. Delic hadn't seen Izaya walk in after his father, so when he saw a hand touch his father's shoulder with no one revealing themselves, he grew curious.

"Izaya-san?" He questioned and Izaya revealed himself to the little boy, smiling warmly.

"Don't worry Delic, Shizuo was just shocked by your condition. Who did this to you?" He asked, and Delic opened his mouth to answer when foot steps approached behind him.

"It's my fault, Orihara -San. I... I... " before Maya could finish, Shizuo spun around quickly glaring at the mother of his child.

"Why did you take Delic? Do you know the pain I went through thinking that I may never get my little boy back?! Maya, you entrusted him with me, you said that I were to take care of him for the rest of your life, why the hell are you still trying to take him from me!?" Shizuo yelled, startling the nurses, Delic and Izaya. Maya stood there, staring into Shizuo tear filled eyes, realizing the truth. He was never going to love her, so why did she bother? She obviously knew she was hurting them, and she remembers that she was even willing to murder her son just to be with him. She was going to listen to her father's orders, and give up on Shizuo. It's was a choice she had to make, since she loved him, she wanted him to be happy. And Izaya and Delic were the spark of that happiness.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, not looking at Shizuo, but at Izaya.

"Why are you apologizing to me?" He asked, and Maya smiled at him.

"I'm sorry I didn't give up. I'm sorry I almost ruined a family, and I'm sorry... for your house," she said, before leaving and Izaya stared at Maya as she left, thinking about what she was saying.

"My... house?"

"WHAT THE FUCK DID THAT BITCH DO TO MY HOUSE!? NAMIE!" Izaya yelled, looking at his secretary who was cleaning up in the kitchen.

"Be grateful I was here, it would've Been worst. Some high school students with bats. I was getting your dry cleaning when they were destroying shit in here. Don't worry, it was a few days ago. New furniture and appliances will be here. And for once Izaya, I listened to to. Heaven knows I didn't want to. I protected your fucking computer." She said, limping over to him handing him her punch card.

"I'm going home, whether I can or not," she said and Izaya grunted a "Yeah whatever" before scratching his head

"Merry ...Christmas?" Delic and Shizuo said, walking into their home and seeing that it was ruined.

"What happened?" Shizuo asked and Izaya turned towards him, looking a little too pissed off.

"I don't know. But at leave the tree and my computer are fine. So, wanna go open presents Delic? Or..."

"Izaya-San, this isn't Christmas, this is hell. Let's clean up then Celebrate Christmas... tomorrow." Delic said, trying to wriggle free from Shizuos hold. Shizuo lowered the boy to the ground, watching as his son walked slowly to the living room area. She started cleaning up, picking up small pieces of destroyed furniture and and turning back looking at his 'parents' who didn't move.

"Are you going to help me?" He asked and Izaya and Shizuo nodded, going to help the boy pick up destroyed materials and trashing them. Delic had turned on some music, not Christmas music, because we can all agree it gets annoying after a while. After they finished cleaning, and the furniture arrived and Shizuo helped Izaya put them together, the two of them collapse in exhaustion next to Delic, who was sleeping soundly on the couch.

"Ah, well, I'm beat. I'm going to bring him to bed," Shizuo said, going to carry Delic to his room when Izaya stopped him.

"If we leave him downstairs, there's a less likely chance that he'll wake up while we break in our new bed," Izaya whispered, and Shizuo smirked at him, looking down at Delic before nodding.

"Yeah, I don't think he'll mind sleeping here for a few hours," Shizuo whispered back, grabbing Izaya's wrist, slowly bringing him into a hot heated kiss. They didn't realize, that Delic had woke up, listening to their conversation as he looked up, seeing his dad kissing Izaya. *What? Daddy and Izaya-san are dating?! This is... awkward... why didn't they tell me?* Delic thought, closing his eyes as he realized they stopped and left. He opened them, sitting up, looking at his father and his "crush" leave the room and scratch his head. *Oh well, I guess Daddy wins Izaya. But that's okay, I still have my little prince* Delic thought, smiling as he thought about Hibiya and how he hasn't seen him what felt like years. *I bet he missed me*

"Shizuo, do I need to call the police and report child molestation?" Izaya asked and Shizuo stared at him shaking his head.

"No! I mean he's knocking on the fucking door!" Shizuo said, climbing off of Izaya and grabbing his bathrobe. Izaya laughed at the body guard, pulling his covers over his exposed body watching Shizuo walk to the door.

"Yes Delic?" Shizuo said, opening the door to see Shinra instead of Delic.

"Daddy, pervert doctor broke into the house! I threw my baseball at him and I missed though," Delic said, holding onto Shinras legs and Shinra rubbed his arm.

"No you didn't! You hit me hard!" He explained and Shizuo groaned, going to close the door and continue what he was doing until Shinra stopped him.

"No, stop stop! I have something important to tell you! Delic, can you go to your room while I talk to your dad,.please " Shinra asked and Delic sighed.

"I'm sleepy anyways. And please don't make any noise like last time, it's really annoying, " Delic mumbled, letting go of Shinra and walking to his room.

"What's so important that you had to ruin what we were doing?" Izaya asked, frowning at the underground doctor as he looked behind Shizuo to see Izaya pulling on his underwear. He quickly reverted his eyes, coughing in his hand before pulling out the paperwork.

"Well, have you guys ever thought of having another child besides Delic? Has he ever asked for a brother or sister?" Shinra asked and Shizuo stared at the doctor before sighing.

"Let's continue this talk downstairs."

"Has he ever?"

"No, not to me at least. Izaya, has he ever asked you?" Shizuo asked, poking Izaya in the side, watching the informant squirm away from him as hr continued and he nodded.

"Yes, Shizu-chan stop!" Izaya said, hitting his hands away, and Shizuo laughed. Shinra stared at the two, smiling at them before sighing.

"He has?"

"Yes, it was before he was kidnapped. He said 'Izaya-san, wouldn't it be cool if I had a little brother? I would teach him how to play guitar and sing. He'd be my little lyric buddy when I learned to spell.' I just laughed and he never brought it up again," Izaya said, and Shinra nodded.

"Would you like another child?" He asked, and Shizuo raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well, Yeah I would. But how about you Izaya? "

"I wouldn't mind adopting. I would actually love to see a human grow up right before my eyes," Izaya said with a snide smirk and Shinra smiled at both of them.

"Great! Because Izaya, your pregnant!"

"What?" Izaya asked, looking at the doctor as if he just said he murdered

200 people.

"Well, you said you were nauseous for a couple of days a few weeks ago. And I assume the nausea hasn't settled yet, right?"

"No, it hasnt. I threw up a couple times this morning..." Izaya said slowly and Shizuo stepped in the conversation.

"Wait, you said you stopped puking."

"I didn't want you to worry, you had missed a lot of work already," Izaya retorted.

"Yeah but-" He said nd Shinra shushed them.

"Let me finish," he sighed, "I ran blood tests on both of you, and a sperm sample. Izaya's came out okay, except he was pregnant but Shizuo, your sperm has some weird abnormalities that enabled pregnancy in both male and females. I remember seeing it before when I took the sample, but pushed it aside since you were straight. I completely forgot to warn you about it when you and Izaya started going out."

"what the fuck? D-Does Delic have the same..."

"I don't know for sure Shizuo. He's obviously not old enough for me to figure out. But once he hits puberty, we can find out, if that's okay with you," Shinra said, looking at Izaya looking for any signs or anger or sadness.

"Um... how w-will it come out!?" Shizuo asked, and Shinra raised his eyebrow.

"C-Section." Both Izaya and Shinra said and Shizuo blinked at them, completely lost.

"You don't what that is, do you?" Izaya asked and Shizuo looked at him, before shaking his head.

"I'll explain later. It seems your only 7 weeks, so be cautious. If you have work, make sure it's not harmful Izaya. And, I'd grow your hair out... if I were you..." Shinra said and Izaya frowned at him.

"What the fuck?! I can take care of myself," Izaya said, standing up about to walk about before tripping over the coffee table. Shizuo reacted quickly, catching Izaya before he fell and Shinra smirked at him.

"Yeah, you can so take care of yourself. Anyways, come see me in about 3 months and I can tell you the gender, if you want to know. I'll see you guys soon."

The next day, after getting barely any sleep, Shizuo and Izaya were woken up by a loud bang. Izaya was the first to wake up startled.

"What the hell, did Delic fall out of bed again?" Shizuo asked, unwrapping his arms from around Izaya and Izaya shrugged.

"I don't know, come with me," the both got out of bed and went to open the door when it opened slowly, Delic walking in looking scared.

"Okay, before you go downstairs, I was only trying to make ramen and... well... the eggs exploded..." He said and Izaya sighed, hurrying downstairs with Shizuo, holding a scared Delic, right behind him.(okay, as a witness my self. When eggs explode out of either the microwave or the pot on the stove. That's a loud noise.)

"Don't worry, Namie will clean it. Let's open presents okay?" Izaya said and Delic nodded. Delic wasn't in a rush like he would've been. He was still sore from his bullet wound so he sat on his dad's lap as Izaya went over to the tree, grabbing the couple of presents there were.

"Here Delic, these ones are for you," Izaya said and Delic smiled at him, tearing the pink stripped paper off of him presents, smiling widely at Izaya.

"Yay! Every Avenue! This CD isn't even sold anymore!" Delic said and Shizuo smiled at him as he opened up his much larger gift, his smile slowly dying.

"Izaya.." Shizuo groaned and Izaya Shrugged as Delic stared at the pink electric guitar.

"What, he asked for it. I just bought it. And it's only matching amp. The guitar was sold separately. It's made for 8 thru 12. But I'm sure Delic can learn." Izaya said and Delic nodded anxiously

"I can! Thanks Izaya, your the best!"

"No I'm not, because look what your dad got you," Izaya said, pulling out three plain tickets backstage passes to Warp Tour.

"Okay. This present kicks that guitars ass time a trillion." Delic said, straight faced looking at his father and Izaya pouted, fake hurt.

"Ouch Deli-chan! I thought you loved me!?"

"Yeah, I did... but you like Daddy, so I give up. I thought Daddy was just kidding when he bought your present, but I guess not. Where is it Daddy? Are you going to give it to him?" Delic asked and both Izaya and Shizuo were red in the face by his words.

"U-Um, how did you know?"

"You and Daddy kissed right over me. How wouldn't I? But Daddy, the ring! Give it to him," Delic exclaimed and Shizuo sighed, walking over to Izaya's desk, reaching in front of his computer pulling out a black box.


"I had planned to give it to you 3 months ago, but Delic went missing and, I couldn't. But now, since it's Christmas, what's a better day than to ask you. Izaya, will you marry me?" Shizuo asked, looking up at Izaya as he got down on his knee, looking at his lover who was clutching onto his shirt collar looking down at Shizuo.

"I know at one point you hated me, but for those 8 years of hatred to turn into love was a miracle. My number one wish was for you to be mine Izaya, and No matter how many times I called you louse or flea, I meant it with love deep inside, because the only person to call you that was me," Izaya looked down St Shizuo, listening to his words before feeling the tears roll down his cheeks as he nodded.

"How can I say No to that?" Izaya cried, bending down to kiss him and Shizuo smiled taking Izaya left hand, sliding of his platinum ring and taking out his. In diamonds, "My Flea" was spelt out and Izaya smiled at him, watching as his lover slid it on his finger and they kissed. Delic watched as his father looked happily until the doorbell rang. Delic got up, walking to the door opening it to reveal a small child huddled in his golden scarf staring at him with with big gold eyes.

"Hibi-chan!" Delic explained and Hibiya frowned at him.

"Don't call me that. I heard you were back, where were you? You disappeared off the face of the earth for so long. I... I was worried," Hibiya said, hugging Delic and Delic looked down at Hibiya, shocked.


"Don't leave again Delic... I'll miss you," his whispered and Delic smiled at Hibiya, pushing him away, giving him a big smile.

"I missed you too. I promise I won't leave again. Here, I made you this while my dad made Izaya-san's ring." Delic said, pulling a wire necklace that said "My Prince" and Hibiya blushed taking it, putting it in his pocket.

"Oh, well thanks. I left you a present in your mailbox. I-I got to go," Hibiya said blushing, running to the stairs and Delic stared at him, smiling before running out the door, after Hibiya.

"Hibiya, wait, I forgot to tell you something!" Delic cried and Hibiya stopped as Delic walked over to him, giving him a quick Peck on the lips.

"I love you," Delic said, looking at Hibiya's blushing face.

"S-Stupid commoner! W-What are you saying?! " Hibiya stuttered and Delic giggled before following him to the door, reaching the mailbox watching Hibiya leave, going to his new parents and Delic opened the mailbox, pulling out a small box with a note attached to it. Reading: To My Love, Delic. He opened the paper box, pulling out the small wire necklace, same as the one he made Hibiya, but his said, My Commoner instead. Delic smiled at it, before slipping it on his neck. *Ah, I was right. Best Christmas Ever*

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