Chapter 3: Guess Whoes Back?

I woke up feeling groggy and slow. It looked like it was almost evening from the pinks and purples in the sky outside my window. Good news, my head didn't hurt as bad. I looked around and realized my sheets and comforter were tossed all around, and only one pilliow remained on the bed.

"That's weird..." I muttered, I don't generally move in my sleep.


I about damn near jumped out of my skin. I looked around for the source of that sound, and soon discovered that it was my Communicator. It was under that single pillow that survived my rough day's sleep. I opened it and saw Robin's face, which started to blush.

"What is it?" I asked, annoyed.

"Um," he scratched the back of his head, "Uh, Blackfire is at it again. Meet us here."

He turned the Communicator toward a large building, with the big, somewhat broken letters BANK. Oh, joy.

"Be there in 2," I muttered.

"Be sure to, uh, cover-up," Robin chuckled before cutting the connection.

I frowned, and looked down to see that my cleavage was showing a little too much. I kind of laughed, and got to find myself some clothes. The funny thing is, being raised around Selena, showing a little too much was never really a problem. Of course I didn't bother to think of checking myself before I answered, it's just not how I was raised.

I grabbed a leotard Raven let me borrow and wiggled into it. Her breasts were a little smaller than mine, but thankfully her leotards were one-size fits all, and it seemed to readjust rather quickly. I slipped on a pair of skinny jeans (I may like short shorts, but yeah I'm not gunna wear JUST the leotard), and dug around my room for my chuck's and chains.

Once I found both, I was gone. Picturing that building wasn't hard, but finding everyone once I got there turned out to be a challenge. No one believed I was a super, and they wouldn't let me pass their "DO NOT CROSS" police tape.

"I just TELEPORTED here, what other proof do you need!?" I shouted at the stupid cop.

"I need Robin or one of the other Titans to-" he was saying until an explosion and I barely recognized Starfire as she flew at the front of debry cloud.

"STARFIRE!" I screamed, teleporting to where she would be in five seconds.

I reformed, arms opened wide. Her back hit my chest hard, knocking the wind out of me. I only had seconds to get a grip, and throw one of my chains at the building to stop our fall. I retched the chain from my pocket, panting furiously. I tossed it up, and it wrapped around something. It began to shorten its lead, and we where slammed against the building, but avoid the tons of stone and steel that were hurtling just behind us.

I took the beating from the building, protecting the unconscious Starfire from any more harm. I held tight to her with one arm, the other desperately clinging to the chain that was tethered to whatever.

"STARFIRE!" I recognized Robin's shout.

"U-UP HERE!" I shouted back, still gasping for breath and beginning to lose hold on the chain and the redheaded alien.

Out of the smoke just below us, Raven levitated up to our rescue. She created platform of sorts with her magick, and I dropped onto it. i looked up thankfully at Raven, holding on tight to Star as she lowered us back down to the ground.

I tugged on my chain and it released itself and fell back down to me. I left it out of my pocket, since I was probably going to need it. Raven set us gently on the ground, and Robin was there, taking Star from my arms. I let him, and fell back on the dirty, destroyed street.

"Good timing!" Beast Boy said, shifting from his wolf form.

"No kidding," Cyborg offered me hand, and I gratefully took it. He helped me to my feet, and I beamed at him.

"Thanks," I looked at Raven and Robin, "How is she?"

"Knocked out," Robin said, and Raven put her hands on Star's temples.

Raven's eyes turned white, and after a few more minutes, her cloak began to wave wildly. Her hood flew off her head, and black bolts of energy shot from under her cloak.

"What's happening!?" I shouted, eyes wide.

"I don't know!" Cyborg shouted back.

I glanced at Beast Boy, and saw he was freaking out the most. "RAVEN!" he screamed, his green orbs full of terror. He lunged before Cyborg or I could stop him, and he tackled the half demon to the ground.

The wind stopped, and so did the bolts, but everything was quiet. Even the screaming crowd seemed to hold their breath. After another moment, Robin dropped to his knees, hugging Starfire to his chest. Cyborg touched my shoulder, and he pointed his chin to where Beast Boy and Raven were laying on the ground. I nodded, and ran over to where they were laying.

Raven was twitching, her eyes squeezed shut. On the other hand, Beast Boy's eyes were just fluttering open. I decided to kneel by and help Raven, since she was the one who wasn't waking up. I tried touching her shoulder, but got launched back in return. An electric shock shook my body, and left me writhing in pain.

"Gah!" I managed to cry out, my whole body trembling.

I retreated back into my own mind, attempting to ignore the physical pain. It kind of work, and now I just needed to concentrate. I first eased my breathing, and silenced my pained cries. Then I went to moving my body starting with toes and fingers, and slowly moving on from there. Once I was in complete control, I let my mind become aware of the rest of me. I blinked open my eyes, and sat up. I glanced around, and saw that Raven, Robin, and Star were all doing the same.

I let out a sigh of relief, too bad it didn't last long.

"You think you could beat ME!?" Screamed a familiar voice. I groaned, and got up very unwillingly. My muscles burned, but the pain was bearable, so I tried to push it out of my mind.

"Well DUH!" I shouted back, trying to piss her off.

She landed not too far from us, and started to walk toward her. Her long, black hair flowed around her in the light breeze.

Haha!" she laughed coldly, "It's the little stray!"

I hissed at her (a habit I picked up from Catwoman), "Bitch, I am SO not in the mood for your shit."

"Be careful!" I heard Star cry out weakly, I turned to her and raised a brow.

"She has the Jewel of Charta!" she continued, her eyes filled with fire and worry.

"And that does what?" I asked, a tint of worry in my voice.

"It increases her power by tenfold.." Raven told me, her eyes dimmer than Star's.

I nodded, and turned to face my new foe. All Blackfire did was smile coolly, and then her eyes started to glow blood red, and her own starbolts matched.

"Ah shit!" I groaned, and teleported. I appeared behind the evil bitch, seemingly stunning her. Knowing a war cry would alert her of where I was, I stayed silent. I grabbed my chains, wrapped them around my hands once, and then I swung them at her.

"What the-" she began, puzzled.

I smirked, my right chain had wrapped her waist and lower arms, while the other had missed. That was ok thought, I only needed one chained around her anyway.

"Like being chained?" I asked, using my other chain to whip her in the back. She fell to her knees, and cried out in pain.

I laughed, it was cruel, unforgiving laugh. With all my might, I grabbed tight to that right chain and began to swing Blackfire around and around. When I started getting dizzy, I let the chain loosen from her waist and she went flying.

She couldn't regain her senses enough to start flying properly, so it felt really good when she crashed back into the bank. Smoke and more rumbled exploded from the poor building, and I smirked.

"And that's how you take out the trash!" I declared, my hands on my hips.

I turned around, and saw Robin looking at me. I frowned, and realized they were ALL staring at me. What the hell?

"What?" I asked, kind of worried.

"Do you really think it would be that easy?" Came Blackfire's sticky sweet voice.

I growled, and turned on my heel, swinging my chains as I went. She flew up in the air before they got her, but I could she did get from a few moments ago. That made me smile like a happy ex-girlfriend who just saw his new squeeze slap him like a little bitch.

Blackfire's outfit was torn, and I could see blood trickling from those wounds. For some reason, blood repulsed me. I couldn't stand it, but when it was coming from me I'm ok. From someone I care about, it makes me feel like I have to help them, no matter what. I feel like a failure if I don't.

Right now, I couldn't care less. I just didn't want any to touch me.

"Aww, did poor Blackfire get an owie?" I asked, making a sad face by pushing out my bottom lip and frowning a little.
"I'll show you!" she screeched, and sent me flying into a wall.

I fell down to my knees from the wall, and gasped for breath. I looked up and saw that Cyborg and Robin had started fighting with Blackfire again, while Beast Boy protected Raven and Star as they tried to help each other out. I stumbled to my feet, and pushed aside the pain. I forced my feet to run forward, pumping them hard. I jumped off a large piece of broken bank, and leaped high into the air.

Bitch didn't even see me coming. Blackfire flew up right into my arms, and I tackled her midair. It was pretty sweet, actually. She screamed with rage, but was really too stunned to knock me off. We flew into a building, and (thankfully) she took the brunt if the damage.

She was finally knocked out, and I let her go as we began to fall back to earth. I teleported back to the ground, and fell down to on one knee, panting. That little teleport seem to take up too much of my dwindling energy.

"No more of that for awhile..." I muttered.

"BLACKFIRE!" My head snapped up at Starfire's shrill scream. She was up in the air, flying very unsteadily, but as fast as she could to her quickly falling sister.

All I could do is watch, stunned. Why is she helping the girl who tried to kill her over and over again? Regardless of them being sisters... I would let her fall, and maybe even die.

I guess that's just me though.

Star got her falling sister just in time to break her fall. They both crashed to the ground, but clearly Star got the worst of it.

"STARFIRE!" Robin's voice echoed off the buildings, and I forced myself to run towards my fallen team mate.

By the time I got there, Beast Boy was supporting a weak looking Raven, Cyborg had his sonic canon pointed at Blackfire (who was still out cold), and Robin was holding Starfire tightly in his arms.

"Go help Star," I told him, sitting up Blackfire and tightly wrapping both chains around her upper torso and arms and hands.
"Find the Jewel of Charta!" Raven told me, watching Blackfire carefully.

I nodded, and began searching Blackfire's sleeping body. As I looked, I snuck glances at Robin, Star, and Cyborg. To tell you all the truth, I was terrified. What if Star doesn't wake up again?

I snapped my head back around to Blackfire, and pushed thoughts like that out of my mind. I started searching for that Jewel, but it didn't seem to be on her.

"I can't find it," I gave Raven a panicked look.

She closed her eyes, and murmured something I didn't catch. After a few moments, she slumped down, and sighed.
"She swallowed it. It's inside of her," Raven muttered, her face hidden by her cloak hood.

"How do we get it now?" asked Beast Boy, his eyes wide.

"I don't know..." I whispered, backing up as much as my chains would allow.

I heard a sob from behind me, and turned to see that Robin had tears flowing from underneath his mask.
"Dick!" I shouted, but couldn't run to him because of my chains.

Cyborg was shaking his head, the saddest look on his face, "I... she hit her head when she saved Blackfire. She's in a coma."

Raven had lifted up her head, her hood falling off. I watched as she tried to fight back her emotions, and covered her mouth with a hand. Beast Boy held her closer to him, providing comfort. Robin held Starfire close to his body, resting his forehead on her's. Cyborg was looking down and away. Me? I was chained to the evil witch who could have possibly killed Starfire.

Rage filled me. I turned on Blackfire, who was starting to move and wake up. I grabbed her throat, and shoved her up against the wall with renewed energy. She woke up after that.

"Put.. me down!" she tried to struggle, but it was no good since she was stilled tied up.

"You don't deserve to live!" I hissed at her.

She laughed, and stared me in the eye, "And you do?"

"More than you!" I glared at her, tightening my grip.

"But you left her there..."Blackfire whispered.

My eyes widened with shock, "...What? What did you just say?"

She smirked, "You left her there to die..."

"No," I shook my head, feeling dazed.

"Bleeding out..."


"Dying! When you could have saved her!"

I held my head with my free hand, my whole body shaking, "No! NO!"

"Guess who has her now?" she whispered.

My head snapped towards her, and I slammed her head against the wall and tighten grasp on her neck.

"Tell me."

"Kill Joy!" Blackfire scratched at my hand.

I frowned, "Who is that?"

She smirked some how, "You may know him as the Shade Hunter."

That name clicked in my mind somewhere, and terror rushed through me. I don't even why it scared me so bad, but it did.

"Where is she!?" I screeched.

"Agh! S-She's..." Blackfire was starting to black out, but before I could loosen up enough for her to get more air (and info for me), Robin's fist slammed into her face. She slummed in my hand, her arms falling limp. I dropped her, and turned on Robin.

"YOU STUPID BASTARD!" I screamed in his face.

"What?! What did I do!?" He shouted back.

I felt my limp quiver, and tears form lakes in my lower lids, "Her boss has Catwoman! She was about to tell me where she was! Then you did THAT!"

He took a sharp breath, then his face fell, "Kitty... I, I didn't know. If I would h-"

I held up a hand in face, I didn't want to hear anymore. With sobs threatening to escape, I walked away. I kept walking until I tripped, and fell to my hands and broke the camel's back.

I sobbed. The tears made rivers down my cheeks, and dripped onto the road. My hands were clenched tightly, the road scratching and ripping the skin. My hair fell around my face, blocking off everything around me besides the ground.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered, sobbing harder, "Oh, Selena... I-I'm sorry..."

I felt a hand on my back, then it slowly went up and began to rub my shoulder. I heard a voice sigh, and then that someone pulled me into their arms.

"It's ok, Kitty," Cyborg whispered as he held me, "We'll find her..."

I nodded, and kept crying into his metal chest. He petted my hair, and soothed my distraught self.

Jeez, I couldn't help but think, I am so emotional lately...

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