"I don't get why we have to take Divination anyways Hermione, it's not like I need it to become an Auror."

"You have to Harry"

They stop walking down the corridor and climb up the ladder into Divination.

"Nooooooooo" Wails Trelawney. "Death! I see death! You will die, Harry Potter"

Harry is shocked, and walks dumfounded to his seat. He doesn't listen to the lesson, and walks out in a daze. Ron comes up behind him, trying to offer support.

"It's alright mate, she said it last year, and you're still alive."

"I guess" Harry walks forward, but Trelawney pulls him back. Harry is confused.

"You child. You will be cursed, and your life will be terrible"

Author then comes up with a witty remark in a weak attempt to get readers to like Trelawney.

Holding up a sandwich, she says "That's how I roll"

Readers chuckle awkwardly, and proceed to hate her. So does author.

A few days later, Trelawney is found dead, and the gang must find out who killed her.