You heard of him haven't you? The Slenderman? The tall creature with no face and tentacles springing out of his back

I was walking through the forest one night. Pissed off that my cars battery just had to die now, along with my cell phones. I mean what are the odds of that? Seriously

Anyway, I remembered I had passed a gas station some time ago. I could get some help there.

Yet as I was walking back down the road, I felt like I was being watched. I heard rushing from the forest every so often.

I just ignored it, think it was some some animal.

Sadly that thought was gone the second I felt something quickly wrap around my leg.

I hit the ground with a thud, as I quickly turned around to see what tripped me. I saw him, illuminated by the light of the moon. The legend, the modern day monster.

The Slenderman

I screamed in terror fighting to free myself from his grip, yet more of his tentacles wrapped me up

I figured I was done for, whatever fate befalls the victims of the Slenderman. I was going to find out

Yet as I awaited my doom, Slender looked at something next to, my wallet

I figured it must have fell out when he tripped me

Slender picked it up, and pulled out a 20 dollar bill.

"Huh?" I asked really confused

Slender freed me, then gave me a sheet of paper. Which read

"Tailoring for this suit is expensive,"

I felt very awkward for a few moments, then went on to the gas station.

If you ever find yourself in the woods, be sure you have $20

The end