Divergent High

Chapter 1

FIRST FANFIC. EVER. YUP. sorry that its so short. I DO NOT OWN DIVERGENT.


I just transferred from Ridgeway high (yea Icarly I know). My mom got a new job in Colorado so are moving there. I am going to Divergent High.

Apparently it's this school where they separate you into 5 groups or as Mr. Eaton says, factions.

I don't really know a lot about these factions or groups or whatever but all I know is that my big brother Caleb is obsessed about going to Erudite. It's just a geek world in there. My dad is proud of him. He just had to be the perfect one. Right?

Anyway, I think I might try Dauntless. It's where people dress I black and do all sorts of crazy, fun, brave stuff.

My mom was pretty happy about this. My dad tells me that Dauntless is ridiculous and should be like Caleb. Blah blah blah who gives a crap about Caleb anymore?

I realize my mother has been calling my name for the past 5 minutes

"Yeah mom?" I say

she says" don't be late for the bus, it comes in 3 minutes." I nod. " oh and Beatrice?"

"Yeah mom?" I say again

"Good luck" she says. "I hope you make Dauntless" she smiles at me. This makes my smile a little too.

The bus comes and as I get on I realize that all the seats are taken. I walk to the back of the bus hoping that a seat would be available.

I see a girl with brown hair and dark skin. She tells me that I can sit with her.

When I sit down she says," Hi I'm Christina!"

"I'm..." A new place, a new name." Tris" I say proudly.

"Well hi Tris! I've never seen u around are you new here?" I nod.

"Cool"" Gimme your schedule let me see if we have any classes together." I pull my schedule out of my bag and give it to her.

"Oh cool we have math, science and public speaking together!" I smile. I like this girl.

The bus stops and we head to school. Christina stops in front of a few boys and girls.

She says," Hey guys! This is Tris! She's new here."

A boy with blonde hair comes up to me and says," hi I'm Will. I'm Chrissy's boyfriend. He goes to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"This is Uriah, Zeke" he whispers to me," their twins and absolutely crazy." I smile and let out a little giggle. Uriah hears him and fake pouts for a while.

Christina points to the girls and says," this is Marlene. She's dating Uriah."

Marlene interrupts and says," yep that hot piece of ass is mine"

Uriah smiles and wraps an arm around her waist.

Then she points to the other girl. "This is Shauna! Dating Zeke."

Zeke automatically comes over and yells," YEAH WE GOT SEXY GURLFRIENDS!'" And I laugh.

Then another guy comes over and our eyes lock. His eyes are a deep blue, like the ocean and are engulfing me whole.

He breaks the connection, looks at me and says," what's this?" I suddenly got extremely offended and crossed my arms.

I say," 'THIS' is a girl who suddenly feels the urge to slap you."

They all burst out laughing because no one ever does that to him. He's the big man on campus.

Christina says," Tris this is Four."

I say," Four? Nice name. "I say with an obvious hint of sarcasm "Where'd you get that from?"

Zeke says," on last year's championships game He scored the winning touchdown which broke the tie and one the game with four seconds to spare."

Four says," impressed?" With a smirk.

"Whatever" I say and storm off into the building.

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