A/N This is my own story written by me alone.

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Each chapter will be in the POV of either Brady or Paul the first few chapters will be introducing the characters that play an important part which will be Brady, Paul along with Seth and Jacob.

I will be using most characters from twilight although maybe not how you imagine.

Brady's POV

I looked around the room one last time. This had been my home for the last eight years. Graduating with a doctorate of veterinary medicine, I had managed to get my dream job. I heard the sound of a car horn. As always, it was Seth being inpatient he was always in a hurry. Seth my best friend since we started kindergarten together. He finished high school and went straight out and got a job, education as was not his thing. He loved his job even though women pawed at him at every chance they got. The money was excellent and he lived in a nice apartment and with a succession of men coming and going. I told him he was a man whore and he would just shrug and smile.

Me, on the other hand, only had one serious relationship which ended a year ago when I found out he was married. Caius was a professor in my first year I should've known all the signs were there; not available most weekends or holidays ever. Seth hated him on sight which was another sign. Seth loved everybody always finding good in them. He told me he didn't trust him. Our friendship suffered as a result but, in typical Seth fashion, he was there for me when I needed him letting me cry on his shoulder.

"Oi Fuller, get your skinny ass down here I'm dying down here," Seth shouted loud enough for me to hear even three stories up with the windows shut.

Chuckling, I did one last sweep to check that I had everything. Seth called me anal when it came to everything. I checked and double checked whether it was my essays or my clothes. Not that I was vain. I just wanted to look respectable. Unlike Seth who would wear ripped jeans and shoes with holes in them but still looked a million dollars. Other than both of us liking men we had nothing in common but, it worked for us.

Neither of us had any interest in taking our relationship past friendship. Although, he was my first kiss and me his. At the tender age of twelve was when Seth told me he was gay. I didn't even know what it meant but, when he took me to his house and showed me Manhub, I knew I was very interested. We would race to his house after school, since he was left alone by his sister Leah who would babysit while their mother worked at the hospital. We had half an hour until Leah came home as she walked with her friends trying to chat up the boys from the other high school in town.

"Are you sure you don't mind me staying until we leave?" I asked as I slid into his 1956 Chevy, his pride and joy. It was a beast of a thing and it suited him. With the way he drove, he needed a tank.

"Please, you know damn well I want a road trip and Gurty here needs a good run to blow some cobwebs," he said pulling out a smoke and lighting it.

"I wish you would give up that shit, dude. You know it is killing us both right?" I said pulling the smoke out of his lips and throwing it out the open window.

Sighing, Seth started Gurty and pulled out not checking his mirrors and almost slamming into the car coming down the road. The driver tooted at Seth who smiled while flicking them a bird. God, if I made it to my new job, it would be a miracle. I was planning on going home and seeing the olds but, since I came out things had become awkward. They supported me every other way but, they were always trying to hook me up with one girl or another. My dad, of course, blamed Seth for making me gay. He never really liked him since I first brought him home to play.

"So what's up, doc?" Seth said using a bad interpretation of bugs bunny.

"You're a dick. You know that right?" I chuckled.

"Oh, I know, baby. Want to suck me?" he said grabbing his jean clad crotch.

"Yeah, nah, I know where that's been," I said wrinkling my nose.

"You wish, Doc," he chuckled.

Minutes later we pulled up to his apartment and started unloading the few boxes I had. Most of it was books which were ear tagged from the hours of study. I was not a natural scholar so I had to work twice as hard as the rest of my classmates. I watched as our class started with over two hundred students to only forty-nine finishing after the eight years. Seth picked up the lightest leaving me with the books.

"Leave them. We will only have to reload them again next week," he said passing me a bag and slamming the boot.

Seth opened the apartment and threw my bags down making me have to climb over them to get through the door. Thankfully, he had a housekeeper come in three days a week. Otherwise, I would hate to imagine how disgusting the apartment would be. He was back in seconds carrying two cans of beer and throwing one at me. I put it on the table and picked up my bags heading to the spare room to let my beer settle before I opened it. Seth turned on the stereo full and his favourite band 'The Doors' filled the apartment and no doubt everyone elses. He walked past the open door already stripping. The guy had no shame. He hated clothes and walked around naked whenever he could. Hence, why he liked his job at the club he worked in. It was the only one in the city that went full monty. After years of asking, tonight I was going to finally watch my friend dance.

"Pizza or Pizza?" he yelled from his room.

"Um, pizza sounds good." I yelled back already slipping into what I called my 'Seth mode'.

I unpacked my bag and thanked the gods that I would have my own bathroom. Being a stripper, Seth had to shave and did so leaving his hairs in the bottom of his shower. I pitied the cleaner although, I'm pretty sure that Nahuel got bonuses by way of his employer's ass. I didn't blame Seth for that though because Nahuel was fuck hot and I wouldn't say no to a bit of him. His accent alone had me going to slush whenever he spoke. Even saying bleach sounded sexy. Seth leaned against the door naked as the day he was born with a smoke hanging from his lips watching me. I kept my eyes above his waist because as much as I say I didn't want sex with him, I hadn't had it in over a year. I was horny as hell and Seth was blessed.

"I don't want you to leave," he pouted.

"Yeah me neither buddy but, you know I can't say no, not to this," I sighed.

"Yeah, I know. You want to go play doctor to elephants and god know what else," he said smiling at me.

I scored a job at a sanctuary just outside Seattle. I had never heard of Forks. It was a small town where the sun hardly shined, unlike Florida but, it didn't matter. What mattered was I had the chance to do what I loved and that was to look after exotic animals as well as farm animals. The last vet retired and when I sent my application I was not expecting an interview since I was not even qualified. However, I got a call saying the owner would be in Florida to pick up a tiger who was about to have a cub. As always, the owner didn't know how to take care of a tiger let alone one who had gotten pregnant. I was to meet him at a café before the owner went to collect the tiger named Emily. Mike was passionate about his work and I couldn't help but be excited about joining his team. He had many different species, from apes to zebras all rescued. The work he did now though was mainly raising money to keep the sanctuary open. He offered me the job right there and then saying I would fit in well with the rest of the staff. I wasn't really a people person, part of the reason I became a vet. My father wanted me to follow him into medicine so I did the next best thing.

"Come with me to see Emily. They don't even know how far on she is," Mike said putting his napkin down and throwing money on the table.

Mike explained the situation. The owner admitted that he acquired Emily as a cub illegally and she was becoming dangerous because she was getting protective of her unborn. Pulling up to a multi million dollar house, we were quickly ushered around the back where there were tigers, lions, and even a panther in cages far too small for them. Mike mumbled under his breath that he wanted to take them all but sadly, he didn't have the room or the money to take them all. Emily was nearly full-term and needed to be moved right away otherwise, she would be having the cub in the unsuitably small cage she was pacing around. Mike talked to the owner while I went up to the fence and knelt down getting to lower than her and letting her see I was no threat to her. She growled in warning but sniffed the air with her eyes never leaving mine.

"Look at you, beautiful. Wow, you're going to be a good mama aren't you?" I said placing my hand flat on the wires careful not to let my arm anywhere close to it. I didn't want her to grab hold of my arm as she could rip it off with one bite of her big teeth.

She came over and sniffed and let her tongue lick my palm. She was a scared tiger which made her a dangerous one. But, I had no fear of her she was doing what she had to. Considering the poor shelter she had, she was a picture of health with her eyes bright and her fur shiny.

"So you think she will make it back to Forks?" Mike asked coming forward which sadly made Emily move back growling and baring her teeth.

"I think so although, you might want to have a vet travel with her," I admitted.

"You could do it," he said.

"I have my finals tomorrow otherwise, I would. Plus, I am not quite qualified remember?" I sighed taking one last look at Emily before moving back.

"Worth a try right," he said chuckling.

"Yeah, wish I could be there to see the cubs born though," I sighed.

The sound of the doorbell pulled me from my thoughts and Seth went to open the door. Shaking my head, I raced after him. Seriously, the guy had no shame and was just about to open the door when I stopped him. Pulling out my wallet insisting I paid. Shrugging, he went to the kitchen while I got the door and quickly paid for the pizza making sure I was blocking Seth from the pizza guy. Obviously, he delivered before and seemed disappointed that I answered the door fully dressed. Shutting the door behind me, I put the pizza down and grabbed a towel for Seth to sit on the couch. There was no way I was going to sit on a couch where his bare ass had been. Thankfully, Seth graced my presence by wearing boxers while we ate. Picking up the remote, we sat down and watched some random movie while eating our pizza and drinking more beer.

Seth went to get ready for work and I cleaned up our mess. Of course, he came out looking hot and he pushed me to my room to go change. I was planning on going in what I was wearing, After all, I was not on the pull. The place was going to be full of woman and, from what Seth said about his co-workers, they were all straight. Normally, they would walk out with some desperate woman who would pay them to sleep with them. Seth could make even more money if he wanted to but he said he would never go there. He only managed to get it up for the show by watching the other strippers. The last time I saw Seth cum, we were eighteen and in the last year of high school. We would sit with our backs to his wall beside the bed with his laptop between us and watched random guys fucking each other. We would toss ourselves off seeing who could shoot our loads the furthest. After graduation however, I put a stop to it and moved away leaving Seth to head for college. Seth however, followed me only two months later leaving his job as a waiter wanting to make a name for himself. He dreamed of being a singer and even though he had an amazing voice he never seemed to get his break. Occasionally, he would sing at the club but not often. Sadly, tonight was not going to be one of those nights. He was star billing in my honour so he said.

"You can come and oil me up if you like," Seth said as we walked through the club which was already half full with half drunk woman doing hen's nights for the bride to be.

Seth got his ass pinched repeatedly and someone even pinched mine making me let out a squeak. Kissing the owner Victoria, Seth introduced me before pulling me out the back.

"Don't let her near you she will eat you for breakfast," Seth warned as he slapped hands with the other strippers. My cock was instantly hard at the sight of half-dressed, almost-naked, sexy men.

"Settle down, boy. You haven't seen the best yet," he chuckled.

Soon Seth was in front of the mirror applying stage makeup bantering with the other strippers. I tried to keep my eyes focused on Seth but I couldn't help looking at the latest stripper to arrive. A guy called Eric. He was not like the others. His body was nothing to look at but, damn, if that dude didn't have a cock that went down to his knees.

"Told you," Seth said nudging me as he caught me looking. "He's married to a girl named Angela and they have six kids," he sighed running his eyes over his co-worker.

"Come on, you can do my back. I am on soon," he said making me turn my attention back to him.

Once covered in oil, Seth slipped his costume on. I chuckled as he put the Indian costume on with a large feathered headdress. He had lifted some weights as soon as we got there so his muscles were pumped. He told me to go out front and sit at the bar so I could see the show. I headed out and sat down. Victoria sat beside me ordering two vodka and orange juices for us. The lights went down and Seth was introduced. Unlike the other dancers, he used his real name. The crowd went wild as the spotlight came on. Seth had his back to them each ass cheek clenching and unclenching with the music. Money was being waved around before he even turned. Seth spread his legs and bent down looking between his them. I watched the crowd. Some of the woman were touching their nipples and a few rubbing their legs together or openly using their hands to rub their pussies. He gave them a sexy grin and somehow managed to get his head down as though he was doubled over. I had seen Seth do gymnastics at school so knew he was flexible but, damn.

"He's my best. I'm going to miss him while he's away," Victoria said smiling as she saw her customers throw the money on the stage.

"He seems popular," I said over the screaming woman drowning out the music.

However, Seth seemed to have zoned out and was just moving his body to music in his head. Slowly and teasingly he removed each piece of clothing. His cock hard and his hand stroking himself. He never let the customers actually touch him however and a few times bouncers would have to pull women from the stage so they couldn't. I was actually scared for my friend but, he seemed unfazed about it. When he was about to cum he let out a moan. Suddenly, the woman stopped screaming and listened to Seth's panting and moaning his eyes closed and biting his bottom lip. He let out a loud groan as his cum shot all over his stomach. The woman started screaming again begging to lick him clean. Seth came down from his orgasm, finally, and opened his eyes as though surprised to see where he was. He wiped the cum off his stomach and licked it making the women all but faint with lust. I was going to have to find a bathroom to find my own release. Seeing my friend cum was fucking hot. Women threw more money on the stage and someone picked it up while Seth gathered up his clothes before walking out the back as calm as anything. Asking where the bathroom was Victoria offered to come help me out. Declining her, I went to the bathroom making sure I locked the door pulling my cock out within two strokes I was shooting my load into toilet tissues. Waiting till I stopped shaking while catching my breath I went out back to find Seth sitting at the dresser with a smoke in the corner of his mouth counting notes in his hand. He must have had at least had five hundred dollars, probably more.

"Brady, where the hell did you go? I thought Victoria got you," Seth said looking at me frowning.

"Dude, that was fucking hot where the hell did you think I was?" I said feeling the heat on my cheeks.

Seth and I had a rule we didn't lie to each other. No matter how bad something was we would be honest. Jumping up, Seth came to me and looked me in the eye to see if I was telling the truth. Deciding I was he kissed me on the lips and thanked me before going back to counting his money putting his smoke back in his lips. Even his smoking was hot even though I knew it was bad for him. I wondered sometimes if me and Seth would've worked out but, all too soon, Seth would do something or say something that reminded me that he was not my type, just my friend.

"Good night tonight," he said smiling putting money to one side. No doubt it was Victoria's commission.

"Your shout then," I said picking up a fifty and heading out to get us both a well deserved drink.

I had to wait so, I turned to see the next stripper and it was Eric. He was even bigger hard and I had to admire how he could even get it up. I wondered what it would feel to have a cock up my ass that was that big.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Seth said whispering in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

"Come on, let's go find a bar with some dancing," he said grabbing my hand leading me out of the club.

I went to protest but he refused telling me he was too pumped up to sleep and needed to find a lay. I almost offered to help him out but knew it would strain our friendship. After the show he put on I knew it was going to be a very long road trip. Getting his preformance out of my head was going to be near impossible.