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My eyes fluttered open to the rising rays of the sun streaming in the window. How I missed the sun even after all these years. I gave the hand in mine a squeeze, his soft snores telling me that he was still sleeping. His hair fanned out like it always was. I swear some angel comes in and does it while he sleeps. His long lashes rested on his high cheek bones. I gave a contented sigh, we were finally getting married today. Seth's eyes opened slowly and his face is suddenly graced with a smile.

"Morning," I said leaning down and kissing his soft plump lips. "I can't believe we are getting married today," his smile becoming bigger.

"Me either, Bray," he said sitting up on his elbows. There wasn't a day I didn't thank god for this man. The bedroom door slammed open.

"Uncle Seth, Uncle Bray, get up. You're getting married today," Little Anna came jumping onto the bed already in her flower girl dress. Laughing, we snuggled down showering her faces with kisses.

"Anna, get off your uncles. I bet they are naked under those sheets," Leah giggled. Anna scrambled off the bed and straightened her little dress. "Come on, the hair dresser is waiting for you," she said holding out her hand. Blowing us kisses, she was happily led out to the lounge.

"God, I can't believe we are doing this," Seth said pulling back the sheets and heading to the bathroom.

"I know, who would've guessed five years ago we would come to this little hick town and discover our love," I said getting up slipping on my old shorts and t-shirt. "I won't be more than an hour promise," I said kissing his flushed cheeks.

"You better not be or I will set Leah on you," Seth said chuckling.

I still worked at the sanctuary, my job was better than I imagined. The hours were hard but, at the end of the day, I felt I made a difference to the animals in my care. Mike was now staying close to home as Jessica was a mother of twins, which I helped bring into the world. Seth became the man to find the money to fund the sanctuary and we were doing extremely well. He missed his forte in business and now he was in control of running of the sanctuary. We had more stuff and in the summer students from colleges around the country would come and gain hands-on experience. It also gave me a chance to have the odd weekend off and even the opportunity to go travel.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Mike growled as I went to the surgery to collect my bag.

"No rest for the wicked," I chuckled.

"You get married in two hours, dude," he shook his head.

"Well, you better get moving otherwise you're going to be late," I headed out the door.

I didn't really need to go check on the animals but, I wanted to clear my head so, I went to the one animal I could always depend on. Carlisle was asleep when I stopped at his cage. His big eyes opened as he watch me pull a nut from my pocket. He carefully took it from my hand and ate it, his eyes never leaving mine. "I know I have asked you a million times but, are you sure I'm doing the right thing?" Carlisle closed his big eyes and gave a hoot. "Be on your head if you're wrong," I stroked his head and gave him another nut before closing his cage.

I went to see the others giving them each a treat. Esme, bless her, was with calf and I couldn't wait to see her as a was a big strong tiger and one to be reckoned with. It's hard to believe that once I could spend hours playing with him. Now however, no one could get near him. He wanted a mate and we were trying hard to find him one. Bella was her usual bitchy self but, I threw her a banana which she proceeded to stick up her butt before taking it and eating it. "Always the lady you are," I said leaving the best for last. "Emmett," I called out. Emmett was massive even for a black bear. He came ambling out of his cave and stood by the fence as I climbed over the safety barrier. I placed my hand on the fence letting him lick it. "Has he been to see you yet?" I asked. Emmett just continued to lick my hand. "I never meant for this to happen, you know that right?" I said pulling out a jar of honey and spoon. Emmett sat on his butt and his big lips took the spoon from my hand. The sanctuary was closed today, the catering staff already setting up. We didn't want to get married anywhere else. I invited my parents but, neither of them rsvp'd so they were a no-show which really didn't surprise me. They had gotten a divorce and my mother had moved on pretty quickly and married the local mayor. Of course, Seth's whole family including his uncles and aunties and even, bless her, his great grandmother had arrived in Forks for the big day. The Clearwaters knew how to party, that was for sure. We left them just after midnight and they didn't look like they were slowing down.

"Brady, you need to come get ready," Leah said from behind me. She too was now dressed for the wedding, standing in as best man for Seth.

"Thanks, Leah. I'm coming," I said taking the spoon from Emmett's mouth and giving it one more dip in the jar. He knew that the spoon had to be left through the fence otherwise, he wouldn't get to have another treat next time. "Well I guess next time I see you I'll be married," I said smiling and rubbing his nose. He growled and sat down not really giving a damn about what I would be next time I brought him a treat. The gummy bears were still his favourite but, they were what I really had to bribe him with.

The small house was a hive of activity. The builders were still getting the house ready but, hopefully, by time we return from our honeymoon, we would be able to put in for the long awaited adoption. We thought about surrogates but, we were not made of money. Lucky, I didn't become a vet to make money because this was not the job if it was. I was pushed into the bathroom and told to hurry. I was starving and hoped I would be given some food when I got out. It took us months to decide what we were going to wear for the wedding. Seth was all for formal but, in the end we decided on just suits. Money was tight for Seth now although, he had saved plenty. He would never be as flush as he used to be. He sold his apartment and invested the money wisely. It would be there for a rainy day.

"Brady Clearwater, hurry the fuck up! We have twenty minutes," Leah yelled from the door.

God, what a women to have around. But, she was part of the deal and I wouldn't have it any other way. She came to visit not long after having Anna. It took her a week to decide that she wanted to stay in the area. She found a job locally and never looked back, just like me and Seth. She hadn't found that special someone though and I doubted she ever would. But, she never seemed lonely she had a family to support her.

Someone turned on the hot tap making the shower go cold. Getting out, I quickly dried off. My suit was laying on the bed along with the polished shoes that I could see my face in. There was a knock at the door and I told whoever it was to enter. I was glad I was sitting on my bed because I would've fallen over. There, dressed in her Sunday best, was my mother. I began talking to her again a few years back but, we had not once mentioned my being gay. "Mom," I said standing up.

"Hello, sweetheart," she gave me a hug and a kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as long as I could. She never pushed me away, her tears dripping onto my shirt. I didn't care, it was mom. My own tears fell as well. "I hope you don't mind me popping in for a visit," she said finally pulling back and taking my face in her small hands.

"Anytime mom, the door is always open," I whisperee still in shock that she was actually here.

"Leah told me that you have five minutes to get your, well, you know what out there. You have to get married," Mom let my face go and started rummaging around in her bag. She suddenly stopped, her hand whipped out, and there she held a chocolate bar. "Here, I don't want you fainting on me," she smiled ripping off the wrapping and handing it to me. Picking up my tie she proceeded to help me while I happily munched on the chocolate. She tried flattening my hair but, gave up in mere seconds. Nothing had changed with that problem. But, it was me and I was going to get married faults and all. "We will talk later," she said kissing my cheek and going to the door.

"Mom wait," I said going up to her. "Give me away, please?" I asked.

"I thought you weren't going to walk down the aisle? But, I would love to walk my baby down the aisle," she brought out her hanky to wipe the real tears away.

"It's my wedding, I can do as I want," I said giving her a hug. The only reason I was not going to go with tradition was that I had no one to give me away. Our relationship was equal and it wouldn't matter if I was given away or not. My man would be waiting down at the altar and I couldn't wish for anyone else to give me away. She was the one who brought me into this world, after all. Even if we had our disagreements over the years, it didn't mean I didn't love her, she will always be my mom. We heard music playing, our cue to start heading out. Brushing the hair out of my eyes, mom held her arm out which I took and together we walked out of the house to my groom.

There were hundreds at the wedding including friends we had made in the five years we had been here. Of course, the ladies from the bowling club were all dressed to kill, tissues in hand for the moment of I do's. Stopping and taking a deep breath, I looked up and there was Seth looking as nervous as me. I gave his hand a small squeeze, his father holding his arm. "Let's get married," I said.

"Do you Brady Fuller, take Paul Lahote to be your husband to love, honor, and cherish from this day forward?" Mike asked smiling at us both.

"I do," Paul smiled before leaning in and kissing me. "Fuck the rules, you look too good not to kiss," he said into my ear.

Yeah we had a double wedding, it only made sense we were best of friends. Paul moved in only months after we first made love. Seth never did any more stripping except for the annual ladies bowling club every year. Jacob was the bouncer and no males were allowed to attend except me. Even Paul was not allowed. Seth never went full monty however but, Jacob was possessive as hell. Leah agreed to carry Jacob's child for the happy couple. They would make amazing parents. Jacob's business was expanding and he now employed seven mechanics.

As for Paul, well, nothing much has changed. He is still my monkey man, the love of my life, my everything. We fought like any normal couple but, we never always went to bed angry. It was a rule we had taken from Paul's parents. We were equal in everything we did. Paul no longer having to give me that push.

"Baby, we should head off," Paul wrapped his arms around me, his breath on my neck. "I love you so much, doc. I found my Sanctuary too."

The end.