I could be the one.

Beca Mitchell is a famous music producer in LA. She's worked with some fairly famous people since moving there 6 years ago, names such as Usher, Chris Brown, Ke$ha, One Direction (unfortunately) and P!nk. Of course she loves her job, being able to make music and inspire people was what she lived for. But she did not, however, love how whenever she walked around the streets of LA, she was being followed by paparazzi and stalked by random insane fans. I mean, don't get her wrong, she loves her fans and she likes to sign autographs every now and again (if they asked politely.) She wouldn't be where she was now without them, but sometimes things just get too.. Big for her, you know? And big things don't mix well with small women such as Beca Mitchell.

It was an early saturday morning, 8:20am to be precise, and because Beca is very, very lucky, she didn't work on weekends. So she put on her favourite sunglasses, drove to her favourite coffee shop and placed her usual order.

"Hi, one large cappuccino and a club sandwich to go please" she said to the man behind the counter. It was a familiar face and Beca remembered his name; Joe. She came here often so all of the employees pegged her as a regular customer and most of them knew her name anyway. (what, with her being famous and all that jazz.) Sometimes, nobody in the shop even noticed who Beca was, which was kind of liberating. After all, celebrities need their privacy if all they want to do is get an innocent cup of coffee. Of course, she's appeared on front cover's of the hottest magazines, but with all the airbrushing and editing involved, people rarely recognised her. (Not to mention she was much smaller in real life)

She took a seat and waited for her order to be called out. The coffee shop was small, but mostly empty apart from a few people scattered around. Including an old man reading a newspaper at one end of the shop, and a middle aged woman sat on the sofa reading 'To kill a mockingbird'. Most people would be at work, Beca guessed, or they would be sleeping in and spending time with their families, or whatever.

Beca, however, couldn't do any of these things. She couldn't sleep in or spend time with her family. 11 years ago, when she was 14, she was diagnosed with insomnia. She hasn't had a full all-night sleep in 11 years. This didn't exactly bother Beca at first, she could stay up all night, catch up on her homework and make more mixes. For the first couple of months she was fine with it. But then it started to kick in all at once.

It was her 15th birthday and she was having a sleepover with 3 of her best friends. She suggested they have an all-nighter because, well, she couldn't exactly fall asleep. After a while, all her friends were sleeping, dreaming. She then realised that she couldn't really experience a dream again. If she couldn't sleep then how was she supposed to dream? She watched her friends in envy as they all dreamt their way to paradise, leaving her behind.

The next morning she tolerated their company until all her friends went home. She didn't talk to anybody for the rest of the day. She locked her bedroom door and started working on mixes with her DJ equipment that her parents had bought her the year before. She only ever came out of her room to go to the bathroom or to get some food. Eventually, she shut her parents out completely and she lost all of her friends. Once she started high school she started to get bullied. Verbally and physically. People called her the 'alt girl' and 'emo' which didn't really phase Beca at all.

When she was 19, her parents had been out for their anniversary and they were on their way back home when they were hit by a drunk driver. They were instantly killed and Beca truly thought that this was the end for her. After her parents died, they left her all their money. Of course, this destroyed her, but her mother was always optimistic that she could become a DJ if she put her mind to it, and she always told her to follow her dreams. Her mother's words replayed in her head on the plane all the way to LA.

"Whatever you choose to do, be good at it"

And as cliché as it sounds, she finally understood what her mother's words meant. If she wanted to be a DJ, she would have to be good at it. Of course, she already knew that she was a good DJ. But she wanted to use this talent as a reason to be a good person. If she could make people happy by playing music, then she wanted to do it. It took a lot of persuasion from Jesse but eventually, she chose to move to LA to make people happy, and she was good at it.

She heard the bell to the cafe ring, and looked over to see a tall woman dressed in a pink top, blue skinny jeans and black heels Her hair was a bright ginger color, almost orange, in fact. And her arms and face were beautifully tanned. She placed her order and turned around to look for a place to sit in the cafe. She could either sit next to the old man at the other side of the shop, next to the woman who was taking up the sofa, or opposite Beca.

When Beca saw her walking towards her, she noticed how bright her eyes were. They were the lightest shade of blue she'd ever seen and they almost, mesmerised her. She was gazing into the woman's eyes and unbeknownst to her, the redhead had just said something but she was too hypnotised to notice. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Beca asked nervously.

"I asked if I could sit here, there's nowhere else in the shop to sit."

"Oh, yeah- Yeah that's fine! Be my guest" Beca smiled.

The redhead sat down opposite Beca and took out her phone, Beca heard a dial tone and then saw the redhead put the phone up to her ear. She looked over at Beca and smiled, then turned away and waited for whoever she was calling to answer the phone.

"Hey, Bree... Yeah... I'm just picking up coffee, are we still on for today?... Yeah... Oh..." Her voice suddenly dropped into a whisper, "Oh no, that's fine... Okay I'll see you whenever... Bye... Bye" she put the phone down and Beca couldn't help but notice the sad look in her eyes.

"Are you okay?" The brunette asked after a short pause, giving the redhead a reassuring smile when she turned round to face her.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, just someone.. Let me down.. Again" she let out a breath and Beca could tell that this had really gotten to her.

"I'm sorry about that"

The ginger woman smiled and shook her head, "It's fine, I'm used to it" she responded sadly.


"What- no, no no. Just a friend" Chloe shot her a welcoming smile but her voice suggested otherwise.

Beca paused for a moment, taking in the redhead's sadness in her voice. "I'm Beca"

"Chloe" the redhead responded, holding her hand out to shake Beca's.

"That's a nice name" Beca answered, taking Chloe's hand in her own and then dropping it with a smile.

"Thank you Beca" Chloe smiled. If it was possible for Beca to melt into a puddle of goo from the sincerity in Chloe's voice then she's pretty sure that she would have by now.

"So what brings you here this early on a saturday morning?" Beca asked after a while.

"Long story actually" Chloe laughed.

"I'm all ears" Beca stated. She then noticed the boy behind the counter walking over to her with a coffee in one hand and her sandwich in the other.

"I figured you were eating in after I saw you with this one here" he said to the brunette, "I know what you're like"

"Thanks Joe" Beca said smiling.

Chloe had an unreadable expression on her face, "What does he mean, he knows what you're like?"

"I'd say I'm.. Known, around here"

"Oh, so you're a regular?"

Beca was surprised by the redhead's question. Did she not know who she was or something? "Yeah, if you'd call it that. Joe's noticed that I like to make friends with as many people as I can"

"Oh so we're friends now?" Chloe asked sarcastically.

Beca nodded, "I'm afraid we are" she said as she noticed a small smile tugged at the corners of her new 'friend's' mouth.

"So, tell me you're long story about this friend who's bailed on you. Do you need me to go kick their ass? I'm a black belt in karate, you know"

"Oh really?" Chloe asked, smirking at the brunette's forwardness.

"No I'm not actually, I'm just trying to impress you"

"What makes you think I'm worth trying to impress?" She asked with a quizzical look on her face.

"I have this thing, where I just.. I like to make people happy."

"Wow" Chloe said sarcastically as she took the coffee from the waiter's hand who had just brought it over to her, "thanks" she said to him, not taking her eyes from Beca's. "I'm not getting away from you now, am I?"

"I'm afraid not" Beca smiled.