Post FF6

The sky was clear and the stars were twinkling which was a rare sight in LA. The cool night breeze caused the overgrown plants in the front yard to sway side to side. A lone figure sat on the steps of the house 1327. She seemed lost in transition, staring out into the wide road in front of her. So lost, that she hadn't heard the old creaky door push open and a heavy body sit next to her.

"You gonna sit out here all night?" Dom's soft baritone voice whispered in her ear.

Letty felt Dom's arm drape over her shoulder and turned to face him.

"I'm just trying to get reacquainted with everything" She said leaning into the crook of his neck. "I figured that if I could just get a quiet moment, maybe I can rememb-"

"You don't needa remember the past Letty… You're here and that's all that matters… there ain't nothing in the world that would make me let you go again…" Dom looked away to gather himself.

Letty raised her hands to put them on his face, forcing him to look into her eyes.

"I'm just a lost cause, yet you risked everything to get me back here... I want to remember why you love me so much"

"You want to remember?"

She nodded her head. Dom smiled and placed his arm on her hip before leaning over to bring their lips together. As they moved their lips with each other, Letty felt a steady jolt of electricity running through her body. From her lips, the voltage traveled down her body to her toes; suddenly her body's need for Dominic Toretto screamed at her. Dom had immediately felt the sparks and the burning passion that was evident in every kiss they had shared. He ran the hand that was on her shoulders down her back to her hips and hoisted her into his lap to get better access to her. Noticing a certain part of his lower extremities reacting to the kiss he reluctantly pulled away. The half pleading, half annoyed moan Letty let out was enough to let Dom know that even if she doesn't remember, she now knew how he can love her so unconditionally. It was her; it was the way she made him feel and how he made her feel. There is and always have been a magnetic force that attracted them to each other. They are dynamite. When Letty had finished calming herself down from just an innocent kiss, she opened her eyes to see Dom's soft smile.

"You know what's funny?" He spoke up. She looked at him with curious eyes. "This is the place we had our first kiss"

"Didn't figure you for the sentimental type…" Letty smirked at him.

"Depends on who I'm talking to… We were young, but after our first kiss-"

"Not that I don't want to hear that memory, but right now, I want you to show me where we made love for the first time" She interrupted.

Dom getting her drift picked her up and set her on her feet, grabbing her hand to lead her back into the house. The slam of the door caused Mia to walk out from the kitchen.

"Mia, get Brian to show the guys to hotels or let them crash in the rooms… and lock up" Dom looked back at Letty 'Just like old times' he thought. With that, he climbed the stairs to their old room. Upon entering Letty felt Dom's body push into hers forcing the door shut. Once again she felt as if she was on a different level of high.

Clothes were scattered in the room. The old mattress dipped and made a small whining noise as he moved rhythmically over her. Streaks of moonlight flowed in through the crack of the curtains illuminating the bed, allowing her to study and get to know his impressive anatomy; And for him to appreciate every curve and taste of her body. As they continued to make love throughout the early morning they poured in their everything; the love, the hurt, the happiness, the sadness, the fear, the tenderness.

It was barely six in the morning when Letty had woke up. She could feel her muscles aching as she rolled out from under the covers and Dom's strong arm. Picking up Dom's shirt from last night she pulled it over her head. Letty observed the room as she walked over to the dresser with different three picture frames on it. The first picture was a slanted Polaroid photo of an older couple sitting in a 1970 charger. The second picture frame held three different Polaroids. On the left side of the frame held a Polaroid of two girls about eight sitting on the stoop of the house; presumably her and Mia. In the middle pictured were the same two girls, this time about sixteen leaning against a Mazada Miata. Finally on the last Polaroid, the girls around twenty four behind the counter of a café looking place. The third picture frame showed a picture of her and Dom, she couldn't make out where they were but they looked happy. Letty touched the last photograph through the glass. She continued to explore the corners of his room for another half an hour before she heard ruffling of sheets behind her. She walked over to the bed and took a seat next to Dom's semi-conscious form.

"Don't snoop, come back to bed" his groggy voice hoarse.

Letty adjusted herself so she can climb under the covers. There was something about his voice and his presence that made her want to be next to him, always. He felt so warm, so safe. The way he touched her was so different compared to when Owen had tried to 'comfort' her after Ivory died. She knew that even though she couldn't remember anything they had together she was sure he was the one. It was the way she couldn't get him out of her head, how her heart had raced whenever he got close to her, and when they had made love for the first time all over again.. Everything became clear to her.

"You're a bit clingy, aren't ya?" She teased, kissing his shoulder.

"Can't a man…want his woman in bed next to him considering how long it's been?"

"You were a little rough going into round three"

Dom raised an eyebrow to challenge her. "Didn't seem like you minded it last night when you were moaning my name"

"You bit me!" Letty pointed to the corner of her bottom lip. He kissed the spot where she pointed at. "You really know how to show a girl a good time, don't ya?" Dom smiled instantly recognizing where that line was from.

"Don't I know it, and now you have the scar to prove it" He mimicked his nineteen year old self.

For the first time in a long time, everything was alright again.


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