Nick stared at himself, but dressed in a business suit.

"I go to court like that?" Phoenix said.

"What's wrong with it?" Nick said. "Is it really that much different?"

"Alright, I'll give you that," Phoenix said. "Better than what I wore before being a lawyer."

"What did you wear?" Nick said.

"Yo, dude!" Larry said, holding his hand out. "You, my man, look awesome."

Prosecutor Butz stared at his other self. "Uh, did your parents drop you as an infant or something?"

"Nope! The nurse at the hospital!" Larry said, missing the point entirely.

"Riiiight," Butz said.

"Say, uh, you have a girlfriend?" Larry said. "Because I just got dumped."

"Nope," Butz said. "My girl died years ago."

The two men hugged it out.

"You cut Detective Gumshoe's salary how many times?" Detective Miles said.

"He always deserved it," Prosecutor Edgeworth said.

"I know he makes mistakes, but come on pal!" Miles said.

"Pal?" Edgeworth said. "You've obvious spent too much time with that bumbling detective."

"He was my mentor, what did you expect?" Miles said, shrugging.

"A defense attorney?" Prosecutor Franziska growled.

"A prosecutor?" Defense attorney Franziska growled.

"How could I be such a fool?" the prosecutor said, raising her whip.

"I'll have you know the von Karma family is a line of perfect defense attorneys," the lawyer said, tugging on her whip.

"Whoa, this is cool," Maya said. "So you're Nick's assistant?"

"Yep!" Maya said. "It's pretty cool. You wouldn't believe the messes we've gotten into."

"Try me," Maya said.

Dahlia woke up with a start. "Weird."

Pearl turned to Dahlia. "Have a dream?"

"Yeah," Dahlia said. "It was pretty entertaining, actually."