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Chapter Nineteen

Sting Eucliffe sighed as he stepped out of the stuffy back room he had been holed up in for the past two hours and headed back onto the balcony that overlooked the rest of the guild's occupants. He glanced at the people milling about, eating and drinking merrily while being served by the younger of the guild's take-over mages. Everyone here was cheerful and inviting and Sting decided at that moment that he wanted in on the merriment. It wasn't like he had anything better to do anyways at the moment, seeing as a particular Dragon Slayer they had been waiting on for over a day now wasn't here yet.

Being the new master of Sabertooth meant that he had to handle anything that could be a possible threat to him and his members. Thus, the reason why he was here at Fairy Tail on what could only be called a business trip. Ever since the whole Grand Magic Games fiasco, he had been working with Makarov to keep an eye out for any suspicious and/or other dragon-related incidents that might be on the horizon. So now, here he was, waiting on this guild's resident dragon slayers for a report before to send them back off to investigate another piece of information Makarov had just received.

Well, that and the fact that his guild's pool was out of commission for the moment and it was blazing hot outside. He was sure that Lector, Frosch, and Rogue had wandered off to take full advantage of the one here.

Damn, he should have joined them.

Stomping slightly down the steps, he made his way over to one of the empty tables and parked it. He looked around for the young white-haired woman he had seen earlier only to find that she was already making her way over to him. The blue-eyed girl, Lisanna was her name he thought, smiled and asked what is was he wanted. Unfortunately for Sting, he never got to tell her as a certain commotion in that instant cut him off.

At the exact moment that he was going to reply to the white-haired female, the guild's doors burst open to reveal none other than the one person he had been waiting for; Natsu Dragneel.

Waving the woman standing next to him off, he ignored her huff of indignation and rose from his seat, shoving his hands in his pockets as he slowly made his way over to where the pink-haired idiot and his once idol was marching over to. "About time you showed up! Did you forget you had something important to do?!"

He watched as a smug smirk formed on the elder dragon slayer's face before Natsu informed him that he had indeed had "something way more important to do." Sting found himself rolling his eyes in response, and in doing so finally noticed the blonde and busty beauty standing next to Natsu.

Grabbing the celestial maiden's hand on a whim, Sting began to bring it to his lips for a greeting when two things stopped him. The first and most important thing he noticed was the very loud and threatening growl the fire dragon slayer let lose in his direction. The second thing was after taking a deep breath; he noticed something wasn't right about Lucy's scent.

Now, that wasn't to say that she stunk or anything like that. She just… well she's definitely didn't smell like herself at that moment.

Everyone had their own unique and natural scent, and thanks to his and his fellow dragon slayer's enhanced sense of smell, Sting was rather good at picking people's scent out. Whenever he visited Fairy Tail, the people who stood out to him the most were Erza, Wendy, Gajeel, and of course Lucy. Erza had an almost sickenly sweet smell to her, probably because of all of the strawberry cakes she ate. Gajeel of course smelled like iron, while Wendy on the other hand smelled like a fresh summer breeze; basically like their elements.

Lucy however, didn't smell like the expensive (or cheap) perfumes her fellow guild mates had a habit of practically bathing in but rather flowers with a touch of vanilla. Sweet, but not overwhelmingly so like Erza. That didn't apply to her at the moment seeing as at that moment, all Sting could smell coming off of her skin was the scent of a burning campfire.

In other words, she smelled just like that idiot Natsu.

Ignoring the increasingly loud growling coming from somewhere above him, Sting gave another experimental sniff just to make sure his nose was indeed in working order.

Yep, just like that pink-haired idiot.


Quickly dropping Lucy's hand before his fellow dragon slayer had a heart attack, Sting couldn't help but smirk as he could practically see steam coming out of the older man's ears. After everything was said and done with the Grand Magic Games, he and Natsu had become pretty good friends, but that didn't mean he still couldn't ruffle his feathers every once in a while though. He knew he had a soft spot for the blonde so that was generally his go-to method to get things started.

"What? I was just greeting my friend here who really needs to stop hanging around with you so much. She's starting to stink like you."

Instead of the insult getting it's normal angry response, Sting watched in slight confusion as a similar smirk began to make it's way across pink-haired man's face. Actually, the smirk was bigger than his own, one side of Natsu's mouth lifting to show one of his pointy canines.

"Well, she's my mate, she's supposed to smell like me."

Instantly Sting's smirk dropped into a frown while his eyebrows met in confusion. Had he just heard right? "Um… what did you just say?" His eyebrows practically ran away from each other and raced towards his hairline as he watched Natsu wrap his arm around a tomato-faced Lucy and pull her close.

"I said she's my MATE! She's SUPPOSED to smell like me!"

Instantly, the entire guild went silent and all eyes were on the couple and Sting.

At that moment, Lucy felt as if her head were about to explode in embarrassment.

It wasn't that she was embarrassed about people knowing. In all honesty, she was quite pleased that Natsu wasn't keeping quite about the whole thing. However, this was Natsu she was talking about, and of course in typical Natsu fashion, he just had to drop a bomb like that while arguing with someone.

This was definitely not how she planned on telling everyone.

Suddenly, she was ripped away from the warmth that was Natsu and spun around only to come face to face with what could only be the whole female population of the guild led by none other than Mirajane.


Lucy would have answered her if it weren't for the fact that the older woman was shaking the mess out of her. "M-Mi-MIRAAAAA~~~!" Abruptly Lucy felt herself being released, only to collide with the cold hard metal of what she assumed was Erza's armor. Peeling herself off of the other woman, she gingerly rubbed the side of her face as she only nodded in response.

The squeal that erupted from the mob of females was so loud and high-pitched that Lucy swore she heard one of the windows explode before she was instantly crushed as everyone rushed forward to give her a hug. Unfortunately for her, Erza was the one to reach her first.

Natsu on the other hand, was pretty much in the same predicament, however instead of hugs he was receiving slaps on the back, the most enthusiastic ones of course coming from Elfman, which managed to send him face-first to the ground.

Reaching out blindly for something to help get him off the floor, Natsu sighed in relief when he felt someone take hold of his hand and haul him up. Once he was back in a standing position, he found himself face to face with the blonde that was responsible for starting everything. Not that it mattered since he had been planning on making an announcement anyways.

The smirk was back on the other dragon slayer's face as the blonde crossed his arms and leaned back. "Ahh, so that's what you were busy with eh?" Natsu was about to respond with a witty comment of his own when he was cut off by the approach of his rival/best friend Gray.

"I can't believe you pulled Lucy of all people! What the hell does she even see in you?"

"Shut it you frozen bitch-pop! You're just mad because you're too much of a pansy to make a move on Juvia!"

"You flaming piece of shit! I was going to congratulate your dumb ass on achieving the impossible but then you had to open your mouth!"


At the sound of Erza's voice, the two males instantly dropped their fighting stances to throw their arms around each other, spouting things that were the complete opposite of what they had just been shouting. Both males paled when they noticed that Lucy was struggling against the approaching redhead's grip. Before Natsu could maneuver him and his companion far enough away, he suddenly found himself in the same situation as his mate; smashed into Erza's other side. He had tried to hold his drip on Gray, but the ice mage decided to be a slippery little thing and run in the other direction, leaving him to fend for himself.


"Natsu." He stiffened instantly against the cold armor he was currently being pressed firmly against at the seriousness in the older woman's voice. "Uh, yeah Erza?" Suddenly he found himself being pulled away from Erza's side only to be pushed into Lucy's, her head knocking painfully against his collarbone. He was quite thankful at that moment that he was considerably taller than her seeing as they could have knocked heads instead.

"Natsu, Lucy, I want you to know that I approve of your relationship. I also approve of me being your choice for maid of honor in your wedding."


Natsu paled as another fight broke out between the women about who was going to be in their wedding. He took the momentary chaos as an opportunity to pull he and his mate away and into what looked to be a safe corner of the guild.

Who would have thought that Levy could fight like that?

"Natsu… you know we don't have to have a wedding."

His head snapped down to find Lucy wasn't looking at him, but rather at the brawl that was still going on. Apparently now Gray, Sting, Rouge, and Gajeel were trying to break things up.

"Why would you say that Luce?"

"Well, I know you don't really care for dressing up and all that. Not to mention that we're already kind of married, right?"

While it was true Natsu wasn't too fond of the idea for having to get into another stuffy suit, he knew how much it probably meant to his mate for them to have a wedding, especially after seeing the reaction of the women of the guild. "It's alright Luce, if you want a wedding we can have one." Her brown eyes finally met his and he couldn't help but chuckle at the hope in her wide eyes.

"Really?" He chuckled again, this time putting an arm around her and pulling her close before dropping a kiss on her forehead. "Of course. I do know how much girls care about that sort of thing, and I know you're no different. Besides, if it's a way to let everyone know you're mine, then I'm more than okay with it."

The response he got was his mate throwing her arms around his neck and smashing her lips to his in appreciation. Never being one to turn any affection from her down, Natsu gave as good as he got until Lucy decided to pull away.

"You know that means Mira will be planning everything, right?"

He smirked, pulling her a bit closer if that was even possible. "That's good. At least I know our wedding is going to be AWESOME!"


Natsu ignored the iron dragon slayer to instead lay a kiss on his mate and now soon-to-be wife. Unfortunately for him, Gajeel wasn't having it and literally ripped him away from Lucy to drag him over to the chaos by the scarf around his neck.

Instead of being upset with Gajeel, Lucy took the time to watch her family and friends and realized that the most desperate of times in her life have resulted in some of the best things in her life.

Because she had been desperate for something that was like a family, she left her home and found another one in Fairy Tail. Because she had been desperate to prove herself, she was now one of the best celestial maidens in all of Fiore, or maybe even Earth Land.

And finally, because she had been so desperate for rent, all of the craziness that ensued because of the mission she took resulted in her now having a mate and soon-to-be husband.

Huh, go figure.





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