Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata would end up together and life would be unicorns and rainbows.

"We don't need a damn track nin," Sasuke exclaimed as team seven headed towards the hokage's office.

Sakura flirtatiously looked at Sasuke, "He's right. He always is."

"He's right. He always is. Stop sucking up, Sakura," Naruto inquired as he returned Sakura's glare.

"Shut up. You're just jealous cause Sasuke is so perfect and you're so...not perfect," Sakura spoke with a 'hmph'.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "You won't be saying that when I become Hokage! You'll be begging for a glance from me!"

"If I hear one more word come out from either of you, I'm going to duct tape you to each other, tie bricks to your feet then dump in the nearby lake," Sasuke said nonchalantly, "We're just here to tell Tsunade that we don't need a track nin to help on the mission tomorrow and then we're free to go our separate ways."

Sakura and Naruto continued to argue but at a lower volume behind the younger of the two Uchiha brothers. Sasuke rolled his onyx eyes as he opened the door to the Hokage's office, "Listen, Tsunade-"

His words dropped as he locked eyes with Hinata who was standing next to a smirking Tsunade. She sheepishly smiled at him, "Hello Sasuke."

He gave her a nod of acknowledgment and closed the door. He hastily turned to a confused Naruto and Sakura, "We do need a damn track nin."

Naruto and Sakura exchanged curious glances as Sasuke checked his minty breath and ran his hands through his already perfect hair. Sasuke re-opened the door and stepped inside the office with his slightly confused teammates in tow. Sasuke crossed his arms in an attempt to look nonchalant in front of his object of affections, "Good choice for a track nin."

Tsunade smirked at Sasuke as she saw a light tint of pink run across Hinata's cheek out of the corner of her eye, "She'll be accompanying your team on this S-rank mission along with Neji and Ino. Your goal is to assassinate Ryou Shikuku and his squad. They've been selling village secrets and innocent people on the black market. They are an elite group of highly lethal rogue ninja who are on the top of the most wanted list within all the villages."

Sasuke warily eyed the hokage, "If this mission is as dangerous as you say it is, then why are you sending some twenty year olds when you can send Kakashi or Gai?"

Tsunade rubbed her neck while she avoided eye-contact, "Well...You guys are the best ninja in Konoha and the reward is very profi-."

Sakura nodded, "A.k.a you made a bet with the other villages that we would kill these bastards first?"

"I taught you well," Tsunade sighed, "A little too well. Anyways, Hinata and Neji are the best track nins we have and Ino is the daughter of the head of the interrogation headquarters. They will assist you in this mission."

"But Tsunade, we don't need a track nin," Sakura stated with confidence.

"Yes, we do," Sasuke growled.

"What? You were the one with the intentions of coming over here to tell the hokage that we didn't near a track nin. That's all you were talking about while we were coming here," a confused Naruto inquired.

Sasuke blinked.

"I don't recall ever saying that."


He almost felt his nose get a little longer.

"S-so when do we leave?"

"They were last seen in the village of the mist and getting there takes approximately a week so tomorrow morning you'll be leaving. Remember how brutal these S-ranked criminals are. Good luck, you guys are dismissed."

They all nodded with the exception of Sasuke. They exited the hokage tower with Ino, Naruto and Sakura arguing in front of a quiet Hinata and stoic Sasuke. Naruto, Ino and Sakura left to go get ramen before Ichiraku's closed for the night while Hinata went right with Neji and Sasuke in tow. Hinata stopped a couple feet ahead and turned around to see who the extra pitter patter of feet were behind her belonged to, "Is there something you need from me Sasuke?"

Yeah, for her to walk up to him to press her plump lips against his.


Hinata nodded and continued to walk with Sasuke in tow until she stopped again, "Are you going anywhere particular Sasuke?"

Sasuke walked up to her, "My house is this way."

"But I thought the Uchiha Compound was on the other side of town," Neji claimed with a raise of his eyebrows.

"Well, you thought wrong," Sasuke hissed at the third wheel.

He thought right.

"Are you nervous of the mission?"


"Do you think Naruto-"

"I'm not answering any questions you have about Naruto," he said with jealousy dripping from every word, "I don't know what you see in him."

"That's what I've been telling her for years," Neji mumbled as he took up his role of the over protective cousin.


"Why have you pined after him after all these years?"

Hinata knitted her eyebrows together, "W-w-what are you talking about?"

"Nothing," he said as he attempted ro bite back his words full of envy with a grit of his teeth.

Key word? Attempted.

"I don't understand why a catch like you likes the village idiot addicted to ramen so much when you can have...," he mumbled under his breath.

Hinata didn't have great hearing fortunately for Sasuke. But to his dismay, her overprotective cousin did. Neji glared at Sasuke and put a hand on her shoulder as he discreetly navigated Hinata away from the Uchiha prodigy.

The Hyuuga household came into view, "Hinata, let's hurry along now. Hiashi wants to have a talk with you about the mission before you go to sleep."

Hinata nodded and waved good-bye to Sasuke, "Good night Sasuke."

He nodded while a not-so-discreet smile played at his lips before he saw her disappear inside. Neji closed the door halfway and glared at a now stoic Sasuke. He lifted his hand and pointed to his almost-white eyes with his index and middle finger and then turned the two fingers towards the direction Sasuke's eyes and back at his eyes before shutting the large steel door.

Sasuke rose a curious eyebrow but brushed off the threat and turned around to start walking home.

How could she be so oblivious to his affections? Sasuke tossed and turned in his bed. How could she not see the way Sasuke looked at her? (Especially since eyesight was supposed to be byakugan user's thing!) How could she still be in love with the village idiot when she had the village prodigy wrapped around her finger? How couldn't she hear Sasuke's heart almost beating out of his chest when she was around?

That night at exactly 11:47 P.M. Sasuke Uchiha decided that he would make Hinata Hyuuga fall in love with him.

He had never slept so well in his life.

The next morning, his nostrils were filled with the heavy smell of ramen noodles. He rubbed his onyx eyes and grabbed his black towel. He went inside his personal bathroom and went through his daily routine. After he got dressed, he picked up his duffel bag for the mission. The door suddenly opened and Naruto stepped in with a bowl of ramen, "You're finally up. We've been waiting all morning."

"Who the hell let you in my hou-wait! What do you mean 'we'? Who else is here?"

"I went around to everyone's house about two hours ago and picked them up. Everyone's here. Ino, Sakura, Neji and Hina-."

Sasuke dropped his duffel bag and pushed past Naruto, "Hinata's here? Fuck!"

Sasuke ran into his living room where his mother was situated between Ino and Sakura with a photo album on her lap on one of large black couches. Neji was sitting on the opposite couch taking out some photos from another photo album mumbling something about blackmail tactics, "Mother! What the hell?! Why'd you let them in?"

"Now, now, Sasuke, that attitude is why you don't have a lot of friends. Nonetheless, a girlfriend," she scolded.

Ino and Sakura drooled as they scanned the numerous pictures of Sasuke and Itachi. Sasuke shook his head and threw Neji a sharp glare when he attempted to slide an embarrassing picture of a four-year-old Sasuke at his ballet class into his shirt, "Don't even think about it, Hyuuga."

He looked at Neji, Ino, Sakura and Naruto who was currently digging his face in a bowl of his mother's homemade ramen, "Where's Hina-"

He heard her angelic laughter mix with his older brother's husky laughter coming from the dining room. He ran towards the dining room only to find them sitting on a love-seat with Itachi's arm slung over her shoulders, "And so then I walked in and it was smeared all over his 'swimsuit area' if you know what I mean. But it gets worse! Then he told me and I quote, 'Itachi, why does-"

"If you finish that sentence, I will slit your throat in your sleep!"

Itachi and Hinata looked at Sasuke, "He's such a lovely boy, isn't he, Hinata? No wonder you-"

A flushed Hinata harshly elbowed Itachi to cut him off mid-sentence and smiled at Sasuke, "Good morning, Sasuke!"

"Anything and everything that he told you is a lie. Don't believe a word that came out of that filthy mouth! And if he told you that our mother tricked me into taking a ballet class when I was four, he was lying! He lies so much, don't believe him if he tells you that any of his siblings, specifically the only one he has, has feelings for you because that's just another one of Itachi's classical lies. He lies so much, I'm not even sure if his real name is Itachi. Don't believe a word he said," he quickly ranted within seconds in fear that Itachi had blabbered about Sasuke's feelings for Hinata.

Hinata blinked and cutely tilted her head in confusion, "I didn't understand you thing you said."

He shook his head, "If you don't mind, I'll be stealing my brother for a minute."

Itachi winked at Hinata and followed Sasuke to the kitchen, "What the hell was that?"

Itachi devilishly smirked at Sasuke, "I was just talking to my future sister-in-law. No harm done."

"I saw that wink you gave her and how you had that filthy arm over her shoulder. Who do you think you are?!"

Itachi faked a gasp, "Is the Sasuke Uchiha jealous?"

"I-I'm not jealous, alright? I've gotten over her," he scoffed, "I don't even remember her name or her smile or those pretty eyes or that feeling I get when- Look! Point is I'm over her."

Yet he almost ripped Itachi's arm off his body with his own bare hands when he was touching Sasuke's woman so casually.

Itachi smirked at his painfully obvious brother, "So you wouldn't mind if I asked her out on a date then?"

"I'd slit your throat in your sleep then," he stoically said half-jokingly (only half because he'd be damned if he ever let his cheeky brother run off with HIS Hinata.)

"I proved my point," Itachi winked at Sasuke. Itachi walked back in the kitchen with a spiteful Sasuke in tow. He slung his arm over Hinata and walked over to Sasuke.

Itachi let out a suggestive sigh and looked at Hinata, "I don't know what you see in hi-

A crimson cheeked Hinata and Sasuke both slapped their hands over Itachi's mouth. As soon as they realized that their hands were touching, they moved them away and avoided eye contact, "Sorry," Sasuke mumbled.

"It's alright," Hinata said as she shyly fumbled with her fingers.

Itachi smirked at his oblivious baby brother, "What just happene-"

"We have a mission to get to," Hinata rushed."

"Yeah, we better go before I end up strangling Itachi," Sasuke slapped his arm away from Hinata's shoulder. He held Itachi's arm behind his back and smiled at Hinata in 'Sai Style', "Go tell the others to meet at the door. We'll be leaving soon."

Hinata nodded and walked away into the living room. Sasuke took Itachi's arm and semi-playfully twisted it, "Don't touch my girl."

"You've been in love with her for years and you haven't even made a single move so technically she's not your girl," Itachi inquired as he attempted to pressure his brother into finally making a move.

"Not yet anyways," Sasuke mumbled as he left a smirking Itachi by himself.

He picked up his duffel bag and gave a nod of acknowledgment to his mother. He slid past his comrades and opened the door. He attempted to smile at Hinata but it had only come out as a scowl. He attempted to trip Neji and Naruto but Neji saw it coming. Naruto, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. When Ino and Sakura attempted to pass the door frame, a nonchalant Sasuke stopped them, "Drop them."

Sakura nervously laughed, "Drop wh-"

"Drop them," Ino rolled her eyes as she and a pouting Sakura emptied out their pockets of stolen, personal items from Sasuke's household. Sasuke nodded at Ino and let her pass but glared at Sakura, "All of them."

Sakura emptied the stolen pictures out her pouch and began walking side-by-side with Ino, "Hmph."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and shut his door. He began speed walking to discreetly catch up with Hinata but he stopped in his tracks when he heard Itachi poke his head out the door, "So Hinata, when you come back, how about that date?"

By the time he finished his question, Sasuke had already has his sharingan activated.

Neji turned around in his fighting stance, "Date? What date? She can't date until after she's married! You must marry her first! And she can't get married until she's thirty five! I forbid anything otherwise!"

Itachi blew a kiss towards a confused Hinata. Sasuke dropped his duffel bag and charged at his older brother with gritted teeth. Itachi laughed and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sasuke stopped running and picked up his duffle bag, "My mother should've given him up for adoption when she had the chance."

He already had enough competition with the idiotic Naruto around and that flea-infested mutt who followed her everywhere like a lost puppy. He didn't need Itachi as another competition for his object of affections' affections. Besides, he was already screwed seeing as he had to make Hinata fall in love with him when Neji would leave him paralyzed if he even stared at her for longer than four seconds, Ino and Sakura would claw her to death if he showed favoritism towards the bluenette, and of course, her unrequited feelings for his idiot best friend would be the biggest obstacle of all but he wouldn't mind putting Naruto in a coma if it meant he had Hinata's attention.

It would be hard but Sasuke always liked a challenge. Especially when that challenge could possibly end with Hinata in his arms while a trivial, unconscious Naruto drowned in a bucket of his own ramen in the background.

Neji deactivated his byakugan as he and Ino had become tangled in a dispute over the chuunin exams. Sasuke caught up with Naruto whom was currently talking about how Kushina's cooking tasted like it came directly from a trashcan.

Sasuke stared at Hinata's back as she talked along with Sakura, "Naruto, remind me to burn down Itachi's room as soon as we come back."