Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata would end up together and life would be unicorns and rainbows.

"So me and the old man are at a bar, drunk as hell. Jiraiya tells me that he's going to steal my wife and then I said not if I steal his first and then we realized neither of us have wives. Hahah," Naruto told his story with a hearty laugh.

Sakura and Ino ignored Naruto's unimportant story as they showered Sasuke with unneeded attention in the back of the group as they walked deeper into the forest. Neji rubbed his temples in annoyance as he walked next to Naruto in front of Sasuke, "It's only our first day of this mission and I've already planned. seven different ways on how to kill you, Naruto."

Hinata giggled and pat Naruto's shoulder, "He doesn't mean that, Naruto. He's just a little grumpy that a certain blonde ninja is ignoring him."

Neji gaped at her in unusual embarrassment, "No, I'm not!"

Naruto slung his arm over Hinata, "Hinata, I know that you're the only one here who's listening to my stories. Do you want to hear the story about the time I wrestled a bear? Of course you do! So there I was-"

"Naruto, not to interrupt your fascinating story but I do believe the hem of your jacket is on fire," Neji nonchalantly said, not noticing Naruto's arm over his baby cousin's shoulder.

Naruto quickly let go of Hinata and of his backpack. He took off his orange and black jacket and threw it to the ground. Naruto continued to stomp on his jacket, "Where the hell did that come from?"

Sasuke smirked.

That's what he gets for flirting with his woman! How dare he touch her shoulder! How dare he even breathe the same air as someone as perfect as her? While Sakura and Ino were arguing about who would be able to wash his clothes during the length of this mission, he had formed an 'o' with his thumb and index finger for his fireball jutsu.

As Naruto put out the minuscule fire, Sasuke took this opportunity to stand next to Hinata, "Do you need any help, Naruto?!"


"No," Sasuke bitterly spat, "He'll be fine."

Naruto glared at Sasuke as he quickly put the fire out and threw the remains of his jacket over his shoulder, "That does it. I'm tired!"

Hinata activated her Byakugan, "Naruto is really tired. We seem to be isolated. I can't sense any chakra signatures from one hundred and fifty meters. This is a good place to set camp."

Neji set down his backpack and used his Byakugan, "Naruto and Sakura should go find firewood and Hinata, stay here and set up the tents. Everyone shall leave their belongings to Hinata and she will set everything up. Uchiha, find something to do as far away from Hinata as possible. There's a waterfall just over there. Ino and I will get fresh water, not that I want to be paired with her or anything."

He totally wanted to be paired up with her.

Ino puffed out her cheeks, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what I said."

Sakura dropped her duffel bag in front of her and walked over to Naruto. She took a hold of his ear and dragged him away deeper into the forest, "The faster we do this, the sooner I can see Sasuke again."

"Can't you be more gentle?!"

They soon disappeared into the forest with Neji and Ino in tow. Neji walked the opposite direction with Ino behind him as she blew a kiss towards Sasuke, "I'll be back soon, Sasuke! Try not to miss me too much."

Sasuke gave her a cold stare.

"I doubt that will be hard," Neji said with a nonchalant flip of his gorgeous hair.

Ino puffed out her cheeks and followed him deeper into the forest, "Why are you always so grouchy?"

Sasuke "discreetly" stared as Hinata took off her backpack and opened it. She took out her sleeping bag with her slender fingers hat Sasuke lusted to intertwine his with, "Need help?"

"No but thank you for the offer. You're too kind. I just want to be of some extra help on this mission. I do owe it to Naruto-"

Sasuke inwardly sighed, "You talk about Naruto too much. I don't like it. It's annoying."

A thin coat of red dusted her cheeks, "It's just that he changed my life and-"

"And I don't care."


Hinata continued to unpack while avoiding Sasuke's regretful gaze, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, Sasuke."

Even the way she simply said his name made his heart skip a beat.

Sasuke looked away in embarrassment, "I'm sorry. I did not mean to snap at you. I just-you! Naruto! Me! Look, do you need help setting up the sleeping bags or not?!"

Hinata shook her head and smiled at him, "No, thank you Sasuke. I'm fine."

It was official.

She was an angel.

Sasuke kicked the dirt floor, "Fine."

Hinata fumbled with her fingers, "Can you do me a favor and go-"


Sasuke knitted his eyebrows together with a heavy heart, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no! You didn't let me finish. I meant to go find some sturdy sticks to hold up these tents. Naruto seemed to have forgotten the tent holders," Hinata said with a slight giggle.

Sasuke silently walked away feeling like the second biggest idiot in the ten mile radius, "I hate my life."

Sasuke picked up several appropriate sized sticks and returned back to the camp. By the time he got back from the walk of self-shame, the campsite was empty. He looked down at the five sleeping bags on the ground.

He rose an eyebrow.

There was supposed to be six of them.

It looks like someone would have to share with someone. And when that thought crossed the youngest Uchiha's mind, his perfect lips formed into a mischievous curve.


Before he could set his plan back in motion, Naruto stumbled into the campground with a large bump on his head, "Sakura sure has got an arm. All I did was ask her cup si-Sasuke? You're back already."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Hey, look! It's Sakura pronouncing her undying love for you."

"I knew it," Naruto almost cracked his neck turning it to see nothing but trees.

As Naruto scanned the area for Sakura, Sasuke threw a sleeping bag in the air and set it ablaze.

By the time Naruto realized he wasn't going to find Sakura, he turned around to see an innocent looking Sasuke standing near a small hill of ash. Sasuke shrugged, "Sorry. It must've been a bird or something."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at his long time rival, "Bastard."

"Moron," Sasuke looked left and right, "Where's Hinata?"

"I don't know."

"Then I'm going to take a walk. If you need me, don't."

"If you need me, don't," Naruto mocked in a girly tone as Sasuke walked away with his middle finger up, "I heard that!"

"You were suppose to."

Sasuke took a short walk to clear his mind. He took his time going back to the campground. He was thinking of ways on how to win Hinata over, "Maybe I can serenade her."

Sasuke shook his head, "I sing like a dying animal."

"She likes cinnamon buns. I can make a batch for her."

Sasuke viciously shook his head, "My cooking tastes worse than Naruto's ramen."

Sasuke rubbed his temples when his eyes caught sight of a rose a couple feet away. He closed his eyes and continued too walk, "Too cheesy."

Sasuke continued to walk for a couple minutes and then returned to the daffodil. He roughly yanked it out of the ground and put it in his ninja pouch and embarrassingly mumbled, "This is what love does to me."

He quickly walked back to the campsite, still debating on whether or not to give her the stupid flower. He arrived at the campground, only to find a crying Hinata being comforted by Sakura and Naruto. His eyes flashed a dangerous shade of red and he pushed Naruto to the ground, "What the hell did you do to Hinata?"

Naruto quickly got to his feet and prepared his rasengan when he noticed Sasuke had activated his sharingan, "I didn't do shit, you bastard. If you're looking for a fight, I'll give gladly give it to you!"

Hinata quietly sobbed, "Please don't fight over me."

"What did you say to her Naruto that made her cry?"



"Are you calling me a liar?"

Sakura came in the middle of the two rivals, "No one is fighting. Let's calm down. Naruto didn't make Hinata cry."

Sasuke deactivated his sharingan, "What happened then?"

Sakura blushed, "Sasuke, you're so admirable for taking up the role of the overprotective leader."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "I asked what happened? Why is she crying?"

Hinata wiped away her tears and stood up, "I was in charge of setting up camp yet I messed everything up. I went to go see if Naruto and Sakura needed help and then when I came back, two of the sleeping bags were gone along with our food portions. I should've stayed here. It's all my fault."

Sasuke walked over to her and awkwardly pat her head, "It's okay."

"It's not okay! Where are those two people going to sleep? On the ground? In a tree? How is that okay?"

Sasuke threw Naruto a spine-chilling glare, "Shut up!"

Sakura nudged Naruto, "If Sasuke said it's okay then it's okay. We'll figure something out."

"Thank you, Sasuke," Hinata mumbled with her angelic voice.

Sasuke gulped.

Even hearing her voice could melt a big chunk of his ice cold heart.

Naruto suspiciously eyed Sasuke, "Why are you acting all sweet towards-"

Naruto's sentence was cut off by a rustling in the bushes and the arrival of the remaining team members, "You're so annoying!"

Ino scoffed at Neji, "As if you're one big bowl of sunshine."

"Stop acting like you know me. You don't know me. You don't know what I've been through. You don't know what hardships I have to surpass each day."

Ino rolled her eyes, "Yeah, sure. Being handsome must be difficult."

Neji grabbed her shoulder with a raised eyebrow, "What did you just say?"

Ino pushed him away in order to hide the blush on her face, "I-I-I said that you're blocking my view of Sasuke. Now scram!"

Neji rolled his eyes with an anime vein popped up in his face, "Women."

Ino put down the water bottles filled with fresh water with Neji in tow. Neji then looked at his baby cousin and marched up to her, "Were you crying?"

"It was my fault. I made a stupid mistake and now we don't have any food and we're two sleeping bags shor-"

Neji completely ignored her statement and snapped his head towards Ino, "Ino! See what you did? Hinata cried from seeing your hideous split ends."

Hinata gasped and giggled, "Neji! That's rude."

Ino rose her index finger, "Um...offensive!"

Neji smirked at her and ruffled her hair, "It's so easy to cheer you up. It's okay. It wasn't your fault. It's the Uchiha's fault for leaving you by yourself."

Sasuke gaped at Neji and rose his fingers to imitate quotation marks, "'Uchiha, find something to do as far away from Hinata as possible.' Does that sentence remind you of anyone?"

Neji shrugged, "Doesn't ring a bell."

Sasuke mentally stabbed Neji with a shuriken.

Sasuke shook his head, "Anyway, how are we going to sleep? Two people are going to have to share."

Ino rose her hand and with the most serious face ever stated, "I will take one for the team and share with Sasuke. There's no need to thank me."

Sakura scoffed, "Go home. As if Sasuke would want to sleep next to a pig."

"As if there's enough room in one sleeping bag for Sasuke and that huge forehead."

An imaginary electric current was exchanged between the two friends. Neji rubbed his temples, "There is no way I'm allowing Hinata to sleep next to the ramen addict or the walking, talking block of ice over here so I'll share a sleeping bag with her."

Sasuke discreetly threw Neji a dirty look.

What a cockblock.

"I guess I'll sleep with Sakura," Naruto volunteered.

Sakura punched Naruto, "Like hell you will! Hinata will room with Neji, Sasuke will room with me and then Ino and Naruto will have their own sleeping bags."

Ino got closer to Sakura's face, "How about no?"

"How about I shove my fist up your-"

"How about you both shut up? Ino and Sakura will have their own and Naruto and I will share. Done, " Sasuke stated.

Ino and Sakura turned their backs to each other with their arms crossed. Sasuke dragged his sleeping bag close to Hinata's sleeping bag.

He thought he would be able to have a decent view of her.

Not that it was creepy...at all.

Sarcasm intended.

Sasuke mentally face palmed himself when Ino and Sakura placed their sleeping bags next to Sasuke's left and right; therefore obscuring his view of his future wife.

"I'm hungry!"

Ino rubbed her flat stomach, "Me too! What are we gonna do for food?"

Sasuke took Naruto's duffel bag and opened it. He dumped the contents by the fire, "Instant ramen cups. Just add the water."

Neji rose an eyebrow at Naruto, "You brought an entire bag full of ramen cups?"

Naruto scratched his cheek and looked away, "Maybe."

Hinata let out a hearty laugh that was music to Sasuke's ears, "Naruto is so funny. I love his personality."

In that moment, a certain jealous ignited fire was lit inside Sasuke.

She likes funny guys?!

He can be funny! He'll show her funny.

"Why are gay people such bad drivers?"

Hinata switched her gaze from Naruto to Sasuke, "Huh?"

His poker face remained, "Because they can't drive straight."

Cricket, cricket.

The complete silence was too uncomfortable. Everyone blankly stared at a flustered Sasuke, "I'm taking a walk."

"What about your ramen?"

"You can have it, Naruto."

He disappeared into the forest; unaware of the pair of the gentle, white eyes staring at his seceding back. He walked into the forest and punched his fist into an innocent tree, "Because they can't drive straight?! Stupid, stupid. Why the hell would I say that?"

After he was done hating himself for that horrid joke and sulking, he decided to finally return back to the camp. On his way, he saw a kneeled down figure. He took out his shuriken, "State your business."

Hinata quickly stood up and pushed whatever she was doing away, "Are you finally coming back to the campsite? How l-long was your walk?"

Sasuke put his shuriken in his ninja pouch then remembering the flower as he felt it, "What are you doing up? Are the others sleeping?"

"Yes but I couldn't sleep. Neji snores like there's no tomorrow so I decided to look for you."

Sasuke looked down to try to see what she had really been up to but it was too dark and Hinata obscured his vision by stepping in front of it, "We should go back to camp. Naruto had watch out duty but I'm pretty sure he fell asleep."

Sasuke suspiciously eyed her but nevertheless, "Alright."

Hinata nervously nodded, "Go on without me. I want to take a moment to bask in the beauty of you-I meant the moon! The forest and stuff."

Sasuke rose a curious eyebrow as she had said all of that in one big huff of air, "As you wish but if you need me, just holler."

He walked away with the bent flower in his hand while mumbling, "I'll just put it on her sleeping bag."

As soon as Hinata heard the end of the crunching leaves under Sasuke's feet, she let out a big breath of air. She activated her Byakugan and saw that he was far enough. She had to ensure that no one was around.

She continued to dig a hole to put one of the missing sleeping bags along with all the food they had brought. She had hidden their food in order to show Sasuke that she could improvise in the moment and her amazing cooking skills. She had only "accidentally" misplaced one so that she could "accidentally" have to guilt trip a certain Uchiha to share his sleeping bag with her.

She had only gotten rid of one so what had happened to the other one that had gone, quote on quote, "missing"?

She shook off the question and blamed herself for not thinking of a much more intricate and thorough plan. She let out a big sigh.

With two psychotic fangirls, one cockblocking best friend, and an overprotective cousin who refuses to let her date until she's married, how is she going to make Sasuke fall for her?

She threw the sleeping bag in the hole along with a little bottle of fake tears inducing eyedrops.

This mission was going to be harder than she thought.