This is the Sequel to my other story Love At Second Sight. It's not exactly necessary that you've read that one to understand this story, but I'd recommend it. That way it'll be more fun to read this one and some parts are better to understand.

This story takes place 1 year after Love At Second Sight, so one year after Santana's graduation. I hope everyone who enjoyed LASS, will enjoy this sequel too!=) I appreciate it if you leave me some feedback :)

Brittany POV

The sound of the first alarm ringing through the bedroom slowly tried to force me out of my sleep. I tried to push the feeling of consciousness away and blindly reached with my eyes closed to slap the alarm off. The next sound that started interrupting my dream world were a few birds whistling loudly just outside our window. I buried my face further into my pillow until another sound next to me instantly brought a tired smile on my face. The soft groans of Santana, who is fighting to stay asleep too, are like my own personal good morning melody. Even though most people wouldn't exactly tag those sounds as 'good' morning sounds, but more like a bad morning mood.

A soft pair of lips placed a feather light kiss on my shoulder, before I felt Santana's warm body press up against my back. I hummed contently and reached for her arm to pull it around my waist so I could press myself further into her front. Even though the insanely hot summer weather already caused our room to turn into a sauna in the morning, I still feel the need to be as close against Santana as physically possible.

After a few minutes of lying like this, I felt the sheets getting pulled off of my body.

''Too hot..'' Santana mumbled in an adorable sleepy voice and cuddled back into me after throwing the sheets on the floor.

''We should get up soon, for work.'' I whispered while I tickled my hand up and down her arm.

''Work? What's that?''

I chuckled softly before trying to open up my eyes. The bright sunlight immediately made my eyes squeeze together to adjust to the morning light. I lifted my head up a little to check the alarm and immediately fell back on the pillow again when I saw that the second alarm would go off any second now.

''What time is it anyway?'' Santana mumbled.

''It's almost 8..''

''Fucking hell, that means that Ra-''

Santana couldn't finish her sentence, because at 8 AM sharp, our alarm went off again and interrupted her.''Rise and shine beautiful people!'' Rachel's voice yelled through the radio.

Ever since she got a job at the local radio station, we're waking up to the same high voice every day. I think it's fun to listen to Rachel on the radio though, but Santana.. not so much.

''It's a lovely day today. The sun is shining and it probably stays like that the whole day. So get up and have some fun!'' A song started playing and I rolled over to see Santana's face buried deeply into her pillow.

''Is it over yet?'' She growled from underneath it. ''How can someone get up and have fun after hearing that voice yelling through your room.''

''Someone is a little grumpy.'' I chuckled as I removed the pillow from her head. Brown eyes and a soft smile looked up at me, a smile that Santana only reserves for me in the morning.

''Am not.'' She pouted and curled her finger into my hair. ''I just hate Mondays.''

''Me too baby.'' I chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss on that adorable pout. ''But we really need to get up now. Lady Tubbington is hungry too.''

''Uhm.. who is Lady Tubbington? Because last time I checked the fat cat outside our bedroom was called Brittana.'' Santana frowned and sat up on the bed when I stepped out of it.

''I changed her name.'' I shrugged. ''I get confused when you say Britt. I don't know if you mean me or her.''

Santana laughed and rolled her eyes. ''Well whenever I say Britt, you can count on it that I mean you.''

I shot her a stern look over my shoulder while I was going through our closet to grab some clothes for work. ''Are you guys ignoring each other again?''

''Cats don't talk and if they did, yes I would ignore the hell out of it because she puked all over my work shoes last week!'' Santana said as she walked up next to me to go through her own clothing drawer. I always had my clothes in my own room, but after a while I decided it felt more as our bedroom if all my clothes were in here too.

Some scratching against our bedroom door startled me and I quickly opened it up to find Lady Tubbington behind it.

''Hi baby.'' I said in a high voice and scooped her up in my arms. I walked back to Santana and lifted Lady Tubbington's head up with my finger underneath her chin. ''Look how cute she is San! How can you be mad at this little furball.''

Santana tried to hold back her amused smile, but she failed miserably at it.

''Come on, give her a kiss to make up.''

''I'm not going to give the cat a kiss Britt.'' Santana huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.




''Brittany, I don't wanna kiss the damn cat.'' She whined.

''I'm going to count. 3..''

''Can't I give you a kiss instead?'' She pouted.




''Fine!'' Santana sighed extra dramatically by throwing her hands up in the air and leaned forward to give Lady tubbington a quick peck on her head. ''I'm sorry for ignoring your fat ass.''

''Lady Tubbington says she's sorry too.'' I chuckled as I gave her a kiss too before putting her back on the ground. ''See, that wasn't so hard.''

''The things I'd do for you..'' Santana sighed as she stepped closer towards me and swung her arms around my neck. ''Can I get a kiss from my fiancé now?''

''Hmm, always.'' I smirked and wrapped my arms around her waist as Santana pressed her lips gently against mine. Our lips grazed softly until I bit her bottom lip playfully.

''Don't eat me for breakfast.'' Santana chuckled after she pulled back to trail her tongue over her lip.

''That's what she said.'' I smirked and wiggled my eyebrows.

Santana laughed before pulling me back into a tight hug. I giggled at her eagerness and stroked my hands up and down over her back.

''I'm going to take a quick shower before I jump you and we'll both be late for work.'' She giggled and gave me another peck. As much as I wanted her right now, well I always want her, work is important too. Especially since we need the money.

''I'll make some breakfast.'' I smiled and slapped her playfully on her ass when she walked passed me. Earning a cute giggle and a wink in return.

''Thanks babe, you're the best.''

After showering together instead of separately and some breakfast, Quinn came to pick up Santana and I took our car to go to work. Santana and Quinn both graduated in Law. Quinn obviously one year before Santana, but it turned out to be handy for Santana. Luckily Quinn was able to talk to her boss at the Law Firm she started working a few months ago, so he would consider hiring Santana too. Of course Santana nailed the job interview and has now been working at the same Law firm as Quinn. They're both still assistants for other Lawyers, but I'm sure with Santana's talent for seeing the truth in people and getting the truth out of them, she'll be a Lawyer herself soon. Just like Quinn will be too, who's one of the smartest people I know.

And then there's me.. I graduated in journalism two years ago and after working a year in the restaurant with Rachel, I decided to take the jump and quit my job there to find a real job in journalism. I thought it was the perfect time after Santana's graduation. Unfortunately, there wasn't any positions open for me at the time and my boss at the restaurant already hired two new people after Rachel and I left.
After a month of filling in applications and stopping by papers and magazines, I decided to take a different job until I found a good job as a journalist. Santana encouraged me to find a job in the meanwhile that made me happy, instead of running between tables at a restaurant.

I'm glad I did it, because I really enjoy working at the Zoo here and taking care of the animals. Sometimes I get to do shows, like feeding the walruses. It's fun to entertain people.
So it turns out I really like it here, but sooner or later, I need to pursue a job where I can make good money and have a good career.

A little while later, I walked into the elephant house to check if they still had enough food in the back. When I opened up the door I immediately spotted Kurt in the back, staring at an elephant in front of him.

''Goodmorning.'' I smiled as I closed the door behind me.

''Oh hey Britt.'' He smiled. ''Fashionably late today.''

''Yeah.. Santana and I had uhm.. the alarm didn't go off.'' I said and I already felt my cheeks turning red. ''Did Ed say something about it?''

''Don't worry, I covered for you. After working with you for quite some time now, I'm perfectly aware of your morning routine on a Monday with Santana.'' He laughed.

''She needs it on a Monday..'' I giggled.

''Don't we all.'' He chuckled.

Even though we've only worked together for a few months now, Kurt knows me too well. He's a good friend already and even Santana liked him the first time I brought him home for some drinks. Maybe because he's gay.

''Thank you for covering for me though, I won't be late again.''

''Don't worry about it Britt.'' He smiled and turned his attention to Dora, the big elephant in front of him. ''Have you noticed something about Dora lately?''

I looked at the big elephant in front of me carefully and smiled when his trunk came up to me through the bars.

''Hi baby.'' I chuckled as I kept my hand on it. ''I don't see anything different.''

''Hmm.. I think she might be pregnant though. Her stomach is bigger than normal and she eats way too much.'' Kurt mumbled as he looked at her intensely.

''A mini elephant? Yay!'' I said excitedly. ''Oh my god that's going to look so cute!''

''She's going to be such a good mommy.'' Kurt laughed. ''But let's talk to Ed though if he can do some tests on her.''

''We should think about a name already!''

''As long as it's not a name that starts with Lady or Lord, I'm fine with it.'' Kurt laughed and hooked his arm in mine to pull me with him.

Santana POV

''Is it lunch time already?'' I sighed as I rested my head on the desk.

''We just got here. Also a half an hour late, thanks to you.''

''I told you, the alarm didn't went off.'' I smirked as I lifted my head up.

''Oh.. it didn't go off when you guys were going at it in the shower?'' Quinn said sarcastically. ''If I didn't show up you would probably still be in there.'' She said as she typed on the laptop in front of her. ''Remember what they always say around here; It is always the best policy to tell the truth, unless of course you are an exceptionally good liar.' And let me tell you, you suck at lying when it comes to having sex with Brittany.''

''Okay, whatever. Your girlfriend is the first voice I wake up to in the morning, I need some loving to erase that for the rest of the day.''

''You can just change the radio channel if her voice, which is beautiful by the way, annoys you so much.'' Quinn huffed and gave me a stern look.

''Rachel broke the switch button last time you guys came over for dinner, so I couldn´t change it. And Brittany gets mad at me anyway if I did manage to change it.''

Quinn laughed and shook her head amused. ''You´re still so whipped.''

''Shut up and get to work smartass.'' I smirked before opening up my own laptop and logging into the network of the office.

When I was about to reply to the first few mails about some guy who wants to divorce his wife, my phone vibrated in my pocket. At this time it´s either Puck who has a hangover or Brittany with a cute text that keeps me going for the rest of the day. It´s weird, but still after a long day of work, I´m so excited to get home and just see Brittany. Most people who live together and do everything together eventually get bored with each other and need to do all kinds of things to keep the relationship exciting. With me and Brittany, even if we hang out an entire week without even leaving the house, we still have so much fun.

I already can´t wait to get home tonight and cook something together, or lie on the couch and talk to each other about how work was or how much the contestants on The Voice suck on television. And I hate to admit it, but I love that little fat furball that pukes all over the place and blocks my sexy times with Britt a lot. It feels like my own little family and it makes me even more excited to think about having kids of our own. Even though we´re still way too young for kids, I can´t say I haven´t been thinking about it. Maybe because I just imagine a little girl that looks exactly like Brittany, with the same cute giggle echoing through our apartment. Anyway, it´ll all be there when the time and place is right, because right now it´s not. With our jobs and the apartment we live in, not to mention we´re still kids ourselves sometimes.

Suddenly a pen hit the side of my head and I immediately raised my hand up to protect myself from other things.

''What the hell!'' I groaned as I rubbed over my head. ''What was that for?''

''You were daydreaming again. If John comes in and he sees you staring like you're seeing little ponies flying around, with your phone in your hand too, he will not give you an own client or case anytime soon.'' Quinn said without looking up to me and still typing. ''Can you give me my pen back though, I need to write something down.''

''Sure I'll give you your pen back.'' I smiled a little too wide and picked up the pen from the floor. I looked over my shoulder to see that the window was open. I turned around in my chair and with a smooth bow, I threw the pen out of the window. ''Here you go.''

'''Santana! That was my last one!'' Quinn squealed.

''How is that even possible, you got a whole container filled with different kinds of pens from Rachel when she brought you lunch last week.''

''Maybe because you steal them all the time so Brittany can use them at home for her writing.''

''That's right, it's an act of love.'' I smirked and rolled my chair back against my desk.

''Give me one of yours.''

''Ugh fine, but stop throwing things at me because you'll always lose if you're going to fight me.'' I said and grabbed a pen to give back to Quinn.

''Thanks..'' She sighed triumphantly. ''Your phone just went off by the way.''

My heart immediately started jumping in my chest again when I remembered I might have a text from Brittany. I unlocked my screen and a big smile formed on my lips when I read that it was indeed Brittany.

INCOMING, MY FIANCÉ: Baby! Did you two make it on time to work? Dora might be pregnant :D So excited! Anyway, have a nice day at work. Can we order pizza tonight? X

''Quinn, do you know anyone named Dora?'' I mumbled confused as I started typing a message back.

''No.. why?'' She replied just as confused.

''Because she's pregnant.''

''Well congratulations to her then.'' Quinn chuckled and returned her attention to her work.

TO, MY FIANCÉ: Just a little late, but that shower was totally worth it ;-) Oh that's nice babe! Congratulations to her. And pizza it is. I'm not sure what time I'll be home, stupid meetings on Monday. X

INCOMING, MY FIANCÉ: It was :) Yeah, you have to come visit with me when the baby is here! Okay, I'll order for us when I get home then. Can't wait :) Love you!

TO, MY FIANCÉ: Of course! Great, I'll see you tonight beautiful. Love you too :-)

''Whoever Dora is, it looks like I'll be visiting her and the baby with Brittany.'' I said as I put my phone back in my pocket. Just when I put my phone back, our boss John comes walking into the office.

''Good morning girls.'' He said with his heavy voice.

''Morning.'' Quinn and I almost said in unison.

''Can I talk to you two for a second?'' He said in a more serious voice.

Uh oh, I hope I'm not in trouble..

Santana POV

Finally after a long day of work, I stepped out of the elevator at our floor and wiggled my keys out of my purse to open up the door. I'm exhausted after the long meetings, but also excited to share my news with Brittany. I opened up the door and dropped my purse immediately on the floor.

''Babe, I'm home!'' I yelled as I kicked off my heels. ''I have exciting news to tell you!''

''I'm in the kitchen!'' Brittany's voice echoed back.

I quickly made my way into the kitchen and found blue eyes sparkling up to me while she was cutting the pizzas into pieces.

''Hi honey. You're just in time.'' She smiled as I walked up to her and gave her a kiss. ''What's the exciting news?''

I stole another kiss before I sat down on the bar stool and pulled Brittany in between my legs so I could wrap my arms around her waist.

''Well you know my boss John, he wanted to talk to me and Quinn alone. Which was strange already because usually the rest of the department is there too. Anyway, to keep things short, Quinn and I probably get our first own case. I mean, we still have to work together on it so it's not my own case yet, but it's getting there right?'' I said excitedly.

''Really? That's amazing San!'' Brittany smiled brightly and gave me a long addicting kiss. ''I told you that you'd be running that whole office within a year.''

I laughed and tightened my hold on her waist. ''I'm still far from being an individual lawyer, but it's nice to have someone who believes in me as much as you do.'' I smiled and brought my hand up to trace my thumb over her jaw.

''I always will.'' She smiled and cupped my cheeks to give me another kiss that made my blood pressure rise. ''I'm so proud of you.''

''Thanks baby. You had some exciting news too though! Dora is pregnant.'' I smiled brightly.

''Yeah, Kurt and I are already thinking of a cute name to give the baby.''

I frowned at first at that, why would someone let other people pick out the name for their baby, but then it clicked that it was probably some kind of animal in the Zoo.

''Sounds like you had fun with Kurt today at work. So uhm.. is it Dora the giraffe?''

Brittany chuckled and shook her head. ''I was already wondering when you were going to admit that you didn't know who Dora is.''

''Am I that bad at memorizing things?'' I chuckled. ''I'm sorry, but you have so many names for the animals there that I don't remember them anymore.''

''I know it's not your fault if you forget things. Annie is the giraffe, Dora is my favorite elephant.'' She smiled brightly, as she dragged her hands up and down my arms. Almost as if she was trying to warm me up, but it's something she always does when I just got home. Even if it's insanely hot outside right now.

''Aw cute, a baby elephant.''

''I know! It's not really important news compared to yours though.'' She said, and I could suddenly sense some sadness behind those words. I don't really know why, because Brittany loves animals, not to mention the baby versions. Before I could ask her about the sudden change in her excitement, she gave me another kiss and put the pizzas on our plates. ''Let's eat something, I bet you're starving.''

After dinner we were cuddled up on the couch, watching a random movie that Brittany picked out. I wasn't really paying attention though. If I was staring at the screen I was thinking about that sad look I noticed before dinner, and if I wasn't looking at the screen, I was studying the beautiful features on Brittany's face. That is an advantage of being a big spoon on the couch, I can stare at her the whole time if I want to.

I tightened my arm around her waist and leaned my head up on my elbow.

''Babe, can I ask you something?'' I whispered as I nudged her cheek with my nose and kissed the spot after that.


''Is there something wrong?''

''Why would there be anything wrong silly?'' She chuckled through a frown, but kept her gaze on the television. That's when I knew there was definitely something wrong. Because Brittany never looks me in the eyes if she's trying to cover something up and I ask her about it. If there wouldn't be anything wrong, she would've just smiled and turned around to give me a kiss or just a loving smile.

''Britt, look at me..'' I mumbled.

She turned around in my embrace so she was facing me, but still didn't look me in the eyes. She tangled our legs together and buried her head in the crook of my neck, causing her warm breaths to float against my skin. I sighed and lifted up her shirt so I could bring my hand underneath it to stroke her back. She always relaxes when I do that. It always works too when she can't fall asleep.

''You must think I'm a big loser.'' She mumbled barely audible against my skin.

I ignored the goose bumps that appeared on my arms thanks to her warm breaths that floated right into my shirt and hit the skin around my bra. I immediately frowned confused and lifted up her chin so I could look at her. A small tear fell like a little blue diamond out of the corner of her eye and I quickly wiped my thumb over it.

''Why are you saying that babe? You know I would rather cut off a finger than to call you a loser.'' I said softly.

''B-because.. you are on your way to b-become t-the best lawyer ever and your fiancé at home talks about baby elephants. I can't even make enough m-money to pay for our wedding. I just feel so s-stupid.'' She sobbed.

This time tears started to float down her cheeks, too many to wipe or kiss away. I just held her closer to me and kept stroking her back with my hand, while stroking my other hand through her hair.

''Britt.. if there's one thing that I am proud of in my life, it's that I have the most amazing, beautiful and insanely smart fiancé to wake up to and go to sleep with every day. You graduated in journalism with high grates and it sucks that there are no jobs around here now, but it'll come. And even though I can't wait to make you my wife, we have all the time in the world to get married. We're in this together remember? We're both making money and it doesn't matter who makes more or anything like that. And I enjoy all your stories about the Zoo so much, you love it there too right?'' I said while I kissed the top of her head in between words, trying better to somehow stop the tears from falling.

''Y-yeah but..''

''And you're really good at it too. I mean, I don't think Dora's baby will even survive if you aren't there. Within a week it's probably walking around in designer clothes specially made for elephants, if Kurt makes the decisions there instead of you.'' I chuckled to lighten up the mood. It seemed to work because Brittany started laughing through her tears too.

''As long as you're happy with working at the Zoo, until there's a job opening, then I am happy too. Please don't ever feel like you're disappointing me. You couldn't even if you tried.'' I smiled and lifted up her chin so she would look at me again. After a few sniffs, the sobbing stopped and only a cute pout still lingered on her lips.

''I love you, I love our crazy cat and I already love that little baby elephant. And that's all because of you Brittany.''

''I love you too.'' She smiled softly. ''I'm sorry for being such a drama queen. I think I'm getting my period.''

''Don't be sorry. That just means we'll be eating a lot of chocolate tomorrow.'' I joked, causing another giggle from Brittany. God, it feels so good to see her smile. ''But promise me next time you feel like this, please talk to me about it okay? Whatever happens, we're in this together.''

''I promise.''