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Brittany POV

My mom gets attached to dogs really fast. I get attached to cats and people really fast and in particular to people. Really, if I talk to someone for only ten minutes on the phone, I'll feel a connection and the urge to be nice. That's why I also support a lot of charities because I'm never able to say no to something like that when someone asks me to become a contributor. I don't know what it is, but it comes naturally. When it comes to getting attached to something or someone, I'm just like a plaster. I almost always find everyone nice. Santana doesn't have that. Santana distrusts people until the contrary is proved. So when you finally succeed in getting Santana to trust you, it's very hard to get that back ones you break that trust. That's why I know it's important that I tell Santana exactly what happened at Rachel's place, even though I already know that her reaction is not going to be good. I hope she doesn't flip out immediately so she will at least listen to everything that I have to say about it. Clearly what Rachel did was wrong and a little forceful, but she was drunk and completely emotionally unstable. It's important Santana knows that part too, either way, I think I shouldn't go to Rachel alone anytime soon. I'm kind of mad at her too anyway.

I finally got to our apartment and softly opened up the door so I wouldn't wake anyone up. It's no use to wake Santana up and tell her about it now, but I'll tell her first thing in the morning. I probably won't get much sleep tonight anyway, but I don't want Santana to go through the same.

I kicked out my shoes and tiptoed through the dark living room towards the bathroom until I stopped in my tracks when I heard soft sniffs and a calming familiar voice. I listened closely again and this time I was sure that I heard Santana's voice and some sniffs in my old bedroom. Without making a noise, I walked over towards the closed door. I pressed my ear against the wooden door and heard Quinn sobbing out some drunken words. A few minutes ago I was in the same position as Santana is in now only with Rachel and a shiver ran down my spine thinking back about that moment again. I probably shouldn't be eavesdropping on Santana and Quinn but I couldn't help but listen when I heard Santana's soothing voice. It comforted me too. I wish I could just cuddle up to her and hear that voice all night to become calm again, but that would be selfish right now.

''Quinn you really need to calm down. I just talked to Brittany on the phone and Rachel is just as upset as you are. Obviously she wants to solve this with you too.'' Santana sighed softly. ''Just try to get some sleep and talk to her first thing in the morning okay?''

''I cheated on her Santana, I cheated with that monster. It's my own fault, I messed everything up.'' Quinn sobbed out with some sniffs in between.

''I know honey.. I know. Just breathe and close your eyes.'' Santana said calmly, with so much softness in her voice that I actually felt even more bad about what I have to tell her.

Santana POV

I've been sitting on Brittany's old bed for the past half an hour now since Quinn decided to wake up from her drunk coma and start a riot again. She's a sobbing mess and I've been trying my best to get her to calm down, no luck so far. I wonder if Brittany has the same problem right now with Berry too, getting her to shut up and calm down is probably a way harder task.

''I don't want to close my eyes, I keep picturing Rachel's face when I told her what I did. She looked so heartbroken..'' Quinn sobbed and buried herself further into me.

I stared up towards the ceiling, squeezing my eyes together to bring back memories from the party and to try and figure out what happened. Since Quinn obviously isn't able to tell me that right now. Oh god, that was one hell of a party though. Not.

I don't know why I let Quinn seduce me into drinking those four cocktails when I've barely eaten anything today at the office. Maybe because Quinn barely gets drunk anymore since Rachel doesn't like how she acts then. I think it's fun as hell, but not as much fun when I can't find her in this freaking rented Mexican restaurant with my boss and colleagues on every corner. Never thought a simple business party could be so much fun though, I wish Brittany was here to dance with me.

A few cocktails later.

Ugh, that annoying secretary of our boss John has been staring at me the whole night like a creep in the corner. I don't know what's up with her but she definitely is testing my gay radar. She's been ogling Quinn when we came in and now she's staring at me. Oh good, she's walking away. Wish I could walk that smoothly now, because damn, these cocktails hit in hard.
The Mexican restaurant suddenly seemed too lavishly decorated where I can't even see the mosaic tiles against the wall anymore because of the brightly illuminated Maria statues. Or maybe because of the cocktails. Who cares. I should find Quinn so I can go home and get my cuddle on with Britt.

I turned around to go to the toilet before finding Quinn, when I suddenly tripped over a loose peace of carpet. Well, tripping isn't the right word. No, falling flat on my face describes it better. In my half drunken state I tried to convince myself that this didn't just happen and that I didn't just made a fool out of myself in front of a bunch of annoying colleagues, but unfortunately my mind didn't buy it. My body didn't either. The hole in my panty around my knee already started to tint a little red. Great, a cut.

I dragged myself towards the toilet as fast as I could to see what the damage was to the rest of my panty and also to escape the surprised looks on some people's faces. This will probably be a story that I'm going to hear for a very long time. I finally reached the bathroom and immediately looked into the mirror. My eyes were a little red and moist, but that's probably because of the alcohol too. The same alcohol that made me trip like a clumsy toddler in the middle of this hallucination-in-the-dessert restaurant. Fuck. Luckily I'm wearing long wrap boots, which Brittany's new gay friend Kurt said 'are so last season'. Kurt might think they're last season, but they are perfect for now since I could fold them over the hole in my panty.

''Oh, here you are.'' Quinn's voice startled me when she entered the bathroom, followed by that stalker lady. At least she's a hot stalker.

''Yeah I was just about to look where you were.'' I said as I leaned back on the sink. Quinn giggled like a little girl, which she only she does when she's drunk because her normal giggle sounds a lot more evil.

''Well I'm here.'' She chuckled and stumbled towards the other sink. I noticed that the secretary girl already got into a toilet booth. ''By the way, did you hear that loud bang out there too? I heard someone fell rock hard on the ground. Unfortunately I couldn't see it from where I was standing.''

I felt my face turning a little red, but Quinn can't find out that it was me because I will never hear the end of it.

''Hmm really?'' I said while sneakily trying to pull my boot further over my panty hole on my knee. ''Didn't see it either. Where were you by the way?''

Quinn shrugged and applied some lipgloss on her lips. ''Anyway, we should probably go home.''

Right after she said it, the secretary came out of the toilet booth and walked passed me towards the sink. I don't feel like being nice to her or even talk to her at all, so I'm out of here.

''Okay, I'll meet you outside.'' I said before walking towards the door. When I turned around to see if Quinn heard me, she was smiling at that secretary girl who seemed to suddenly wash her hands in the same sink.


She snapped out of it and waved at me. ''Yeah I'll see you outside.''

End flashback

Oh my god. What if she kissed that secretary in the bathroom? She did look a little flushed when she came outside, but that easily could have been from the amount of cocktails she had too.

''I messed it up, I can't stop thinking about Rachel crying right now. Maybe she stopped crying and she's packing my stuff. Oh my god.'' Quinn sobbed.

''I'm sure that's not the case. Try to think about something else, like uhmm..'' I bit my lip and tried to think of something that would distract her or maybe make her laugh. ''Like the fact that this is the first time I've seen you looking ugly, because damn Q you really are an ugly howler.''

A small chuckle escaped her throat and I almost wanted to pat myself on the back for achieving that.

''You know that you suck at consoling me right?'' She chuckled through a sniff.

''I made you laugh didn't I?''

Right after I said it she burst out into tears again and it immediately clicked that it was time for a different approach. The hard one. Something Quinn does to me too when I'm in a rage or upset and I need some slapping back into reality.

''Okay now you listen to me very carefully Quinn..'' I said, letting all the softness disappear from my voice while I sat up more. ''I know that this sucks, believe me I've been there, but feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to change anything. You kissed another woman and yes that was a fucked up thing to do and I still have no idea why you did what you did, because all your sanity disappeared with the alcohol through your throat, which I might add, is now all over my bathroom floor and you haven't been able to make one normal sentence since I dragged you out of the bar. So here's what we're going to do, you're going to calm down and try to get some sleep. Tomorrow you're going to explain to me what happened on that party and why you did it, because honestly Quinn if you feel that Rachel isn't the one you want to be with, you're going to have to deal with that.''

Quinn's eyes were widened as I was going on my rant, but I could see that I was actually coming through to her now.

''B-but she is..''

''If she is then we're going to come up with something that can fix this. But tomorrow okay? It's already 4 AM, you need some sleep. And I didn't start looking this hot because I skipped sleep every night'' I chuckled.

Quinn rolled on her back and stared up towards the ceiling. ''Okay.'' She mumbled barely audible.

''Good. I'll be in my room if you need me okay?'' I smiled after stroking some hair out of her face. Quinn nodded and pulled the covers further over her body.

I stood up and clicked out the lights, before opening the door to go to my own room.


I turned around to see Quinn leaning up on her elbows.


''Thank you.'' She smiled.

I smiled back and nodded. ''I might be a bitch most of the time, but I'll always be there for you.''

Quinn closed her eyes with a more peaceful smile on her face and I rolled my eyes at how fast she fell into a drunk coma again. I softly closed the door, before walking over to the other bedroom. I immediately noticed Brittany's shoes and purse in the hallway and I frowned because I didn't hear her coming home. I quickly walked to our room and saw her lying in the bed, already asleep. I noticed she had been trying to wait up for me because she was lying on top of the sheets. She probably heard me talking to Quinn when she came home and didn't want to interrupt.

The small smile on my face grew wider when she made the cutest humming noise while patting her arm behind her on the bed, probably searching for me. She does that a lot when she's asleep and if I'm not right behind her. The search with her arm only stops when I hug her from behind or guide her towards me so she automatically cuddles into me. It's the cutest thing ever and every time it happens it takes me a while before falling back to sleep because of the huge grin I have on my face because of it.

I softly walked over to the bed and quickly cuddled myself against her back, her arm reached behind her and pulled mine over her waist.

''I'm here baby, go back to sleep.'' I whispered and pressed my lips against the side of her neck.

Instead of humming something in response or pressing herself further into me, she rolled over and opened her eyes. I immediately noticed that she tried to hide something through the black mascara lines on her face, telling me that she has been crying over something.

''Hey, what's wrong?'' I asked worriedly as I cupped the side of her face and scooted closer to her so our noses were almost touching.

Her eyes scanned my face and my heart started beating faster because of how she was looking at me. There was something behind those blue eyes that made me anxious.

''I need to tell you something..'' She mumbled as fresh tears started to tickle down her face. ''Rachel.. she.. I..'' She began but before she could finish she buried her head in the crook of my neck and started sobbing. I didn't know exactly what was going on but seeing and hearing her cry immediately threw me in my 'overprotective Brittany mode'. I hugged her tightly against me, knowing that it always only lasts a couple of seconds before she's able to talk again. I felt her tears spilling down my shirt and I knew something wasn't right.

''You can tell me anything Britt, I'm not going anywhere.''

Her hand tightened her grip on my shirt and a shiver ran down my spine when she sighed against my neck.

''I… Rachel got drunk so I brought her to her bed. Then she..'' She stopped again.

''She what honey?'' I asked, getting more impatient now she mentioned Rachel.

''I think she thought I was Quinn for a second or.. I don't know. But she like, she started saying Quinn always gives her a good night kiss and when I tried to get up to go away .. she just.. Just please don't get mad.'' Brittany mumbled, still with her face hidden in the crook of my neck

I was biting my lip to hold myself together, but the more words came out of her mouth, the more I started to puzzle together what might be going on. Drunk Rachel can be overly clingy. I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath in through my nose. After scooting back a little on the bed, I lifted Brittany's chin up so I could look at her.

''Just tell me what happened.'' I said and ran my thumb over her cheek.

''She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I immediately pulled back, but her grip around my neck was too strong.''

Anger started to rise within me and my hand gripped the sheets so tight that my fingers started to hurt. I immediately sat up, but stayed on the bed when I felt Brittany's shaking hand on my back.

"I said that she had to let go of me but she kept pulling me against her. I got out of her grip, but she was so drunk and emotionally confused that I'm sure she didn't mean to do it.'' Brittany started rambling, sounding just as confused as I was.

It was as if a storm started inside of me. A fierce wind that was blowing through my chest and made my stomach violently squeeze together. The things I was hearing made me sick.

''I didn't want to hide it from you.. Please say something.''

''Are you seriously trying to defend what she did?'' I said, and it actually startled me how much anger there was in my voice.

''Why are you talking to me like that..'' Brittany asked startled. I felt even more light headed because I heard the hurt in Brittany's voice and I was causing it right now. Still the anger took over.

''Because Rachel fucking kissed you and you're just talking about how I should feel sorry for her because she was drunk and so called emotionally unstable?'' I said louder this time, stepping out of the bed.

''I didn't say you should feel sorry for her!'' Brittany said back, now with anger in her words too. ''Do you think I liked what happened? Do you think it wasn't horrible for me too? I was trying to console one of my best friends and now I don't know if I can even look at her tomorrow!''

''Oh so you're planning to go back tomorrow? That's great, maybe she can start a new make out session with you to drown her sorrows.'' I said sarcastically as I was forcefully pulling the closet door to open it and find a sweater.

''This isn't fair Santana.''

I ran my hands from the top of my face to my chin, as if I was trying to wipe the anger downwards too. I shook my hands and turned around to look at Brittany. She had tears in her eyes, but she wasn't crying. Instead she just looked at me confused and disappointed. I knew I was glaring at her, I tried to soften my look, but I felt that my eyes weren't working with me. I was too angry, but not at her because I know damn well Brittany would never cheat on me and I'm sure she immediately tried to pull away from Rachel. But those logical thoughts got pushed away by the anger I felt inside of me. The anger I feel towards Rachel.

''Why are you so mad at me. She kissed me and I pulled away. She was drunk and didn't know what she was doing.''

I scrunched up my nose and pretended I had to puke.

''So that makes it okay?''

''No, but just.. Can you at least try to calm down and stop raising your voice at me.''

I rolled my eyes and shook my head to turn around and pull a sweater out of the closet. I noticed it was Brittany's sweater but I don't care what I'm wearing right now, I just know I have to get out of here.

Suddenly I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind and Brittany's forehead against my shoulder, causing me to stop moving.

''I love you. Please don't be mad at me. I don't want to fight with you.''

I tried to let her embrace calm me down enough, but I pictured what happened in my head again and I knew I had to go to Rachel's house to get the anger out of my system.

I stepped out of her embrace and quickly threw the sweater over my head.

''I just need some air. I'll be back.'' I said as calm as possible. I turned around to walk passed her towards the door, but the sad look in her eyes startled me and almost pushed me back to my senses. Almost.

''Where are you going?'' She mumbled.

I couldn't form words just yet, because of the pleading look in her eyes. I sighed and forced my eyes to look at something else than her piercing blue ones. ''Like I said, I just need some air.''

I opened up our bedroom door and was about to tip toe through the living room so I wouldn't wake up Quinn, but got held back by Brittany's hand around my wrist.

''Promise me you're not going to Rachel right now.''

My instinct was to pull my hand out of her grip, but my mind and heart prevented me from taking my anger out on Brittany. I turned around and noticed her eyes turning sadder. I automatically took a little step forward and wiped a tear from her cheek, before placing a kiss on it. After that, Brittany let go of my wrist and didn't say anything when I didn't gave her an answer to her question.

A few minutes later I was standing in front of Rachel and Quinn's apartment, knocking loudly on the door.

''Open up the fucking door Rachel! I know you're here!'' I said, feeling more angry all of a sudden since I was so close to the source of my anger right now.

I heard some stumbling around inside and after another minute the door opened, so I was suddenly face to face with Rachel. She squeezed her eyes and rubbed her right hand over her forehead like she had a headache.

''Santana.. what are you doing here.'' She said confused, her voice still drained from sleep. A strong wave of alcohol followed her voice and made me hold my hand in front of my nose for a moment.

''You know damn well what I'm doing here. You assaulted Brittany. Funny how sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun. But let me tell you right now Berry, I won't let it happen again.''

Rachel looked at me with confusion and her mouth was hanging open a little.

''I.. I don't know what you're talking about. Brittany left when I went to bed.''

''You can't fool me Rachel, playing all confused and innocent like you don't remember what you've tried to do. I swear to god if you ever touch her or even give her a high five, I will fuck you up. Now, you're lucky that Brittany is against violence, but next time I won't hesitate to put your head in a mixer and make you a smoothie. ''

''I really don't remember what happened! What did I do?'' Rachel said louder this time too.

I looked her up and down while shaking my head. ''You're not my friend anymore.''

I turned around to leave before I would say or do something that I would probably regret. I ignored Rachel's voice asking me to come back and explain, but I kept walking at a fast pace until I got to my car. I sank back into the driver's seat and ran my hands through my hair.

''Fuck!'' I yelled and slammed my hands on the steering wheel. Why do I feel like such an asshole right now. She deserved that. Right?