I have been waiting at this train station every Thursday afternoon for the past month. It's the day he is supposed to come for me. All the other times I returned to a cheap motel, disappointed and scared, and rented a room for another week. Today is different though. My single bag is packed, just like before, but now I hold a ticket in my hand. I have to move on.

I grab a lock of my newly dyed hair and nervously twirl it around my finger. Being a brunette isn't the end of the world but it still shocks me whenever I catch a glimpse of my reflection. Used to be the bruises that made me do a double take. Will he mind the change? Will he even recognize me?

Why am I worried about my hair when I may never see him again?

We planned our escape so carefully. We only separated to make sure my ex couldn't trace us. We were only supposed to stay apart long enough to keep suspicion off the man who saved my life. We were supposed to meet up in this nothing town before moving on together. Something must have happened.

I am terrified to move on without him. What good is being away from the man who beat me if I can't be with the man who treasures me? If it weren't for this innate will to live I'd go back to find him.


I turn at the sound of my new name, the one only he knows. I want to answer him, but I can't remember his new name. Instead I run to him and throw myself into his arms. At his touch it comes back to me.

"Emmett," I breathe in relief.