Ship: Heather/Naya

Rating: NC-17/M

Warning: AU in which Heather Morris was never on Glee and she's just a stripper and dancer at Harvelle. One night Naya Rivera, her celebrity crush, enters the club.

Prompt: Heather/Naya - RPF AU - striptease, seduction, anykink.

Hello! So, this a fic that my bff EdyFerrone and I have written for a prompt on the GKM like a century ago and since it had a great success in Italy as the chapters were going, so Edy decided to translate it ^^ We're Italians so forgive us if there are some mistakes – even though Mariafbv corrected this so there shouldn't be any – and let us know what you think. Reviews make the update come faster :P (We've already written until cp. 13 in Italian so it's only to be translated)


Heather Morris, that's her name and she's no one.

Well, actually, she is somebody, and she's happy about it: being just a dancer in Los Angeles isn't too much of a thing since it's a huge center for performing arts. You can easily become anonymous there, even though you've danced like for centuries, night after night, and it's almost impossible to become famous without a lucky chance.

Still, it's not a problem to Heather – HeMo, as her friends call her: she's happy about her life, she feels satisfied simply because she has the chance to do what she loves and she doesn't care about the fact that her name isn't too much of a thing.

She has started dancing when she was young, with classes and competitions, from one style to another, year after year. She's surely a complete dancer, one of those who can pull on a choreography based on every existing song.

Eventually, it looks like these qualities aren't enough to make it. The only job opportunity she has got was thanks to a friend. She's not about to complain about the whys and the hows, but she would have preferred making it thanks to her skills, her skills only.

She was a little skeptical at the begging, taking the chance to work and nothing more, but it turned into a passion.

Heather loves giving a show every night and making the audience satisfied with these spectacles that aren't even slightly naughty in her opinion: it's an art, like every kind of dancing, choreography or ballet, so you have to respect it.

Also, there are some limits even in such a place. Costumers have the chance to get a private performance but it never turns into something more than that because they're obliged to keep it professional during the whole time.

She has friends, her economical situation is just fine and she can't ask for anything more. Her life goes on in comfort and she's fine with it.

Heather Morris is a normal girl, one of those that make an outliving out of their passions. Her dreams are modest; she's used to get satisfied with a little.

She has never thought she'd be more than the girl working at nights, instead of doing it in the daylight. She hasn't even thought a famous girl could give her attention.

At least, not before tonight. She is getting reading and optimistically thinking it's going to be just like the other nights.


Naya Rivera, that's her name, and she's an idol to thousands of people.

The stunning 25-years-old Latina has started working as an actress when she was five, with the tv series Family Matters, that signed the begging of her career.

Naya always had little roles in the shows she had taken part to as a guest actress, but Glee – the comedy series by Ryan Murphy – changed everything. Naya was interested in the show as soon as she heard about it and about such a great producer as Ryan Murphy. It was based on teens and their problems, so she didn't hesitate before auditioning and, thanks to her infinite talent, she made it.

So Naya had the chance to do a lot more then acting in such a huge show as Glee; she could work on her other great passion: music.

Glee is everything to her; because it puts together the two things Naya has worked on since she was a little girl: singing and acting. Thanks to the show, she has signed a contract with a recording industry and she is recording her solo album, soon to get out. Naya is proud about her works and where she has got to, thanks to the evolution of her character, Santana Lopez, a bitchy cheerleader who always gets what she wants.

Naya's the very opposite of Santana, but she had accepted the challenge. Still, even though she is having a huge success right now, she's still feeling unsatisfied with Santana's storyline. She is a cheerleader who knows how to gain respect, how to make herself be loved and hated at the same time, and she's able to make anybody cringe for her. But still, she's an empty character, with no real storyline, who shifts from one boy to another with no real emotion. Naya has expressed her opinion to the writers, several times, but they still haven't found a way to make her happy with that.

Naya is humble and strict, no matter how famous she gets. But still, she has never imagined a normal person like that could get her attention so bad.

Not before tonight, while she's having a drink with some co-stars from Glee, and she's about to give audience to a show that will force her to call into question her whole life.


Heather is feeling completely at ease. Giving a show is her biggest occupation; it has been like that since a lot, so.

Lights are almost down completely; spilling weak warm colors through the room, fitting the performance perfectly.

She rolls her hips, barely covered by black smooth panties, while her long blond hair moves over her torso to randomly swishing on her boobs, a skin-colored bra with small alluring stars covering her nipples.

Her face is partially covered by a dark-red a mask that makes her gorgeous blue eyes even brighter and her thin pronounced lips – covered in the same red – even more tempting, just like a strawberry cake. Music is loud, a sort of dance mix which is almost seducing and dark at the same time.

She moves her legs, covered in high black leather boots and a garter. She has been told so many times that are long legs are perfect for these costumes; they allow her to show her skin without ever showing too much in fact.

As soon as the initial part of the choreography is over, she walks down the stairs that separate the stage from the rest of the room and starts wandering between the crowd, calmly sitting at the tables and having their drink.

And then suddenly, she needs to thwart from falling.

Her eyes have caught on a girl, but Heather can't even believe she exists. Or at least that's what she forces herself to think.

Heather steps fast, turning on herself because even though she has to admit she's a little shocked, she's always been very professional so she's not going to stop.

The two seconds she has to wait before she can turn towards the girl again feel like hell on earth. Eventually, she manages to look at her between the flashing lights that help her hiding, so that the other girl doesn't feel like she's staring at her.

It has to be her.

It's her.

Naya Rivera.

The wonderful, gorgeous, amazing Goddess from Glee.

Heather is a huge fan of the show from the beginning and Naya Rivera is one of the biggest problems of her existence right now: the strong religious education her mother has taught her – well, she has actually ignored part of them for her work, but it's kind of necessary – make her wonder if there's something wrong in the way she seems to react about Santana Lopez and, most generally, Naya Rivera. Right, because everything has started from her Glee character, but then Heather has checked on YouTube interviews, Twitter, and everything about Naya, like a good stalking fangirl.

Basically, Naya Rivera has become her new drug and the only way she has found to recover from her addiction is to believe that she doesn't even exist.

That she's just part of her imagination.

But still, Naya is there, before her eyes, she's chatting with co-stars – as famous as her, but completely non-existing to Heather right now – and she can't even remember the choreography or the names of the actors that are sitting at the same table.

The only thing she can see in the darkness, it's Naya's magnetic, hypnotic smile.


Naya is sitting comfortably with her friend, right beside the wall, not far from the stage where some of the dancers are still giving a show. They had chosen that table because the lights didn't reach it perfectly, so maybe no one would have recognized them. Naya loves the fandom, she totally does, it's thanks to her fans that her carrier is flying; but she also likes spending some time on being a normal girl who's enjoying a night out with her friends.

She's sitting on the sofa, crossed legs, completely uncovered by her tiny tight black dress, and having a Sex On The Beach while chatting with Kevin and Dianna.

"I'm surprised, Nay, how long have you liked this sort of dancing?" Dianna asks a little snappy.

"What's wrong with a little Burlesque?" Naya asks annoyed.

"Seriously, Di, what's wrong with this amazing performing art?" Kevin asks, unable to keep his eyes away from the girls moving on the stage.

"Be careful, Bee, you're salivating your drink!" Naya comments laughing.

"I still have no idea what convinced me to come to such a …"

"Wonderful place?" Kevin asks, dreamy eyes, putting his elbows on the table.

"I was about to say cheap." Dianna corrects, shaking her head.

"Yeah, well, Lady Di is better used to classy bars, this is such a perverts' place." Naya jokes, hitting her playfully with her arm.

"Oh my god, have you seen them? It's so hot." Kevin says, swallowing his drink down.

"You're starting to scare me, Bee." Rivera laughs and looks on the stage.

She is starring at the perfect movements of the dances, and they aren't even a little too naughty or lame; they're really professional while dancing.

Then she's suddenly struck by one of them.

The lights are often enlightening her, defining the beauty of her muscular thin body, barely covered, not to mention the slow and damn sexy movements that could make anyone trembles in excitement, according to her.

"Who's that girl?" Naya asks, swallowing the drink down just like Kevin did.

"Heather Morris." Kevin answers, staring at the blondie.

Dianna and Naya turn to him completely, a little skeptically.

"How do you know that?" Dianna asks.

"I come here often." He answers, shrugging. "She's the first in line and she's stunning."

Naya turns towards the stage again and she could swear the girl is staring at her. When their eyes connect, she feels a strange shiver running through her body, but she has no idea why she feels like that.

She smiles instinctively. It's not one of those smiles you would give to a fan. It's malicious and capable of taking anyone's breath away, one of those smiles that make one's legs shake.

"Heather Morris …" The actress whispers almost to herself.

"What's that face, Rivera?" Dianna asks worried.

Heather moves her body fluidly in a low seductive roll, her legs tear apart, her knees arch down and, for a second, and she is starting to wonder if she is being to clear about giving a show for a favorite celebrity. Also, surprisingly - a little late maybe - she starts wondering if these black eyes she sees are really focusing on her.

While she's starting to roll her hips and block the rest of her body, Heather's first thought about it is that maybe she's so shocked by her presence that she's just imagining everything.

So, to be sure, she just turns away and looks apart a few times. Still, when her gaze goes back to Naya Rivera, the actress is still staring at her.

There's a voice into her head that screams at her that she's always been so professional and she has never let her instincts win her duty. Even when she's danced in front of the most handsome guys of the west coast, she'd just given the best she could with her sex appeal, just like she should.

But the little voice in her head disappears instantly. All she needs is thinking about that special voice, those perfect legs, her beautiful curves, and she can't help but repeat herself that all these doubts about her own sexuality, caused by the woman sitting in front of her right now, have a reason.

A couple of quick steps and she finds herself next to their table. She doesn't even notice Kevin McHale and Dianna Agron's expressions – she is finally able to focus on their faces too, in the dark she hadn't recognize them – and she begins to sway, lifting a hip, then the other, before turning on herself.

She turns her back to the group in front of her and leans instantly towards them again, giving all three a clear sight of her tonic and well-trained ass, granted with hours and hours at the gym.

She has no idea why she's doing this.

What does she think she's doing?

Does she think she can start to sway to win Naya Rivera?

She's a girl, how many chances could she play to seriously win her, especially considering she's such a famous actress?

Naya's eyes widen, however, being in front of that perfect ass that is waving to the rhythm of music right before her eyes, while Dianna turns her face away, almost embarrassed, unlike Kevin who has to grab the edge of the table to prevent himself from jumping on her at any moment.

Naya involuntarily lowers her gaze on her toned butt and bites her lower lip to hold back a moan that threatens to burst out of her lips. What the hell is going on? Why is she turned on at the sight of this dangerous dancer moving in this obscene way in front of her?

The whole room applauses and a chorus of appreciation explode to acclaim the movements of the dancer who seems to have just pointed the Latin actress. And then, when she turns around again, Naya meets a pair of blue-ice eyes and unexpectedly finds herself holding her breath, unable to inhale correctly.

Naya needs to refresh her dry throat with Kevin's drink, trying to keep a certain mental clearness, but these eyes ... these eyes, bluer than the sky; these eyes that seem like they're able to cut her breath away. She finds herself scrutinizing her face and imagining how it must be without this fucking mask that covers most of it. She lowers her eyes and swallows hard at the sight of that perfect and definitely not well-covered body.

Even a sex bomb as her can feel uncomfortable with such a perfect body.

Especially because Heather – any vain attempt of resisting this impulse is gone – is moving towards her again, turning around her sit with her fingers sensually resting on the back of the little sofa.

She strokes it and then notices Naya has already turned her face to stare at the touch of her fingers on the back of the sofa.

Heather can't even describe the way she feels towards what's actually happening: it's Naya Rivera, one of her idols, and especially her celebrity crush. She has found herself waking up during the night, disturbed by dreams of her and her perfect body, like dozens of times.

So she doesn't want to miss the chance to remain etched in her mind just for once. Her fingers slide along the back again until she has completed the invisible circle of the choreography, moving forward again towards her. She shows Naya her back, but stills resting her hands subtly and refined over the back of the sofa, covered with a fabric that feels pleasing at the touch. She arches her spine backwards and lifts a leg at an impressive height, towards table in front of her.

In fact, Heather knows that the rest of the audience won't enjoy the same show she's giving to Miss Rivera. The movement leads her to move her ass in the direction of Naya, with an enviable rolling of her hips.

She turns again, following the rhythm imposed by the music, and this time, her ice-blue eyes fix into Naya's own in firing glare.

Ice and fire.

She knows for certain that Naya is able to catch the gaze through the mask.

Naya doesn't quit the gaze, not even once, though his gaze was tempted to dwell on those curves perfectly exposed by those few pieces of cloth that was on him. She doesn't know if that was a show every night recurrent or if the dancer was shamelessly flirting with her, reserving a special welcome. In any case, she would not let slip that occasion.

Naya doesn't stop looking into her eyes, not even for a second, though her gaze is tempted to dwell on her curves, perfectly exposed by the few pieces of cloth. She doesn't know if that's the show every night, if the dancer is simply shamelessly flirting with her, reserving her a special welcome or something. In any case, she doesn't really want to miss the chance.

It's probably the alcohol that is already circulating through her veins or the music, so loud and intense, but Naya has never felt so attracted to a woman. Right now she realizes that in her life she has never committed something crazy, she has never transgressed the rules ... well, maybe it's about time to do so. She simply wants to let go to her instincts ... What's wrong with 'playing' with this girl who looks so good-willing towards her?

She runs a hand through her long black hair, moving it to one side to show off her bare shoulders and breasts well-shown by the end of the black dress she wears. It's terribly sexy.

Heather grins through the mask while she sees it, blue eyes dilating at the exhibition of her exposed neck and the perfect boobs.

She reverses the position of her legs, crossing the right one over the left, showing the perfection of her built up thighs and as soon as her eyes meet Heather's again, she licks her lips, tongue slowly passing over her mouth.

Heather can't help but taking it as a challenge: after all, she knows that the mask could protect her, it's like a wall, and, above all, she knows that she has no other opportunities to meet Naya Rivera: a unique chance, an opportunity to prove her who she is. Then it will vanish into thin air, and probably tomorrow, Naya, Kevin and Dianna will even deny that they were in that place.

'Carpe diem' she tells herself, as she goes down, beside Naya, arching her knees with her legs firmly pressed together. She fascinates her with a sensual movement, rubbing her ass against the sofa of the actress of Glee. She feels instantly shaking from her own movement and the proximity to her, and she hopes that the effect also strikes her.

Not that she's so vain to think she might surprise a celebrity, but Naya's eyes, the way she has licked her lips, makes her understand that at least she's getting some of the attention she wanted.

And Naya is actually giving her all the attention in the world.

Her eyes follow her every move, while there's an almost animalistic desire burning inside her. It's probably for this reason that she loses all of her control, when she places her hand on that gorgeous ass while the mysterious dancer keeps waving in front of her eyes. Naya wraps her hand on her ass cheek, squeezing her fingers on her skin.

Kevin and Dianna stare at her with perplexity, wondering if she has gone mad or something.

But Naya seems to be isolated from the world, she only sees the breathtaking blonde who seems equally surprised by the sudden and unladylike gesture.

Naya just gives her a smile, without even hiding her malice, even when the dancer moves her hand away from her ass.

"You get to watch, but do not touch." Heather whispers in her ear, going down on her and resting her arm on the back of the sofa.

Naya breaths in fully that wonderful aroma and trembles when she hears that her voice is so soothing and feels a pleasant sensation arising from the warm breath on her skin.

"Is that also for private shows?" Naya whispers the answer.

Heather smiles at the question, obviously wondering how the hell she's even managing to remain so calm in front of the celebrity she has such a huge crush on. In fact, she doesn't know why Naya is asking such a thing because, even though she's trying to show herself steady and enticing at the same time, there are still some heart palpitations and legs trembling to surprise her and prevent her from being fully conscious of what she's doing.

"It might." She whispers again, before she can brush her own face against Naya's, cheek to cheek, and then suddenly she turns around, moving the hand away from the back of the seat, and giving another view on her perfect ass, while pretending to give some attention to the table she's facing now.

Naya shakes at the mere touch, she is ready to touch her again, to kiss her, banging her on the table and tear her clothes off. But the blondie has walked away, faster than the wind, leaving a bitter taste of dissatisfaction in her mouth.

"Naya what the hell's wrong with you?" Dianna asks upset, without getting any response. "God, you're eating her out with your eyes!" She comments, shaking Rivera's arm.

"She ain't the only one though …" Kevin adds mischievously.

"Excuse me guys, but I have a private show waiting for me ..." Naya says, without ever taking her eyes off the girl.

"Where are you going all alone?" Kevin asks sullenly, but Naya is not even listening. She stands up from her sit and walks past the table where the dancer is performing, showing her perfect body to the crowd. A slight look full of lust is enough to make her know that she would have waited for that girl in the private room.

Heather has to slow that sexy walk down for a moment because her legs are shaking. She has to be convinced about the fact that it's a one-night-only, so just has to perform in a sublime way to prove to Naya Rivera, her celebrity crush, what he's worth it. It's quite difficult because the thought only of following her in the private room has forced her to focus harder not to lose it during the next sensual choreography.

But when the final choreography ends, Heather is already re-charging. She has spent the last few minutes hoping that the music quickened and that the number would have lasted less, only because she can't wait to get in there.

She grants a last movement of her hips to the nearest table and walks away towards the stage, quickly climbing on the stairs and almost nearly falling as she walks to the doors to the private rooms.


Meanwhile Naya has been led by a member of the staff that ran the halls for the private room and has paid a substantial amount of dollars to get the private services of that damn sexy blonde. Actually, money is not a problem for Naya, she could also hire the whole corps de ballet, but the only thing she wants is to see the first dancer on the line rubbing against her body to the rhythm of the music once again.

The idea makes her tighten her legs to find a bit of relief, as she waits patiently sitting on the leather sofa, the arrival of the girl she barely remembers the name. Throughout the show she has been too busy staring at her perfect curves to remember the ravings of Kevin yelling loudly her name to get her attention.

But she is distracted from her thoughts when the curtain of the private room moves and that blonde makes her way inside, walking slowly and sensually to the couch on which the actress is still waiting.

Heather has to keep her eyes focused on her face not to lose his balance. She has been confident until this moment and now is beginning to doubt. She has thought she'd have headed towards Naya with all the naturalness of the world, to be able to be extremely sexy – she is, she just feels awkward because it's Naya Rivera -, but her legs are shaking, already making her wave on her high heels.

She tries to avoid getting carried away by emotions, however, and takes another couple of quick steps toward the couch. A movement of her waist waving, slow, sensual, let all the muscles of her abdomen stretch and her mouth part in a sexy movement, looking for air in a room way too hot and dry to allow certain body rolls.

Naya almost choks on her drink she has ordered while waiting, when she sees these pair of tempting hot lips part; she would do anything to taste them right now. She feels like the only thing she wants to do is kissing this crazy sexy dancer that's provoking her since she's first seen her in here tonight.

"You don't make customers wait that long. Haven't they taught you that?" She asks, placing the empty glass on the table. "Especially if your customer is a huge star like me." She adds, completely unable to take her eyes off the blonde girl.

She's getting more and more curious to uncover her face and see her as she really is, even if just to stare into these blue eyes, deep as the sky, it's more than enough to have her shudder on the sofa.

Heather leans forward, showing her a perfect view of her boobs and places a firm hand on the back of the sofa, at the side of her head, and looks at Naya firmly with her ice-blue eyes. She is looking for a way to hide her sudden insecurity and the mask is being such a good support for that.

"You're a star?" She asks, though she can't help but swallow these words. Of course she knows who Naya is. She knows it for sure. "I'm sure I've never seen you before ..." She whispers, unable to keep her hips from shaking and rolling. It's so weird that her legs tremble and her hips are rather so loose.

The question makes Naya scowl, but it doesn't stop her from watching that flick of hips with dreamy eyes.

"You … you really don't know who I am, do you?" She asks the dancer, lifting her gaze eventually. "Great, so no one will know about my little fling with a stripper." She says with a leer. She lifts from her seat and walks over towards the dancer, dangerously, placing her hands on the blonde's hips, stopping for a moment her damn exciting dance.

And she is surprised when her bad intentions get blocked by a sudden movement of hips which allows Heather to escape that trap.

The girl, however, remains almost pressed into her body.

"You get to watch, but do not touch." She repeats seriously, despite the smile on her gorgeous can't believe it. She can't believe the fact that Naya Rivera is really enjoying the show so much. She can't help but smiling at the thought. "There will be no flings with this 'stripper'."

"You know you can make an exception to the rule, it's just for once ..." Naya insists, giving her one of her fucking hot smiles that are able to make anyone fall at her feet. She tries to get close again and this time strokes her arm slowly, touching her milky skin gently, never breaking eye contact with her blue eyes. She loves watching them, they're hypnotic, also when her hips are still swinging right and left occasionally.

"This is not what my job is about." Heather manages to say with difficulty.

She lets that arm brush along her skin in an approaching game that she knows all too well. It's not a deep contact and it will just incite even more because she's just stroking her and it's a provocation, she can tell. Her dance becomes slower, but sensual, until she finds the courage to show Naya her ass again, right there, on display, this time in private.

She knows there aren't going to be developments at that. She knows this is her only chance in life to see Naya Rivera so closely. She has to leave her mark. HeMo knows that she can't have the woman who had made her doubt about their sexuality for so long, so this is the chance for her to make Naya rimind about this dance, about tonight at least.

She really wants to leave her mark.

On the one hand, however, she realizes that it is quite childish of her to want it so much. She can't hope that a woman like that may remember about her, maybe, she's also used to sexy shows and stuff like that, isn't she?

Still, she can't help but thinking that this illusion is the right way to give herself the charge to act.

Naya looks down, haunted by the hypnotic dance and the only thing she wants at that moment is touching that perfect body. But she can't go further, not more than she has already done, as the dancer doesn't seem to want it as Naya had wished. She steps forward and puts her hands back on the girl's hips, but this time without any pressure, rather simply accompanying her movements.

She leans her chest against Heather's back and leaves a soft kiss on her bare shoulder.

"Has anyone told you that you're fucking hot as hell?" She whispers in Heather's ear, her voice is hoarse and sensual. She's trying to seduce her, but the blonde seems to be able to fight her with a huge resistance.

Heather bothers to shake her hair calmly and then looks at her, trapped in her grip. It's too hard to resist to Naya Rivera. She had no idea how she is being capable of pulling her body away from hers, to turn towards her and escape any contact.

"I get that every night," she says, her voice trembling a little, because of she is reading in the eyes of the star in front of her, "it's nothing new."

She knows that their time is coming to an end. She probably has other customers, and she can't let them wait. Even if right now she's performing for a star like her.

"But it's not an ordinary girl who's telling you ..." Naya corrects, without ever quitting the smile on her face. She appreciates the fact that the dancer likes tempting her without giving up on her advances ... it drives her even crazier about her tonight (she lets go, also because she knows this is a one-night-only).

"Stop playing hard to get ..." Naya says, still advancing towards her slowly. "... your boss won't find out anything about this, I promise." She adds archly, stopping a few inches away from her face.

Naya can feel the dancer's hot breath on the skin, her fresh smell invading her senses and the only thing she wants is to taste her charming lips; in the end, however, she manages to maintain a certain lucidity to curb her instincts. She can't really jump on her and force her to do something she doesn't want to do.

Heather finally decides to escape from the grip. She isn't sure she can handle the tension and she doesn't even want to know about it, absolutely.

She doesn't want anything right now, right?

She's doing her job and she's giving into it too much also. She can't believe she has been so unlucky / lucky; so much that she has to resist her celebrity crush trying to seduce her. It's just absolutely insane.

"I-I ..." Heather can't hold back the babbling that comes out of her lips this time, but she decides instantly to get a grip and calm the situation down. "I'm not here for that," she doesn't want to look like a whore, that's not what she does, "and our time is out anyway."

She shows her back to Naya again, quickly, coming out of the closet accompanied by the ticking of her boots, while her eyes are getting wetter at the idea forming into his mind: she'll never see Naya Rivera again. And Naya Rivera will never know what a huge crush she has and the sensations she gets from her everytime she sees her on the screen and how hard it is for her to resist.

Naya tries to stop her eventually, but the dancer doesn't look back even when she hears her name called from her lips.

Naya sighs, bitter feeling running through her body, and runs a hand over her face. She looks around, imagining she's still seeing that wonderful girl dancing before her eyes, just for her, imaging she stills smell her perfume, her sexy voice that could easily take anyone's breath away.

She doesn't even know what happen, or why she has felt so drawn about that little blonde, but, above all, she doesn't understand how the mysterious dancer could resist her advances.

But the thing that she just can't forget are her ice-blue eyes, so deep and so blue that Naya feels shiver while she thinks about it. She could spend hours staring at herself reflected in those two pieces of heaven, if she hadn't been distracted for that perfect body so put on display by the few pieces of cloth that barely covered skin.

She has spent all the night imagining her face, without the mask, she has also felt the urge to find it out. She steps out of the private room, going back to the main room and almost stumbling against her friends she has left there about half an hour ago.

"There you are, where the hell have you been?" Dianna asks, shaking her head.

"I was with ..."

"Heather?" Kevin anticipates, smiling slyly.

Naya nods absently, looking around to search for her thick blond hair.

"Oh my God, did you get fucked in the private room?" Dianna asks, shocked.

"You have all my respect, Bee." Kevin said, envious.

"No. Of course not!" Naya answers loudly, with a little bitterness in her voice. "Paper and pen, I need a pen and a piece of paper!" She exclaims suddenly, as if she's had a brilliant idea.

"What do you need them for?" Kevin asks curiously, following her to their table.

Naya doesn't answer. She opens her bag and finds, fortunately, what she wants; she writes a short message without thinking twice. While her friends stare at her with perplexity filling their eyes, Naya approaches a staff member of the club and whispers something in his ear, and then gives him the note.


While her legs are still shaking, Heather walks to her dressing room.

Defining it dressing room was a bit too much actually. She opens the door and finders herself in this familiar small space. She loves the fact that they have done it following her tastes and kept the room lit by warm and cozy lighting, which creates a pleasant and relaxing environment, leaving the room still dark around the corners.

She walks inside and, firsly, grabs the white robe next to the door, wearing it quickly. She likes this towel and as soon as she can, she uses it to feel comfortable. She steps towards the mirror on the wall at the other side of the room.

Without even looking at the furniture in front of her eyes, she sits down on the chair. She stares in the mirror for a moment and can't help but notice this the evening has had some effect on her: she can totally see it into her own blue eyes.

She was still shaking, caught by the idea of having Naya Rivera at that short distance range, with her hands on her body, and not having taken advantage of the situation.

She repeats herself that it was the right thing to do and that she has just behaved professionally. She has lost the opportunity of a lifetime, she's never going to see her again, but she has made Naya treat her with dignity at least.

She looks down at this thought, and just at this moment, she notices a small note.

Her hands reach out and grab it instantly, curiosity spilling over her fast.

When she reads the back of it, she almost risks falling off of the chair.