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Chapter 5

She spurs the last drop of perfume and then stares at herself in the enormous mirror of her room, checking that everything is just fine: black dress, one of her favorite that stands out the perfect curves of her body, but doesn't show too much anyway. Long wavy hair falls softly along her back, over her shoulders, and warm but delicate make up underlines her tempting gaze. She wears black high heels, just to seem a little taller.

She looks perfect.

And yet she feels dirty, out of place, inadequate.

It's been exactly four days since what happened in the trailer, four days during which Dianna spent hours – occasionally even full nights – trying to calm her desperate cries and her sense of guilt.

Her best friend hadn't judged her about anything. She just helped her making anything clearer in her confused mind and especially, ignoring her stupid pride – which is always a cause for bad things to happen.

And now Naya is here, staring at herself in the mirror. For a moment, she thought Dianna's idea was stupid and crazy, and it was just better for her to go back to bed, hoping that time would help her forgetting everything about Heather.

But for once her heart has won over her brain. Feelings have won over rationality.

She constantly replays Dianna's words back into her head, like she wants to tell herself to be braver.

She sighs deeply before she walks out of her house.

She has to do this.

She needs to see her again.


There is something in her body that makes it clear that she is nervous. That is not good though, since her body and the way she moves it is the only way she can gain her life for now.

In the last few days, this hasn't been fun like it used to be.

She usually enjoys her job, she loves it. She's happy at every song and performance, but she can't hide to herself that she knows about the change: everytime the lights light up her body, Heather can't help but thinking that it was the way it started back then.

Naya looking at her, that night, is stuck into her mind and it's not going anywhere soon: she can see her in the crowd, she can feel her on her body, and the most horrible thing is that those invisible eyes wandering over her only bring her back to the trailer and what happened, and those are the worst moments.

When she remembers about how despiteful Naya's voice had sounded while she was whispering those terrible things and her hands were wandering on Heather's body with no gentleness, her legs shake and she isn't even sure anymore about the fact that she can put on a show that's good enough for her job, since her steps are becoming clumsy even if she's usually the best of dancers.

Her dress room isn't comfortable anymore.

It doesn't even fit her anymore.

But still, she stands up from the chair, looking into the mirror fast, staring at the soft silk material of her covering dress which is going to disappear soon, and then she gives her back to it, almost as if she wants to leave her own image behind because she can still see Naya's hands on her body and she doesn't want it to happen.

She pushes the thought away, when her fingers press over the wood of the door out and she knows she has to open it, because duty calls; and she doesn't care about reliving all the ways Naya Rivera made her understand that she means nothing. She is nothing.


It's been almost fifteen minutes since Naya has parked her car near the Harvelle. Endless minutes that the actress has spent staring at the sterling wheel she is still holding in her hands.

She has never felt so nervous and panicked about something so hard in twenty-five years.

The more time goes by, the more she is realizing that going to the club was probably the worst idea ever.

What is she supposed to tell her? A few excuses won't be enough to justify what she has done. What if Heather doesn't even want to see her? She's going to give paparazzi an excuse to write on the papers about an eventual scandal that might take place where a certain dancer works.

While her mind keeps on wondering about these things, Naya's body keeps moving independently: she finally decides to step out of the car and walk over the main door of Harvelle. She gets struck immediately by the cold neon lights and the pop dance music that plays as background to the burlesque number some of the dancers.

Naya walks through the crowd and the tables, leaning over to see if Heather is in the group. But the first dancer isn't on the scene yet.

Heather is there though.

She is standing beside the stairs, hidden, to stare at her co-workers as they prepare the stage for next performance, creating the atmosphere. They are more enthusiastic than Heather is going to be tonight.

Or at least, that's what she thinks before she looks up.

The lights shine around the room, enlightening different points in alternate games, and when they stop on a familiar face, even though they're still soft and faded, it takes her just a few seconds of her legs shaking to realize it's not her imagination playing tricks.

She isn't really sure about what is the reason why she suddenly feels electric instead of hesitating: she's knows that Naya is here right now because she enjoyed it the first time, so she's just searching for a brand new dancer to use for her needs. Well, Heather is going to show her proudly that no one is better than her.

Just a few minutes.

A few minutes and the performance will be over.

A few minutes, and she's going to show Naya Rivera how much she's worth it.

Naya is still gazing around, but while she is trying to hide herself so that no one recognizes her, she doesn't manage to see the girl she is looking for. She moves fast through the crowd, thinking that she might even ask some staff member to bring her to Heather's dress room; but then she realizes it would be a terrible idea.

The change of music that claims the performance over gets her attention. She turns to the stage, but the rest of the people in the club seem to be quite taller than her; she can't really see what's happening or why all of a sudden she can hear people screaming and whistling so loud that they almost cover the sound of Lady GaGa's famous Dance In The Dark.


Heather comes out of a curtain and she hasn't felt her own legs so strong and firm in days. Her soft cotton covering dress flying away in a moment, leaving her perfect pale body uncovered and revealing black lace panties and bra, all completed with a garter on her left thigh.


She is not going to make Naya realize too soon that she has seen her. Not until the right moment comes. Her hips rock sensually, her hands drawing over her sides and her movements contracting her muscles just right, as the lights show them to the crowd.


She walks around the room, ignoring the point where she has noticed Naya and showing off closely to another girl in the front line, with delicious slow movements that almost rub over her body, making the girl pretty happy about it. Heather is going to show Naya how her presence doesn't influence her at all.

Inject Me.

She walks around again, just a little hesitating, before she turns around and leans forward, showing off her perfect ass with her legs spread perfectly. Only an awesome dancer like Heather can spread them so easily and steadily at the same time. She gets up in a second, turning her head over her shoulder to meet Naya's gaze with her own ice eyes, knowing that Naya is going to notice as her lips playback Baby, I'm a free bitch while dancing in the dark.

Naya startles when their gazes meet halfway, unable to believe that Heather has actually managed to see her through the crowd.

Her heart stops for a moment and she's sure she's going to have a heartattack soon. She leans her back against a white column, so that she can stare at Heather's perfect moves without being disturbed, but also because she needs something to hang on since there's a fair chance she is going to pass out with the way she is feeling.

A few movements of Heather's hips have been enough to drive her crazy.

But there's something that particularly upsets Naya. The look in Heather's cold eyes is practically challenging. She feels her blood pump fast into her veins and her skin burning on fire when she stare as Heather brushes her body against the first line of people in the crowd, letting them touch her partly. Actually, it's not even real touching, it's almost innocent, but Santana has to use all her mental strength not to jump on one of the tables where the people are sitting and hit those perverts in the face.

Heather doesn't seem willing to stop though. She's never given so many close-up shows in one night, but she can't keep it; everytime her gaze meets Naya's, or she feels the eyes of the actress on her body, she just rocks faster, making her body shake as best as she can, but still being somehow incredibly capable of looking classy.

There's nothing in the world that can stop her now from taking her revenge over the woman she had admired until four days ago when she made her understand what kind of disgusting person she actually is. Heather shakes her blonde hair sensually and then turns to her to challenge her with her eyes before she is paying attention to a blonde attractive guy in front of her.

Naya tightens her hands in fists that she would willingly use onto the face of this fucking lucky guy, since Heather is sitting on him practically. Maybe Naya would use the fist to punch herself for what she did four days ago too. Because now she's sure about it: Heather is provoking her. She's doing this on purpose and if her aim is to make her jealous, well … she's fucking doing it right.

Naya searches for her eyes in the dark, trying to ask her to stop this with her gaze, but everytime they connect, Heather just smirks and moves faster.

Naya's eyes on her just make Heather braver, reminding her exactly of how this woman has looked at her inside her trailer.

Baby loves to dance in the dark,

'cause when he's looking she falls apart,

Baby loves to dance, to dance in the dark.

She swings her hips faster while she walks over the stairs that head to the small stage, giving the crowd one last rocking wave of her waist and stopping her moves right when the lights go out.

Heather Morris is quite satisfied with her performance. Well, not with the one for all the audience, but surely with the one dedicated only to Naya Rivera.

Naya though needs to drink to cool down the way her body has started warming up at the show. Then she suddenly realizes that alcohol would only probably make it worse and she needs to be sober when she's going to get the chance to talk to Heather.

She can't wait too long to do it, she needs to talk to her now. So she decides she is going to pay a whole hell of a lot to get forty minutes in the private room with her. Once again. But this time, Naya doesn't want Heather to dance for her, not like she has done tonight. This time, Naya only wants Heather to listen and give her a chance to talk.

She gets accompanied to the room by a bodyguard, and she sits on the same couch on which she waited for her on the first night. She smiles while she thinks at their first encounter, the show Heather had put up for her.

She closes her eyes, breathing in deeply while she tries to make up a coherent conversation, something that would make sense in front of Heather whenever she is going to come in.

It doesn't take long before it happens. Heather is thinking about her performance while she walks and she has to admit she's pretty satisfied with the result; Naya seemed upset and Heather is sure that at least she ruined her plans for the night. There won't be any other burlesque dancer because she's ruined Naya's moods.

While she moves towards the private room, she is completely oblivious to the person she's going to find there. When she walks into the room to find Naya there, sitting with her eyes close and murmuring something at no one, she feels a shiver of anger run down her spine.

"I see you didn't find any better dancer than me in here." She says sharply, forcing her to open her eyes at the sound of her voice. "At least for your taste."

All it takes for Naya to forget that monologue - that sounded quite good in her head after she'd replayed it for a few times - is to look into her eyes.

"I don't care about the other dancers; I didn't even look at them." Naya answers, standing up from the sofa. She steps towards her but Heather immediately steps back.

"How are you?" Naya asks then, aware that she's just made the most stupid of questions. She barely deserves an answer at that.

"How am I?" Heather spits out sarcastically since she wasn't expecting Naya had the guts to even ask for such a thing. "I'm definitely fine. Four days without seeing you, and I'm already fine again. So hide your face from me. I've tried so hard to forget it since it was starting to make me sick."

It hurts Naya so much and she needs to look down for a moment. She had waited for this to happen but that doesn't make it any easier.

"I'm sorry." She barely whispers. "I didn't want to …" She doesn't even manage to end the sentence because the sole memory of that day in the trailer cut her breath.

"What?" Heather asks, without even worrying about how loud her voice is, though it's still controlled somehow, "What exactly did you want to do?" She says, despise filling her ice eyes and her tone going sharp. "I hope you managed to do what you wanted then; indeed, I imagine you had a lot of fun, so, don't worry about it. No need to apologize."

Naya opens her mouth to fight it and defend herself, but she only manages to pull out a stupid groan. There's nothing she can say to justify herself.

"I … I acted on instincts, I was angry and I fucked up." She tries to say, noticing the way Heather is huffing ironically. "I didn't think any of the things I said to you, I swear!" She adds, feeling terribly guilty. "I didn't mean to … to hurt you." She moves in closer to her and looks into her eyes.

But Heather immediately looks away from her because Naya doesn't deserve staring into her eyes either as far as she's concerned.

"Fine," she says instead, still annoyed as she puts her hands on her hips, "now that I know that it wasn't your intention," she adds with a tone of voice that makes Naya understand that she doesn't believe a word she's just said, "could you get out of the room so that I get back to work seriously?" She asks in disdain, as she's still looking around the room.

"I won't let you go back and rub yourself against every single person in the room just to get your personal revenge on me!" Naya screams, her voice surprising and bothering the blonde at the same time. Not only Naya has dared to come here, but she's also raising her voice at the place where Heather works.

"I won't let you go until you've listen to me," She adds, leaning a hand to hold Heather's one tightly.

Then, when Naya touches Heather's skin with her own, the dancer can't keep the way it reminds her of what happened four days ago. Fast but awful flashbacks go through her head and the confused memory of what happened is enough to make her react on instinct. Her free arm moves fast while her hand – tickling from anticipation – slaps the actress's face.

Naya covers the hit cheek with her hand even if she hasn't realized what has happened yet. It's been so quick.

She can only feel the tickling sensation invading her skin and her legs shaking awkwardly, and then she realizes that Heather has slapped her, hitting her with all the rage she had been gathering. Naya could swear she's got the hand of the dancer printed on her swollen face.

"Do you feel better now?" She asks, calmly. She knows she had it coming, in fact she probably deserves to be slapped some more. It's because of this awareness that Naya doesn't react at all.

Heather winces, dissatisfied at the question because Naya shouldn't even talk by now. She doesn't manage to feel guilty about what she's just done either.

"Of course." She answers proudly. "Now I know what it feels like when you act on instincts at least." She jokes ironically but still bitter and not amused at the situation. "But I would totally feel better if you walked out of this room, this place and mostly, out of my life."

"I'm sorry but I can't." Naya answers, annoying Heather even more if possible at how sure she sounds. "I thought you knew that I can be stubborn when I want to …" She says, a little provoking. "I know you'd want so much to just punch my pretty face and I would totally let you do that if that's what is going to make you forgive me," she explains, staring into Heather's eyes. "I just want you to listen to me …"

Heather hates herself at the little hesitation that has been running through her body while she thinks about what to answer. For a moment she had even consider just listening to her. Then it doesn't take long before she realizes that Naya doesn't deserve that after what she's done to her.

"Well, I'm working. I can't really stay here and listen." She answers flatly, lifting her eyebrows and making Naya understand clearly that she's using it as an excuse just because she doesn't want to talk about it.

Without adding anything, she turns around, showing her back to Naya.

She's trying to fight the part of her brain that is still asking how it is possible that she's acting like this towards Naya Rivera, but reason suggests her that, famous or not, she's still the woman who's behaved horribly to her and she deserves to be treated just like this. That's what she thinks of while she walks out of the private room, running from her.


"Listen to me for once, believe me, you've already done too much damage!"

"Your idea wasn't as brilliant as you said it was going to be, so I'm choosing what to do now." Naya answers immediately, and Dianna sighs through the phone. She had gone to her car as soon as she had walked out of the club, considering Heather's words and covering the red mark on her face with foundation through the rearview mirror.

The slap hurt, not for the gesture itself, but for what it means; Heather confirmed her that she hates her now and that she can't forgive her. So she had called her best friend, Dianna, to tell her about what happened and Dianna had fondly suggested her to just go home, without insisting.

But Naya can't.

"Nay, please, just don't fuck up again. Go back home and let it go. Maybe you can talk to her some other time, when she'll be less angry at you." Dianna says.

"Oh here she comes. Gotta go, Di. Love you." Naya answers and she cuts the phone off as soon as she sees Heather coming out of the club.

She pulls out of the car, stumbling because of her sleepy feet from sitting in the car and waiting so long.

"Heather! Wait!" She almost screams to get the dancer's attention since she's walking way too fast.

Heather stalks more quickly immediately, as soon as she recognizes Naya's voice, moving quickly along the sidewalk without even turning around to gaze at her. She doesn't even care how crazy it might be that a star is following her along the street just to talk to her, not even Naya Rivera can treat her like that. She's got some dignity.

But the actress won't give up and even though her feet hurt from high heels, she stars walking faster to reach her.

"Can you stop for a moment?" She asks, scooting in beside. "You can't avoid me forever." She insists, blocking her pace by moving to stand right in front of Heather.

"Of course, I can." Heather answers, without thinking about it twice. "Indeed, it's what I'm doing now." She says annoyed before she walks by Naya and tries to get away again.

"Please, just wait!" Naya begs her, trying to keep up with her, unwilling to let her go. "I can follow you around all night if that's what you want." She clears.

She wants so badly to just grab Heather's arm and make her stop, but she's afraid to touch her after what happened.

Heather keeps on ignoring her, not even allowing a gaze, and she walks down of the sidewalk all of a sudden, changing her direction and not even looking around before she does. It's just a new plan to escape.

Sadly, Heather should have considered that crossing the road without checking could be dangerous, very dangerous.

A car is speeding along the street and Heather is just on its direction. One second and the car would have run over her. Luckily though, Heather finds herself straddled in Naya's arms. She has just saved there from ending in a hospital bed.

"Didn't they teach you to check before you cross the road?" Naya asks, breathless from fear. "You were so close!" She looks at the road, without realizing she's still holding Heather closely.

Heather takes a deep breath (she needs it so that Naya can't read the fear she's felt when she's seen the lights of the car or the relief when Naya pulled her away) and she blinks, trying to hold herself together.

"They taught me not to follow people who don't want to talk to me though." She complains, knowing for sure that this attitude isn't appropriate, considering that Naya just saved her.

"You could show me a little of gratitude, you know …" Naya says, turning to her. They're so close that their breaths are mixing, that they can smell each other's perfumes and the tips of their noses are brushing together.

Naya could never break that comforting hold; she is unable to pull herself away from the heat of the other girl's body. "I think I deserve the chance to talk to you now, don't I?" She smiles, her eyes looking soft and sweet as she tries to convince Heather to let her talk.

HeMo looks down for a moment, pondering about it, but all it takes is a few seconds before she turns to Naya once more.

"Why?" She asks, lifting an eyebrow; she still can't keep from holding her breath though. She is so close to Naya, so much that if she'd let it go and just breathe, it would wander all over her face and have them both shivering. "Why do you try so hard and talk to me if I told you that I just don't care about whatever you might say?"

"Because I want to get to know you." She says immediately, but her voice sounds sweet anyway. Heather stiffens up in her hold and she can perfectly see her wonderful eyes getting wetter. Naya's heart skips a beat as she can read the pain in the girl's eyes. "I wasn't lying when I said that and … God, I'm so, so sorry for what I did!" She says guiltily. "I know you hate me now, I hate myself too, but I just want you to get to know the real Naya. Not Naya Rivera, the star from Glee."

"I would have preferred that Naya." Heather snaps immediately, no second thoughts, trying to ignore the knot in her throat. "I've already met the real Naya and she's the one who put her hands on me and told me horrible crap in her trailer," she says sincerely, even though her voice is shaking while she moves away from Naya's weak hold. "The star from Glee seemed like an amazing person to me, but then I realized that even to define you a person is a compliment."

She knows she's talking on an instinct, but she can't help it because she has that day still impressed in her head perfectly and it's so easy to talk like this, to say these things.

Naya looks down, chewing her lower lip to try and keep the tears threatening to stream from her suddenly wet eyes. These words hurt as a punch in the face or a stab to her heart; Naya knows she deserves it, but it's hard to accept it anyway.

"I've never even actually thought one single thing of what I told you." She says but keeps on avoiding her gaze. "But if you want to throw it all on me, if it makes you feel better, then have it. Just … if you wouldn't have lied to me, this wouldn't have happened."

"Too bad that it only proved me right though." HeMo replies, sounding sure, "You did what I thought you would; I knew you would have thought those things about me and I got it right. But maybe if I told you, nothing would have happened, you would have just insulted me and then you'd have walked out of my life before you even got it."

"Dammit Heather, what do I need to do to make you understand that I really like you?" Naya growls, leaving Heather speechless. And maybe even herself because she didn't think she was going to say that. "If I had actually thought those things, you think I'd still be here, begging for you to forgive me?" She asks after a few moments of silence, finally sounding calmer.

The words are like a hot shower (not cold at all for the way she feels) because Heather can't believe the absurdity of the situation: for a moment she even forgot all that had happened, because Naya told her she likes her, really likes her, and it hadn't been just sex maybe.

Heather has to admit that it wouldn't make any sense otherwise. Why would Naya waste her precious time trying to explain if she didn't mean it? And yet, she can't help but act proudly, even while she stays in silence, her mouth hanging wide at the confession. She doesn't manage to push her pride aside.

"I don't know, I-" She closes her mouth and then tries once more. "I don't know anything about you, how would I even be sure that-"

She doesn't even get the time to finish the sentence before Naya's lips collide against her own.

Heather stiffens, unable to think or breathe for the matter.

Naya is kissing her.


And yet it seems like it's completely new, maybe because she's moving her mouth slowly against her own, so sweetly that it makes Heather's legs shake, with such a kindness that has nothing to do with the hungry wet kisses they had exchanged in the past.

Naya isn't just kissing her, she's brushing her lips on her own so gently, while she enjoys the touch that she had missed as if it was the air she needed to breathe to stay alive.

They stay like this for long, just mouthing softly at each other, parting their lips occasionally and breathing together, making any words between them sound unnecessary and out of place.

Heather would want to complain, to tell her something mean, but every single bad word had melt at the touch, turning into a bitter taste that is slowing sinking downward her throat and disappearing to be replaced from Naya's sweetness.

Her soft lips taste like everything and nothing at the same time, something different as the kiss they're sharing is always less comparable to the passionate but empty ones that came first; something missed in those, but it's here now even if Heather isn't sure what it is exactly just yet.

Naya breaks the contact slowly, trying to loosen the tension before the desire for each other takes over, breaking the magic of the moment. She wrinkles her lips, making sure that the taste of Heather's mouth would still be vivid, and then she opens her eyes, looking into Heather's blue irises.

"Now you know that I'm willing to kiss you in public, in the middle of a street, just to show you how much I care about you." She keeps close to Heather's face. For the first time since they've met, Naya is showing a true side of herself.

A star like her would never expose herself to such a media danger, kissing a girl there, where anyone could take a picture; and all of this only so that Heather would forgive her.

Heather hesitates.

A voice in her head suggests that this is enough, that Naya Rivera is kissing her in public, not even caring about how this might affect her reputation.

Her look wanders over those lips, still swollen from kissing, then dark eyes that are staring back and HeMo isn't even too surprised at soft way she's whispering the next words.

"I have to go home," she says quietly, avoiding carefully all the talking – that they should actually face after what has just happened, "It's late and I have to go home." She repeats, making sure that Naya knows she's being as kind as she can, and that she has no intention of forgetting about everything and the kiss so easily.

Naya sighs, a little defeated.

Not even that kiss, full of unspoken words, had worked. She had hoped so hard. It's probably over and there's nothing she can do to change it. With time, guilt will eventually fade away and the only thing that will remain is the memory of a one night only.

"Fine," She looks down. "Good night." She turns from Heather, walking to her own car, unable to keep that close anymore.

Heather doesn't hesitate for a moment before she leans in and grabs her arm.

She stares while Naya turns to her in confusion, looking up along her arm until she meets her gaze once more.

"I have to go home." Heather repeats, hoping she will get it this time. The message is too cryptic though and Naya doesn't look like she got what HeMo meant. So for once, Heather lets her pride back off. "Would you carry me home?" She murmurs hesitantly, looking down.

Naya smiles spontaneously at the request. It's not like she could say no; her smile widens even more when she looks down at where Heather still has her fingers wrapped around her arm.

"Of course I would." She says reassuring Heather, who looks worried at her silent pause. Heather smiles and she lets go of Naya's arm. But Naya leans her hand over, until their fingers are intertwined, and she gazes up to look into Heather's eyes for permission to do so.

She doesn't find Heather's eyes immediately though because the blonde is glaring at their hands. She can't control over the emotions blasting inside her at the touch, but she knows that Naya is still waiting for an answer, so she finally meets her gaze, wearing a dizzy smile.

"Okay." She murmurs shyly for the way the situation has become so intimate and sweet all of a sudden. "Where's your car?" She blinks her confused blue eyes.

"Parking lot." Naya replies a little obviously, fully smiling for the first time tonight. "That's where you park cars, isn't it?" She chuckles while Heather flushes redder, and then starts tugging her towards the parking lot.

Heather thinks about what she is doing right now. This is how everything started, with Naya driving her home. And yet, she can't help but let it happen. That's probably because Naya likes her, she has said so. That is what makes it different now.

She walks closer to the car door and she's about to open it when Naya's hand moves quicker, and she does it for her, nodding towards the inside of the car.

"Thank you," Heather murmurs shyly.

"Don't thank me," Naya says once more, her smile never dropping.

She has no idea why but she suddenly feels more relaxed, maybe because the ice glare Heather had sent to her for long is slowly melting. She waits for HeMo to get in the car and she closes the car door. She walks around and sits in the driver's seat.

Heather presses into her seat and she can't help but shiver at the memory of the night she was having a heartattack when she saw Naya Rivera for the first time, while she was dancing - or trying to do so without shaking or stumbling.

She turns to look at her while Naya turns on the engine, and she can't help but stare at her perfection after all. It would have been way too easy to just forget everything and let go to such a perfect woman but she doesn't want to do it. Naya had acted horribly to her and she can't just forget about it. She could listen and give her a chance, but Naya needs to deserve it, even though she's famous, because feelings matter in any case and don't depend on money or the number of magazine covers one can appear on.

During the whole drive, they don't talk to each other and there's an embarrassing silence building up between them.

Naya gazes at the girl beside her on the sly, noticing that Heather is basically doing the same thing the whole time. A beam pops on her face because everytime their eyes casually meet, Heather turns to look out of the window, acting like she hasn't been just caught up.

"Here." She says, her voice a little bitter while she pulls over, in front of her house.

Heather looks at her once more, not hiding it this time, showing her the blue of her eyes. She knows she has to get out of the car, it's about time, and yet there's something that keeps her from doing so. And it's not because of the safety belt if she's not moving.

Her mind travels as she tries to say something, anything that might delay their departure, but everything sounds forced and out of place in her head, so she just keeps on staring at Naya in such an embarrassing way.

To Naya, it would have been enough to just look into those eyes, but she knows the next move is up to her. She has to gain Heather's trust back and erase the memory of that horrible day from her mind.

"Are you tired?" She breaks the silence. "We could go out, have a drink, if you want to." She manages to ask, hoping she won't get slapped because the request actually seems out of place to her.

Heather really wants to say yes but she can't deny she got a little tired over her jealousy performance at the club, so she doesn't think she would handle a drink.

"I don't know if I'd make it to a bar." She murmurs, relaxing her head against the seat. "I'd probably pass out at the door," she says weakly, trying to fight the weakness coming from the day.

"I would carry you in that case." Naya laughs. "I'm used to go to bed quite late, with all the parties the Glee cast has. Not even dozens of beers can get me down," She jokes, making Heather smile.

Naya is becoming more determined as minutes go by; she is slowly regaining the security that allowed her to get closer to Heather.

"But it can get me down," Heather grins, "and believe me, I can be heavy when I don't walk around by myself."

The atmosphere seems to be shifting and everything is suddenly lighter. Heather can feel that part of the early tension is breaking at the joke, making everything more comfortable.

"And it's always better to not have me drinking too much anyway." She explains quickly before she forgets to mention the detail. "When I drink, I start stripping in public and that's not really cool."

Naya arches her eyebrow and smiles amused.

"Okay, so let's not. I would like to have that all to myself," She chuckles, her possessive gaze catching Heather's attention immediately. "Maybe next time I could make you drink … well, if you want us to have a next time, of course."

Heather hesitates, unsure.

What is she supposed to say?

Of course she wants a next time to happen because a few smiles and a kiss had been enough to almost erase the way Naya treated her; but she's not ready to forget about it completely, not yet.

"We'll see." She says and she hoped it would have come out more harshly. "Maybe you should … deserve a next time."

"I'm not afraid of a challenge." Naya looks for her gaze. "I'll show you that I deserve a second chance and that the true Naya isn't the horrible person you've met." She adds surely, so that Heather knows she won't give up so easily on them.

Heather can't keep the beam that pops on her face at the thought that Naya wants so hardly to fight to get her. She'd want to act colder or indifferent, but she's actually melting at the words.

"I can't wait to meet her then." She nods to herself, leaning her hand on the handle of the car door. "Not tonight though."

Before Naya can reply – she doesn't want her to because she's afraid she might give in and spend the night with her – Heather gets out of the car and onto the sidewalk. Naya stays still on the seat for a few moments, pondering about Heather's words and wearing a stupid smile on her face.

And then she remembers something.

"Heather, wait!" She calls after her before Heather can walk into her house.

Naya reaches for her along the stairs, holding Heather's jacket on her arm.

"I forgot about this." She hands it to her. "You've left it in the trailer when …" She doesn't continue the sentence; it would have been too indelicate. The memory of those words, those contacts are still alive in her head and in Heather's.

Heather doesn't think any further though. She leans in, pressing a kiss on Naya's cheek. It's a brief touch but it seems endless to Naya, even while Heather pushes away the arm holding the jacket.

"You can give it to me tomorrow." She whispers, a few inches away from her face, her voice warm and pleasant in such an amazing way.

Naya seems a little stoned, too confused from the heat of Heather's lips on her skin to immediately realize what she's just said.

Is she actually telling her they're going to see each other again? Tomorrow?

She murmurs something that doesn't make any sense but sounds like 'okay, good night' as she holds the jacket in her hands and stares while Heather gets in her house, smiling and then closing the door behind her back.

Heather doesn't even turn on the lights once she is in. She just walks in the darkness, trying not to stumble on anything. She hasn't turned on the lights simply because her mind is too dizzy with Naya and everything that has happened tonight to mind the darkness: her lips, her smell, and her dark eyes. There's a natural instinct that pushes her to walk out of the house, run to Naya's car and keep her from going away.

It's hard to resist at that need because she reminds herself that the first time they had been together she had let their urges drive them into their house and the consequences had been a complete disaster (yes, because the trailer accident was a consequence of the fact that she had allowed Naya to do what she wanted on the first night).

She walks to her room, her heels sliding clumsily on the floor until she closes the door behind her back.

Her gaze stops on the picture on the door and the wall beside it. For a moment she smiles a little stupidly, happy that she hasn't pushed Naya away forever (because she had thought about it, she had seriously considered the idea and right now, she's happy she didn't turn it into reality).

With her lips arched that way, she turns around and lets herself fall on the bed, without even considering getting dressed first and knowing that it has nothing to do with stress, but it's just an emotional buzz that has tired her.

Naya stays there embarrassed in front of the door, her gaze lost in the empty space around her. She's still holding the jacket in her arms, she can feel Heather's smell on it, and a smile appears on her lips.

Maybe because right now he realizes what has happened. Indirectly, Heather has given her a second chance. Destiny has offered her a new opportunity to make it up for her mistakes.

And Naya is going to do anything not to waste it or disappoint Heather.

The awareness of it makes her feel free, happy and calm. And that's how she gets in her car again and drives home.

That smile never leaves her face.