AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Wake Up

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: NarutoXSasuke/SuigetsuXSasuke/Minor HidanXItachi

STATUS: Multichapter: Incomplete


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two males, graphic rape, violence, domestic abuse, underage drinking, thoughts of suicide, AU and OOC. (I swear to god this isn't as dark as it sounds I just don't want anyone to be caught off guard by something in the story.)

~Do you feel like a man, when you push him around, do you feel better now as he falls to the ground~

Sasuke groaned as the sun snuck its way across his floor, climbing up his bed sheets and assaulting his eyes. The brightness had no mercy for eyes, especially in the mornings. He glanced at his clock, realizing he'd woken up only six minutes before his alarm was to go off. He thought about turning back over and waiting for it to go off, though that would probably only make him tired once more. Thus, he turned the alarm off and stood up a little too fast. He stretched, growling lowly in his throat as he did so. You couldn't be quiet when stretching, it just didn't happen.

He uncaringly picked up some clothes from his dresser and went to the bathroom, hoping to get himself ready to face the day. Physically, at any rate. He showered, shivering as the cool water managed to fully bring his mind into a state of awareness. As he stepped out he shook his hair to get the excess water off, a habit that usually annoyed his older brother. He dressed in the dark clothes he'd chosen, the shirt a little large. Probably one he'd stolen from Itachi some time ago.

He walked downstairs, letting himself collapse onto the couch. He didn't react when something jumped onto his stomach. His brother had found a female kitten sometime last year and they both had gotten attached to it. "There's this new thing I think might be fun, it's called "sitting" and I hear it saves furniture. You might want to try it." A flat voice spoke. Sasuke smirked imperceptibly. "That's for boring people." He replied, sitting up slowly as to not disturb the sleek black animal in his lap. Itachi rolled his eyes as he walked into the kitchen. "Try to let our couch live through your winter break, all right?" He called over his shoulder. Sasuke scoffed. Itachi could sound like an annoyed mother at times.

Well, he supposed he was… Itachi and Sasuke had lived on their own since Itachi was fifteen and was emancipated and began taking care of his younger brother. They'd lived with their uncle for two years before that. Their parents had been killed when Itachi was thirteen and Sasuke was eight. Itachi had to be both parents for his brother. Sasuke was currently sixteen and in his last year of high school, he had skipped a grade; sometimes being smart and coming from a strict background came in handy. He'd thought once or twice about quitting, but in the end he chose to stick it out. If only to have somewhere to go in the days.

He gently nudged the cat that decided he was to be a pillow. "Salem, move." He muttered, finally just picking her up. Deep green eyes gazed at him irritably, but she stalked off to find somewhere else warm to laze away. He stood and went into the kitchen, pouring a bowl of cereal. "I'm leaving early, I heard about some sort of accident on the highway so I'm taking the long way to avoid it." He hummed in reply to Itachi as the elder kissed his forehead before leaving. Sasuke listened to the car start, pull out of the driveway, and drive off. He sighed, washing his dish and putting it away.

Any time.

He glanced at Salem as she wound around his legs, he slid open the backdoor to let her outside. She'd probably come back with some kind of bloodbath with her. Damn hunting instincts. His eyes shot sideways when he heard someone knock. He tried to convince himself it could only be a package delivery or some fanatic trying to sell their religion.

He opened the door, releasing the breath he'd been holding. Childish hopes, didn't we learn to let go of that? "Hey, your brother home?" Sasuke stepped aside to let the white haired boy inside, closing the door behind him. "No, he's at work, Suigetsu." He replied monotonously. Suigetsu was his age, they'd been dating for about seven months. They had been friends for a year or so before Suigetsu convinced him to date him. Sasuke realized after about a month that the teenager had control and jealousy problems he'd not known about before.

Maybe that's actually called being kept prisoner.

Sasuke sighed as a smirk crossed the taller boy's expression. Today wasn't going to be a good day. He tensed when he was pulled forward into a rough kiss that was really more teeth than kiss. "Go cook something, I'm starving." Sasuke rolled his eyes, knowing as he walked into the kitchen that it truly wasn't worth the fight to go against Suigetsu. He wished he hadn't learned to cook from his mother, maybe Suigetsu wouldn't come over so often just to eat. He placed a bowl of rice and miso soup on the table, leaning against the counter. Suigetsu sat down, smirking up at the raven as if to mock him. "What do you want to do today?" He asked as he ate, violet eyes sharp with control. "It doesn't matter." Sasuke replied, voice still holding its emotionless tone. He meant that in more than one way; it didn't matter what he said, they would do whatever Suigetsu wanted. He watched Suigetsu glance out of the sliding glass door. "Let's go swimming." He said suddenly. Sasuke looked outside at the underground pool, nearly snorting. He caught it before he dug himself a deeper hole.

"It's the middle of winter." He deadpanned, eyes warily regarding the other male as he stood up and walked outside as if Sasuke hadn't spoken. Suigetsu was a part of the water, Sasuke swore it. He was an incredibly strong swimmer and would live in the water if someone let him. Cold or hot, it didn't bother him. He quickly cleaned the bowl and put it away, walking outside after the other. One way or another, Suigetsu would drag him outside. He watched the boy dive into the water and come up, staring him up and down. "Come here." Sasuke folded his arms, standing a few inches back so Suigetsu couldn't pull him in. "I'm not getting in." He responded; he hated cold water. He hardly ever went swimming, even in the summer. Suigetsu narrowed his eyes. "I don't think I was asking. I'm your boyfriend, learn to act like it." Sasuke didn't bother to hide his snort of disbelief this time. "You don't act like I'm your boyfriend, you treat me like I'm a slave. Like I'm your dog." Sasuke growled, eyes narrowed as he glared down at Suigetsu. He felt a thought at the back of his mind, wondering if the neighbors could hear him scream if the other boy attacked him. "You're only trying to seduce me." He muttered, not interested in getting in the water and being groped. He didn't let Suigetsu touch him if he could help it, the white-haired boy was a sleaze.

He started slightly when Suigetsu spoke, recognizing the tone in his voice as bad news. "I treat you for what you're worth." He hissed, pulling himself out of the water. Sasuke took a step back, but it didn't make a difference. He lost his breath in a pained gasp as Suigetsu punched him in the stomach. "You made me do that." Suigetsu hissed venomously. Sasuke tried to inhale, glaring at the other male icily. He wasn't a toy, you can't just beat a human around like it won't break. "Leave, Suigetsu. Now." He hissed, naively hoping his order would be followed. His house or not, Suigetsu acted like he owned everything. He gasped when Suigetsu suddenly raised his leg to kick him backwards hard, sending him into the pool with a loud splash. He was shocked at the action and by the time he managed to drag himself to the surface he felt like he'd inhaled half of the pool.

He coughed, lungs feeling like someone had lit a match inside his chest. He felt someone grab his wrist and jerk him out of the water, nearly taking his arm off. He grunted as he hit the wood of the ground, the only thing on his mind was trying to breathe. He coughed again, water leaving his mouth. He tensed when Suigetsu stepped beside him, but he heard a voice before the boy had a chance to do something else. "Suigetsu, leave my property. Now." He listened as Suigetsu growled under his breath, stepping over Sasuke and leaving. Itachi knelt beside the younger as he pushed himself onto his knees, chest on fire and wrist bruised. His head hurt really bad where he'd hit the ground, but he saw no blood and figured he was fine. The only blood was on his abdomen from where he'd scraped it being tossed onto the ground like a godforsaken doll. "Sasuke, tell me what happened." Itachi said, his tone short with anger as he helped Sasuke stand and walk inside, having suspected Sasuke's untrustworthy boyfriend had hurt him. "I just fell into the pool, being an idiot." He answered, voice a bit breathy.

He sat Sasuke in a chair, telling him to take his shirt off. The teenager hesitated, but unable to argue with the stern gaze he complied. Itachi's eyes hardened more so at the bruise. "You didn't just "fall into the pool" Sasuke, you have bruises here and on your arm." Sasuke disliked the accusatory tone; if Itachi got suspicious, he would try to do something, and would cause more trouble for Sasuke. "We were play-fighting, you know how we get, Itachi. It's been that way since we met. He pulled me out of the pool by my arm, that's probably where the bruise came from." Sasuke replied flatly, as if annoyed at the over-protective attitude Itachi was exhibiting.

Itachi stared at him for far too long before he sighed, handing Sasuke some aspirin for the pain and telling him to go shower. Sasuke complied immediately, thankful to just escape the suspicious look. He sat on the shower floor, his knees against his chest. Suigetsu didn't even care who saw or found out, he thought he could get out of anything. Sasuke let the water get cold before he finally got out, dressing in dry clothes. He walked out to find Itachi staring rather irritably at his phone. "Problems?" He asked, pulling the older Uchiha from his thoughts. "No, not at all." He said absently, shaking his head. Sasuke snickered, walking past Itachi. "Your boss ask you to strip in his office?" He ignored the chastising "Sasuke!" And continued on teasing his brother. "Everyone's waiting for one of you to snap and finally give in." Itachi rolled his eyes at his brother, standing up.

"It's improper to have a relationship at work, especially with your boss. He just likes to irritate me." Sasuke internally smirked. Itachi would have already left had he not liked Hidan. The man had been his boss for around a year and a half, Itachi often said that Hidan was kind of crude and foul mouthed. He glanced outside, noticing Salem sitting on the chain-link fence of their neighbor's yard that lived across the street. The house had been empty for at least six or so years, the old woman that owned it had moved, occasionally coming back to make sure it was okay and no one had broken in. He saw a rather large, wolf-like dog with a reddish coat pacing back and forth beneath the smug looking cat. She swished her tail as if teasing him. Sasuke narrowed his eyes, walking closer to the window he looked to the side and saw a small moving truck in the driveway.

"Itachi, did someone move in across the street?"


Sasuke: What is this.

Amaya: …A story…

Sasuke: And that means you're doing what?

Amaya: …Writing…

Sasuke: And what should you be doing?

Amaya: …Not...Writing…

But the idea has been kind of strutting around the fabulous part of my mind and I didn't want to let it go. This story is based off a roleplay CrystalDarkSamus and I did (Yes, we have a lot) and the only things I changed were the main pairing and the fact that we had gender-bent Hidan. I left him male for this story. He's hot either way. The main pairing in the RP we did was Itachi and Sasuke, CrystalDarkSamus doesn't like that pairing but she was an incredibly good friend and roleplayed it with me anyway. While I began thinking about the story, I began thinking of Naruto… And thus a plot was born.

You didn't take me seriously before, did you? Yes, I do like to abuse Sasuke. It's usually by Deidara because I love that pairing and it just… Went well. But with this we decided on Suigetsu because them dating was more plausible, and I liked the thought of Suigetsu having a sadistic temper. I know I have like four or five stories going on with abuse and violence and darkness… But that's just my main theme, twists.

Alas, I don't know how long this will be nor do I know when the next chapters will follow. I have no schedule. I will next year, when I begin public school once more, then updates will probably be every weekend. Won't that be fun, to have some damn organization. As I say every time, the first chapter is usually something I use to get down the information I need to really begin, and to get the story rolling uphill. Enjoy, review, favorite. Seriously, review. I'm getting withdrawals from lack of people reviewing my stuff anymore.

Also, bite me. Suigetsu is actually taller than Sasuke. I know I usually make up heights, but this time it's true. Suigetsu is about three inches taller than Sassy-chan. And yes, I like the name Salem for a black cat. Thanks Sabrina.