Naruto looked out through the window at the pattering rain as it pounded against his window, as if it wanted to come inside. There was already a storm brewing inside of him, he didn't need another one. Kurama paced around the couch, edgy from the thunder and his human's unsettled emotion. Naruto absentmindedly reached out to pet the worried animal as Kurama sat beside him, but his focus remained on Sasuke.

Maybe he'd said something wrong for Sasuke to suddenly be so irritated with him? He had seemed fine until today, where it was like he'd suddenly decided Naruto was his enemy when he hadn't even done anything! One day they were friends, and now Sasuke was telling him to leave him alone, he had no idea what had happened!

"I think more happened last night than Sasuke said…" Naruto voiced the thought aloud. Maybe they'd broken up and Sasuke was stressed over it? It sounded like a war had been started. Suigetsu acted a little strange, he clearly didn't like Naruto. Naruto pursed his lips; he didn't really trust Suigetsu for some reason. Probably the unusual way he acted, he seemed a little edgy. It was probably just reflex from being trained to pick out twitchy people was all.

He wondered if he should ask Itachi about the previous night, Naruto didn't believe it had been nothing but a movie; that was bull. He didn't think Sasuke would appreciate him going behind his back to talk to Itachi about personal matters, though. Still, he would try to get Sasuke to talk to him tomorrow, he would have some time to cool off.

Curiosity and concern got the better of Naruto most of the time, especially when he'd already established someone as his friend. He worried about Sasuke a little, probably because of the time he'd had to go to the hospital. Sasuke could take care of himself, he was sure, the raven seemed stubborn enough. But still, Naruto didn't like being pushed away, especially without a reason!

Whether Sasuke wanted it or not, Naruto wasn't giving up on him.


Exactly what was the point of homework on vacations?

Sasuke stared down with disdain at the paper in front of him, his vision blended mathematical equations into what might as well have been Egyptian hieroglyphics. This normally would have been simple enough for him, it was mostly a review, but today his mind just didn't want to cooperate and make sense of the numbers and signs.

He sighed heavily and pushed the paper and math book onto the floor, leaning back on the couch and covering his face with his hands. What was the point of homework; they received enough work during school in his opinion. Not to mention the kids that actually had jobs along with their schooling. He rubbed his temples, deciding to put the work off until tomorrow when he hopefully wouldn't be as tired.

Or sore.

He winced as he stretched his legs out on the couch, careful not to let his shirt rub too much over the scar. He'd bandaged it, yet he was still paranoid about it somehow bleeding through his shirt again. He didn't know what to do about it, he'd cleaned and bandaged it but he doubted that knife had been clean. He'd put antibiotic cream on it, hoping that would suffice.

He couldn't go to a doctor for it; even picturing the disaster that would follow those events was enough to make him shake his head in firm denial of ever letting a doctor see the wound. He had taken a couple of pills earlier and they slowly started to seep into his system and coat over the pain like a soothing lie.

The pain was still there under the disguise of the medicine, and it would return with a vengeance after the medication dwindled away. He rested an arm over his eyes, his tense muscles relaxing as the painkillers coursed through his veins.

Shadows danced along the walls as if they were performing a show, the last remnants of the sunlight slowly fading away as the night inked into the sky, the rain slowly falling seeming to pick up pace. He liked the longer nights, perhaps one night the day just would never come.

His head tilted back when the door opened, Itachi walked inside with water dripping from his hair. "Caught in the rain?" Sasuke mused, sarcasm in his eyes as Itachi turned to give him a flat glare while taking off his coat and hanging it up to dry.

"Did you see Naruto today? He has a file I need for work to finish this weekend." Itachi asked as he walked into the kitchen, presumably to fix something quick to eat before showering. Sasuke pursed his lips, eyes narrowing a bit. He wasn't a secretary, it wasn't his job to go back and forth handing documents between Itachi and Naruto.

"No. I don't want to, either." He said firmly, standing up off of the couch and turning to walk up the stairs. Unfortunately, Itachi had other plans.

"Why? Did he say something wrong to you?" Itachi inquired, Sasuke paused with a roll of his eyes upward. He could have ignored Itachi and continued upstairs, but he doubted Itachi would have let it go.

"I just don't want to be around him. We're nothing alike, anyway." Sasuke said simply, hoping the answer satisfied Itachi. Even if it didn't, too bad. He headed up the stairs to his room, though he heard Itachi's last bit of disapproving opinion.

"You shouldn't distance yourself from everyone. I understand you're not social, but you're turning into a hermit." Itachi wouldn't force him to hang around anyone, but Sasuke still hated the censure of his decisions. He slammed his door shut as he got to his room, sitting on the bed. Itachi had no place to criticize him.

Sasuke had to remind himself that Itachi didn't understand, so he shouldn't have been angry, but he couldn't help the feeling. He clenched his hand, slamming his fist into the pillow in an effort to release the pent up annoyance.

Anger seemed to be constant for him anymore, he was sick of it. He added it up to just being tired, anyone would be a bit short with others if they were tired. He settled to rest on his back, sighing as he closed his eyes.

The second he did, his mind found it a perfect time to wander. Itachi's question about Naruto led his thoughts to drift towards the blonde. He regretted telling him to go away, he'd probably offended the other boy.

He doubted that Naruto would have left had he not been a little harsh, though. He shouldn't have cared. No, he didn't care, he was just worried a bit. Naruto was kind and he didn't deserve to be treated like that when he'd done nothing wrong.

Damn it.


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