"I might be staying out later on work nights, paperwork and meetings are piling up now that we're completing the project and finalizing the merge. I still expect you to keep up with the homework you were given, school begins again in a few weeks."

Itachi was speaking to Sasuke as he strode through the morning routine of getting ready to leave for work, unknowing that Sasuke was barely registering the words being spoken.

You say that as if I care.

The younger Uchiha sighed, his head resting on the palm of his hand as he sat at the table in the kitchen. He was perfectly fine with Itachi being gone, he preferred to be alone; being alone meant you had nothing to hide and nothing to pretend.

"Sasuke, are you listening?" Sasuke tilted his head up at hearing his name, quickly nodding to confirm that yes he was pretending to listen.

Itachi exhaled with a small shake of his head. Teenagers were difficult, but Sasuke insisted on being one step short of impossible. "I'm leaving. Try to get some work done, I don't want you developing a habit of waiting until the last minute."

Itachi ruffled Sasuke's hair lightly to annoy the younger before he exited the kitchen. Sasuke waited until he heard the small click of the front door shutting that signified he was unchained from the confinements of his deception. It wasn't that he distrusted Itachi, but something inside of him felt it was necessary to disguise himself. As if it would protect him somehow.

Sasuke stood, casting his gaze down when an annoyed cat bumped into his ankles. "Why are you so demanding?" He murmured at Salem as he opened the cabinet, getting a bowl for himself before he knelt down to pour food into Salem's dish. She gave him a haughty glance, giving Sasuke the impression she was praising him for feeding her.

He poured some cereal into his bowl, giving Salem a bit of milk as he poured it in. He ate slowly, hoping the slower he ate the faster time would go by and he wouldn't have to deal with the day. He glared down into the bowl as the last few pieces of cereal insisted on evading the spoon.

He hummed to himself. This little game was similar to life, in a way; the cereal pieces were like people trying to escape their problems -which was the spoon- even though they had a very small space -the bowl- to try to run in and they knew inevitably their problems were going to catch up to them.

He blinked out of his trance, shaking his head at the preposterous thoughts. Well, that's what happened when you allowed your mind to wander. He stood up and washed the bowl, making a point to ignore the motorboat purring down at his feet. "You're not getting more." Sasuke muttered at the cat as he turned and left the kitchen.

He threw his textbook open on the table, determined to get the bothersome math homework out of his way before he just decided to burn the pointless paper. He absentmindedly scribbled answers onto the sheet, numbers and signs drifting in front of his eyes and his brain shooting out answers automatically.

He was bored of school, glad to be leaving soon enough. He didn't see the reasoning behind sending kids to school for so many years when it didn't ever amount to much for the most apart. College was what mattered in the end. In school, honestly, why not just teach what was vital? Maybe more damn kids would care to learn then.

"Knock knock!"

He slowly turned to face the door when he heard someone knock, realizing he'd been staring at the completed work for who knows how long. Well, he supposed it was one way to waste time. He tossed the papers and book back into his bag before straightening up and heading for the door. He didn't bother to look to see who it was before he opened it, though that turned out to be a mistake on his part. "What are you doing here?"

Naruto blinked at the rather harsh question. "Well you don't have to be so hostile! Here, this is for Itachi. He needs to finish it by Monday." Naruto handed Sasuke a packet of papers, Sasuke took them with an apathetic glance at the paper-clipped documents. He started to shut the door when Naruto spoke up again. "You're welcome!"

He said emphatically, nearly snickering at the unamused glare Sasuke gave him. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. "Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm busy." Sasuke said begrudgingly, frustrated with the stubbornness of the blonde. Naruto laughed at what Sasuke said, earning a narrowed gaze of suspicion.

Sasuke wondered if Naruto had hit his head at some point in his life. "I'm sure you're real busy, doing homework and all." Naruto's eyes glinted in amusement as he watched Sasuke frown, clearly not taking the taunt well.

"Yes, problems that I'm sure your little brain couldn't begin to make sense of." Sasuke replied caustically, folding his arms as he smirked at Naruto's surprised expression.

"Yeah well, who needs stupid little equations anyway?" Naruto huffed at the cocky raven. Ha, Sasuke thought he was so damn clever didn't he? Sasuke shook his head at the stupid comeback, smirk still mockingly set on his lips.

"Don't you have somewhere else to be?" Sasuke finally sighed, indicating he was finished with this conversation. Naruto squinted one eye closed in thought, pretending to try and remember something. Sasuke grit his teeth at the little mocking show.

"I was having fun irritating you, but I guess I should head back before Kurama tears up the house. See you around!" With the cheerful goodbye Naruto turned on his heel to head down the driveway, a smirk painting its way along his lips. He'd baited Sasuke and the raven fell for it; now he knew exactly how to get him to talk.

Sasuke shut the door a little loudly, throwing the packet onto the coffee table as if it would help alleviate his annoyance. Damn work, damn smartass blondes, damn refusal to leave him alone. He glared out of the window, eyes narrowing as he watched Naruto walk into his house.

What game are you playing?


Ah, Naruto planned something out huh?

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