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-Katniss, wake up!-

Ugh first day back to school. This will be fun.

-Coming Prim!-

I get dressed and drag myself downstairs. Prim is sitting at the old kitchen table eating cereals I grab a bowl make myself some cereals and sit down at the table. "By the way Gale is picking you up Katniss. I'm going to school with Rue."

-Okay- I mutter.

The doorbell rings and I go to open it. Gale is standing outside next to his new Ford. - Hey Catnip- , he says while I get into the car.


-Ready for School?-


-Wow you're even less enthusiastic than I am!-, he laughs.

When we arrive at school our group of friends is already waiting for us.

-Hey brainless!-

-Hey Jo-, I mutter.

I look around. Finnick and Annie are standing next to each other, since they are a couple since last year. Madge is making her way to Gale, we all know they like each other but they are way to shy to admit it. Cato and Clove are flirting like crazy, because they like each other to and Glimmer and Marvel are doing the same. Finch, who everyone calls Foxface, is standing next to me, but we're both not very talkative.

Thresh; Rue's older brother is talking to Peeta, who I have a major crush on. He looks so good with all his muscles, even next to Thresh, who is about 2 meters tall. I catch Peeta's eye, he is looking at me! I instantly blush, and so does he.

I look across the parking lot. The poplars, who call themselves the Capitol Citizens, are making their way to the door, Corelanius Snow and Effie Trinket at the tip of their formation. They are a couple, and are like super rich. The only nice people of their group are Cinna and Portia, who don't treat anybody but themselves like their crap.

Me and my group of friends also came up with a name of our own for us over the summer. We call ourselves the tributes.

I suddenly notice someone nudging me and see that Clove is done flirting with Cato and that we are making our way to the door.

Here goes senior year. So here goes nothing.

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