Katniss POV

Everyone in the class is staring at me like I'm some kind of alien. Then the teacher says: " Thanks Katniss, please sit down. Next up is Coreolanius Snow." I walk to my seat. When Snow passes me he let's his shoulder crash right into mine with pure force. He also stands in front of the class and sings some song I don't.

While he sings Glimmer leans forward and says:"You never told me you could sing that well." All I reply is a small "Thanks", since Glimmer isn't usually the person to compliment someone. " Yeah you're probably gonna be aloud to sing at the festival." Foxface says. " And when you do show the Capitol up, will ya." Glimmer says.

Snow is now done singing and Effie is mounting the small stage in front of the class. She sings some song, but I don't listen. I've heard her sing for the audition for the last three years since we were always in the same course. I know the teacher will probably let her sing at the festival too, because she's so rich and she can just pay the teachers to let her sing.

When class is over and the other students have sung, I make my way to geography, wich I have with Gale. "Hey Catnip, I heard you auditioned." He greets me." Yeah I did. I heard you joined the weaponry team." I say.

" Uhu. But you always said you didn't want to audition, so why did you?" He asks me.

" Effie couldn't stop taunting me about that I never auditioned and that she didn't think I could sing, so I showed her up. It was actually funny to see her face." I laugh.

" Why didn't you take a photo of her face, she probably looked pretty funny." He laughs too.

We go to class together, since we have geography together next. Since nobody else from our group is in history with us, we just sit down somewhere in the back. The class is boring and when I'm finally dressing myself to audition for the weaponry team I am already tired.

I walk into the gym with the archery stuff I brought from home. Clove and Jo are standing in the corner, Clove has a leather jacket full of different knifes on and Jo has an ax in each hand. They are debating about, which weapon is better, knifes or axes. I join them, but don't say anything, because I know that if I interfere in there argument, it won't get any better.

When there done arguing, we talk about, that if one of us get's captain of th team, we would try to get a place in the weaponry team for spear-throwing and close combat weapon like the longsword too. That way Thresh, Cato and Marvel could join the team too.

Then, to all our surprise Glimmer walks in with archery equipment too. I only saw her shoot once, but I know, that she can't handle the weapon. Then Atala opens the audition and hands us all prepared weapons, sono one can cheat. Then we have 5 minuetes for practice, but Clove, Glimmer, Jo and me only stand around, since all of us, except Glimmer, can handle our weapon. Thre is a list and when I look at it I see, that I will be auditioning last.

While I am waiting outside with the other and the people, one by one, are called to audition I think about the peole, that evaluate our audition. Everyone calls them the gamemakers, and they rate us from a scala from 0-12. I am now alone in the small waiting room. I am called up by Atala, and go into the room.

There is a target and I take the bow from my shoulder. I look over to the gamemakers, and I see they are distrated, because they are talking.

" Katniss Everdeen, archery." I say, and I get a bit of attention.

I stand about 15 meters away from the target, aim and shoot. I miss the target! This bow is different than at home. I hear the gamemakers laugh and they turn their attention to a big plate of apples. Some of them take an apple, there is only one apple and the head gamemaker, Seneca Crane, graps for it.

Without thinking, I take an arrow and shoot the apple right out of his hand and pin it to the wall. The gamemakers stare at me and I say "Thank you, for your concideration."

Then I walk straight out of the room. Outside Clove and Jo are waiting for me, Glimmer has gone to the bathroom. When she is back, I tell them about what happened and they tell me about their audition.

I know that I will not make it into the team now. I'll probably be suspended. So that was it with getting a good job for Prim.

I would like to cry, but since there are about thirty people in the room, I don't.

Atala comes in again and reads the names of the people that made the team. Clove, Gale and Jo make the team, but Glimmer doesn't. Everyone, that get's a score of 9 and more makes the team, both Clove and Jo get a 10.

Glimmer gets a 7. Then Atala says "The new captain of the team is… Katniss Everdeen with an outstading eleven! "

I stare at her in disbelieve, while everyone, except Glimmer congratulates me. She just stands there looking at me with her eyes full of hatred.