Me; Teen Top is so sexy...

Malayna; New story eh? Working on two at the same time? Fantastic!

Me; I suppose.

Malayna; Still Yaoi?

Me; Yeah.

Malayna; who dis time gurl?

Me; I guess it can be Shin x Toma (Amnesia) or since Toma is seme should it be "Toma x Shin"?

Malayna; I dunno, but sweet!

Me; Let's begin!


It never was fair...Not at all. Just because Heroine wanted to marry me, doesn't mean I wanted to marry her! Since she was young, she was brainwashed to believe we should be together. Stupid parents! Although...I care for her, I only got close to her because...B-Because... Of...

"Toma! Tomaaa!" Heroine called out while gripping Shin's hand tight. It was annoying. That bitch was annoying. That's what Shin always thought. Although he could never say it aloud. "Toma! Over here!" She waved to her cousin with a smile. Shin looked at the other with a blush soon forming on his face. D-Damn...He's even hotter than I remember! Shin just kept staring, even though it was rude. His hair was in it's messy, wavy hairdo as always. His hair was black with maroon red tips, while his eyes were a pretty shade of red. His shirt was black, but had red writing on it. The words 'Bite me' to be exact. He had black skinnies on with red sneakers. He also had a red hoodie on. "Oi! Heroine!" The tall, lean-built young man with short, spiky blond hair and orange eyes also called back. He had on a black shirt with chains at the bottom of it, wrapping around him, a long white hoodie that almost reached the ground with gold lines on the arms and hooded part of the hoodie. his pants matched the hoodie he was wearing also. He had the hood on his head, but people could still see his lovely blonde hair and handsome yet angelic face. Finally Toma met the two with a smile. "Good to see you Heroine...And Shin as well." As he looked at Shin, he smiled cutely and Shin's heart throbbed. Toma...Is as charming as always...Toma... With his face still red, he panted a bit. He was already feeling a bit nervous... "Oi, Shin. Are you okay?" Toma leaned in closer to his face and Shin jumped. "G-Gah! I'm fine!" "Okay then..." "Where to?" Heroine gripped Shin's hand tighter. He felt even more annoyed. If only the 20 year old saw him as a lover... He could give up on Heroine and go with his beloved. Toma...I'm about to have a heart attack...I long for you so much... His thoughts were disrupted by pulling. "H-Huh? Where are we going?" "Silly Shin-love, to a restaurant!" Shin-love? Really? Just kill me now...

After 5 hours of hanging out, Heroine finally went home. "Shin..." Toma smiled at the other male. Shin blushed once again, "Toma..." He stared at the other, they stared at each other... Anyone could easily see the sexual tension between the two... "Toma...Your eye lashes have always been so pretty and long...I like them..." "You...Are the one with long lashes..." Slowly, Toma leaned into the other. Shin's face was red as his lips waited with anticipation. "Oi!" They both jumped as they heard Heroine. "Shin and Toma are going to be safe right?" "Y-Yes!" Both sounded so nervous. What did you expect? They almost betrayed Heroine... "Okay! Night 3 !" Again, she walked down the street. "Toma-san. I know they might be crazy, but...Do you want to come over to my place and drink?" "H-Huh? But, that's illegal..." "Only if someone finds out..." Toma shrugged it off, "Sure..." Maybe ten minutes later, they were at Shin's place. "Come in..." Shin opened the door and took off his hoodie. "Okay..." Toma smiled brightly, as he entered the apartment of his long time friend's. "Can you drink Sake?" Shin questioned before he headed to the fridge. "Yes. The question is: Can you?""W-What's that mean?" "My question stated what I meant." "Is that a challenge?" "Take it anyway you like!" Toma giggled as Shin frowned. "Y-Your on!" Shin grabbed two bottles of Sake and opened both. "The first to finish wins!" "Fine then..." Soon Toma was finished the whole bottle while Shin held his head low. "Shin..." "What?" "Are you okay?" "No...I'm going to have on hell of a hangover tomorrow..." "So weak-willed." "SHUT IT YOU!" "Fine...Then I'll help you to bed..." Toma helped the other up, and held him close so he wouldn't fall. "H-Huh? 0/0" The intoxicating smell of Toma' scent, really sent him over the edge. I want Toma to touch me... That perverted thought came to mind. Damn this was bad...Even dangerous... Toma laid the other on his bed and slowly, pulled off his shirt. "Ha...Ha..." Came from Shin which made Toma blush once again. "Toma..." Shin called, "Yes Shin..." "I..." Toma proceeded to pull the other's pants down which reveled a huge erection. It was throbbing inside of his black silk boxers as they spoke. "I...Want you..." Shin's face was a deeper red as he crossed his arms at the top of his head. "I want you to do... H* Stuff with me..."


"Shin..." Is this kid trying to kill me OR get ME KILLED?! To Toma, Shin had a sign above his head that read 'Molest me'Shit... Shin was so fucking hot. Did Shin even realize what he was doing? "I...W-We..." No point in fighting it now. Toma roughly kissed the teen on his lips. God, it felt so good. Tasted so sweet. The lips of an unrequited love. "Shin..." "Toma...Ha...Ha... Touch me more..." Toma then gripped his black hair and kissed his neck, sucking on it to leave his 'love bites'. "Ahh...Nhh...Toma...Touch me here..." Shin's hand grabbed the other's and placed it on his crotch. Toma's eyes widened. This was too embarrassing... "S-Shin...Heroine..." "I hate her...I wanted...You...Always..." What?! Does he know what he's saying?! "I..." Toma didn't even bother to warn him. He planted his kisses everywhere. Leaving his love marks everywhere. "Toma...Suck...P-Please..." Shin huffed more. "As you wish..." Toma kissed his throbbing erection through the fabic, nibbling and chomping on it too. But gently... "Shin...?" Toma looked up. Damn... The other passed out. That was a good thing Toma thought. With his face burning up again, he pulled covers on the younger boy and kissed his forehead. "Night..." He raced out the door.

He quickly ran up the street. What was that? What was that? That was wrong! That was wrong! To even think of doing such a thing to him...


As soon as the other left, he woke up. To no surprise, he was hard. "S-Such...A dream..." He hadn't had a dream like that in forever. Panting, he laid back in his bed, so continue where his 'dream' left off... "Ngh...Ngh...Mhn... T-Toma-senpai...F-Faster...!" Shin stroked himself as he fingered his rosy pink entrance. It was embarrassing, but this...He couldn't stop. Passion overwhelmed him. "Ahhh! Nmgh! Hghh!" As he slammed his finger into his prostate, violating it, he wanted to die of embarrassment. Toma...Toma...Toma...Toma... He kept saying the other's name over and over in his mind. Soon his release was over his hand and stomach. He pulled his finger out and licked his finger and hand clean. "Toma...I...I'm so sorry..." He covered his face... "I'm so sorry..." His heart ached. He was a horrible person...

Me; Why are my story's always so sexual?

Malayna; I like it, like it, like that oh! I like it, like it, like that!

Me; Shin is Toma's beautiful target- !

Next part; Things get a little hot and heavy for Toma and Shin. Will they go all the way? Will Heroine find out? Tune in next time! xD