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The past couple of weeks had been pretty hard for Toma. He was unable to get Shin out of his head and when he wanted to hang out with his long time friend, he'd avoid him. One stupid excuse after another. "I can't take this anymore!" Toma punched a wall in Heroine's apartment. Now there was a hole there, "Great..." He had to fix that now. Heroine and Shin were out on a date while he decided to stay at her apartment, even if she invited him; Which she did. It was June 21st. Summer. He thought to himself. It was pretty hot, and he didn't want to go take shower after shower, so his solution was so simple. Let's go to the beach... He took about ten minutes to pack his things and leave for that place under the sun. It was a bit of traffic along the highway, but he could handle it indeed. "Tomaaaa!" That familiar voice called. "Heroine?" He looked to his side and there she was. Shin was also by her side, holding her hand. Which, for some reason even he couldn't comprehend, made him a bit jealous. "Hm...?" He glanced away with a frown. "C'mon! We can walk there. Everyone's doing it. Just get out of the car and walk down there with me and Shin-love! It's not far!" "Shin-love? Hahaha! That's hilarious!" Suddenly, his jealousy went away. Shin looked at the other with a angry expression, but a red face. "S-Shut up! Shut up! That's not funny at all! It's embarrassing!" Haha, to have time to pick on Shin today, he agreed to go with the pair. In his golden beach shorts, he stepped out of his car and went beside Heroine. Heroine suddenly grabbed his hand causing him to blush. "E-Eh?" "What? Can't I hold my cousin's hand?" "W-Well..." Shin shot Toma a glare... Is he...Jealous? O-Of what exactly? "No, You can't... I'm sorry, you have a boyfriend to hold hands with right?" Toma smiled at them both- especially Shin. Shin blushed then turned away. He's so adorable... Toma thought to himself.


To hold her hand? Why can't he hold mine instead! Why can't he think of me and love me as I do him?! Suddenly, Shin shot him a glare... Mixed with anger and jealousy. "No, You can't... I'm sorry, you have a boyfriend to hold hands with right?"Did Toma just say that? Seeing a smile on the other's face as beautiful, bright eyes looked at him, he turned away blushing. As I thought... Charming...As always... They continued to walk, they got closer to the beach. Sunshine illuminated Toma's skin causing Shin to blush once again. He let go of Heroine's hand. "..." "What's wrong Shin-love?" "Heroine, don't you think that name is too embarrassing and baby-ish for Shin?" "No why?" "Because it is." "Okay then if Shin was your lover, what would you call him?" "Nothing." N-Nothing?! "I would show him my love everyday. Everyday would be a special event if we were together, because he would make everyday special for me. I wouldn't tease him with such name. I would tease him in other ways." Toma blushed a bit as he glanced to the side. "In other ways? What does that-" "H-Hey Heroine, let's go find a spot!" Shin interrupted her question. "Y-Yeah, sure, but-" "Lego!" Shin pushed her towards the spot he liked as Toma followed with a smile. W-Why would he say such embarrassing things?


They really are stupid! I know that they love each other, even if they were to say N.O. It's pretty obvious, but the beach was the last straw! You are not going to flirt in front of me and not even kiss! I love yaoi anyway I bet Shin would make a cute Uke! Like the first time they did it. Yeah, Toma told me... He felt bad about it too. Oh well. My plans are pure gold, soon they'd be together... Soon "I'll go get us some Popsicles!"


Smiling, he sat next to Shin. "Heroine, has Shin always been this shy?" "No, but it's adorable!" Yeah...It really is... "I'll go get us some Popsicles." Heroine left the two alone. "Why did she leave? We had some right here...?" Shin asked with a sigh, "Dunno..." Toma replied. Shin suddenly pulled out a huge white Popsicle, lemon flavored. With a blush Toma turned away, "How can you even handle that?" "What?" "Here...I'll help you..." Toma grabbed Shin's wrist before he even reacted. "What the?!" Shin was then silenced by a huge Popsicle going in and out of his mouth. "Mgh...Nhh...Mhh..." It was melting fast, sticking to them both. It was so embarrassing for Shin, but Toma enjoyed it. He kept thrusting it in and out his mouth slow, but Shin looked so fucking sexy while he did it.


In and out, in and out. It was turning him on. The moment felt so incomprehensible ! Faster...Thrust it into my mouth faster...! Was he seriously, begging the other mentally? It felt good, no doubt, but it was wrong. "I'm back!" Heroine called out. Toma pulled the popsicle out of the other's mouth while it still was melting. Shin was sticky, but he didn't mind. He had trouble breathing... It was very jagged. He felt tired too. "Shin, is tired for some reason...We need to leave." "What happened to him...!?" "I dunno." Toma lied through his teeth. Liar... "Okay, lets go!" It was about 6:30 pm now. It was still fairly light outside too. "I'll take Shin home." Toma stated. No...Please don't leave me alone with him... "Got cha! See ya later!" Toma then drove off. "Toma..." Shin whispered, "Yeah..." "Stop the car..." Toma did as he was asked. "Yeah, what is-" Suddenly Shin planted a kiss on his lips. "Shin...?" "... Shut up..." Shin slid his hand inside of Toma's golden beach trunks. "S-Shin?!" "I-It's huge..." The smaller male's hand was around the huge member that wasn't even hard yet, but it was getting there...

What was this? His heart pounded... It was nonstop...A shock...Electric shock.

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