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It was quite obvious to Shiro. The brown haired one was a girl. Sure, she was in the boys uniform, but her doe eyes and sweet smile were a dead giveaway.

Another thing that was clear as crystal to the elementary schooler? The one in the glasses, he liked the girl. He would find reasons to keep raising that debt of hers, whether it was her fault something happened or not.

He had first had his suspicions when he was watching Tamaki go about his hosting. He saw the one in the glasses— Kyoya— talking to the girl. Haruhi was her name. Normal enough. However, every now and then, Kyoya would stop, look at Haruhi almost admiringly, push his glasses up, and resume whatever he was doing before.

Shiro saw the opportunity for a little game of matchmaker.

"Careful. This tea set is pretty heavy." Haruhi held the tray out to Shiro. He silently took it, and let it drop immediately.

"It's not my fault I dropped it. It's your fault you gave it to me in the first place." He allowed a barely noticeable smirk.

"Haruhi, that's another ¥100,000." Kyoya was there, already throwing the dreaded words in her face.

As Haruhi had a panic attack, Shiro took the time to brood. Watching Kyoya try to keep Haruhi around, he realized something: the two of them were alike. Something they couldn't have, they both selfishly tried to keep. Haruhi was to Kyoya as Hina was to Shiro. Kyoya would keep raising her debt. After all, with a debt, she would have a reason to stay in the Host Club, and therefore around him. He had seen the entire thing, he had seen how Haruhi had already completely let go and Shiro just dropped it. He could have bought another tea set, it wouldn't have been a very big deal... if Haruhi hadn't been involved.

He chuckled to himself, then realized there were others in the room. He couldn't let them know about this new little breakthrough. After all, where would be the fun in that?

Honestly, he did feel a little bit sorry for Kyoya. He knew how it felt. They're alike, aren't they? They were alike.

Because, Shiro thought as he held onto the bars of the cage, as far as admirers went, Kyoya Ootori actually had a chance.

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