The wound reopened and blood started to seep through his clothes, painting the concrete. The crescent moon was high in the sky, almost completely covered by ashes of burning bodies and buildings. The boy ran down the street, trying to catch his breath as he ran for his life. The bleeding only made it worse. Eventually his eyes watered and his head throbbed, causing him to slow down.

The boy looked behind himself, seeing as those things weren't chasing him anymore. He sighed in relief as he looked down at his hip. There was a giant gash in it, oozing with blood. The sight of it made him woozy as he continued to limp down the sidewalk. He wouldn't be surprised if any survivors mistook him for one of Them, with all the blood and muck covering his clothes and face.

He clinched his teeth tightly when the pain began to flare up the side of his arm again. He groaned, his head feeling really light from the loss of blood. The roads were completely empty, the street lights flickering lightly. It was intimidating to walk against. What caught his attention however was the light in someone's house, along with moving shadows. He couldn't be too sure on if that was a survivor or the walking dead, but he decided to take his chances anyways.

He stumbled over to the front door and started to bang on it. "Hey!" he called. "Hey, if anyone's in there... c-can you help me? Please! I'm hurt," he begged. The boy could hear something drop in the inside, along with silent murmurs. Good, he thought, They're human.

"Please let me in. I can't walk much more before I pass out." He looked down at the doorknob and placed his hand on it. He twisted it lightly, watching as it made a click noise and opened. He only assumed they unlocked it. "Thank you," he said, "I thought I was going to die out there-"


The boy screamed, the bullet ripping through his right shoulder and shooting right out of the other side. He fell onto his back, watching as blood poured out of both his hip and now his shoulder. Everything went numb and his heart was beating irregularly. Breaths came out uneven and sweat dripped down the sides of his face. He was really dying.

"Daddy! Why'd you do that?!" he heard a girl's voice cry, though everything sounded muffled since his ears were ringing. "He might not have been one of Them!" she cried.

"You don't know what you're talking about. Beside, I missed," a deep voice said, standing up as he pointed the gun at the teen's face. "Daddy don't!" A girl came running over to the boy shielding him from her father's gun. She looked no older than him. "Don't shoot him; he can still be saved-"

"There's no saving the dead!"

"But we don't know if he was going to turn!" She looked down at the boy's wounds. "These aren't bite marks Daddy. That's a gash wound! He probably got hit by something!" She snapped her fingers in front of his face, seeing he was about to pass out from lack of blood. "Were you bitten?" she asked.

The boy started crying silently as he whimpered, "No... No."

"See Daddy I told you! Don't worry, we're gonna get you patched up," she said, wiping sweat off of his forehead. "Go get the first aid kit! Hurry!" Her dad went out of the boy's vision, which was blurry. His breathing once rapid was now slowly turning into nothing along with his heart. The light was blinding and he squinted his eyes.

"Try and stay awake. Do you have a name? What's your name?" she asked.

Before the boy could answer, his eyelids grew heavy and he whispered out something she couldn't comprehend. He began to recall on all the mishaps he got himself in before all of this happened. Where it all began...

Welcome my children, Welcome. I hope the prelude managed to suck you into this story because I can guaranteed that it's going to be a good one. For now, I am Cassie V. or as my username goes I am CityofEvil666. This is a SYOC story for all of you HOTD lovers. There is no official due date, and I'll explain in the rules below how everything will go down. So let the games begin my friends. :}



1. There is no official due date
2. I'm accepting six high school students, seven townies and three soldiers
3. Do NOT make your OC a Mary/Gary Stu (a perfect character), they will not be accepted
4. Be as descriptive as possible. The more descriptive, the more likely they'll be accepted.
5. Be as realistic as possible! This is not a fantasy story, this is reality zombie story, so be realistic!
6. You can send up to three OC's, but they can't be dating each other, and it can't be a love triangle thing. Otherwise I'll kill them quick and easy
7. By all means be creative and have fun typing it
8. This story takes place in Seattle, Washington
9. There is no school uniform

OC Format!



Nickname(s): (optional)


Birthday: (Month/Day #)


Rank: (If they are a soldier, what rank are they?)


Sexuality: (Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bi-Sexual, etc.)



Skin Color:

Eye Color: (I will not accept eye colors like purple or pink)

Hair Style:

Hair Color:

Body Type:



School clothing: (what are they wearing at school)

First Outfit:

Second Outfit: (optional)


Background: (Be as descriptive as possible. But please, don't make an angst filled background unless you truly think it's original and good. Don't make it too long though)

Family: (Name, Age, Occupation, Status(if they're alive or not during the story))


Personality: (Be as descriptive, to the point and creative as possible)

Strengths: (Maximum is 4, no more than that)

Weaknesses: (Minimum is 4, no less than that)




Special Attributes:

Mental Illnesses: (optional)

Medical Illnesses: (optional)

School Status: (What's their reputation in the school? Popular, goth, loner, etc.)

Theme Song: (A song that reminds you of your OC)

Reaction to Zombies:

Opinion on my OC: (what you're character thinks of my OC)

Love Interest: (What they like in a person or what they go for)


Do They Have a Car?: (Now, if they do, don't make it something super expensive like a Lamborghini)

School Weapon: (Be realistic. Think of something you could find in a school)

Town Weapon: (One main weapon, one side arm, and one melee. No more than that)

Preferred Death: (If they die, how would you want them too. This is not a promised death for them)

Suggestions on Zombies: (what types of zombies would you like to see?)

Other Information:

Alright, that's your OC Format. Here's my character (make sure to read him)


Name: Duncan Sanders

Nickname(s): Dunce

Age: 17

Birthday: December 27

Gender: Male

Rank: N/A

Town/School: School

Nationality: Russian-American

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Caucasian


Skin Color: Slightly tanned fair skin

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Style: Short and Cropped

Hair Color: Really dark brown, nearly black

Body Type: Slight fit, skinny, a little muscular

Height/Weight: 6'1, 178 lbs

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings/Other: He has a black lip ring on his left, lower lip. He has a couple of gashes and marks from fights

School clothing: Yellow t-shirt with a black zip up hoodie over it. Dark, slightly baggy denim jeans, black combat boots and a dog tag that says "D" on it.

First Outfit: Blue, plaid button down with the first three buttons undone, revealing a black t-shirt. Gray cargo pants and he's still wearing the black combat boots with his dog tags.

Second Outfit: An Army uniform from one of the soldiers.


Background: Duncan was born in Detroit, Michigan with his Mother and Father. Being an only child, he was all his parents paid attention to and it was pretty easy living. Both his parents were in the military, with his mom being a medic and his dad being a marine. Whenever they both had to leave, he'd stay with his grandma who was fierce and stern but still loved him very much. Because his parents were in the military, he never staid in any home too long, making it hard for him to make friends. He never had a close friend for longer than two months before he had to move again, thus he never really talked to a lot of people. People use to bully him for never really saying anything, and being the aggressive kid he was, he never stood for it. He'd fight back when people messed with him. Because of all the fights he got in, many of the teachers didn't like him and he was known as a delinquent. He soon was given the nickname "Dunce" which he now prefers to be call. He was suspended a couple of times and it was hard for his parents to keep track of him because of their work. Duncan continued to fight people at school until people knew better than to bother him. Because of this though, a lot of people were too intimidated to talk to him. His middle school days were lonely. One day, Duncan was beaten up by a group of boys and was stabbed by one of them. He was sent to the hospital and nearly died. Since then, he stopped fighting people, and his bullies found him weak and continued to pursue him. His mother retired from the military and the whole family moved to Seattle, Washington. Wanting to cover his past up, Duncan became a really passive person, and would rather use words than his fist to keep from getting in fights. To pass the time of high school, he'd go around doing parkour with a couple of friend. It was fun for him and helped him release anger; every now and then he'd even be a courier and bring packages and mail to people. Throughout high school he was bullied for his silence, but never spoke against it. Before the breakout, everything was a rigid line to him.


Father, Billy Sanders, 48, A Major in the USMC, Alive
Mother, Amanda Sanders, 46, Unemployed, Alive


Personality: Duncan doesn't talk much, only to close friends. He's passive; people almost always get away with anything they do to him. He's forgiving too, he's quick to forgive people for possibly hurting him or for making a mistake. He tries to understand people and isn't one to judge other from their appearance but rather their personality. He's humorous when he wants to be, and once you get into his close guarded shell, he's actually very social and nice. He lets off the look that he doesn't give a f*ck which at times intimidates people (especially women) from talking to him. He often looks tired and bored; like anywhere could be better than where he is now. Because he doesn't get mad at people, he holds in his anger and want to fight. Push him too far and he'll let it out in a very aggressive, impulsive and savage way. Above all though, he is very caring and intelligent.

Strengths: Intelligent, Strong, Can shoot a gun and knows parkour

Weaknesses: Lacks communication: He's not social so he will have a hard time communicating with the group. He is extremely passive. He sometimes doesn't think before preforming actions and is very reserved

Likes: Playing the acoustic guitar, big dogs, stargazing, talking to his mom, cooking, candy, children, his friends, spiders and guns

Dislikes: Snakes, classical music, weather that's too hot, loud mouthed people, his bullies, bitter tasting foods and being judged

Talents: Playing guitar, shooting, Parkour

Special Attributes: Athletic Skills/Fighting Skills, Knows Parkour, Medical Skills

Mental Illnesses: N/A

Medical Illnesses: N/A

School Status: Loner

Theme Song: The Bird and The Worm by The Used

Reaction to Zombies: Devastated, scared and hopeless on the inside, but determined on the outside.

Love Interest: He likes girls who are understanding and nice or fierce, independent and confident. Has a thing for brunettes, but will settle for anyone eventually.


Do They Have a Car?: He owns a red 2002 Toyota Camry with tinted windows

School Weapon: An Easton Metal Baseball Bat

Town Weapon: .50 cal Sniper silenced, Glock 19 silenced and his metal baseball bat

Other Information: N/A

Well here's my character. I hope you liked him, and I hope I'll like your OC's too. So until we meet again, see you all soon!