Notes: dialogue in asterisks are character actions such as *breathing heavily, falls down, etc* dialogue in parenthesis are sound and effects (such as TARDIS sound effect, TARDIS fades in, Two shadows emit)

(begin with a shot of THE 11TH DOCTOR laying sprawled on the floor of the TARDIS console room. He is breathing heavily and has regeneration energy pouring from his hands)

The Doctor: *breathing slowly* But… I'm not ready... Please, no! *a yellow glow begins to emit from THE DOCTOR * Clara… I'm sorry… (the TARDIS takeoff sound is heard) AHH! *he stands and spreads his arms, finally accepting regeneration*

(bright white flash, crash and light explosion) *THE 11TH DOCTOR groans in pain* (yellow regeneration energy shoots violently out of THE 11TH DOCTORS hands and head) (after about 20 seconds, the regeneration ends)

*THE 12TH DOCTOR starts to cough and falls onto his knees, looking at his hands* It's over. I really shouldn't hold it in like that. *THE DOCTOR coughs, and tries to clear his throat* wait, what's this? My voice! It's changed! It doesn't sound like my usual voice. It sounds like an American voice. I'll get used to it eventually. Now to find out where I landed.

*turns on TARDIS data core, pinpointed to southern New York* Way-Ver-Lee? Waverly? I've never heard of the place. But before we go, let's check if we're all here. *THE DOCTOR checks himself, grabbing his arms, legs, ears, nose, fingers, hands, chin, etc* I feel shorter, but at least I'm not headless.

*THE DOCTOR makes an expression of "are you serious"* I really need to stop being paranoid about that bit…

(fade in to a forest, with the TARDIS landing in a sun lit clearing)

The Doctor: let's just change clothes. This bowtie and suit looks awful! Let's try a raincoat. *pulls out a green jacket* perfect! I should wear a shirt underneath. Let's look. *Pulls out a light brown shirt* This should do. Now the pants… aha! *pulls a pair of jeans out* Great! Oh! I almost forgot! *THE DOCTOR quickly grabs a silver object that looks like a pen light* can't go anywhere without this! (Fade out)