This is my first fan fiction. I am learning as I go... ;-)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twilight, Stephanie Meyers does; I am just borrowing the characters and the story.

Chapter one


I am sitting in the cafeteria listening to my new friends Jessica, Angela, Mike, and Eric, who have befriended me on the first day of my junior year at Forks High, chit chat at our table about the usual teenage drama. I seem to have become popular in only half a school day! I don't know why; other than being the new girl, there is nothing really special about me. In fact, I would say that I am just a plain boring 17 year old girl. I spend most of my free time reading. I love the classics; Wuthering Heights being my favorite book. Lord knows how many times I have read it.

Mike is sitting beside me shamelessly flirting with me. I guess it's flattering having a boy show interest in me. None of the boys back in Phoenix, where I had been living with my mom and her new husband, paid much attention to me. I think Mike is kind of cute but I don't particularly feel anything more than friendship towards him. Jessica, however, sure seems to like him. I can see how upset she is getting by him flirting with me.

I was pondering my situation when I happen to look up across the cafeteria noticing a pair of honey colored eyes gazing at me. The owner of said eyes happened to be the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She was sitting at a table with four others who could also be described as beautiful with the same pale colored skin tone as her but they did not possess her magnanimous beauty. I noticed her golden blond hair falling down below her shoulders. I found myself becoming breathless as I couldn't take my eyes away from hers. I couldn't help but wonder why such an exquisite Being would bother to even notice my existence. I must say, I felt baffled while I stood frozen under her hypnotizing gaze.

Jessica broke my trance when she said, "Oh, I see you have discovered the Cullens; also known as the beautiful people." Her tone was sarcastic as she emphasized the last two words.

"The Cullens?" I asked frowning.

"They are the adopted children of Dr. Cullen and his wife: Alice, the dark haired girl; Edward, the reddish brown haired boy; Emmett, the dark haired boy; Jasper, the blond haired boy; and Rosalie, the blond haired girl. Alice & Jasper and Rosalie & Emmett are couples. There is a rumor that Edward is gay."

"Is that so," I responded disinterestedly; not really caring much about Edward's sexual orientation. It was the blond girl, Rosalie, that I was interested in knowing more about. I found myself looking back at her table, only to find all five of them looking at me. I felt myself immediately blush; my pale skin turning pink as I quickly looked away too embarrassed to continue looking at them as I was unaccustomed to being the center of attention. Soon after, I heard the bell ring indicating the end of lunch. Mike offered to walk me to my next class, Biology, which we had together.


Thank goodness for lunch period. Apart from the end of the school day, it's my favorite time period. I can't believe I have to sit through another God forsaken class today. I am bored out of my mind at this school. I am way too old to be pretending to be a teenager over and over again. Sure my physical body may be 18yrs old but my non-physical mind is 98yrs old! This condition is what I detest most about being an Immortal Vampire. On the outside, nothing changes. Daily life and routines stay the same day in & day out; no apparent progress can be seen as time is frozen. How many times does Carlisle expect me to attend High School! I would much rather be doing something that matters to me.

Like what, Rosalie? What? Who said…? Edward! Get out of my head and stop invading my privacy.

I'm sorry, he telepathically says to me. I just wish you weren't so angry and unhappy all the time. It would be wonderful if you found something meaningful to your life.

I pondered over the word, 'Meaningful'. What other than Blood is really meaningful to a Vampire? I guess another Vampire would say that their mate ranks up there with what is most meaningful to their existence. I have had a mate, in Emmett, for several decades now. His love for me and patience with me certainly has made my existence better, more tolerable, after my horrific experience with Royce and his friends at the end of my Human life. If Edward thinks I am Angry & Unhappy now, he should have remembered what I was like before Emmett came into my life. I was a totally raging BITCH then: angry at Carlisle for changing me; angry at Edward for not being attracted to me as I was used to all men admiring me; unhappy that I would never have a family of my own with children and grandchildren.

I was shaken out of my internal musings when Alice's eyes suddenly glazed over going into her alternate trance state where she receives visions of the future. We all sat motionless waiting to hear what Alice was seeing. When she came out of her trance state, Alice's eyes widened with recognition of something. She looked at me excitedly. She tried to convey what her vision was but was so hyper excited that none of us could make sense of what she was trying to say. Jasper leaned in grabbing her hand sending her waves of calming energy. Jasper's manipulation of her emotions was starting to work as we could visibly see her calming down as her eyes searched the cafeteria hall until they landed on a particular table of teenage humans.

We all turned to look at the table that Alice was looking at. With my Vampire hearing, I could hear the humans sitting at the table engaged in the normal boring teenage conversations. I was about to turn my attention back to Alice, as my siblings had, when I noticed 'her'. She was the only human at the table not talking but listening intently to the others carrying on about whatever. Her hair was brown and long covering her face somewhat. There was nothing about her that necessarily stood out more different than any other human except that when I focused my eyes on her, I could not turn away. I felt this magnetic pull towards her which I could not explain. Then, as if she 'felt' me looking at her, she looked up in my direction and our eyes locked in this intense gaze. I was thankful that my Vampire exterior conveyed a cool & collected demeanor while internally I was struggling with a tidal wave of emotions of which I had no recollection of ever having experienced before; intense feelings of attraction and longing.

The stare fest finally ended when that moronic girl, Jessica, started telling her about my family. It wasn't until then that I realized that my entire family, except for Alice, was staring at me with a confused/questioning look. "What?" I asked. Emmett responded, "What did you find so fascinating at that table that you have been staring over there all this time?"

Alice, grinning from ear to ear, saved me from having to answer when she proceeded to inform everybody that her vision included the new girl sitting at that table. Edward shared with us that most of the school conversations today were about the new girl, named Isabella Swan, daughter of Police Chief Swan. He also had 'heard' (i.e. heard thoughts more likely) that she preferred to be called Bella. It was at this point that we all looked over, again, to the table focusing our attention on the new girl, Bella, when she, again, happened to look up and this time see all of us staring at her at once. She turned the prettiest rosy color, all her blood flooding to her face, as realization hit her that she was at the center of our attention; immediately looking away from us.

Well, you can imagine the effect her blushing had on a table full of vegetarian (i.e. only drink animal blood) Vampires… Emmett and Edward had to hold Jasper down as he is the newest 'vegetarian' among us; still finding it difficult to be around humans.

In the midst of all this commotion with Jasper, I noticed that Bella left the cafeteria with that annoying boy, Mike. I was suddenly feeling very irritated. "Alice, will you please share with us why your vision regarding this Human, Bella, has any importance to us," I yelped impatiently. Alice turned to me saying, "Oh Rosalie… Bella…

To be continued…