Something Meaningful

Chapter 7

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I can't believe I am really leaving Bella alone in that room. But I have to face the fact that her condition is getting worse. I need to find a way out of this hell hole fast and get her to a hospital before… before I have to make a choice that I don't want to have to consider.

After walking a short way down the hall immersed in my thoughts of Bella, I suddenly come to a halt… I hear some voices coming down the hall towards me. I quickly scan the area around me looking for a place to hide. Out of desperation to avoid getting caught, I start trying different door knobs; finding one unlocked, I go into the room closing the door quickly behind me and listen attentively to the voices getting nearer.

One of the male voices stops in front of the room I am hiding in. While I hear the other one proceed to walk down the hall. I hear the one stopped in front of the door say to the other, "I will meet you at the duty station after I stop in my room to pick up something I forgot."

The other male responds, "Ok, Jim. But don't be long. You know how the Sergeant gets when any of us are late for duty."

"Yeah, yeah… I know," says Jim as I hear him grab hold of the door knob.

In panic of being discovered, I look around the room searching for a place to hide… but decide to just step back behind the door as the man opens the door. As he enters the room, I grab him from behind, covering his mouth with one hand, and quickly closing the door with my leg.

"I will kill you if you try anything," I said. "You are going to show me how to get out of this underground base." Suddenly, the soldier bucks his head back against my forehead causing me to loosen my grip on him.

"The hell I am," he yells. He tries to grab his gun from his holster; it takes everything I have left, as I am feeling weak from not having fed in a while, to take back control. I slam him up against the closed door, holding him up by his neck. He struggles… his eyes popping out in fear of my strength.

"Now that I have your attention… where is the exit out of this underground base?" I ask.

"Ok… ok…," he responds, gasping for breath. "You have to go up a couple floors to the main security station area where there is a door that leads into a corridor to the outside woods."

I search his pockets and find a security card. I look at him menacingly as I hold the security card up to his face… He says, "The card will open the elevator door if you scan it across the magnetic strip."

"You are going to lead the way," I say as I release him… I push him out the door while I am holding on to him with my hand covering his mouth. "But first we have to make one stop," I say as I lead him back toward the room I left Bella in.

We walk back down the hallway until we reach Bella's room. As I open the door, I immediately know that something is wrong... Bella is unconscious. In my hurry to get to her, the soldier takes the opportunity to slip out of my grasp and runs back down the hallway.

At the moment, all I can think of is Bella. I rush to her side… picking her up in my arms… grief stricken at seeing my beloved unconscious. It dawns on me now that I will have to do what I have been trying to avoid ever since I found out that Bella was infected with the rabies.

With this realization, I begin to feel angst and rage ravaging my body; the anger welling inside me needing to be released… the runaway soldier must be stopped before he divulges our whereabouts. I gently place Bella back down on the bed and go after the soldier.

I run down the hallway to catch up with the soldier. But it is too late… he has sounded the alarm by pulling down an emergency lever on the wall before I am able to reach him. He sees me coming down the hall toward him and takes his gun out pulling the trigger. Unfortunately for him, my vampire speed assures me success at reaching him in time. I grab him… snapping his neck.

I enter Bella's room resigned to carry out the one thing I told her I would never do… take her soul… knowing that if I do not act soon, I will lose her forever. I close the door behind me; locking it.

I go to my beloved… lying down next to her… taking her into my arms, caressing her face, and removing her hair from her eyes. Bella's eyes slowly open, staring into mine… I smile as I bring our faces together… kissing her passionately on the lips. I move my mouth to her ear, whispering softly, "I am so sorry for what I must do… please forgive me… but I can't lose you, not now, not ever…"

Bella smiles as she raises her hand to my cheek… her eyes looking intently into mine while nodding her head in acknowledgment. Strengthened by Bella's response, I slowly move my mouth toward her neck sensually kissing her pulse point. Bella closes her eyes arching her neck back to give me more access.

I find myself reveling in the smell and taste of her, my arousal growing… instinct taking over… my teeth sinking into her neck… the ecstasy of tasting her blood as its warmth flows down my throat… I am so thirsty… it's been so long since I last fed… never having fed on human blood before… Bella's blood… almost overwhelming me into a feeding frenzy.

I must stop… I must not drain her of all her blood… Pull away… Pull away! I hear a voice scream inside my head. It takes all of my love for Bella and strength I have left to pull myself away from that most exquisite delicious neck… leaving just enough life force in Bella's body so that she can be brought back as a newborn Vampire.

After tearing myself away from Bella, I quickly search the room for something to use to restrain her limbs against the bed posts. I find duct tape in a drawer. After securing her arms and legs to the bed frame, I cover her mouth with a pillow so that when she goes through the transformation the humans will not hear her screams. I search the pockets of the dead scientist lying on the floor; retrieving the key to the room.

I take one last look at Bella as she is lying unconscious on the bed. I caress her cheek with my hand as I lean in close to her kissing her forehead and whisper into her ear: "I love you, Bella, always & forever…"

I walk toward the dead scientist dragging his body outside the room; locking the door behind me and slipping the key under the doorway so that no one can get inside and discover Bella as she goes through the Human to Vampire transformation process. I drag the dead scientist down the hallway throwing him on top of the dead soldier.

The alarm is still blaring. I can hear voices and running footsteps coming toward me. I need to redirect them away from this area… away from Bella. In an attempt to divert the soldiers' attention away from the hallway where Bella's room is, I start yelling toward the running footsteps: "Hey boys, over here… come and get some!"

A group of soldiers comes running around the corner into the hallway where I am. I start running toward another corridor, leading the soldiers into another area, away from Bella's room. I run into a maze of hallways while the soldiers continue to follow me.

Unfortunately, I just ran into a corridor that is a dead end. As the soldiers catch up to me, I turn to face them ready for battle. One by one, I am easily able to take the soldiers down. Their human strength is no match for my Vampire strength, especially since I just fed off of Bella's blood.

Just as I put down the last soldier, a voice sounded from behind me… "Very impressive, my dear, you will be a most exquisite prize." I turned to find a short human male with glasses in a white lab coat flanked by two of those hideous looking Reptoid humanoids. I narrowed my eyes on the little human man in front of me, looking him up and down and doing the same to the Reptoids, responding with a smirk on my face, "I rather doubt that little man…"

The little man did not appear affected at all by my dismissal of him. He responded, "My name is Doctor Schmidt… I am afraid my dear that you will have to come with me… either the easy way or the hard way… your choice."

A most devious smile appeared on my face as I responded, "well then, if the choice is mine… I choose… the hard way"… launching myself into the air over the Doctor & Reptoids, landing on the floor and running down the corridor… the two Reptoids in hot pursuit behind me.

I was feeling rather victorious over my escape from the Doctor but I did not know that two more Reptoids had joined the chase and were planning to cut me off at the next intersecting corridor. As I neared the corner, the two Reptoids surprise attacked me. I felt myself get grabbed by both Reptoids as the other two Reptoids caught up to me. While the two Reps held me, a third & forth Rep came up to me striking my face and body with blow after blow.

I struggled to get loose but the Reps were too strong for me. I could take on one or two at a time but not four with two holding my arms. To my saving grace, the Doctor caught up to us and ordered the Reps to stop striking me. Unfortunately, my body had taken too many blows and I felt myself lose consciousness with the last blow to my head…


Oh God, I am in total agony… I tried to scream as the fire in my body raged from within… I had never felt such physical pain and agony before. I wanted to scream as loud as I could but there is something muffling my sounds. I tried to move my arms and legs but was unable to move as something was restraining me.

I needed to distract myself from the pain… I tried to remember what had happened… my mind searching for answers in the midst of excruciating pain. Rosalie…I remember Rosalie saving me from the rabid wolf… getting infected with rabies from its bite… the sink hole… the underground base… those horrible Reptoids… the scientists and military men… the genetic experiments in the lab… Rosalie kissing me… Rosalie touching me… Rosalie biting me…

Rosalie?! Where is she? What if she has been caught? I have got to get out of here… oh, but the pain… it's unbearable. No wonder she didn't want to change me. This transformation process is the worst experience ever… no one should ever have to go through this pain.

The transformation process got more intense with time… inevitably, I surrendered all attempts at thinking… losing consciousness as I fell deeply into the waves of fire coursing through my mind and body.

While I underwent the sheer hell that was my transformation from Human to Vampire, it seemed like time had stretched into eternity… Finally, on the third day, my eyes opened. I could not see a thing as there was a pillow on my face. I moved my head, forcefully, forward causing the pillow to fall off my face.

I tried to sit up but realized I was, literally, all tied up. With minimal effort, I yanked my arms, then my legs, free from the bed frame. Trying to get my bearings, I scanned the room with my laser sharp new Vampire vision; everything around me looked so defined and in sharp focus. I could see colored hues emanating from the objects in the room. I was delighted; appreciating my enhanced vision capabilities.

I got up off the bed walking over to the mirror above the sink. I stare at the new me reflected in the mirror. It takes me a bit to get use to the perfect beautiful face and body reflected back to me in the mirror. My skin is so smooth and pale; my eyes bright red.

As I look at myself in the mirror, I realize that the girl I was is dead. This Bella that I see in the mirror not only looks different but feels different, as well. I take my eyes away from the mirror, lifting my arms up in the air, feeling the strength in them. That is when it really hits me…the realization that I am no longer that fragile human girl I was… Now, I am strong, fast, confident, and beautiful… I am a newborn Vampire.

With a confidence that I have never felt before today, I know I am ready for anything that may come. It is time…time to find my mate… my beloved… the one who created this new me… the one I am bonded to for life… my Rosalie.

I walk out into the hallway… extending my sense of smell trying to pick up on Rosalie's scent. I ran in the direction of which I smelled her scent. As I near a corridor that turns out to be a dead end hallway with no exit, I get a strong smell of human blood, Rosalie's scent, and another, foul, smell which I remember from the cave as belonging to the Reptoid Humanoids.

My throat begins to burn… the human blood smell is overwhelming my senses… I feel so thirsty. As a newborn Vampire, I still have not fed. Now that I have smelled human blood, I feel ravenous. I must feed soon.

As I continue on my way, a thought comes to me: will I feed off a human? No… no, I can't. I want to be a vegetarian Vampire like the Cullens. I need to find an animal to feed off of before I find myself face to face with a human; fearing that I will not be strong enough to control myself and fight off the temptation of human blood once it is in front of me.

I came upon an elevator door. How am I going to get the elevator door open? I don't have the code for the panel or a magnetic card to swipe across the magnetic strip. Suddenly, I felt that new found sense of confidence sweep through me… With my bare hands, I grabbed the edge of each side of the elevator door and with all my newborn Vampire strength pulled the sides open.

I closed my eyes as I allowed myself to tune in to Rosalie's scent… catching a whiff of her delicious honey suckle smell, I jumped down the elevator shaft to a lower level. I opened the elevator door to this floor as I had before. As I stepped out of the elevator shaft, I scanned the area for any military men or Reptoids.

I immediately became aware that this floor is different from the higher level one I just came from as it is cavernous…dark and damp with a musty smell. There is minimal illumination via weak light rays that stream in from holes in the rocky wall. It looks similar to the cavernous area Rosalie and I found ourselves in after we fell through the sink hole.

I walk down further into the cave corridor. My senses are on alert to any danger that may come my way. I suddenly stop… I hear a heartbeat… it is beating fast. I can smell the blood circulating through the body containing the heartbeat. My mouth starts to salivate venom. I move slowly in the direction of the heartbeat. Then, with Vampire speed, I stoop down and grab the rodent off the ground; piercing its skin with my razor sharp teeth and feverishly drinking its blood.

As I am feeding, I can't help but think that this small animal is not exactly what I had in mind for my first meal as a Vampire. But seeing that I don't have much choice at the moment, being that I am trapped in this underground base, it will have to do.

My thoughts are interrupted as a shrill scream echoes through the cavernous corridor. It seems to be coming from further down the corridor. I throw the lifeless rodent to the ground; quickly running in the direction of the screams.

I see a room with the door open… I hear voices emanating from the room. As I get close enough to the room to see inside, that's when I see her… Rosalie… her hands secured to a chain that is attached at the ceiling… holding her body suspended in the air. She is flanked by two Reptoids. A little man in a white coat says, "My dear… the more you resist the worse the pain you will feel."

With barely any strength left, Rosalie, retorts to the little man, "Go to hell!"

Suddenly, I feel this surge of RAGE take over me… my vision clouded over with the color RED as I see what they have done to her.

I vow to make them pay dearly for hurting my mate...