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Chapter 1

"Brittany, if we want to pass we have to study! Brittany…Britt!"

She knew he was right. Brittany was barely passing Creative Writing 101 and finals were coming up. Brittany needed to pass this class to graduate, yet she had no intention of studying anytime soon. Sam tried to get her to focus, but it was no use. She was unreachable.

Professor Lopez had just walked in and suddenly Brittany forgot what she was doing.

Brittany had had a little crush on Professor Santana Lopez as soon as she laid her eyes on her. But Brittany hadn't really established her feelings until recently. It's not like she was ashamed or anything, it just took her a little longer to recognize her feelings than everyone else. She did just recently tell her friends about it, and although the "ahhh...young love" moment was old to her, the teasing was fresh. Her friends loved to pick on her about it every time they caught her staring.

Professor Santana Lopez had just started working at NYU this year. She taught Creative Writing 101, the class Brittany just happened to be failing (that explains a lot). Professor Lopez is about 5 feet 5 inches tall with flowing brown locks. She was awfully young, maybe only a year older than Brittany, to be teaching at NYU. Brittany S. Pierce is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and blonde. She is an incredible dancer and hopes to go long ways with her talent. Both girls were exceptionally fit and very attractive…well that's what everyone told them anyways.

Drool was literally pouring from Brittany's mouth as her ocean blue eye's followed Professor Lopez (and her fine ass) everywhere she went. Professor Lopez was talking to some short bald dude, probably a professor, when she slowly glanced Brittany's way. Brittany was still staring with wide eyes and her mouth agape with her textbook in front of her. She flashed Brittany a smirk and walked out of the library. She purposely bounced a little as she walked out. Brittany came back to reality and her cheeks were getting red. She brought her palm to her face as she put her head on the table. She had been caught.

"You've got it bad Britt" Sam said playfully.

Unfortunately, Brittany knew he was right.

Brittany and Sam gathered their things and walked out the doors 15 minutes after Sam realized Brittany was not going to take studying seriously. It was time for their next class when Brittany stopped dead in her tracks. Brittany's worst nightmare was about to come true. Professor Lopez had just caught Brittany staring at her butt! Like some love struck puppy (not that that wasn't true)! Just when Brittany thought it couldn't get any worse, she remembered her next class happened to be Creative Writing 101 taught by none other than the lovely Professor Lopez.

"She must think I'm an idiot" Brittany said to herself.

Sam lightly nudged her and asked "Thinking 'bout your girlfriend?"

"Sam! You're my best friend! You should be helping me not teasing me!"

"I'm sorry; it's just so damn easy!"

"Shut up trouty mouth!" Brittany replied.

"Make me Lopez Lover!" he shot back.

She gently shoved him as they laughed down the halls of NYU.

Sam Evans and Brittany Pierce had known each other since they were in high school. They had been the best of friends ever since. They were both blonde and ditzy at times, but they really understood each other. Sam and Brittany had even dated for a little while back in high school, but they decided their relationship wasn't as great as their friendship. Sam had always been supportive of Brittany in every way. Whether it was helping her nail her dance routines or dealing with her sexuality. Brittany had never been shy about her sexuality, she quite often embraced it. She dated both girls and guys throughout high school and college, but never took any one of her relationships seriously.

They walked for a couple more minutes until they reached their destination, room 101…otherwise known as Creative Writing 101.

They stopped at the front of the door. Brittany took a deep breath and gulped down the last of her water.

"This is it" she thought to herself.

She pushed open the door and casually walked in with Sam close behind.

There were only 2 seats left, 1 in the very front of the room and 1 in the very back.

They simultaneously looked at each other with the same "I want the seat in the back" look in their eyes. They both bolted toward the seat. Sam got the seat and stuck his tongue out at her with his giant lips.

She walked to the seat in front and dropped her shoulders in defeat.

"Oh great, now I'm going to be distracted by the woman of my dreams in the class I'm failing...could this day get any worse?" she asked herself.

Just then Professor Lopez strolled into the room with a coffee in her hand."Okay class get out your homework" she said as she started writing down today's lesson on the board.

Santana Lopez was a brunette with brown eyes (contrasting with Brittany's blonde hair and blue eyes) and of Hispanic background. She was the definition of sexy. She also the most popular professor among the students (according to all the whistles and comments she got as she walked by them). She was young, so she had this way of being open and bonding with her students. She definitely had a...unique way of teaching. Her sarcastic jokes, constant teasing, and flirty way of getting across to people made her so approachable and just plain fun to be around. She always told her students to just treat her like one of her friends...only she had the ability to get them kicked out of college and crush their dreams.

Today Santana was wearing a tight, black, knee length skirt (that happened to show off her legs perfectly) along with a black blazer and white button up underneath. Her pencil heels just defined her toned caramel legs and ass even more than intended.

Brittany was wearing a plain white tee, but with a cartoon duck on it with skinny jeans and a fuzzy yellow duck hat. Her dirty converse and leg warmers on her arms definitely made her...noticeable.

"She's so sexy and I'm such a goof! Just look at what she wears! So sophisticated yet sexy, serious and playful at the same time! And then...me. I have no chance! I don't even know if she's gay or bi or whatever! It's just a little crush, it'll pass eventually...I should probably get out my homework, but it's not like I have a chance of passing anyways."

Brittany turned around to get out her homework out of her backpack that was hanging by one strap on the back of her chair hoping Professor Lopez wouldn't notice her. But, of course, as soon as she turned around her bright blue orbs were met with Professor Lopez's dark brown ones. She was standing right in front of Brittany with a smirk tugging on her lips and her arms crossed across her chest. Oh that beautiful chest of hers.

Brittany gulped and handed Professor Lopez her homework. She reached out for it and Brittany thought she felt her heart stop when their fingers grazed ever so slightly.

Professor Lopez took her homework and started walking back to her desk when she had finished collecting everyone else's assignments, giving Brittany another moment to umm..."appreciate" her butt again.

Just as Santana reached her desk, she told everyone to get out their notebooks and walked back over to Brittany while everyone was busy getting out their books. She knelt down to whisper something to Brittany. As she knelt down Brittany was barely able to see down her shirt.

"If only she had undone a few more buttons, I could-"

She realized what she was looking at and quickly glanced back up at her professor's eyes. She didn't expect there to be such a small distance between them. She was so close to Brittany's face. Brittany's eyes flicked down to Santana's lips. Her lips looked so soft. Brittany was just imagining what her plump lips would feel like against her own. It was probably like being kissed by a cloud. If only she could get a little closer... Brittany didn't even notice she was starting to lean closer and closer to Santana's face.

"Try to control your wandering eyes... ." Santana husked as she started increasing the space between them as she stepped back.

Brittany was snapped out of her daydreaming. The blood drained from her face and she could feel her cheeks getting hot.

Brittany gulped and stuttered "Y-yes, Professor Lopez"

Her head immediately fell to the desk out of embarrassment.

"Great, she caught me leering and is going to either embarrass the crap out of me or thinks I'm a total perv!"

Santana must have been enjoying herself because she walked back over to the board with a smirk on her lips.

After Brittany was sure her face was back to normal, as in not hot or pale anymore, she slowly lifted her head back up and rejoined the lesson.

"Ok focus Pierce, all you have to do is get through this lesson without daydreaming about your incredibly hot teacher! You can do this!"

Just as she was in the midst of getting re-focused she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned around and was handed a piece of crumbled up paper by the Asian girl sitting behind her, Brittany couldn't quite remember her name...Tania, Teri, something like that.

It was a note saying "Saw da whole thing! Get yo gurl! Luv Trouty Mouth"

Brittany rolled her eyes at the note and looked back to see Sam smiling like a goof giving her 2 thumbs up.

An hour or two went by before the class was over. Brittany scrambled out of her desk slinging her backpack over one shoulder and gathering her papers with the other. She was about to leave with Sam who was mumbling about going to the gym or something when she was stopped dead in her tracks just steps before her hand was able to twist the doorknob.

" , can I see you for a moment?"

Brittany's smile suddenly vanished and she turned around to see Santana was the one who had asked her that question.

"No!" Brittany blurted out.

Santana arched an eyebrow at her with a smile on her face.

"Why did I just say that?" she thought to herself.

"I mean, of course Professor Lopez." She said aloud.

"Nice save Pierce"

Sam knew where this was headed so he whispered to Brittany telling her to meet him outside when she was done and ran out of the class chuckling. Brittany rolled her eyes and simply nodded.

Brittany's palms started to get sweaty and her heart started racing as she began walking towards where Santana was seated.

"I hope this isn't about me staring at her butt. You can't be expelled for that can you? Is it considered sexual harassment? God I'm such an idiot!"

Brittany finally reached her desk after what seemed like 5 miles. There was an awkward silence between them as Brittany tried to avoid eye contact and Santana just sat there...staring at Brittany.

Brittany was the first to break the awkwardness. She readjusted the way she was holding her notebook and let the words flow... "Am I in trouble? Because if I am, I swear I'm really sorry! I trying really hard to focus! I promise it will never happen again! I'm sorry, I'm rambling aren't I? I do that sometimes if I'm nervous or scared or sad. Ok, about what happened, I-"

She suddenly stopped talking because something had just interrupted, no; more like mesmerized her train of thought. Santana's laugh.

Santana was smiling...and giggling...because of Brittany!

Her laugh was beautiful. Brittany wanted to record it and put it on replay. Ya, now she was just being creepy.

She stopped trying to think of ways to make a fool out of herself to hear Santana laugh again when Santana started talking.

"Brittany relax, you aren't in trouble. I just wanted to talk to you about your grade."

"Oh, that..." Brittany said a little quieter.

"Brittany, you're on the verge of failing. I know you want to graduate with the rest of your friends. You need to pass this class if you want to leave this place! Finals are coming up in about a month or two and they're going to count for a big part of your grade."

"What do you mean by "big"?"


"Oh." Brittany sighed.

"Ya, so I want to make you an offer. You know...to help bring your grade up."

Brittany's mind went directly into the gutter and her body automatically tensed up. Her face going pale and her hands getting clammy

Santana knew what Brittany was thinking about. It isn't like her mind was exactly perv free. She thought why she shouldn't have a little fun while she can. After all, teasing is what she does best.

"Wh-what type of...offer?" Brittany managed to finally spit out.

Santana got up out of her chair and stood right in front of Brittany. Brittany watched her every step, intrigued by what she was about to do. She got incredibly close and whispered into Brittany's ear hoping to make Brittany uncomfortable.

"You know, some one on one time. I could help you in more ways than one. We have some fun along the way and you get an A. It's the perfect compromise, right?"

Brittany's breath was caught in her throat at what her PROFESSOR had just said. She was probably too distracted by the wave of heat that hit her core to come up with any more dirty mental pictures of Santana.

"Brittany, I asked you a question." She said still whispering close to Brittany's ear.

Brittany shut her eyes tight and whimpered. Santana thought she had tortured the girl enough for one day. She made her way back to her seat (not before lingering by her earlobe though) and just watched Brittany slowly flutter her eyes open. She giggled as Brittany's cheeks began to turn red. Brittany immediately dropped her eyes to the floor.

"Brittany, I was talking about tutoring."

"Oh, right" She said almost out of relief.

"What did you think I was talking about ?" Santana asked with a smirk.

"Umm, I-I...w-well..." Brittany didn't know how to tell her professor she was imagining banging her over her desk hard enough to have her legs incapable of motion for days, like jelly. The things she wanted to do with her mouth to that girl. She imagined it hard and fast, against a door, on the ground, or even on that wooden chair that lies in the corner of the classroom. Finally, it would come into She wanted to have her scream her name over and over as she pumped furiously in and out of her. Oh gosh, sex daydreams? This is not good!

"Was she like this with all her students or am I special? Does she imply she wants to have sex with everyone who has a private conversation with her? Wait, was she flirting with me? No, she couldn't be. She's just naturally like that...right? I don't even know if she knows I have a crush on her! She probably does! I am so confused!"

Changing the subject she quickly added "So what about this tutoring offer?

"I was thinking about getting you tutor to help you. Would you be interested in that?"

"Oh ya, that would be great!" Brittany's face lit up as she answered.

"Well," Santana said as she pulled out a notebook and flipped through the pages."Looks like all of the student tutors are already taken..." she uttered after flipping through some pages for a couples of minutes.

"Oh...that's okay" Brittany stated clearly disappointed.

"But, there is one tutor that might be able to help you, but your sessions would probably have to be on Saturdays instead of after school." she said as she flipped the pages of the notebook back and forth as she got up out of her chair and stood a respectable distance away from Brittany.

"Ummm...I don't know...I'm not sure I want to be studying on a Saturday..."

"That's a bummer; I was really looking forward to helping you out."

"Wait...you want to tutor me?"Brittany asked surprised.

"Of course! And who else better to help you study for the test than the person making the test? But I guess since you don't want to..."

"NO!" she blurted out.

"I mean...no, I want to. I want you to be my tutor even if it is on a weekend." she said with a small smile on her face.

"Okay, cool...but I have a couple of...conditions."

"Umm...I don't understand" Brittany wasn't sure why there needed to be rules.

"Well first off, if I'm going to be your tutor, especially on a weekend, we act like we are hanging out, not the whole teacher-student thing. You can call me Santana, not Professor Lopez, and I'll call you Brittany, not "

"Okay? So sort of like studying like friends!" Brittany squealed with excitement.

"Ya, next, we need to find a regular place and time to meet at...How about that coffee shop around the corner...at about 12ish? Is that okay?"


"Okay, well I look forward to tutoring you on Saturday" Santana stood up to shake Brittany's hand and wish her goodbye.

"Thank you so much Professor Lopez! I'm so excited!"

Brittany embraced Santana in a giant bear hug, almost lifting her off the ground out of excitement.

Santana was taken by surprised and her body quickly tensed at the gesture. Brittany quickly realized what she was doing. She instantly took a step back and started to apologize.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I guess I was just really excited because you know, you're going to tutor me and I'm just really-"

She was cut off by Santana. "Brittany, it's okay, you didn't do anything wrong."

"Right, well, I guess I'll see you on Saturday.

"It's a date." Santana said as she threw in a wink.

A bashful smile was fighting to show on Brittany's face. She walked out and said goodbye.

"A date? No, she was just joking, right? I mean she did say we were going to hang out, at a coffee shop, at around lunch time" She thought to herself.

The more she tried to convince herself it was just a study session with the most gorgeous professor alive, the more her mind kept thinking of little clues that made it seem more and more like a date.

She shook her head as she walked toward Sam with a giant grin on her face.

He was leaning up against a pillar talking to some girl. Probably trying to get into her pants.

"Man whore"

She purposely ran towards him and threw her arms around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek and started to say how much she "missed" him today. The girl threw him a disgusted face and walked away. Sam turned to Brittany as he wiped her kiss off of his cheek and asked her why she was being such a cockblock.

She just giggled and withdrew her arms so they could finally go home. They started walking towards their 2012 Toyota Corolla. It was purple (Brittany insisted that she got to pick the color since she was paying for half of it) and had a little duck bumper sticker on it (also Brittany's idea). Everyone on campus pretty much knew it was their car when they saw it. And even though Sam got a lot of heat for driving around in a purple "duck"ed out vehicle, he didn't mind, especially if it meant seeing a smile on Brittany's face. He loved her like his own little sister and always looked out for her. She was a little gullible and there are some awful people out there that try to take advantage of her innocence

"So, "private time" with the Professor? What did she want? She finally ask you out?" Sam joked.

Brittany rolled her eyes and replied as she got into the passenger seat.

"You could say that..."

Sam parked their car into their parking spot in front of the apartment building. Spot number 47 to be exact.

Brittany quickly unbuckled her seat belt and bolted out of the car as she slammed the car door shut.

The entire ride home, Sam would not stop making jokes about her and "date". As they were driving home, Sam made her spill every single detail about the tutoring session and their conversation. Brittany told him about how what she thought Santana's offer was totally different than what it actually turned out to be.

Lucky for her, he was too busy laughing to mock her about it.

She ran through the doors of the building and dashed to the elevator before Sam could get in. It was time for revenge!

She got to their apartment on the 6th floor before he could make it up the stairs and jammed her keys into the lock as fast as her fingers would work.


She flung the brown door open and shut it with lightning speed with her back up against it, panting.

It's funny; she thought she would only be in this position, doing what she was doing, because of her hot boyfriend or girlfriend, not because of Sam.

She felt a hard thump against her back.

"Cmon Britt, I'm sorry! Please let me in!"

Now Brittany had him where she wanted him. She was so grateful he forgot his keys at home today! Without responding, she walked over to the kitchen to check what time it was.


"Perfect! Revenge is awesome!"

She was 2 minutes away from executing her revenge!

The two minutes passed pretty fast, with Sam banging against the door apologizing repeatedly to Brittany about calling her names and mocking her love.

"In 3, 2, 1..."

"Hi Sam!"

Brittany started giggling behind the closed door.

"Oh no! I've learned my lesson! Please let me in! I promise I won't say anything!" Sam begged as he talked to Brittany through the door.

It was too late. The annoying and Jewish midget (also brunette) had found him. The one, the only, Rachel Berry! They were all in Glee club together and she was the star! Brittany was one of the two amazing dancers and Sam brought that boy band feel to their group. She had also gone to high school with the two blondes and was in New York because she quote..."was born to be a star on Broadway!" Of course they were friends and stuff, but sometimes she could be unbearably annoying and loud. She was especially annoying when she got home from work (she was on Broadway in a couple of plays and lived in the same apartment building). All she wanted to do was talk about her day, the number of solos she got, the stars she plans to meet, the way she is going to accept her first Tony award.

"Hey, Rachel! Listen I'd really love to stay and chat, well actually I wouldn't, but I have to g-" Sam was interrupted and trapped.

"How was your day at NYU? It was probably dazzling right? My day was just darling! We rehearsed this Barbara number and I'm determined to get it just perfect so when she is sitting front row at my big musical number, she'll come backstage and personally congratulate me on how wonderful my performance was! Finally the world would know the talent that is Ms. Rachel Berry!" She finished as she looked into the distance with a twinkle in her eyes.

Brittany had been listening in on their one-sided conversation with her ear pressed up against the door.

She let another 3 minutes pass as she heard Rachel's muffled voice blabber on and on about Finn then Broadway and then Glee Club. She felt lean Sam up against the door; probably because he was exhausted from hearing someone talk so much, trust me...it can happen!

She quickly flung the door open and watched as Sam tumbled to the floor. She poked her head out the door and said hi to Rachel before slamming it shut in her face.

Sam was lying on the ground in their apartment while Brittany was having a laugh attack.

"I get Britt okay!" he was yelling over Brittany's laughter now. "I won't mess with you every time your cheeks get red when she looks at you, or how much of your time you spend staring at her like she's the Grand Canyon, or how you smile like an idiot when she calls you Ms. Pierce or-"

Brittany had stopped laughing and was giving him a death glare. He matched it right back and apologized.

"Ok! Ok! No more I promise...Lopez Lover!"

He ran into their bedroom with Brittany chasing after him. He locked the door shut just as Brittany was about to catch him.

"Starting now!" he yelled loud enough so she could hear.

Brittany walked over to the kitchen after she realized he wasn't coming out of their room and grabbed a beer and a box of Lucky Charms.

She plopped down onto the couch and put down her beer as she started scrolling through channels on the television. She stopped at some old cartoon and started picking out the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms box. She was so ready for this week to be over! Well...technically she was just waiting for her study date with Professor Lopez. She was just about to turn off the television and go to bed when she got a text from Mike.

Mike Chang was Brittany's best friend aside from Sam. And he and his girlfriend Tina Cohen-Chang (aka Asian squared) had both been in Glee Club with the rest of them (of course). Mike had been Brittany's dancing buddy ever since they met in Glee club back in Lima, Ohio. Sometimes when she just needed to cool off, they would go dancing together. He was the only one that could actually keep up with her moves, he was the only one that was on her level. One thing she would never have to worry about though was when they danced together, she knew he would never try anything. He had a girlfriend he had been with every since sophomore year and whenever they danced it was just for fun. Even if they started getting handsy, it was all fun. Brittany just felt safe.

She looked down at her phone at the text.

Mike- U up for some clubbin' soon?

She quickly tapped her reply.

Sent- Duh!:)

She ran her hand through her hair and got up. She pounded on the bedroom door as loudly as she could. She realized the door was open and walked in on a passed out Sam on their bed. She changed into a big shirt (probably Sam's) and sweatpants as she climbed into bed next to Sam. She slowly drifted off into a deep slumber as she mumbled her last words with a smile on her face.

"G'nite Professor Lopez."

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