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Chapter 6

"Professor Lopez, are you ok? Why are you here? What are you doing?" Brittany began her rapid fire question round with a concerned look on her face.

She was so confused! Why was her favorite...not to mention hottest, professor rocking back and forth in front of her classroom door crying her eyes out? Santana looked so...broken. Her makeup was all over her face, her hair was tossed in every direction, and her eyes were nearing bloodshot red. Even though Santana was in this state Brittany still thought she looked beautiful. Usually all Brittany could think about when she saw her teacher was how hot she looked, but this time all she could think of was how much she wanted to help her. How much she wanted to beat the crap out of whoever or whatever made her cry so much.

While Brittany's mind raced with thoughts, Santana was startled by all of Brittany's questions. She started crying even more and backed into the door as far as she could go. She looked like a scared little girl about to be bullied by a monster.

Brittany finally realized something was really wrong. She didn't know what the hell was happening, but knew had to do something...anything. Seeing Santana in this state made her feel like she was a pedophile about to hurt the little girl in the sandbox who lost her lollipop in the sand.

Brittany crouched down onto her knees so she could be eye level with the distressed Latina.

"Pl-pl-ease do-n't...don't huu-urt mee. I'll gi-ve you what-ever y...you wa-want! H-ere!" Santana took off her glasses in between hiccups and held them out for Brittany to take while she hid her head in her arms again.

Brittany died in that moment. It was one of the cutest things she had ever seen, even cuter than Lord Tubbington. This is not the Santana she knew, Brittany was usually the one acting like a 2 year old, not her! Although she didn't know why Santana was acting like this, but she knows how she feels. Santana had completely turned into a brunette version of Brittany!

"Okay, B think! If you were crying on the floor, what would make you feel better? Unicorns? Umm...sex? I wish. Ughhh! Think Britt!"

Then it hit her!

Brittany's face lit up and looked up to check if Santana had stopped crying a little. Surprisingly, she had stopped to a slow sniffling and was looking through her fingers to watch Brittany.

Brittany caught her looking and when their eyes met, Santana buried her head back into her knees. Brittany got a little closer to Santana and tapped her shoulder. She waited a couple of seconds before Santana looked up. Brittany could tell she was having a hard time seeing because she kept squinting her eyes and scrunching up her nose. Brittany realized she might want her glasses back so she decided to put her plan into action.

When Brittany was little and she wouldn't stop crying, her mom had to pretend to become a silly little girl to help cheer her up. Kind of pretend to be her best friend and act like her. This always worked for Brittany, maybe it'll work for Santana.

Brittany looked down at the glasses in her hand and looked back at Santana to make sure she was watching her. She was. Her head was tilted to the left and her eyebrows were slightly raised. Brittany put the glasses on and pretended she couldn't see. She mocked Santana and repeated everything she did when she couldn't see. She was hoping this would make Santana a little bit happier.

It did.

Santana's smile was slowly returning and she even giggled a bit. Brittany took the glasses off seeing her work with them was done. She slowly reached her hand out and gave Santana's glasses back. Santana must have felt a little better, she took her glasses back and wiped the tears off her cheeks with the back of her hand.

Brittany decided to take a chance and held out her hand for Santana to take. Santana looked a little hesitant at first, but must have gotten comfortable around Brittany and took her hand. Their fingers touched and Brittany felt electricity. She tried to ignore it so she could help Santana get up. Brittany rose first and grabbed Santana's purse and used her strength to help Santana to her feet.

Well that didn't last long.

Santana had gotten up and stood for a total of 7 seconds and then leaned into Brittany and almost crashed to the floor. Brittany thanked her lucky stars she was a dancer and had built up all the upper body strength. Brittany had to move Santana's arm so it was around her neck and now they were basically tangled. Brittany started walking and lugged Santana right beside her.

"Than-k-k y-ou-ou! Fuh helpi-n-ng m-ee!" Santana slurred loudly as she whipped her free arm in the air.

People were staring and now Brittany was worried. She recognized the slurring and lack of mobility. Santana was drunk. And not just tipsy, she was smashed! What would people think if they saw their professor drunk on campus! She couldn't risk her professor losing her job! Who else would she stare at in class?

"You're welcome. But since I'm helping you, could you help me?" Brittany whispered as they headed down the hallway inching towards her car.

"Uh-hf corse!" Santana yelled stumbling over her own feet.

Brittany stopped moving and so did Santana. She made sure nobody was watching and took off her pink hippopotamus hat she was wearing and put it on Santana. The front of Brittany's hat was now covering Santana's eyes.

"He-y! I-I can't s-eee!" Santana yelled, a pout threatening to form on her lips.

Brittany had to look away, she had never been graced by the professor's pout, but if it had half the effect that Santana's teasing had on her, she was a goner. Brittany, though, wasn't worried anymore, Santana could scream as loud as she wanted. Brittany knew nobody would recognize Santana in the hat, she would never wear that. Not that the hat was ugly or something, just not Santana's style.

"Um, yeah we're going to play a game, okay?" Brittany told her as she started making her way into the parking lot.

"Oohhh-kay!" Santana said back.

After what seemed like half a chapter, Brittany finally managed to find her car. She dragged Santana to the back and let her lay down. Brittany walked around to the front of the car, put her seat belt on and started it up.

She twisted around to ask Santana her address to take her home, but not to her surprise, she had passed out in the back seat. Her hair was all over her face, one arm was hanging off the seat, and Brittany was pretty sure she heard a light humming noise. Even with the situation at hand, Brittany couldn't help but make a small "aw" noise.

"Would it be creepy if I...she would never know...no, Britt focus, you have to..."

Brittany's thoughts were interrupted when Santana made a sound similar to a snort. That was enough for Brittany.

Brittany moved her hand down to her butt...pocket. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and slowly opened up her camera application. She snapped a quick photo and put her phone back like nothing ever happened.

Brittany checked over her shoulder to make sure Santana was still passed out.

She was.

Then Brittany checked the time on her dashboard. It was nearing 6 o'clock and she had no clue where Santana lived. Brittany let out a long sigh and let her head fall onto her head rest. What is she supposed to do now? She never thought she would have a hot drunk professor in the back of her car.

"There's only one thing I can do. Gosh, I really hope I'm doing the right thing."

Brittany had to get home before it got late, she had no choice. She wasn't going to leave Santana on the streets, she'd feel too bad. Plus, she knew Sam had a late class today and would probably end up sleeping over at a friend's house so nobody would even know what had happened. In her mind it sounded like a fool proof plan, right? Brittany finally made a decision reversed out of the parking lot and got on route for her home.

In 15 minutes, they were at Brittany's apartment. With great difficulty Brittany managed to drag Santana out of the car and into the building. She had to push and shove Santana into the elevator since now she was carrying Santana all by herself. With all her school stuff and a Latina to carry, Brittany was out of breath by the time she got out of the elevator. Even through the treacherous walk up to the apartment, Santana was still out cold.

Brittany rummaged through her stuff for her key and probably smacked Santana a couple times in the process. She found it and entered apartment quickly, making sure not to alert the monster that is Rachel Berry that Brittany was home. She hobbled to the couch and threw Santana onto it before tossing her backpack onto the floor next to her. She took a second to breathe as she plopped down onto the love seat next to the couch. Her professor was in her house...drunk and passed out on her couch! She had no idea how she was going to explain this to Santana, but Brittany was trying to focus on what to do now, not later. Brittany's breathing had evened out by now and she felt like she could kind of function properly.

She walked back over to the front door to shut it before turning around and getting an unexpected surprise.

Empty. Couch.

Her heartbeat picked up again and she began to panic. Where? What? How?

Brittany's thoughts were going crazy. She had one job! She couldn't manage to look after her sleeping professor for two minutes without screwing something up!

"She was right on the couch when I turned around! She was passed out a second ago! Where the hell could she-"

Her mind was cut off when she felt her back hit the door roughly. Two hands were fisting Brittany's shirt and soft lips ghosted her ear. If she wasn't red from the hyperventilating before, she sure was now.

"Finally, I have you all to myself."

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