Disclaimer: i do not own these wonderful characters! or take credit for creating them, but since it will be months until the show returns i am occupying time by writing out some adventures. This is my first time writing a fan fiction, i have written a few original stories but never with characters that are already existing. I hope you all enjoy!

My eyes were beginning to blur together. I had been staring at the slides in my microscope for longer than I intended. I had lost myself while separating the genetic particles from the new batch of plant material I had secured last week. I had found that the hybrid aloe vera plant that some cosmetic companies created held far more healing properties than the original plant; I was excited to map the genetics and be able to pull out more information. I leaned back and glanced at the wall clock, it was a quarter to three in the morning. I sighed heavily, I needed to head back up to the trauma ward and get ready for the nights rush. The hospital always picked up between three and four in the morning, bar closing time on the weekends.

I gathered up my notes and slides, locked them away in a drawer that was graciously given to me by one of the other doctors who worked in the research labs. I loved being an emergency room doctor but had begun side projects to distract my mind from the non-stop pace of an emergency room. The research lab was on the other side of the hospital and felt like it was in a completely different world compared to my daily office. I would come down here to work in the cool darkness and enjoy its solitary benefits I often preferred. I loved it most during my midnight shifts.

i stood up, smoothing down my white lab coat, jamming my hands deep into the front pockets. I quietly shuffled out to the elevator. I unconsciously ran my fingers over the Dr. Lauren Lewis that was stitched onto my lab coat, gently reminding myself that I needed to wake up and get my head back into emergency room mode. Pushing the two button, my pager began vibrating violently in my pocket against my hand. My night had officially begun.

When I pushed open the trauma bay doors, I was over taken by the sounds of nurses and other doctors running around, tending to the patients that had started to pour in. I took a deep breath and went to work. I immediately found that keeping my hands and mind busy with my skills, incredibly invigorating. The time passed quickly and before I had a second thought, the rush had ended and my scrubs were only slightly blood splattered. I wiped at my forehead and turned to head for the doctors on call rooms to change and clean up.

I was two steps out when I heard a small but loud voice yelling, "Yo! YO! Is there a doc in the house? My friend needs help!" I turned and saw a small girl with black hair accentuated by, what I could only describe as, a rainbow coloring of streaks. The girl was barely supporting the dark haired woman propped upon her shoulder. The woman was bleeding from the forehead and had blood all over her hands. I rushed over and grabbed the other side of the woman, "over here, bring her over here." We were able to set the dark haired woman onto the bed where I immediately began to examine her. Focusing on the large wound above her eyebrows, "what happened?" I glanced over at the smaller girl.

"Uh…Bo was helping and these big dudes jumped outta nowhere, clocked her over the head. There was so much bleeding I knew we couldn't do the usual….I didn't know what to do so I brought her here. There wasn't enough time to get her back to the Dal..." the girls' voice was shaking more and more as she went on. "You gotta help Bobo doc." She grabbed and squeezed my arm with a fierce sense of urgency.

I took a moment, made eye contact with the girls piercing blue eyes, speaking softly, "I will. You can wait outside."

The girl hesitated and nodded stepping past the other nurses that came brushing in to assist me. I began looking closer, saw the gash was to the bone and there were other smaller cuts. I had not paid any attention to the woman lying in front of me until the nurses began wiping the blood away from her face. I took a quick breath when I saw how beautiful the woman under my care was. I rarely noticed her patients beyond patients, but there was something about this woman that made me stop and look a little harder as I stitched up the gash. When I finished, I suddenly reached out and delicately brushed the dark brown hair out of the woman's face. As I lightly touched her skin I felt a warm tingle that caught me by surprise. I just as quickly pulled my hand back, jamming it deep into my lab coat pocket. I looked down and exited the bay to find the small girl.

I found her passed out, curled up like a pretzel in a plastic waiting room chair, covered in snack food bags. I smiled slightly, reaching over to her shoulder, shaking it. The girl jumped up and grabbed a magazine, rolling it tight and taking a fighting stance. I took a step back, putting my hands up, "whoa its ok, you are in a hospital."

The girl stared at me for a second before she lowered the magazine, "how's my bo? She gonna be okay?" I motioned for the girl to sit, "please, ms…."

The girl relaxed and flopped back into her seat, "kenzie. Call me kenzie doc." I smiled, "all right kenzie, your friend, bo, is stable. I closed up the nasty wound on her forehead and she is resting comfortably. You can see her in a couple of hours." I reached over and patted kenzie on the shoulder, "if you need anything, I am Dr. Lauren Lewis."

"Thanks doc." Kenzie half smiled as her cell phone rang. I took that as my cue and walked away as kenzie answered her cell phone.

I walked past where bo was sleeping and couldn't resist stealing another look. Bo was just as I left her, sleeping peacefully in her bandages. I let the curtain slide out of my fingers as a sigh escaped from me, Bo would be discharged well after my shift and so would be this strange small crush I was developing. After I made my rounds, I walked back to my fortress of solitude where I could not focus on anything other than the strange beautiful woman in bed four.

The gentle vibration of my pager on the steel table woke me up, reaching for it and shutting it off, I did not bother to look at it. I was beyond exhausted. I sat up; rubbing away the sleep from my eyes I saw the clock hands telling me it was almost seven o clock in the morning. Smiling to myself, I was just a short half hour away from finding perfect solace in my own bed. Stretching as I stood up, I checked my pager and the call that woke me up. The woman in bed four was awake.

I kept my hands jammed into my pockets, oddly nervous and excited at the same time. I could not place it and I kept questioning myself all the way to the curtain. I slid back the curtain to see Bo wide awake and easily talking to Kenzie, who look relieved that her best friend was awake. I did not want to intrude on this personal moment; I uttered a quiet hello and grabbed the chart at the foot of the bed, flipping through pages. I saw notes telling me that bo was better than expected, she was healing quickly and her vitals had returned to a better than normal state for someone who just come in with major head trauma a few hours earlier. I was engrossed in medical stats and terminology when I heard a gentle voice, "Dr. Lewis?"

I looked up into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen in my life; I was taken aback by them and just nodded at her calling me by my title. Bo spoke again, "Dr. Lewis, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Kenzie told me you were the one who patched me up." I found myself starting at the dimple on Bos right cheek that appeared when she smiled at me, I struggled for a moment before I finally spoke, "uh...yes, yes. You're welcome, but it looks like you are doing spectacular on your own."

I set the chart down and moved to Bo, needing to take a closer look at her injury. Bo was still smiling; "I think it was your spectacular work as well, dr." her voice had softened when I got closer to her. I got the quick feeling that Bo could be flirting with me, I felt instantly nervous and embarrassed, I lightly cleared my throat as I gently brushed Bo's hair out of the way so I could see the stitches I had placed on her the night before. "Tilt your head down for me?"

AS she bent down, my fingers brushed her skin. I felt that warm tingling sensation I had when I first touched Bo. It made me catch my breath. Bo heard me, "is everything okay? Doc?"

"Uhh...Yes, yes it is. I just want to make sure the stitches will be enough." I refocused and went into doctor mode. I took a closer look at the stitches and saw that they were utterly unnecessary since it now seemed Bo's gash had healed almost completely. I was confused; Bo had come in with a large deep laceration that I closed up with ten stitches. Now, not even twenty four hours later, there was healing that would be a minimum of four weeks away from happening. I squeezed my eyes shut; I must be more exhausted than I initially thought. I opened my eyes, everything was the same. My scientific brain slowly went into overdrive of how this could be happening. I kept examining, I needed to remove the stitches, they were no longer needed and could hinder the rest of the process.

I stepped back from Bo and jammed my hands deep into my pockets, my mind running a million miles a minute. I barely heard Bo when she spoke, "so doc, what the diagnosis?"

I didn't respond or acknowledge she had started talking until she reached out and lightly touched my arm, the warm sensation bringing me back, I looked up at her and met the brown eyes that were full of concern, "are you alright dr. Lewis? You look pale."

I nodded, "yes, I am just a little tired. It has been a long shift." I pulled away from Bo's touch and called for a nurse to bring me a tray so I could begin to remove the stitches. The tray arrived; I pulled on a pair of gloves and organized the tray. "Uh…am I getting more stitches or are you taking more of my blood? I hate needles."

I didn't hear Bo trying to make small talk with me; I was still in a scientific haze of why and how her healing had been so aggressive. I caught the end of Bo's attempt at a joke, I turned to her, "well, Bo, it is alright if I call you Bo?"

She smiled wide, the dimple on her right cheek catching at my heart again, "of course!"

"Bo, you've healed extraordinarily fast and the stitches I put in last night can come out. I am going to remove them now." Before I move towards her, I paused, in a whisper I said, "Your body is extraordinary…"

"Thank you doctor…yours isn't bad either." Bo's voice dropped and when I met her eyes, realizing what had fallen out of my mouth, there was a dark intensity in them that made me swallow hard and shiver.

"Oh, I meant…how fast...umm your body's healing process is...it is…extraordinary." I was stumbling over my words and fiercely embarrassed. I nervously pushed back the strands of blonde hair that fell across my face. I moved to the tray and quickly went to work removing the stitches. I finished, took a step back and found my eyes locked again with Bo's. There was a slow moment that passed between us before a wide smile broke across Bo's face. I was finding that every time that smile appeared, it made my heart pound like I had never experienced before. I absently reached up and held my hand over my heart, confused at how and why that smile had such an affect. I finally tore myself from her eyes and went to cleaning up the tray. "You are cleared to be discharged. Keep the area clean and dry, if you feel lightheaded or anything outside of normal. Please come back and see me as soon as possible."

"Oh you can bet on that doc." I turned to see Bo and her mischievous grin. I finished and pushed the cart to the side. My hands went right back into the lab coat pockets, I wished I could crawl in there with them. I looked down, I didn't want to look at Bo, so I busied myself with pulling out my prescription pad and writing out an unnecessary prescription for a healing cream.

"This should help with any scarring." I tore off the page and handed it over to Bo. She reached and as thanked me, her hand covered mine. Her hand and touch was warm and before she pulled the paper from my grasp, she gave my hand a gentle squeeze. "Thank you, again, Dr. Lewis."

I couldn't stop myself, "please, call me Lauren." I looked her in the eyes.

She smiled and nodded. The sound of Kenzie pushing through the room broke my attention on Bo.

"Yo Bo Bo! Whats the 411?" her loud voice accentuated by the familiar crinkle of a chip bag being ravaged by hungry hands. Kenzie hopped onto the bed, almost landing on top of Bo. Bo wrapped an arm around Kenzie, squeezing her close. "I am free to leave! Lauren…Dr. Lewis just cleared me."

Kenzie, mid mouth full of chips, "sweet! I must admit it, I've enjoyed a quiet house, sans the sounds of Bo the wonder snatch…buuuuttt the crack shack has been a little lonely without ma girl." She hopped off the bed, "I'll go get the ride. We are totally stopping for waffles on the way. You're buying!" she winked at Bo. On her way out she stopped next to me, lightly punched me in the arm, "thanks doc! You're good peeps." She threw up what I can only imagine to be a random gang sign and left, leaving a trail of chip dust behind her.

Bo got up and out of the bed and started to grab her clothes. IT was my cue to take my leave, I wanted to walk out without a word, feeling as if I had said more than enough, but I couldn't. I wanted to stay there more, my feet were glued to the vinyl hospital flooring and the pull of whatever it was about Bo, was too great. I watched her move as she laid her clothes onto the bed; I opened my mouth to say something.

The vibration in my pocket was violent. I grabbed the pager rattling around and looked; it was a code call for the trauma ward. I sighed heavily; my shift was scheduled to end in the next five minutes. I dropped the pager back into my pocket. "I am sorry, Bo. I have a code call and must go. I wish you an even quicker recovery, and again, come find me if you need anything."

I turned to walk out, "thank you Lauren…I promise ill find you…if I need anything or not."

I looked over my shoulder at Bo and the smile I was beginning to think never left her face, sent a skip thorough my heart for the millionth time in the last hour. I smiled and nodded just as my pager went off for a second time.

As I rushed down the hall and away from Bo, I thought to myself, "What the hell just happened?" no woman…no person as a matter of fact, ever had such an effect on my whole person like she did. It was amazing but with every step I took, I was secretly glad I may never see Bo again. Maybe not glad, maybe relieved? No, maybe I wasn't relieved; maybe I was a little sad. My brain was running in overdrive but quickly shut down when I stepped into the sea of trauma that would keep me well past the end of my shift. I took a deep breath and went to work.

When I finally left the hospital, the sun was in high morning moving into early afternoon and stung my eyes. I was exhausted and as soon as I opened the door to my apartment, I dropped everything and collapsed on the couch, sleep kidnapping me before my eyes could close.

My dreams were filled with the night's cases and highlighted by the appearance of a certain brown eyed stranger. I was back in room four standing in front of Bo. She was talking to me, but I couldn't discern what she was saying. I focused on the large gash on her forehead. With every word Bo spoke, the wound was knitting itself back together until it was perfect. "Lauren…look at me." The soft familiar voice grabbed my attention. Bo reached up, placed both of her hands on my face, pulling me close to hers. "I promise, I'll find you..." her face move closer and closer to mine and just as our lips met, I woke up, startled and sweating.

I sat up, rubbing my hands over my face. How did she do that? Get into my dreams. More importantly, as my doctor brain took over, heal like she did? I walked to my desk, jotting down notes of everything I could remember. I was desperately trying to distract myself from the image of Bo moving closer and closer to kiss me. It was just a dream. I continued writing notes and soon I had filled two pages of information. I glanced up at the clock and winced. I had only slept three hours and had to be back at the hospital in a few more. I rubbed at my temples, there was no point now, returning to bed.

I closed up my notebook, shut off my computer and checked over my aloe plants growing behind the desk. I climbed the steps to the bathroom slowly, I was very tired and thoughts of Bo, the beautiful stranger, drowned out the other remaining thoughts in my head.

The hot water beat away some of the lingering exhaustion I felt. As I stared down at the water circling the drain, my mind was searching through the catalogs of information it held. Trying to find anything about fast regeneration in humans. Reaching for the shampoo, it hit me. Blood samples. Blood samples had to have been taken the night Bo came into the emergency room. I squeezed the shampoo bottle in a silent victory, blood samples, there would be blood samples and there would be information in those samples. I ran out of the shower, threw on clothes, tied up my blonde hair into a ponytail and grabbed my bag. I only had a few hours before my shift.

At the hospital I was able to find one of the nurses I had worked with that night. Sitting behind the nurses' station, sipping her coffee.

"Ann!" I startled her with my excitement, coming out louder than I intended.

"Jesus, Dr. Lewis! You scared me!" she looked down at her scrubs making sure none of the coffee she spilled had made it onto her. After seeing she was coffee spill free, she looked at the clock then back at me. "You're a little early or you never left dr.?"

"Yes and sort of…um Ann. Do you remember the woman that came in with a severe forehead laceration, a couple nights ago? Her first name is Bo."

Ann sighed, "No last name?" I shook my head no, I struggled to remember Bo's last name and was frustrated that I didn't know such a detail. Ann rubbed her eyes, "Dr. Lewis, we have had a lot of lacerations come in these past few nights. But give me a minute; I will see what I can find for you."

I smiled, "Ann, you are my favorite!"

"Aw! Dr. Lewis, you are too kind." The sarcasm was followed with a genuine smile. Ann clicked through her computer, "ah, here we go. Bo Dennis, forehead laceration. Signed in and out by the one, and only Dr. Lauren Lewis. This girl?"

The last part of her words hit me strange, this your girl? I was hesitant to say yes, thinking it would mean more than I needed it to. I shook the feeling off, "thank you Ann, this is the patient I was looking for. Can you tell me if we did take blood and where the samples went, and how many? Please?"

"Hmmm. Yes we did take blood, standard procedure for a heavy bleeder. The samples were sent to pathology and we took four vials. Looks like path lab only used two and they have the other two sitting in storage waiting for disposal."

I tapped the desk in excitement, "perfect! Can you call the path lab; tell them I'll be down to pick up the extra two samples. I want to run a few more tests." Ann nodded and picked up the phone.

The ride in the elevator down to my research desk, I held the two vials of Bo's blood in my hand. Holding it up to the light it looked like any other vial of blood. A deep, almost burgundy red. It had not begun to coagulate and I was still moving freely as I rolled the vial around. The answer would be here, in these two glass vials. I would run a few tests and it would hopefully give me an idea of how Bo was able to heal so quickly. My mind ran through the variables of chemicals in her bloodstream, a strange genetic anomaly, an environmental effect, I was eager to find anything.

I sat down at my desk and prepped a few slides, slipping them under the microscope. The blood had the same characteristics as any other blood I would take from any patient. I ran it through heat tests, cold tests, impact tests, and anything else I could think of. The blood reacted normally. I pushed my chair back from the work table. Leaning my head back as my excitement wore off and I began to realize how tired I was. I let out a breath, there had to be something, and there had to be a reason why. I just couldn't find it yet. I leaned forward and swept up the slides into a slide rack, storing them for later. I checked the time and saw I had to start my shift in a half hour. It was going to be a long twelve hours. I closed up my notebooks and set them into the drawer. Sliding the drawer shut, it hit me. I could run a DNA test on the blood. It would take a week or two to get back, depending on how busy the lab was. My curiosity won, I filled out the necessary forms for a DNA test. I cleaned up the rest of my work and I dropped the DNA samples off on my way to the trauma ward.

The night went by slow, it was an off night. Everyone seemed to be behaving themselves and no one needed their bodies repaired. I killed time organizing supply closets and chatting with the nurses. It still was not enough to keep my gaze from drifting back to room four whenever I was near it. The room was empty, but when I looked, I drifted to thoughts of Bo, her smile that brought out that dimple, and how her smallest touch sent waves of long forgotten feelings through my body. I had to tell myself "it's just a silly crush, Lauren, let it go. The chances of you seeing her again are close to that of pigs learning to fly." I smiled, laughed at my silliness and went back to signing off on charts.

I stood across from my bed, so happy to be home on time and so happy to see a full night's sleep come my way. The rest of the night at the hospital went quietly with the night and I left on time for the first time in weeks. I practically jumped into the pale salmon colored sheets and buried my head into the pile of soft pillows. I pulled the blankets close around me, and snuggled deep into the delicious comfort my bed was offering. I fell asleep instantly and easily.

My dreams turned from random to that of me standing in the middle of a desert. The bright sun burning down upon me. The air was soft with sand floating around me. I heard a helicopter in the distance and when I looked down at myself, I saw I was wearing my uniform from Afghanistan. The beige camo pattern covered in dirt and some dark stains. I looked around but couldn't see the base or the hospital unit that I lived in, I could hear the sounds of my time as an army doctor, but I couldn't see anything or anyone. I was very alone. I started walking towards the sound of the nearest helicopter. The dust clouds grew thicker and blew harder against me, whipping my hair around my face. I held my arm up and pushed forward, coughing from the sand swarming me. It grew thicker and thicker with every step until I fell to my knees, coughing uncontrollably. I was starting to panic. I kept moving towards the sounds. Suddenly everything went quiet, the sandstorm stopped and when I looked up, I saw a lone figure standing in front of me. The sun behind them, I was blinded and couldn't make out who it was. Then the figure spoke, "I'll find you…I promise. I'll save you….Lauren." Bo's voice drifted all around me. I reached out to her but was just too far away. I coughed again, losing breath. I wanted to collapse; I felt the urge to give up until I felt a warm hand under my chin, gently lifting my face up. I opened my eyes and met Bo's. She was smiling. She reached up and brushed away the blonde hair that the sandstorm had ravaged. "Lauren, I'll find you, before you find me." her hand rested on my cheek, her thumb rubbing gently across my cheek, sending a shiver through my body. I went to place my hand on top of hers when I saw a bright flash followed by the sounds of screams and the all too familiar sounds of war. There was another flash and all of the sound fell out.

I woke up clutching at my chest, I was gasping for breath. I had fallen out of bed and I was sure I had knocked the wind out of myself. I was completely soaked with sweat. I leaned against my bed, trying to calm my fiercely beating heart. I had dreams and nightmares from my time in the war, but nothing like I had just experience. Nothing had ever been as intense or as real as this one. I could feel Bo's touch, I could smell her. I brought my knees up to my chin; this woman has really gotten to me. I tried analyzing my dream with the little amount of psychology I knew. But I gave up, unable to figure out why my past was coming through after such a long time mixing with a chance encounter with a stranger.

After cooling down, changing my pajamas, I crawled back into bed to sleep a few more hours. Tonight was my last hospital shift before my long weekend. If I could make it through the night without the exhaustion of the last few nights overwhelming me, I would be entitled to 96 hours of hospital free, trauma ward free sleep. I dozed off slowly to the thought.

Four hours into my shift and I was bogged down with patients. The calm of the night before had been a jinx. The trauma ward was busy from the moment I stepped in. I enjoyed the pace of a big city hospital and the constant flow of work that it afforded, the variety it presented on a nightly basis, but tonight I was over it. I was uncharacteristically on edge and easily irritated. This was rare for me; I have always maintained a good nature and never got flustered, just focused under pressure and stress. But tonight the littlest thing was getting under my skin. When a lull in the action finally came, I gathered up the pile of charts I had accrued already and sat behind the nurses' station, the high walls of the cubicle would keep me hidden. I wanted to get caught up before the next rush; maybe I could catch a small nap in the on call room. As I was signing off on the chart of a young fellow who thought it would be a great idea to juggle screwdrivers after drinking a pint of vodka, ending up with a flat head through the top of his hand. Almost shearing his tendons, I had sent him up to orthopedics to get a consult. I stared at the chart, wondering if I should also send the kid to get his head examined.

"Excuse me, Dr. Lewis? We have a walk in, room four." Ann peered over the wall. Without looking at her, I closed the chart, "what is it, Ann."

"Puncture wound to the right arm, lacerations to the left arm and it looks like bruising to the face. "

"Great, another bar patron tempting fate." I sighed, pushed off from the edge of the desk and jammed my hands into my pockets. I nodded to Ann that I would follow her. Ann went in first and began setting up for my exam. I didn't look at the patient; I reached for the chart, flipped it open and took out my pen. Looking at box one; I spoke in the direction of the patient, "name please?"

"Hello Lauren."

I could hear her smile in her voice; I looked up and saw I was right. Bo sat up in the bed, smiling wide at me, the dimple I had thought about more than was healthy ever present. Her eyes sparkled as I made eye contact with her. I was frozen for a moment, before the blood pulled my eyes away. Bo was bleeding from her arms. She was holding a large wound on her right arm, mid bicep, her left had claw like lacerations that had stopped bleeding on their own, but were fairly deep. I hadn't even noticed the large red bruise forming right under her left eye. Doctor mode took over. I set the chart down and immediately moved to the large wound. "Bo, what happened?"

I moved her hand and replaced it with a wad of gauze; the puncture wound looked like a spear had found its mark in Bo's arm. Holding the gauze I scanned over the rest of her injuries, issuing directions to Ann. As Ann went to retrieve supplies, I looked back at Bo, "what happened?"

"I told you I would find you Lauren." Bo's voice was soft and a little weak. She reached up, her hand resting on my upper arm, squeezing it gently. "I had a little trouble in a back alley….muggers."

I cringed at the idea of Bo in the back alley, ganged up on by a large group of thugs, a rush of anger flashed over me out of nowhere. I focused back onto Bo, "muggers, this is a rather large puncture wound, like a spear tried to go through your arm."

"Uh…yea …uh, I think I fell on a fence." Bo nervously scratched at her forehead. That's when I noticed the original injury that brought her into my life, was now completely gone with no sight of it ever having existed. I stared at her hard, "did kenzie bring you in?"

"No, no…she doesn't know I got into a little bit of trouble. Please don't call her, I don't want her to worry. She thinks I am on a date." Bo smiled, but not as bright as usual. She was beginning to go into shock. I began to work a little faster, "bo, stay with me, I need you too stay with me."

Bo looked me dead in the eyes, "I thought you would never ask." She slumped forward, passing out from blood loss and shock. Ann came back just in time and we worked quickly, got an IV in and started pushing meds to stabilize Bo.

While she was sleeping, I set to cleaning the lacerations on her left arm. The puncture wound had been cleaned and wrapped. While I was three stitches into the first laceration I had an idea, I would leave one of the lacerations as it was, bleeding was under control, but I had a hunch and I wanted to follow through. I finished up on the first laceration, wrapped up her arm in gauze and cleaned up the rest. I stood up and looked at Bo sleeping peacefully. The bruise on her face had grown and turned purple. I reached out and delicately ran my fingers along her jawline, feeling how soft and warm her skin was. I felt the flush of anger come over me again, anger at whoever thought they could lay a hand on her and cause the damage they did. I pushed a few strands of her hair away, whispering to no one, "who are you, Bo." I left her sleeping and told Ann to call me immediately when she woke up.

Bo did not wake up as soon as I thought she would. I found myself sitting in her room in between rushes and as the night wound down, I sat there finishing up the last few charts I had. I would look up every other second to look at her. I found that I was staring more and more at her, realizing how stunning this woman lying in front of me was and the profound affect her very presence had on me. I shook the thoughts out, it was just a simple unjustified crush, more than likely born out of the fact I was incredibly tired and it had been a long time since I found anyone attractive or interesting enough to give a second glance. I returned to the charts, squinting more and more. My eyes were growing tired and I had left my glasses at home. I rubbed at the bridge of my nose, staring at the endless notes I had taken. I made a note to myself to stop making so many notes.

Squinting again I heard, "you keep doing that and you'll need glasses, Lauren."

Bo was wide awake, smiling.

"Actually, I do have glasses, but I left them at home." I shrugged and set down the chart. "How are you feeling?"

To be continued...