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Chapter 1: Things Change


It's been three years since the Hell Arkadimon's put us and the Japanese tamers through and my Senior year in high school was coming to a close. Val convinced his parents to move to Japan so he could be with Rika a year ago, and Ali? Well, let's just say I hate text messages now, we haven't seen each other for a year and she moved about a month after the break up, if you can even call it that and I guess you can say that goes for Impmon too. Takato and I've still been keeping in touch through e-mail, but he sent me one today that really caught my eye.

Azulongmon has a mission for us two only, he says to meet Omnimon at Silver City and proceed to the Lair of the Sovereigns. He'll tell us more there.

That immediately caught my attention, "Impmon, seems Azulongmon's got a job for us," the small, purple digimon looked away from my phone with an interested glance, "I'm not sure what it is, but hopefully we'll get to see some hot chicks, and maybe get an... i don't know, good time."

Impmon smiled at the thought, "You think so? Sounds like fun, when we going?"

"Uh, we'll just tell mom and dad this is a Summer Vacation thing, get packing while I telll them," my partner nodded as he went to get the suit case while I went into the living room. There my parents were watching the latest Falcons game... well my dad was at least, "Hey dad, who's winning?"

He answered my question without even looking towards me, "Falcons right now," I smiled, it's always best to pop the news when our favorite team was winning.

"Great, well Impmon and I were going to go on vacation at his house for a week or two, you mind?" I asked the man as he turned to my mom who looked up at him and shrugged. He simply turned back and nodded, "Perfect! Well, can I have some money for the week?"

"Yeah, just get it from the bank, no more than two hundred," my dad told me as I nodded and picked my keys up from the table. I motioned to my partner who packed the suitcase and left it in my room.

Impmon looked up at me and grinned, "We hittin' the bank?" I nodded back at him as we said our good byes and got in the truck.


I got Guilmon from my room and told everyone that we were going on vacation to my cousin, Kai's for a few weeks. As we made our way to the point where Omnimon was supposed to open the portal after he picked up J.T., Val caught us on our way to the park, "Oh, hey Val!"

"Hey, Takato," the American greeted as he noticed us with suitcases, "Hey, where are you two off to?"

"Did Rika not tell you? We're going to my cousin's house for the next few weeks, speaking of which, how's Rika doing?" I asked him, trying to get his suspiscion off of us. For some reason Azulongmon only wanted two of us.

Val stepped side to side a little and shrugged, "Well, she's fine, and some great stuff happened last night..."

I blushed at his comment, "Right... well have fun with that!" I said and ran past the boy with Guilmon in tow. I panted as I made it to Omnimon's rendevouz point, "H-he should be here..." I weezed and made sure that no one followed us.

"Took you long enough," I froze slightly, but turned to see J.T. standing behind me with Omnimon and Impmon, "Great, now we can get a move on to the Lair of the Sovereigns."

Omnimon nodded as he sliced open the portal, "Come, Azulongmon awaits," we all piled through the portal to find the blue dragon floating before us, "I've brought them, Azulongmon."

"Yes, thank you, Omnimon, you may go now," the knight nodded and walked away from the group, "So, you two are the most fit for the task I have at hand," the azure dragon started, "As Takato knows, there is an entire Digimon franchise in this universe, complete with games, toys, and even a TV show, well I do not govern this Digital World, but Zuqiaomon does, and he has entrusted me with two of the most powerful tamers here."

We both smirked at the complement as Impmon decided there was enough flattery, "Excuse me, Azulongmon, but what is our task exactly?"

The blue dragon sighed, "I was getting to that, your task is to go help the Digidestined in the East universe, I fear that there is a grave danger coming and they might need all the help they can get," The dragon briefed us, "But we can only send you two, otherwise we risk having this universe under guarded."

"Okay, we understand," J.T. spoke up, "And don't you worry about us, you can consider this job already taken care of!" he cheered with Impmon and Guilmon. I on the otherhand, just sighed and watched the three.

Azulongmon nodded, "Good, good, I shall take you to the Eastern Digital World immediately," the dragon told us as a portal appeared behind him, "Once there, seek Gennai, he can help from there."

"Understood," I nodded as we moved towards the portal. We were about to take our first steps, but Azulongmon had one more piece of information for us.

"Oh, and Takato? I'll make sure that Grani gets into your universe too, just in case you need Crimson Mode's power," The dragon smiled at us as we waved our good byes and walked through the portal.


"You sure Izzy?" I asked the red headed genious, who nodded, "But why would we need back up? How hard could this guy be?"

Izzy shook his head, "I don't know, but it seems he's gotten Azulongmon worried enough, so I don't want to take the chance," I sighed, I guess I had to agree with Izzy. If this guy was scary enough to worry Azulongmon, then we might need a little more help this time around.

I looked back at Izzy who was hard at work on his laptop, "So, when are they supposed to get here?" the boy genious didn't hear me at first, "Earth to Izzy!" I shouted into his ear as he shouted in annoyance, "Well? When do they get here?"

"Uh, they should be in the Digital World any minute now, Azulongmon told me to go meet them at Gennai's house, wanna' come?" I thought about Izzy's invitation for a second, then I nodded my head as I turned over to Kari who was petting Gatomon on her lap.

"Hey, wanna' come?" I asked my little sister who smiled and pulled out her D3, "I'll take that as a yes."

She sighed as Gatomon got off her lap and we all walked over to my desktop, "When you're ready, brother," Kari motioned as I nodded and she opened the Digiport.


We walked aimlessly in the Digital World, the only path we followed were the directions that various villages gave us, "So, J.T., how's Ali been?" Takato asked my partner.

"I don't know, haven't seen her for a year," Takato looked towards the ground in an oh, moment, "But I'm not letting that keep me down, how's Jeri been keeping up?"

Takato lightened up as he talked about various things the two have been doing lately. I on the other hand, kept my eyes on the road. The past villages told us to keep lookout for a large lake, and I'd be damned if I let that escape my vision, and I didn't, "Hey guys!" I called out to the others who looked over at me, "I think we're here,"

J.T. looked over to Takato for confirmation, but he just shrugged. We sat at the lake side for a couple of minutes before the water turned shined white and opened up to reveal a staircase, "Only in the Digital World," J.T. sighed as we all walked down the stairs to be greeted by a man in a robe with brown hair, "Gennai, I presume?"

"Correct, are you the Digidestined Azulongmon sent?" the man asked us.

J.T. nodded, but Takato seemed to be starstruck, "Actually, we're called Tamers, not Digidestined," J.T. spoke and then looked over at Takato, "Uh... are you okay? You look like you're about to faint.

"Yeah, I'm fine! I just never thought I'd see THE real Gennai!" he shouted as we heard a noise in the other room. J.T. and I tensed and got prepared for a fight while Gennai told us to wait a moment and walked into the other room. He came back minutes later with two boys about our age and a girl that seemed about thirteen, "Oh wow! It's three of the Digidestined!" Takato shouted, causing the boy with large brown hair to rub the back of his head.

"Heheheh, well it seems our reputation exceeds us," he grinned and then got serious, "So, you guys are here to help, right?" we all nodded, "Well, welcome to the team!" he greeted then turned to J.T., "So, what's are your names?"

"Well, I'm J.T. one of the American Tamers, and this is my partner, Impmon," J.T. introduced me as Takato worked up the nerve.

The Japanese tamer gulped and let out a deep breath, "I'm Takato, and this is my partner, Guilmon."

"Interesting, I've never heard of your partners before, may I see your Digivices?" J.T. and Takato nodded as they handed over their D-Arcs at which Izzy marvelled, "Wow, what do you call these models?"

J.T. spoke up while Takato still spased about, "They're called D-Arcs, they come with several features, a built in compass, a Digimon analyzer, a Digimon modify ability, and the most important feature, the ability to Biomerge."

Kari was the first to question us, "What's biomerge?"

Takato finally got the guts to talk, "It's pretty much our us and our Digimon fusing into our Digimon's most powerful form," the three gasped at Takato's explanation.

"You mean you actually combine with your Digimon!?" Tai asked in shock, "I didn't think that was even possible!"

"I assure you, it's very much possible," I grinned as we heard a rumbling from outside, "What was that?"

J.T., Takato, Guilmon, and I all ran out first as we saw several Okuwamon running rampant. The others soon followed us out as I saw J.T. turn towards Izzy, "We're going to need those back," Izzy nodded as he tossed them their D-Arcs, "Ready you guys?" we all nodded as he thrusted his in the air, "Biomerge Activate!" he shouted as Takato followed his motions.

"Impmon Biomerge to..." I chanted.

"Guilmon Biomerge to..." the red dinosaur called out.

"Beelzemon!" I shouted as I felt J.T.'s energy.

"Gallantmon!" the knight roared as everyone marvelled at our new forms.

"Izzy! What's the Digimon Analyzer have to say about them?" Tai asked the computer whiz who continually searched the data banks.

He finally shook his head, "I don't know, the database has nothing on either of them, they must be new Digimon all together!"

"You haven't seen anything yet," I grinned as I pulled out my Berenjenas and prepared for a fight.

Chapter End

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