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Chapter 10: Funeral


"You… bastard…" I growled trying to contain my absolute rage, "You-you God damned bastard!" I roared at the top of my lungs as I charged Daemon with my claws raised and my mind hell bent on killing him. Diaboromon and Malomyotismon decided to step in at this point, but they weren't getting in my way, "Out of my way! Double Impact!"

The bullets slammed into the demons and parted ways just enough for me to get through, "Oh how adorable, he thinks he'll get revenge," Daemon merely chuckled as he side stepped me. My eyes widened in shock and horror as his knee rams into my gut and I'm sent into the sky, "Diaboromon, Malomyotismon, now!" the two nodded as they launched their attacks.

"No you don't!" J.T. shouted last minute as he swipes a card through, "You're not getting my partner that easily! Card Slash, Hyper Speed Activate! Victorygreymon's Dramon Breaker Activate!"

I focused at the last second and barely dodged the two's assault as the Dramon Breaker materializes in my hand, "Take this you assholes! Dramon Breaker!" I slash at Daemon's minions and knock them away as I attempt my charge one more time, "You're mine now Daemon!"

"We'll see about that, Evil Inferno!" Daemon retaliates as he grins evilly.

I growled as I moved my sword to block, "Victory Charge!" I reflect the attack back as he dodges once more, "Here I go, Dramon Breaker!" I successfully slash Daemon's side and cause him to wince in pain, "I'm not stopping there, Double Impact!" I sling my Berenjena from it's holster and start firing at Daemon nonstop as he's knocked back with every hit, "How does that feel you monster! You God damned monster!"

Once my onslaught stops he stands there holding his sword injury and kneeling on the ground, "Master!" Diaboromon shouts as he, Malomyotismon, and their partners run between him and me as they guard him, "Go, we'll take care of these fools."

Daemon then stands up with a grimace, "Well Beelzemon, it really is a shame, but I do say I must leave for now, but don't worry these four will be more than enough to kill you off," and without another word he disappears through a digital gate leaving me to fight his lackeys.

"Ah, so the pig got scared when he was being beaten and decided to hide behind his underlings? Fine, I'll delete you and head on my merry way to kill your boss!" I growled as the two stood ready for my move. One moment was all it took for me to calm down enough to analyze the situation that I was in, two extremely powerful Mega Levels with me being the only one standing in their way, this was not good, not good at all. Now that I've actually analyzed them, they didn't seem too fazed from my previous attacks and I'm sure the injuries I inflicted on Daemon were just a mere fluke.

Diaboromon growled with impatience as he was the first one to snap from waiting, "I'm done sitting here like an imbecile, Web Wrecker!"

Malomyotismon nodded in agreement, "I think you're right, Screaming Darkness!" both attacks rushed for me.

"Not today you two, Transcendent Sword!" the familiar shape of Omnimon jumps in my way and blocks the two attacks with a wave of his sword, "Sorry we're late, but it took a while to gather everyone."

I felt a strong wind as I looked above me to see Imperialdramon FM, Garudamon, Megakabuterimon, Lillymon, and Aquilamon land near us. Along with Shakkoumon, Zudomon, Gatomon and the Digidestined rush by our side. Alucard gritted his teeth as he noticed how severely outnumbered he and Diablo were, "Damn, Diablo! We're retreating!" his partner and the two Digimon growled in protest but complied nevertheless as a portal opened and all four disappeared.

"Well, that was easy," commented Shakkoumon. The group then noticed my heavy breathing and the fact that I was shaking with rage.

That's when Tai decided to pop the question, "Beelzemon, what's the matter?"

Through my heavy breathing in attempt to regain composure I looked at the group, "Beelzebumon's… no, my father died trying to help us…" I winced at the sentence, those words alone hurt worse than anything I've ever experienced.

The group seemed shocked at me referring to him as my father and depressed that he died, "Is that so?" asked TK in a low voice, "Well maybe we should at least throw him a funeral, I mean he did try and help us," the rest of us nodded in solemn agreement.


We had gathered around a small tombstone that Kari and Sora were able to make in a couple of hours. Without saying a word we all placed some sort of tribute onto the stone, be it flowers or a card. Finally everyone had left except for Impmon and I, "Impmon…" I started but hestitated, "… are you going to be all right?"

He solemnly nodded, "Yeah… but it's a terrible day for rain…"

"What do you mean? It's not raining," I replied in confusion.

Impmon merely looked up as streams of tears poured from his face, "Yes, it is…"

I nodded in understanding, "My mistake, well why don't we head home? I'm sure the others are worried."

Impmon shook his head, "I'm just going to stay here tonight…" I sighed but decided that there was nothing else I could do to help him. I left him there as I returned to the Kamiya household where Tai, Kari, and Takato were waiting.

"How is he?" asked the native Gogglehead with a slight tone of worry.

I simply looked down with a tone of deep sadness, "I hope he'll be alright, but he decided to stay at the grave tonight… I'm worried about him."

The others nodded in agreement, "Even if he isn't though," started Kari, "We'll be sure to help him through it in anyway possible."

The others gave small, reassuring smiles and I smiled with them, "Yeah… you're right, we'll do the best we can to help him out."


"Still don't trust him now, TP?" Davis asked me as we walked down the street to my apartment. I knew he knew that he said my name wrong, but at this point it was just friendly name calling, "I mean the guy literally went out on a limb to save Kari then had his dad die right in front of him, he has a better motive to take down Daemon than any of us."

This was surprisingly thoughtful of Davis and I couldn't ignore the fact that he was right, "I guess you got a point there, and I may not know completely what he's going through right now, but I think I've got an idea, maybe I should start trying to bury the hatchet with those guys, I mean they haven't given me any real reason of suspicion."

Davis smiled at me and gave me a pat on the back, "Good to hear it, now I better get home before my parents kill me for staying out too late," he said as he and his partner turned to head home. I bet Cody can really relate to Impmon now though.


I sat there in silence as I propped my head against the tombstone. The tears had long since dried and a melancholy feeling of grief rushed through me, "Dad," I began as I looked up into the sky, "We may not have known each other long… but I'm glad to have met you, I'm glad to know that my father died helping save the world."

I didn't expect a response so I kept going, "I really wish you were there when I was growing up, maybe you'd have helped me through those stupid times, but let's try and catch up, what'd you say?" I waited and hoped for a response of some sort, but of course nothing happened. At first that is as I heard a slight chiming and turned around to see white particles float down to the front of the gravestone and take the form of Beelzebumon, but with a faint ghostly glow.

"Okay, shoot," Beelzebumon replied as he sat on the opposite edge of the gravestone.

A small stream of tears flowed down my face once more and there was a slight quiver in my voice, but I continued anyways, "A-all right, well since you and mom didn't have chance to raise me I've been living in an orphanage with a bunch of really nice people, you'd love 'em."

Beelzebumon gave a slight chuckle, "I see, and can you tell me their names?"

"Y-yeah," I replied, "my foster siblings are Guilmon, the oldest and the one I looked up to most," I told him as I continued along, "then there's Terriermon, he's kind of a talker but he's a nice enough guy, and finally there's Renamon, she and the others backed me up until I made the biggest mistake of my life," the Demon Lord continued to listen to me, "We were all raised by Madame Angewomon," Beelzebumon's eyes widened slightly.

"So it worked after all…" I turned towards Beelzebumon who had a tear in his eye, "She's been alive this whole time, I'm just glad to know the two of you got out of there okay."

"You don't mean…" I asked as Beelzebumon nodded slightly with another tear forming, "Why'd she keep it from me?"

Beelzebumon shook his head, "Probably so you wouldn't be hurt by it, but I digress I don't have much longer so let's just enjoy the time we have left."

I nodded and turned back to the position I was in and sighed as Beelzebumon began to hum. It was a soothing melody with a reassuring tone that told me everything would be all right, "Hey dad…" I began as I turned around to see he was gone, "… I miss you."

Chapter End

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