Enjoy. - E.

There were too many variables and he knew it was impossible. It had to be, yes? The Doctor had been to countless galaxies, saved hundreds of worlds, changed millions of lives, loved with both of his hearts, and had married only once - all of which qualified him to be the judge of the unbelievable factoid with which he was facing now.

When facing the Daleks he had been challenged, as mortal enemies tend to do to one another. He had to fight against hate and intellect that grew with each battle and with each battle he was able to push back the unimpenetrable wall of Dalek forces. He watched as worlds crumbled before their power only to be saved (almost) intact by swift hands.

He had watched the beautiful human soul be turned into nothing more than robotics. Upgrading and re-upgrading until nothing was left of the magnificent human beneath.

He had been there when stars were born. He had been there when the Earth died. And he had seen the galaxy through eleven different pairs of eyes - all more mystified by the very idea of existence than the last.

So he knew this was impossible.

The TARDIS buzzed around him like a beautiful hive of cosmic bees. The hum soothed his soul even now with its very presence but was unable to quell the beating in his brain. The lights flickered and the console whirled with life as they spun aimlessly around some unknown corner of the universe while he tried to understand what he was being faced with.

The Doctor brushed his bangs back from his eyes and fixed his bow tie. He smiled to himself, no one was around to hear, but that wasn't really the point was it?

"Bow ties are cool."

And then with the flash of cerebral speed of a Time Lord, the Doctor was back to the screen which projected his dilemma.

The universe had dealt him many hands, some more cruel than the next, and some even more brilliant than he could ever have imagined. He was made of these moments and knew them for the miracles that they were. But no miracle had ever given him this cosmic understanding of everything that was or ever will be.



River's words rang over and over through his head as he tried to contemplate what this would do to everything he would ever do in the future. The fact was however, he could not un-see what he had seen. He had the ultimate spoiler of all spoilers. He became the owner of the most important answer in all of the possible and impossible universes.

Deep breathe. Release. Enjoy. Geronimo.

The Doctor moved quickly, spinning around the control panel. He moved levers and pushed buttons. He knew that the answer was not the point, but the question. And he had a lot of questions.

Still the screen blinked on.