Here is the reception and the honeymoon. :) Enjoy! ^_^

Chapter 11
The Beginning of a New Life
Pt. II

Right across the street from the beach, Tommy, Angela, and all the other guests made there way to the Malibu Club for the reception. Mercedes held Angela's train as they crossed the street and into the club. Strobe lights flickered and music played as they walked in together. Looking over at the massive bar counter, Angela saw lots of wedding gifts, and sitting at a lone table was the cake.

"Tommy look, that's our cake!" Angela exclaimed, pointing towards the massive cake. "Good Lord, that thing is huge!"

Tommy chuckled. "Well, I wanted you to remember this day for as long as you live, baby," he said, giving Angela a smile.

Angela clasped her hand over her mouth and began to gasp, trying to fight back the tears that were spilling from her eyes.

"Baby, no, don't cry honey," Tommy said. "Nothing will ever stop me from giving you the moon and the stars."

Sitting down at a booth, Tommy took out his handkerchief and wiped Angela's tears away. He rocked her back and forth, soothing her tears. They sat there for a while as they greeted the guests who walked by there table. As everyone settled down at there tables, Paola walked over and smiled at Tommy and Angela.

"Il mio dolce bambino ragazzo," she said, as her and Tommy hugged. "I'm so proud of you. I just wish your father could have been here today to see you get married." Paola sighed and a few tears slid down her cheeks. "I just miss him so much."

"Me too, ma," Tommy said softly. With his handkerchief, he wiped his mother's tears away.

Paola smiled and gave Tommy a kiss on the cheek. "Congratulazioni," she said.

After hugging Tommy and Angela, Paola walked away and headed towards her table. A few seconds later, Sarah walked over.

"Angela, are you ready to get out of your wedding gown?" she asked.

She nodded and stood up from the booth as Sarah took her by the hand, leading her to the bathroom.

"See ya in a bit, babe," Tommy said, as he headed upstairs to the office to change out of his tux.

In the bathroom, Mercedes and Sarah helped Angela out of her wedding dress and into a white sequined gown. Both women stared in awe at Angela in the dress.

"Wow, look at you chicka," Mercedes exclaimed, as they looked in the mirror together.

Angela giggled and smiled. She looked at herself in the dress, which showed off her curves and her baby bump which was now slightly rounder. Just before she put on a pair of watching flats, Sarah took Angela's hand in hers.

"Before I forget, I have some wonderful news to tell you, sis." Sarah said.

"What is it?" Angela asked, waiting to hear the news.

Sarah smiled. "Marco Forelli and I are getting married," she said. Extending her hand out, she revealed a diamond ring around her finger.

"Congratulations!" Angela exclaimed, hugging her sister. "When did he propose?"

"A few weeks after Sonny died," Sarah said. "Adrianna already gave us her blessing."

"Does mother and daddy know yet?" Angela asked.

"Not yet." Sarah said. "I plan on telling them once we get back to Liberty City. Hopefully they don't notice the ring tonight."

As she put on a pair of silver ballet flats on her feet, they heard Kent Paul over the loudspeakers outside the door of the bathroom.

"Aw'right everyone," Paul announced. "Time for the 'appy couple to 'ave their first dance as the mister and missus."

"I think that's your cue, chicka," Mercedes said. She smiled as her and Sarah left.

Walking out of the bathroom, Angela saw Tommy on the dance floor, waiting for her. He wore a custom tailored grey suit with a lavender dress shirt underneath his blazer. The crowd turned there attention to Angela as the intro to Foreigner's 'Waiting For A Girl Like You' began to play. She made her way over to Tommy as he smiled at and took her hand in his. Entwining there fingers together, Kent Paul put the spotlights on them, making Angela's dress glimmer in the lighting. Holding each other close, Tommy began the lead in the slow dance. Angela laid her head down on his shoulder, letting a smile spread across her face as he began to sing in his baritone voice softly in her ear, in tune with the song.

They continued there dance, swaying back and forth as camera lights flashed, and listening to the 'oohs' and 'awws' from the crowds. Lifting her head, Angela looked up at Tommy. He smiled as they leaned in close and kissed. People in crowds whistled and clapped as the newly married couple kissed. As the song ended, the crowd clapped and cheered.

Angela and Tommy smiled as they made there way back to there booth. As he sat her down on his lap, dinner was being served, but the smell of the cake was tantalizing Angela, making her fidgety. Tommy gave a low chuckle. He knew she wanted some cake but they had to wait until everyone else ate there dinner.

"Babe, you have to wait," Tommy said, grinning at her as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "I know it's tempting, but just hold on sweets."

She picked at her piece of chicken and pasta salad, waiting for the others to finish eating. After a while, Kent Paul stood up.

"Oy!" he called out. "When are ya gonna cut the cake? Some people want it and pictures."

Angela giggled, glad that someone had broken the ice on the issue. Tommy grinned at her as they both stood up and made there way to the cake. The cake was five tiers high with vanilla cream and aqua frosting. Roses were placed all around the intervals of the cake.

Standing chest to chest with there hands around the silver knife, Angela and Tommy cut a slice of cake from the bottom tier. Scooping some cake and frosting on there plates, Angela took a bite of cake from Tommy's fork as he did the same.

"Tommy!" Ken called out, standing up. "You're supposed to put cake in her face and she's supposed to do the same!"

Angela grinned and noticed that she had some frosting on her hand. She looked at Tommy and a look of 'Oh no, you wouldn't dare' came upon his face. Grabbing some cake from her plate, Tommy began to back away and she advanced towards him.

"Angela, put that cake down," Tommy said, grinning.

"I'm gonna get you!" Angela teased.

She smeared cake and frosting in his face and a moment later, Tommy grabbed some cake and smeared it all over Angela's face. They began to laugh along with the crowd. Angela giggled and they wiped there faces off with napkins.

Taking there cake back to there booth, they sat down as the caterers took cake to the guests. Tommy placed his hand over Angela's rounded stomach and kissed her lips tenderly.

By the end of the night, Angela and Tommy had opened the wedding gifts. Tommy got records and other odds and ends. Angela got certificates to spas and boutiques. And for the rest, a majority of it was for there unborn child.

Saying goodbye to all the guests, Angela and Tommy got into the limousine and headed back to the mansion, tired and worn out. When they arrived back, Tommy helped Angela out of the vehicle.

"Have a good night, folks." the driver said, smiling. "Congratulations."

The limo drove off and Angela and Tommy stood there in silence, watching until the vehicle was gone from sight.

They stood there for a while. The full moon was shining brightly in the nighttime sky. In the moonlight, Tommy could see that Angela's eyes were sparkling like the way they did when he had first met her. He smiled and kissed her.

Holding each other's hand, they walked up the stairs and into the house. At the front doors, there were rose petals scattered upon the floor, leading to there bedroom. The mansion was quiet. Angela and Tommy were glad that they had the house to themselves, since this was going to be there special night together.

Scooping Angela up in his arms, Tommy carried her upstairs and into the bedroom. Angela could see that the rose petals covered there bed which to her was absolutely romantic.

The bedroom was dimly lit with sweet smelling candles. She looked at Tommy and he smiled as he placed her on the bed.

"Well here we are, Mrs. Vercetti," Tommy said, grinning.

Angela smiled and stood up from the bed. "I'm just going to go freshen up," she said, watching Tommy as he unbuttoned his dress shirt.

In the bathroom, Angela took off her dress and wiped the make-up from her face. After washing up, she opened the box to Mercedes wedding gift. Inside was a white lacy lingerie nightgown. She gaped at the sheerness of it. Putting it on, she noticed that there was a note in the bottom of the box and she picked it up. In Mercedes handwriting, it read:

' No panties required. Hope you enjoy. ;) '

Grinning and blushing at the note, Angela looked at herself in the mirror. The fabric of the nightgown was very see through. Shrugging on her white silk robe, she fixed her hair and took a deep breath. Opening the door and turning off the light, she walked out and saw Tommy waiting for her on the bed. He was only wearing a pair of black boxer shorts and nothing else.

Tommy looked up and watched as Angela approached the bed in the silk robe which was hiding her nightgown. Standing before the bed, Tommy sat on the edge and reached over to untie the sash of Angela's robe. The robe fell open, and sliding it off her shoulders, it pooled at her feet. He stared at her in awe in the white lacy nightgown, which was see through. Looking up and down her body, he noticed that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"My God, you looked so beautiful today," Tommy said, huskily. "When you walked down the aisle today, I could barely breathe."

Angela smiled and caressed Tommy's cheek. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her tenderly. Pulling off her nightgown, he tossed it aside and lowered Angela to the bed.

As Angela laid upon the bed, Tommy cupped her breasts. Her skin was soft and the scent of lavender filled his senses. Removing his boxer shorts, Tommy gently spread apart Angela's thighs. He covered her body with his. Angela wrapped her legs around Tommy's middle and she arched her back, moaning in pleasure. Closing her eyes and smiling, she knew only one thing... Bliss...

Sorry if the wedding night is a little short. I didn't wanna take the romance too far.

One more chapter after this one, which is the continuation into 1987 of Tommy and Angela's first born child, hehehehe. :3 ^_^ Will it be a boy or a girl? We'll just have to wait and see. :)