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Charlie's POV

I miss my baby girl. My sweet little Bells. I wonder how she's been doing all these years. When I think back to all those years ago I hate the decision I made of not keeping her here in Forks with me. My ex-wife didn't even care half as much as I did of our daughter. I mean she's not a terrible mother but she wasn't exactly the best. I had to do what I had to do to keep Bella safe even if that meant sending her away all those years ago.


"Charlie- I'm leaving." Renée had told me when I came home from work one day.


"Yes I can't stay here any longer. I hate it here. I'm moving to Arizona." I knew this day was coming eventually. She never hid the fact that she hated this small town.

"Just do me a favor?" I asked her in a trembling voice before closing my eyes for a few seconds to calm my voice. When I opened them she looked at me with pained eyes waiting for me to continue.

"Take Bella. Take her with you and keep her safe."


"Please she needs this. She needs to leave this place before he comes back for her. Please Renée do this one thing for me." I looked at her with tears in my eyes hoping she'd do this if not for me then for Bells.

"I'll take her." She whispered.

-End of flashback-

That was six years ago. Renée took Bella away from Forks when she was just eleven years old. No matter how much I hated the fact that I had to send her way it was for the better and I will not regret it. I guess I should explain why I needed to send my daughter away even though I loved her so much. You see it all started when she was eight almost nine. I was in the backyard teaching Bella how to throw a ball. We've been out there for over an hour and it was a lost cause but Bella was so stubborn and wouldn't give up. Renée watched us play from the steps while reading a magazine when they stepped out of the woods. Two men that changed our lives forever. The first man was African American, tall and had his long dark hair in dreadlocks while the other was shorter and had his dirty blond hair in a low ponytail. I watched as they walked with such grace out of the woods. I moved closer to Bella and stood in front of her while keeping Renée in my line of vision. I had a bad feeling about these guys and my fear for my family was at it's highest. The one thing that stood out the most was their piercing red eyes.

"Hello my name is Laurent and this is James."

"What a wonderful smelling daughter you have." The one named James said.

That was when this nightmare started. I kept my eyes on them but in a blink of an eye James had grabbed Bella while Laurent held Renée and myself back. Renée gripped my arm and sobbed as I yelled at him to leave her alone. He just laughed and ran his finger up and down Bella's neck. His face was getting closer and closer to her neck when a wolf howled in the distance. The two of them went stiff and hissed in the direction of the animal.

"We'll leave this for another time but I promise you will be seeing me around." James sneered.

He dropped Bells and ran away with Laurent close behind him. Renée scooped a crying Bella up in her arms and took her inside. I later found out that the howl that had saved Bella was none other than some boys from La Push. Billy had told us all about werewolves and vampires and how he could help keep my family safe from them. That however didn't stop James from coming around. There were too many close calls before the wolves showed up. The last time he was able to grab Bella and take her to a cabin hidden in the woods. By the time we showed up he had bitten her. The boys took off after him but lost him when he jumped into the water. I took in a heavy breath when Billy had told me that it seemed as if he had bitten her without using venom. She was safe but for how long? When Renée told me she was leaving I knew Bella had to go with her. Bella was safer in Arizona where it was sunny and full of people instead of this small cloudy place. With Bella safe and far away from here I hoped that sending her away was a good idea.

So what do you guys think? Hmmm? So I'm not going to follow the book I'm making my story the way I want it. At this time Billy isn't in a wheelchair. Victoria isn't with James yet and Renée left Forks with Bella when she was eleven.