Chapter Three: Rooftop

Introduction: Revised Chapter. What once was the second chapter is the new third one.

In many respects, there was always something to do in Gotham. It did not matter if it was spring, summer, fall or winter. The city was often bustling with activity of all kinds. But one could argue the most action was when the criminal element of the city was active.

While there wasn't any joy in dealing with murderers, rapists, sociopaths, and psychos of all types, there was the thrill of the hunt. It was in Wonder Woman's nature to enjoy the hunt. She was raised an Amazon, and as such, she was taught to hunt with a passion that was unmatched and to enjoy the thrill.

Landing on the rooftop of a 14-story building, she scanned the streets for anything suspicious. Pressing her fingers to the earpiece that she had placed in her right ear before leaving, she felt a ting of satisfaction that nothing serious had occurred after their dealing with the Steel Fang. The last thirty minutes had been As if on cue, she heard another person land directly behind her. With a smirk she thought about how stealthy her husband was. She always wondered what it would be like to hunt him on Themyscira, without the suit and gadgets. Or maybe they could do the hunt in the nude and end it in the lake.

She shook her head and tried to ignore her desire for Bruce. They had work tonight right now.

"Anything, Princess?" Batman spoke with the same stoic voice he always had as he stood on her left and watched the city, his city, their city.

She shook her head before speaking. "No, nothing." She listened closely to the sounds in her current location. Nothing out of the ordinary or worthwhile at the moment, but this was Gotham. You always had to be prepared.

"It's unfortunate that our date night was ruined." She spoke up with a hint of humor.

Batman turned and looked at her. He knew where she was going with this. And a large part of him was disappointed as well, however they both knew it was the price they paid for being who they were and the paths that they chose. However, he did feel a sigh of relief that the night wasn't slow or boring. While having dinner and seeing a movie later, plus getting her favorite treat, ice cream, was definitely not boring in the slightest. A small part had hoped to be out in the night, protecting the city, there would always be other opportunities to see movies.

"I know." He spoke softly, not as Batman, but as Bruce, which made Diana turn her head and look at his masked face. A tender expression had developed on her face, and he knew how she wanted this night to be about them and what they shared.

She smiled softly and gently gripped his shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. "Thank you for caring."

Bruce gave his wife a very small smile in return. Lifting his left hand up, he gently used his gloved hand to fix a few loose strands of her raven hair. As much as he wanted to kiss her, he knew it wouldn't be a good idea. Instead, just being physically close to her would be enough.

"I must say," Diana broke the romantic moment, "This city provides ample hiding space." She turned to face him and delivered a confident look, maybe she could have tonight after all, though she couldn't help but feel cocky and a little bit mischievous. "Don't you think?"

Bruce turned and stared back at her, slightly confused at first, but quickly picked up on what she was implying. Diana placed both hands on her hips and gave out a cocky, almost arrogant smirk. It was clear she felt confident it what she was about to do.

Bruce smirked back, but was far more subtle, he knew what she was up to. She had often teased and claimed that he couldn't catch her - no matter the locale - and that she could catch him.

A cocky Amazon. Bruce thought.

"Are you asking me to catch you Princess?" Batman asked her.

Wonder Woman crossed her arms and nodded her head. "I don't think you can, even in your city."

Batman took that as a challenge. He didn't mind playing games, he'd done that for years with other women in his life, but had not yet done it with Wonder Woman. Tonight though, was going to be different.

"You think so?" Batman responded with seriousness in his tone. "You realize you're out of your element her Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman's ears perked up and she raised an eyebrow at that remark. "Really, Batman?" He's being so serious. Guess he's up for the challenge.

"Really." Batman responded cracking his knuckles. "I can catch you easily. Very easily."

"It that so?" She responded, right then and there she knew the game was on; it was just a matter of who would start first. "And who should start this little game?"

Batman's smirk grew wider, without another word he reached into his utility belt and pulled out a smoke pellet and tossed it onto the ground. Wonder Woman backed away and shut her eyes, wiping the smoke away with her free hand while covering her mouth to prevent from inhaling the fumes. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and saw that Batman had disappeared.

"Batman?!" She called out. "Batman?!" Where in hades did you go?!"

"Anywhere Wonder Woman." His voice came from behind her; she turned and stood in a defensive posture. But she saw only the building rooftop across from her. She maintained while making sure her heighten sense were aware of everything around her.

"I can be anywhere." His voice ran out again. "I dare you to find me."

Wonder Woman smiled, her eyes narrowing. "Alright then Dark Knight." She lifted herself off the rooftop and turned her head to where she thought she heard his voice last.

"I'll find you and you'll pay for thinking you can hide from me."

With those words she flew into the air and started to explore her surroundings. Not aware that the man she was looking for was hiding in the shadows behind a large water tower was directly behind him before he disappeared.

"We'll see, Princess. We'll see." Batman said quietly under his breath.

This was definitely going to be far better than a movie. There was no doubt about it.

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