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Music was playing over the speakers in the living room and the bottle of scotch was sitting on the coffee table. The music that was playing wasn't quite loud enough to drown out the noise of that rain and she was ok with that. Catherine sat on her couch, with what was her second glass of scotch, and wondered how things had gotten so messed up between her and Jackie. Just a few short weeks ago they had both been sitting on that very same couch talking and laughing about something funny that happened during class. Things had been going so well for Catherine and Jackie. After they had met, they quickly fell into a comfortable groove and spent as much time as possible together. Things were going so well for the two of them, but there was always a nagging feeling in the back of Catherine's mind that something was going to happen. At the beginning of their relationship she had asked Jackie if she was scared about being together. Even though Catherine insisted that everything was going to be fine and nothing would happen, there was always a part of her that didn't believe her own words. She wasn't worried about being found out by the school and losing her job, she was worried that Jackie would get bored of her and move on. So when Jackie told her about the possible acting job back in L.A., Catherine tried to hide her jealousy. Unfortunately, she didn't do a very good job trying to hide it. She had been with other students, but the truth was Jackie was different. She wanted to spend every waking minute with her. She had to forcer herself not to look at her during class, it was so hard not to get lost in her gaze while she was teaching. Jackie brought this other side of Catherine that most people didn't get to see, it was this fun and carefree side.

She finished what was left of her glass and poured another. She brought the glass to her head, it felt cool to the touch and she closed her eyes as a single tear fell down her check. Maybe if she tried hard enough she could turn back time and say things she wanted to and take back other hurtful things that she had said. As she was sat on the couch with Ethan curled up next to her a song started playing that made her cry even more.

"Man it's been a long day
Stuck thinking bout it
Driving on the freeway
Wonderin if I really
Tried everything I could
Not knowing if I should
Try a little a harder

Oh but I'm scared to death
That there may not be
Another one like this

And I confess
That I'm only holding on
By a thin thin thread"

Truer words had never been spoken. Since Jackie had walked out of her house just a few short days ago, all she could think about was what she could have done or should have done. She didn't want to come between Jackie and her career, but maybe they could have worked something out. Jackie was worth whatever they had to go through to be together. Not a minute went by that she didn't regret saying that she wasn't worth it. They had both said things out of anger that night after the party, but Catherine deeply regretted saying, "maybe I don't think you're worth it." The second those words slipped out of her mouth she felt awful.

"I'm kickin the curb
Cause you never heard
The words that you needed so bad
And I'm kickin the dirt cause I never gave you
The things that you needed to have
I'm so sad... sad

Man it's been a long night
Just sittin' here
Trying not to look back
Still looking at the
Road we never drove on
And wonderin if the one
I chose was the right one"

Jackie asked her if she was different and Catherine wanted to jump and scream and say YES, but she was scared to let herself go there. She never let anyone else spend the night and she certainly never would have let anyone else take her flying. Catherine had no problem talking to Jackie while she was sleeping, and now she wishes she would have. She told Jackie she loved her and that she loved spending time with her. Looking back on the last few months she couldn't remember making that same comment to her while she was awake and she knew she should have.

"Oh but I'm scared to death
That there may not be
Another one like this

And I confess
That I'm only holding on
By a thin thin thread"

Catherine finished her glass of scotch and put the glass back on the coffee table. She should go to bed, but the thought of being in her bed and not seeing Jackie curled up next to her, was such a depressing feeling. She had been sleeping on the couch for the last few nights because every time she saw her bed, she thought of Jackie and ached to be with her. She put her head on the back of the couch and didn't even try to stop the flow of tears. She had screwed up and would do anything to get back the one person she ever truly cared about.

Ok, so I just watched this movie the other day and I can't get it out of my head. They ending of the movie really bugged me! I thought about writing a different one, but I heard this song the other day and I just had to write something. Not sure if I'll keep this one going or not. I might just start a new one. Anyway, let me know what you think!

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