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Chapter 13

Dean's jaw dropped when he heard that bitch lawyer say that name. He couldn't believe it. Sam immediately stood up with an "Objection!" but the judge allowed the defence to continue and Dean's brother had to sit back down, fuming.

The short-haired blonde lawyer placed the photograph down on the witness stand in front of Cas and the man cringed back from it.

"What line of work was that Mr Novak?" Meg asked again.

Cas looked down at the picture, his stomach churning, then back up, unfortunately straight into the cold, hard gaze of Alastair. He tore his eyes away from the man and looked up at the female lawyer.

"Wh…what did you ask?"

"You worked for Naomi White for a time. I'd like you to tell the courtroom what line of work you performed for her," Meg said, unable to keep a knowing half smile from her face.

"I…I uh…" Castiel looked up to the judge. "Do I have to answer that?"

The judge nodded silently.

"I…it was…I was…I sold…myself," he finally stammered out, his eyes downcast. There was a flurry of whispers from the jurors and from Alastair's lawyers.

"And what did you have to do in that role?" Meg asked.

"I…had to service her…customers."

"And they were mostly men yes?"

Castiel nodded.

"I'm sorry you'll need to say that out loud for the record," Meg pushed.

"Yes," Cas all but whispered.

"So you would say that you were well and truly comfortable with sexual acts with another man?"

"Objection! Leading the witness," Sam said, but once again to his dismay the judge allowed it.

"More or less," Cas replied, his voice shaking slightly. He looked to Dean but the policeman was deep in whispered conversation with his brother.

"So we're talking anal sex?"

Cas swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes."

"Blow jobs?"


"Anything else?"

Cas looked up at the blonde lawyer in front of him. Her eyes crinkled at the sides and she looked almost friendly but Cas knew what she was referring to. His mouth went dry and he felt as if it would be impossible to form coherent sentences at that point in time.

"You'll need to answer that question Mr Novak. Did you perform any other services for Ms White's clients?" Meg asked.


"Can you describe those services?"

"Uh…she would…some of her clients liked to…hurt me. If they paid extra, she would let them," Castiel finally replied. His gaze dropped to the floor. How could Dean possibly trust him after this? He hadn't told Sam or his brother about this fact and he knew Alastair was going to exploit it.

"Would you be able to give a few examples so the jury knows what you mean?"

Cas sighed softly. There was no going back now. If they knew about Naomi, she'd be a witness for the defence. If he lied or omitted any truths they would come back to bite him later.

"One man liked to slap me in the face. His friend would be rough and punch me in the stomach if I did something wrong. Another man would tie me down and…hit me with his belt. Nothing as bad as…"

Cas trailed off as his eyes met Alastair's. The man was staring daggers at him. Clearly he'd hoped Cas would lie now and his testimony would be proven as false when they brought Naomi in. He hadn't counted on Cas telling the truth.

"Nothing as bad as what Mr Novak?"

"Nothing as bad as when Alastair was angry," Cas all but whispered. "But I had no choice to do those things for Naomi, I didn't want to do them."

But Meg was already walking away, telling the judge the defence was finished with their questions. Dean walked up to the witness stand to give Cas a hand back to their side of the courtroom. Castiel didn't look at Dean, couldn't bring himself to look his good, strong policeman in the eye after what had come to light today. He just hoped Dean still let him sleep at his place, otherwise he'd have nowhere to go tonight.

They all stood up as the judge exited, then Sam collected their papers and they left the courthouse. Cas squinted in the afternoon sunlight once they emerged onto the street. He stayed silent as they walked down Lawrence's main street towards Dean's apartment building. The brothers talked amongst themselves, mainly Sam explaining the defence's tactics. Dean unlocked the front door and they walked inside, Cas mentally thanking whoever was upstairs that Dean wasn't kicking him out onto the curb. He sat down nervously on the couch. He looked up when he heard his name.


"I was just asking what you wanted for dinner," Dean said, looking in the fridge. He closed the door and turned around to face Cas.

"I don't mind. Whatever you want to eat," Cas said, moving his eyes back to the floor.

"Shit," Dean said, silently cursing himself when the word made Cas flinch. He moved closer to Cas and sat down, unable to miss the almost imperceptible shiver that went through the other man's body. "You've had one of the worst days of your life and here I am asking what you want for dinner. I should be asking you how you are," Dean said softly.

Cas took a shaky breath in. "I'm…fine. Well, maybe not fine, but I guess I'm through the worst of it."

"You should've told us about what Naomi made you do," Dean said gently.

"I'm sorry Dean, really," Cas said, keeping his eyes on the floor. "If there's anything I can do to make up"-

"No Cas, it's not that bad, come on," Dean soothed. He placed a finger under Cas's chin and raised his head. Glassy blue eyes met Dean's. "I'm not mad at you."

"You're…not? Why? Alastair would be furious," Cas said, his voice shaking again.

"Seriously Cas, I'm not angry at you. It would have been good for us to have known that piece of information but I know how it makes you feel and I can understand you not wanting to talk about it," Dean said. "And, besides, I'm fairly sure Alastair would've assumed you'd lie when Meg asked you that question. They're bringing Naomi in as a witness, last minute addition, so she would've argued it if you'd lied today. You did the right thing."

"Okay," Cas said, nodding. Dean put his arm around Cas's shoulders and was beyond happy when the man didn't flinch or cringe away.

"Now, how about we get you fed?" Dean suggested.