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Ichigo landed on the rooftop of one of the quaint looking Karakura houses without making a sound. A thin cloud of dust was the only disturbance betraying his presence. The night was silent as the grave around him. He looked like a shadow in his black shihakusho, watching over the blissfully ignorant inhabitants of his home town and protecting their fragile existences.

Just another night of Hollow hunting with a few ghost encounters thrown on the side to make things that much more frustrating...Ichigo was used to the job by now but it never got any easier, having to reassure and calm down babbling spirits who thought they would be killed, which didn't even make sense considering they were already dead.

He always said Soul Society was a better place, a new beginning, but that wasn't always the case now was it? He'd seen the state of some of the areas and the people living in absolute misery...He'd seen them get killed just as brutally as if they were still living humans...but he couldn't say that to the spirits so he didn't. That outcome still seemed better than transforming into a Hollow, a primal creature capable only of destroying...

'Here we go again...Tortured-rebel-without -a-cause time.' Ichigo's frown darkened when his own personal Hollow's gritty voice filled his mind. He made a point of ignoring him but it wasn't like the creature stopped existing...It was as much a part of him as Zangetsu, maybe even more so.

'Or are you just trying to sound like a martyr so you feel less guilty about why you're actually here?' Ichigo's fist clenched, every muscle in his body tensing. This reaction elected a triumphant, shrill laugh from the voice in his head. Ichigo knew the answer to that question. The Hollow knew the answer to that question, but it seemed to give him enormous joy seeing his king suffer.

The house he used as a platform was not a random one. It happened to be the only one which gave him a clear, unobstructed view of a particular neighbouring home. From the rooftop he could see the bedroom. White curtains pulled apart, slowly swaying with the wind entering the slightly open window. A soft buttery glow lit up the place, showing the modest but elegant furniture, all white or light blue with an occasional splash of woodland colours. It suited the owner like a glove...

'Listening to you, it kind of makes me want a piece for myself. He sure looks tasty enough of a treat...' Ichigo knew where his darker side was going with this and he hated it. He hated the way HIchigo knew exactly how to push his buttons and used this knowledge with glee. He hated that the Hollow managed to crawl under his skin and his dark voice filled every cranny of his mind with thoughts he didn't want to think. He hated that those thoughts kept him up at night and haunted his dreams, twisting them into vile nightmares.

'You recon he's still a virgin? Completely untouched by anyone else, innocent? Wouldn't you like to take him? Hm?...' Ichigo swallowed drily. The messed up thing was that yes, he did want to take him. It was the fantasy which kept him up at night because he knew once asleep his imagination would take over and...He shook his head in self-disgust. How could he even have those thoughts about one of his friends when he knew there was already someone else? How could he even entertain the notion of betraying not one but two of the people he most cared about?

'Well if you don't want him then someone else will snatch him up. Maybe next time you lose control and you become my horse I'll pay the little Quincy a visit. He wouldn't even know it wasn't you...He'll welcome me into his bedroom and then I'll act out your nightmares.' A thin river of perspiration trailed down Ichigo's cheek and neck. He could picture the mad grin on his dark mirror's face. He knew the Hollow meant every word, every threat, every suggestion... It made him equal parts enraged and fearful.

'Imagine those long, pale legs open. Me holding down his wrists while he screams and struggles but he can't overpower me. Not with that skinny build. Those sharp blue eyes staring up with hatred and hurt, thinking you betrayed him.'

'Shut up...' Ichigo's voice was a low whisper but he knew the other heard him. They were the same existence after all. But he didn't listen...

'And then the real fun can begin. Running my tongue over the quivering body until I'll make him give in. Until he'll be the one begin for more. Can you imagine the feel of his heat under your fingertips Ichigo? Can you hear his voice screaming your name?'

'Shut up.' Ichigo's voice rose a little louder. He could imagine the feel, the heat and the voice and it was driving him insane. His many dreams came back to him in shocking detail and it made his gut twist with lust and shame. He couldn't afford to think those thoughts about Uryu. Not when he knew about his love for Orihime...But at the same time no matter how hard he tried to shed the lust, like a snake shedding his skin, he just couldn't. It was the single most frustrating thing in the entire world! Ichigo would haven much preferred taking the entire Gotei 13 again than have to be stuck in this endless loop of misery.

'Oh but I'm just getting started my king. You know I'm just narrating your own thoughts. You're the one fantasising about grabbing him and throwing him against the nearest wall and ripping his clothes to shreds, no? How about kissing him possessively and biting his skin to mark him as your own when you know he'd be hurt? You know you'd betray his trust but you still want to forcefully push his legs apart and fuck him until he's reduced to crying and begging for mercy. That's you Ichigo, not me.'

'Shut up!' Ichigo's shout shattered the nightly silence. Unconsciously he'd moved his Zanpakuto in front of him, going on the offensive. His heart drummed with such vigour it threatened to break the bony prison of his ribcage. He took large inhales of cool air, attempting to calm the raging fire inside him, but it only seemed to oxygenise the flame.

Slowly, he felt the calm settle again and he sheathed Zangetsu. The chilly night air did wonders for his overheated temperament and for once HIchigo listened and shut up momentarily. He could still feel the other's presence close to the surface, lurching around the confinements of his mind, waiting to push the next button.

'Look. Your sweetheart's here.' Ichigo shifted his eyes to the window without thinking, effectively disregarding his own resolve to ignore the Hollow. Sure enough, the bedroom had an inhabitant now. Ishida moved about the place, placing some books on the shelves, running through some pages presumably filled with school notes, finally settling in front of the window but with his body facing the door through which he'd just entered. Ichigo had a perfect view of his profile, waist up.

Ishida was talking to someone but whoever it was Ichigo couldn't see them. His eyes were too focused on the Quincy anyhow. As always, he was only wearing a thin white shirt but it was slightly dishevelled which was something very much out of the ordinary for the archer. The guy was a stickler for neatness to the point where he even invaded Ichigo's personal space...and he let him because he was happy with any excuse to have the other boy closer. Yet on this occasion Ichigo could clearly see half the buttons were undone and the shirt wasn't tucked in the waistband of the trousers. Ishida's black strands were also just a little messy, some stray ones falling across his eyes like a partly open curtain.

'If I didn't know any better I'd say the princess' getting some.' Ichigo frowned at the Hollow's course way of putting it, but the idea did cross his mind. Was the other person Orihime? Somehow Ichigo knew that wasn't the case. It just didn't feel right...

Ichigo grew more and more uneasy, when the other person suddenly stepped into view. His eyes widened as he instantly recognised Shuhei Hisagi, the co-lieutenant of the 9th division. He remembered running into the Shinigami a few days back when he came to Karakura on some official business. He'd completely forgotten about him...And what exactly was he doing at Ishida's place? He'd just assumed the guy was staying at Kisuke's shop since that's how things usually went. The thought of another man, even if he was a man Ichigo more or less trusted, staying in the same house as the Quincy really rubbed him the wrong way for some reason...

'Ha! Some reason...You're jealous. Obviously.' Ichigo grit his teeth, hating his Hollow more than ever. It wasn't true. He wasn't jealous because there was nothing to be jealous about. Even if the two lived under the same roof that didn't mean anything was going on, especially since he knew Ishida liked Orihime.

'Does he?' He could hear the smirk in HIchigo's voice. The talking in riddles was always his least favourite part about the spirit world. Zangetsu did it all the damn time...

'Should you really be distracted right now? You're missing all the fun.' Ichigo snapped out of his thoughts and re-focused on the...sight before him. Time stopped. The world froze. The solid material below his feet seemed to disintegrate.

Ichigo watched Hisagi close the distance between himself and Uryu and seal their lips together. His hands moved to open the shirt all the way, pushing it down the Quincy's thin arms. And Ishida wasn't fighting him! His hands joined around the lieutenant's neck in an encouraging way. He responded eagerly to the kiss. Ichigo was petrified, his thoughts darting around his skull with the speed of supernovas.

What the hell was going on?! Wasn't Ishida in love with Orihime? All those times he blushed and got awkward around the bubbly girl...Those meant nothing? Had he completely misunderstood the situation?! Ichigo felt like there was not enough oxygen around him to fill his lungs...And now someone else came and 'snatched him away', just as HIchigo predicted.

'Told you so.'

Ichigo wanted to move his eyes away but they were glued to the bedroom window. By now Ishida's shirt was discarded completely and so were his glasses. Hisagi moved to attack the skin of his bridged throat, letting his tongue run over the sharp angle of the jaw. The lips trailed along the throat until they reached the centre of the collar bone. His hands grasped the thinner man's hips and pulled him against himself, grinding their bodies together.

Ishida moved a hand to cover his mouth, probably to stifle whatever delicious noise of pleasure the grinding provoked. His eyes were shut tightly, his hair even messier, and his chest rose and fell with each heavy breath inhaled. Suddenly Hisagi reached for his thighs and brought them up so that Ishida was forced to wrap his legs around the Soul Reaper's waist. With their lips locked, Hisagi led the two of them to the bed and out of Ichigo's line of sight.

Even after they were gone Ichigo continued to stare without so much as a blink. He couldn't believe it even though the evidence had literally been played out before his eyes. How?...How could he have been so blind?...How could he miss his chance like that?...Ichigo was in a state of shock, the full implication of his accidental discovery not registering yet.

'Well look on the bright side. At least now you know the little Quincy likes guys.'

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