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Chapter 6: The Nerd Behind the Solution

A silver jet zoomed among the clouds. The clouds were no problem for Lee's vision, as he sat in the pilot seat, both hands on the wheel, overlooking the controls. Marc was beside him, checking the coordinates, while Megan and Tony were in charge of the jet's engine and its condition. After all, they will still need the jet to get back home once they finish their mission in Michigan.

Marvel Brussels was the name of their baddie, who for some reason needed pheromones so bad to the point that he had to steal it from an organization like WOOHP. What does he plan to use the pheromones for? Beep. Is it about more than just attracting girls? Beep. Beep. What kind of person are they up against? Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Uhh, Marc, aren't you gonna get that?" Lee turned to his brother. The sound was coming from Marc's phone. Even though it was the only sound they have been hearing in the jet for the past few minutes or so, Marc wasn't bothered like they were.

"Just ignore it," he said.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Megan and Tony turned around.

"What's going on, Marc?" Lee was now concerned.

Marc sighed. "It's just the girls from school."

"Really?" his siblings exclaimed.

"I'll just turn it off," Marc decided, but before he could do it, Tony had gotten up and had snatched his phone from his pocket.

"You weren't kidding!" Tony exclaimed as he scrolled down Marc's inbox, revealing newly-received conversations from girls in Southdale Jr.

"Of course not," replied Marc. "And let me just remind you that they're only acting this way because they got smoked up by the formula during our Science class."

"OMG," Megan was now peering over Tony's shoulder and skimming over Marc's message previews. "And these came in not more than an hour ago." The phone was still beeping. "IS THAT TAMI?!" Megan screamed.

Tony pressed that conversation with Tami and read:

"Marc, where are you?"

"Can you teach me after school?"

"Do you want to hang out over my house this weekend?"

"Will you marry me?"


"Did Tami just sum up a relationship?" said Lee.

"Never knew that she'd be even crazier than she was before," added Megan.

"Is that really how we were around Tami when we were under the pheromones?" Tony asked Megan.

"Maybe after this mission, I could keep a bit of that pheromone," Lee joked, but his siblings didn't like it. "I'm joking, I'm joking!"

The siblings' attention turned to Marc who didn't seem happy as he co-piloted the jet. "What's wrong, Marc?"

"Since the girls were going crazy over me, I didn't get to ask Celine to the dance."

"You didn't?"

"Well, I mean, I did, but," Marc facepalmed himself. "I didn't get to hear her answer. And she probably didn't and will never say 'yes' after I had ran off like that. Ugh." He buried his face in his hands.

Lee, Megan, and Tony could only glance at each other and feel bad for him.

Beep beep beep!

This time, the sound was from the jet. Megan and Tony went back to their stations.

"Good thing the dance is still three days away," Lee told them. "But for now, let's do what we came here for, spiez."

A gadget poked between the panes of a bedroom window, and in less than a second, the window was unlocked. In came footsteps, one spy after another.

Each spy turned on their ear communicator and its green hologram feature in front of their right eye. Using its night vision, they got to see the inside of their baddie's "headquarters."

"Do you guys see anything suspicious?" Marc asked.

The room was another one of those college rooms in dormitories. The room was big enough for one person, too small for four middleschoolers. There was a single bunk bed, science posters on a wall, and a stack of book on a study table.

"I see a regular college kid room," Tony remarked.

"If all college kids were smart," Marc replied. He was staring at a wall that was plastered with medals and certificates of recognition for different school competitions. All of them had "Marvel Brussels" written on them.

"Now that I think about it, this could be your room when you go to college, Marc," Tony teased him.

"Except Marc doesn't make elaborate evil plans," Megan talked back. She was standing in front of the opposite wall and looking at its huge whiteboard. There were drawings of arrows pointing to different text boxes that were labeled with scientific names of chemical compounds.

"I can already tell where this is going," Megan said with confidence. "Our bad guy is too much of a huge nerd to have a life and socialize, so he's using pheromones to get girls to like him. Typical nerds."

Marc gave her a side eye.

She gave a nervous laugh, "I mean not all nerds, y'know."

Meanwhile, Lee was looking at the stack of books on the study table. He crouched down and pulled something out from the floor beneath it. "Guess he's hiding something," Lee said as the other three closed in on him while he took off the cloth covering the object. In front of Lee were two huge containers of liquid.

"That's the formula," Megan remarked. But it was the amount that surprised them.

"Not exactly," Marc replied as he examined the liquids through his green holographic scanner. "It has been altered in a way, but it definitely still has the pheromones."

"This is a lot," Lee addressed the amount again, which was around two to four liters.

"He's definitely going to use it for something big," Tony added.

"Whatever it is, we can't let that happen," Lee stood up. "Here's the plan: Marc and Tony, you guys secure this formula until WOOHP comes to get it, while me and Megan catch the bad g-"

Something snapped, and the next thing the spiez knew was they were held against the floor under a net.

Smoke from different corners began to fill the room as the spiez crawled and crouched under the net.

"Quick! Activate your breathing gear," Lee yelled. A feature in their spy suit allowed them to have a mask covering their mouth and chin from their ears.

The door opened. Light from outside flashed into the room, and the dark went back as the door shut close again.

Then, a flick of a light switch.

Standing by the door was a six-foot tall college boy in a formal suit. He had blonde hair and a grin on his clean-shaven face. The smoke cleared, and his grin turned to a confused frown.

"A couple of kids?" He wondered when he saw the sight of four middleschoolers crouching under the net in the middle of the floor. "I thought for sure that was the end of me." He sighed in relief.

"Wait, you're Marvel Brussels?" Megan asked, staring at him to make sure she was right. "You're kinda hot," she muttered, and that made her brothers almost disown her.

Marvel dismissed her as his eyes focused on his study table and the two uncovered liquid containers.

He took back his sigh of relief. "Wait, who are you?"

"We're spies from the World Organization of Human Protection, and we're here to stop you," Tony said.

"Stop me?" Marvel chuckled as he stared at them. From his point of view, they looked like hamsters stuck under a net. "You don't even know what I'm doing."

"Nuh-uh," Megan chuckled back. "You're using pheromones to attract girls and make them fight over you to get revenge on girls or something."

Marvel laughed. Even Megan was unsure of what she said.

"Revenge? Nah," he told them.

"It's not revenge?" Megan repeated, bewildered, as she and her brothers looked at each other in the same surprised expression.

"Of course not. This isn't some comic book story," the college kid answered. His laugh faded. "You were right about one thing though. I am using pheromones to attract girls."

"Of course, we're right," Marc defended their side. "That's the goal of the person who made Sunrise Tan. The one you stole!"

"Yeah, Sunrise Tan. I know about that," the college kid explained. "Zoey Quinn; a college entrepreneur who started her tanning business. The same time she did it, there were news of men going crazy, fighting all over the city. It doesn't take one long enough to deduce that the news had to do with her, since the college kids involved also had to do with girls who used her tanning salon. But a few days later, Sunrise Tan was shut down. The news about crazy men stopped, and Zoey Quinn was nowhere to be found."

The four spiez glanced nervously at each other. They all knew where Zoey Quinn was: in WOOHP prison. Now, they wondered, Is this person taking revenge for her?

"That event just confirmed my view that people are so shallow to the point that they'll fall easily through attraction and seduction. Good looks will get you so far, so why stop there?"

He went over to his study table and lifted the tray of the containers from the floor and placed them on his table. "I'm no stranger to girls fighting over me, but with this and my intelligence, I can get them to do whatever I want," he pointed to his creation proudly. "Today, I'm going to use it to win over my thesis panelists, give me my Best Thesis Award and make me the Valedictorian!"

The spiez waited for him to tell the next step of his evil plan, but he was done. They looked at each other and laughed.

This wasn't the reaction the college genius was expecting. He had spent days and days pursuing this plan, and that wasn't for him to be laughed at.

"You're using it to pass your thesis?" Tony chuckled.

"Not pass, but be the best there is!" Marvel defended himself.

The spiez continued laughing. For a second there, they thought he was related to Zoey Quinn and was going to avenge her or take her out of prison.

"You really are a nerd!" Megan laughed.

"What the hell did you call me?! I'll have you know I had a girlfriend back then!"

"Sure sure," Lee answered, "I bet you had your study dates, and you broke up because you loved studying even more." They kept laughing. Marvel was pissed off.

"Oh come on, guys, cheating off your grades is a bad thing," Marc said after laughing. He meant what he said as he remembered trying to win a science competition with a robot and a chip he stole from WOOHP. That almost didn't end well. "I mean being a Valedictorian is really-" Serious time was over, and Marc joined back in laughing with the others.

Marvel was annoyed. "But I'm not going to stop there!" he caught their attention. "You see, if I can get this to win over my academic goals, then, imagine what I can do with it outside school. I can easily get the job I want, get rid of people I hate, shut down big companies, get all the money, be President. Who knows? I'm good-looking and smart. I can do whatever I want."

The spiez were not laughing anymore.

Marvel smiled, the way bad guys do.

"I can-"

There was a loud knock on the door. Loud muffled voices from the hallway outside. Marvel and the spiez stayed still.

"Hey, Marv, isn't it time for your defense yet?" a voice outside called.


None of them spoke. Not even the spiez. Marvel glanced back and forth at the four kids in the middle of his room, the whiteboard, and the chemicals that he was going to use for his evil plan. He'd be doomed if someone else finds him now.

"They said you should be in the conference room in 20 minutes. Marv?" The person knocked continuously. Then, he tried to open the doorknob.

Panicked, Marvel yelled back. "Yeah, dude! I'm just preparing stuff. I'll catch up with ya." The spiez heard his voice slightly shake.

"Sure, man. Good luck," the voice said. They heard his footsteps until they faded.

Marvel sighed in relief. He could not let anyone find out about this.

Awkward, the spiez thought, and not just because they were like trapped hamsters almost kissing the floor.

"Anyway," Lee coughed to get Marvel's attention, "you will never get away with this. Even if you do get girls to do what you want, men will be there to stop you."

"Wow," Megan rolled her feminist eyes.

"What?" Lee asked.

"You think I haven't thought of that?" Marvel answered. "Look around you. It's the 21st century. Gone are the days when women can't cause an uproar because they got offended or had their rights taken from them."

"He's right," Megan proudly agreed.

"Whose side are you on?" Tony reminded her.

"Besides," Marvel continued, "I didn't steal Sunrise Tan and use it as it is. I'm not going to credit someone else's failure for my success. I made it in a way that it can also attract men."

The spiez gasped. They realized just now how serious their villain was. He wasted no time in doing several experiments to perfect his pheromone concoction. He was an evil genius, in college.

"That's incredibly un-sexist," Megan remarked about his plan, "in a very evil way." She was back on her brothers' side now.

"Evil? I'm not hurting anyone, unless things don't go as planned. Then, I can resort to violence." He brought out a remote-like device from his pocket.

"What are you gonna do?" they asked.

"I don't know. Maybe smoke out the whole school. Who knows? Whatever it is, I won't let a bunch of middleschoolers get in the way." He pressed a button on his remote, and the smoke began to cover the room again.

"See if you could laugh now," Marvel told them. He placed the pheromone containers in a cart and rolled out the room with it. The spiez coughed.

Marvel had left the room the way he had found it - dark, with four young spies stuck in a net and gasping for breath.

-end of Chapter 6-


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