Joining the Mansion

Christmas was coming. One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts woke to find itself covered in several feet of snow. The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban. The few owls that managed to battle their way through the stormy sky to deliver mail had to be nursed back to health by Hagrid before they could fly off again.

No one could wait for the holidays to start. In Hufflepuff dorms, their fires are heated to the max but upon stepping out the corridors, it's a frigging FREEZER of nearly 10 degrees since they're up north. Kahlua had created another spell designed for Winter: Pallium Teporis-latin for Cloak of Warmth. She's glowing a golden light covering her body like a shroud and she taught this charm to her fellow puffs by literally taping a large paper regarding the spell on the dormitory door. She had taught Draco and Hermione in advance, and sent a note about it to the Ministry that she made one again. One letter to the Committee on Experimental Charms and one to the Daily Prophet before snowfall.

New Charm to Combat Winter Cold!
Kahlua Potter has a new Charm to Teach!
By: Rita Skeeter

Ms. Potter sent us mail regarding a new spell she's made since
Lux Globos. A spell to bash away winter chills if we ever run out
of firewood in our fireplaces. The spell, classified as a Charm, is
called Pallium Teporis(PA-lli-UHM TE-poris). The mechanics of this
new charm is that you create a shroud of magical glowing light
that has the colors of fire that will emit comfortable warmth.

Of course, it's safe-it will not burn you or what you touch. And how
long it lasts depends on how much power put into the spell. She
said she's already sent a letter to the Committee of Experimental
Charms so they'll judge to see and determine its difficulty level.
Lux Globos is a high-level charm, what about this one, this author wonders...?
We'll wait for the verdict from the CoEC!
PS: the long version of the mechanics is on Pg 2.

Well, Kahlua had to go to the Ministry for a couple of days for a demonstration for them to see before they try it out themselves before she got paid for her spell. Since it's not as difficult as Lux Globos, it was a 650 Galleon spell.

...It's a 4th Year Level Spell...much to the dismay of the younger kids.

That didn't stop others from trying, however. By the time Christmas Holidays came, Kahlua signed up for home, when Professor Sprout started asking who'll go home and who'll stay in school. Upon reaching King's Cross some days later, it was Sebastian who picked her up.

'Sebastian!' Kahlua chimed as she glomped her butler.

'Welcome back, young miss.' Sebastian smiled as he did not budge from the jump-glomp on him as his charge looked up at him. 'We'd better get home lest that spell wears off.' he said. 'How long will it last?'

'20 more minutes...there's no heating on the darn train and I was casting every two hours in the trip.' Kahlua sighed as Sebastian took her trunk. 'What a pain...' on the ride home, the house was decorated in Christmas cheer to her delight and glomped Sebastian again, happy that the house isn't so dull for Holidays.

'Oh yes, young miss,' said Sebastian. 'I received a letter from Sirius Black. He and Remus Lupin will be at the children's playground tomorrow near St. Anne's Kindergarten to be picked up by me as I'm keeping our location a secret for our safety.' he said. 'You can never be too sure. I'll go get them at 9:30.'

'I tested them already right?' Kahlua asked him as they went to her room with Sebastian carrying her trunk over his left shoulder.

'Yes. They're quite to my satisfactions which is why I'm allowing them to stay here as permanent residents. I am not allowing weaklings with the exception of Mrs. Perkins in the mansion.'


Elsewhere, in a hotel room in Leaky Cauldron...

'This is it Moony, we're finally going to get to live with Kahlua...I wonder what's she like growing up under that dude?' Sirius muttered darkly.

'She seems to have grown up intelligent since she's making advanced charms to sell to the public, so her career would be aspiring Spell-Crafting Prodigy.' said Remus.

'But what I don't get is why do we have to do a number of conditions just to see her?' Sirius scowled. 'Even worse, Lily approved before she died! We could have raised her as a baby!'

'Siri, because of HIM, they were paid a personal visit, remember?' Remus reminded him mournfully as Sirius scowled. Yeah, he knew that veeery well and wanted to kill him personally but Azkaban got to him first. 'Kahlua has a target painted on her head because of his betrayal and for some reason, Albus won't tell us yet why the Longbottoms and Potters are one and two on his personal hit list. Sebastian must feel that to those who want to visit Kahlua, they must be strong. And given how Sebastian is when he fought us without magic, he's one strong muggle. Probably the strongest muggle we know. Has Albus' letter arrived yet?'

'Not yet but anytime now...I sent a letter after that psycho left us.'

3 hours later, mail arrived and the two surviving Marauders were eager to read.

Sirius, Remus,

It's finally good to hear from you after ten long years and two months since that day.
And I suppose I can understand the conditions to visit Ms. Potter's house when I saw
what you had to do in your letter. Shocking...the training you have is much harsher
than the training of the muggles' finest military and intelligence forces. And as much
as I want you to tell me where she lives, I would rather not and anger her guardian
who certainly can easily kill me. Afterall, a speedy opponent can dodge your best spells.

I shall tell you about Kahlua in her first year here. Kahlua is sorted into the Hufflepuff
House with a rather...unlikely friendship. She is good friends with Draco Malfoy-

'WHAT?!' Sirius gasped in horror,

'Padfoot, shut up!' Remus grunted.

-because he is the first child her age she met in Diagon Alley and at the time, there is
no 'foot-in-pure mouth-disease' from the lad, considering who his parents are. They
quickly became good friends and Kahlua inherited a particular trait of her mother's: The
ability to see the good in anyone with a subconscious need to bring it out. Right now, she
managed to turn a child of a Blood Purist into a good young man who greatly excels in his
studies and magic practice, instead of throwing his name around for power and position.
And with his friendship, no Howlers from Lucius nor Narcissa came. Severus said he had
explained to the couple that their friendship does him well, as he is popular and well-liked
among the Muggleborns, while half-and-pure children who knew each other were trying
to give him the Benefit of the Doubt.

Although the ones who protested at this, were the friends Draco has since childhood...and
when Ms. Parkinson tried to bring him back to 'the right sort', Kahlua punched the wall with
sheer physical power that bore a hole in the wall that threatened and spooked Ms. Parkinson
despite the smile on Kahlua's face. She thus has a reputation in school and everyone calls
her the 'Badger Amazoness' due to her strength. Good thing for Hogwarts' self-repair spells...
And later into the year, Ms. Potter is good friends with her female housemates, one girl from
Gryffindor since the Halloween Troll Incident, and Draco Malfoy, the lone boy in their group.

They seem to work together to have either EEs or Os in their grades as their goal and become
the most skilled in their year level. Young Malfoy even ahem, helped with the makeover of the
other girls and once cleaned up nicely, no boy could look away...never knew he has talent in
that area. Then again, considering Narcissa, he may have inherited her vanity. And Ms. Granger
has a rather shocking and disturbing theory by observing Mr. Longbottom since she wanted him
to join their group. Due to the fact that he has low magic since birth, the way he behaved in the
school was like someone from an abusive home. No physical abuse but even worse. Verbal,
Emotional, Mental and Psychological Abuse that he is his own Self-Granting Prophecy. We will
try to coax the truth out of him by simple chat without getting directly to the point so for now,
no letters or Howlers until we confirm the truth. The other children are disturbed by this and are
worried so they're slowly working on it because Mr. Longbottom is too shy with no ounce of
self-confidence. They feel that if they got him up to snuff, he too, would be as good as they are.

Also, outside their group, its clear that Kahlua and Mr. Malfoy are very good friends. They exchange
banter and on a friendly competition to see who'll be the most-liked student by the time they
graduate. Loser does what winner wants. So who knows who will win after seven years of trying
to out-popular the other? But in the end, it appears that her main goal is to make an apple fall far
from the tree. Wish her luck.


'So that's what's been happening...' Sirius mused. \But still, for her to see something in a Malfoy, I'm shocked.' he whistled.

'Just remember, Sebastian is no one we should cross.' said Remus. 'There's something about him that made my wolf so scared of him silly and I don't know why.'

'Eh? Really?'

'Really. I haven't told you this because it was a theory at first but when we met him for the first time, I didn't turn into a werewolf the next night, remember? Usually you accompany me on Werewolf nights but it didn't come out till the next full moon!' he said. 'Maybe there's something about him that restrains the symptoms of Lycanthropy?'

'Maybe he's no ordinary muggle...' Sirius mused thoughtfully. 'Maybe he has some weird power he didn't know he has and it's dang useful-and since we're living in Kahlua's house from now on, say bye-bye to full moons, Moony!' he cried in delight. 'As long as you're near that guy, you're 100% normal!'

Remus gasped as he thought of the mere possibilities.

Maybe, just maybe...


Next day...

At St. Anne Kindergarten, the playground after breakfast...Sirius and Remus waited one good hour there. They spent their time watching the kids play while playing chess on a bench, until a black, shiny Mercedes-Benz S-Class came with just as shiny platinum accents arrived. And out stepped Sebastian. 'Here he is!'

'Have you been waiting long, Sir Black? Sir Lupin?' Sebastian smiled good-naturedly as in Remus' mind, his inner-wolf cowered back to the recesses of his mind in sheer pure fear. 'I have arrived on the dot.'

'We're just a bit early, is all.' said Sirius. 'Where we're staying at is a bit far from this place.'

'I see. Then hop on in.' said Sebastian. 'Oh, and fasten your seatbelts because we are definitely speeding.'

'Somehow, I got a baaaad feeling about this...' Sirius croaked as upon getting in, they fastened their seatbelts, and when Sebastian got the car revving...they were practically going at the rate of zooming speeds and the car was even doing crazy stunts just to avoid obstacles! Everything else is a blur, they couldn't properly see where they were going. Upon stopping at the gates...

'You may get off from here.' said Sebastian as his very sick-looking passengers staggered out and his amusement was at their expense as they threw up and looked very ill. 'I should get parking...' and he went off...on normal-standard speeds this time.

'W-whoever gave that guy a driving license...should be shot.' Sirius choked out in tears as they threw up everything they had for breakfast. Poor guys.