Chapter Three:


AN: Okay, I make Morgana a little paranoid in this, because I really want more humour in this story!

"Come on, Merlin. We'll all be old men by the time we find the rest of knights if you continue to be this slow." Arthur snapped irritably.

"I'm coming!" I wheezed. Arthur had been in a foul mood for the past day. Well, finding the bodies of your friends was never a good thing, but I could tell Arthur was taking this harder than the usual person would. 'I wish you would let me help you.'

"Honestly, Merlin, it's a wonder you're able to get anything done." Arthur scoffed and strode off, snapping as many sticks as he could as if that would ease his anger. 'Better the sticks than me.' I thought hollowly as he stomped through the forest.

Morgana's P.O.V

I hid in a thicket of bushes as I watched the two idiots stomp clumsily through the forest. Seriously, did they really think they could sneak up on me by breaking everything in the path? Honestly, it was like they wanted to be caught.

Wait, what if they did want to be caught!? What if this was a trap!? I whipped my head around. I saw no one, but I shot out a small curse in the direction of a nearby bramble. Hey, it was moving! It could have just been an animal, but it also could have been a soldier or even a spy! You never know…

"Merlin, I swear, I'm going to leave you here if you keep lagging behind!" Arthur called back in his loud, obnoxious voice.

"Does that count as a break?" The servant called back in his cheerful voice. I frowned, he may sound happy, but from I was I could see the pain on his face. I watched him wince and clutch his chest, before limping after Arthur. What was with him? If the boy was in such agony, why wouldn't he tell Arthur? I'm not stupid; I had noticed how close they were when I lived at the castle. Surely Arthur would do something for him?

"Break? Are you kidding me?" Arthur shook his head. "I don't know why I keep you around." I saw Merlin's head snap up at Arthur's harsh words. He bit his lip and looked away. Maybe they weren't so close after all…

Damn! He's looking on my side of the forest! I flattened myself along the ground. I'm glad I put a couple of branches in my hair earlier. You know, for camouflage. I watched as purple fox wandered up to me. "Oh, you must have been the thing I hit with the curse. Sorry." It hissed. "Hey, it's not my fault! You shouldn't have been there, you should of fled in fear of me like all the other animals." In response it wacked me in the face with its tail and left. But not before I hit with another curse, this time for attracting bear cubs. Have fun blending in with a purple coat, fox. I'm not entirely sure why I shot a purple-curse there in the first place. Oh well.

"Woah!" I quickly looked up as Merlin cried out and slammed into the ground. Arthur rolled his eyes and stalked back to Merlin. He hoisted him up by his arm, not noticing how Merlin's lower lip bled from him biting it to keep himself from screaming in pain.

"Hurry up, Merlin! We don't have time for your clumsiness. Sir Leon and the others could be in danger and here we are just strolling through the bloody forest tripping over thin air!" Arthur paused and breathed deeply. Merlin placed a hand on his shoulder and opened his mouth to probably say something to comfort him. He never got to, however, as Arthur waved his arm and cut him off. "I don't want to hear it Merlin. Let's just go."

I glared at Arthur's retreating form. Stupid prat. He needed to be taught a lesson. And, of course, I was to be the one to teach him.

Closing my eyes, I concentrated and eventually my magic allowed me to teleport a few metres in front of the pair. I made sure to add black smoke and summon an eerie wind to blow. Yes, I'm sure I made a quite frightening and dramatic entrance, as usual.

"Morgana!" Arthur shouted, drawing his sword. Merlin just stood there, staring at me with a confused expression. Idiot.

"Hello, Arthur." I said, smiling.

"What do you want?" He asked through clenched teeth and my smile disappeared. But before I got to say my fantastic and importantmonologue (that I had prepared a few moments earlier), Merlin rudely interrupted me.

"Morgana, uh, do you realise that you have a branch in your hair?"

Arthur blinked in surprise, before nodding in agreement. "I didn't know that we were going to tell her." I heard him mutter to Merlin. He then turned back to me. "Yeah, it's right in the back, where it's all tangled." He gestured with his hand around the back of his own head.

"I wasn't sure if you noticed. You know, because your hair is like a nest and you probably wouldn't feel… uh, I'm just going to stop… yeah." Merlin trailed off and squirmed under my furious glare. I ripped the useless branch out of my hair and threw it (okay, I admit that this was a little immature) straight at Arthur, who dodged it smartly.

"Anyway, I didn't fall for your petty trap. Oh, don't act like this wasn't a trap, Arthur, it wasn't hard to figure out." Did he think I was some kind of idiot?

Arthur glared at me and held his pathetic sword tighter. "What did you do to my knights?"

Knights? I glanced around frantically. "What knights?"

Arthur frowned. "Weren't you the person who told the bandits we were coming?"

"What bandits? I haven't come across any."

Suspicion clouded Arthur's face. "What are you doing here Morgana? If it's not to do with us then what is it?"

I sighed. "Is it too much to ask for a little peace." I smirked. "Don't worry, I'll be soon trying to kill you again, but I'm afraid killing you right here and now doesn't fit in with my plan."

"And your plan is?"

"Arthur, do you seriously believe I would tell you? Anyway, I have some… amusement planned for now. You need to be taught a lesson about respect. Look at Merlin. Really look at him. He is in obvious pain and here you are, dragging him around, blaming him for things that aren't his fault. It makes me a little sick that I, of all people, have to tell you this. I am certainly no friend of either of you." I raised an eyebrow. "And here I was under the impression that you to are friends. My mistake."

Arthur lowered his sword and looked at Merlin guiltily. Merlin was staring hard at the ground, refusing to even glance at Arthur.

"Well, I know a way you can see things from a different perspective. Call it a new way of life." I grinned as I watched them fall to the ground, unconscious. Then I began to chant.

Yes, this was going to be fun.

AN- Okay, here's a few things you should know-

1. Morgana is bat-shit crazy, and the purple fox, hallucination or not, I'll let you decide, will pop up a lot, and sometimes he won't be obvious so you'll have to look hard! But he'll just show himself to Morgana. Because she's a nut case. HEY! I HAVE A COMPETITION! I want people to comment the most crazy, hilarious names for the purple fox, and I'll choose one to name him. Have fun.

2. I have no idea what Morgana's plan was. I forgot. In this story, Morgana is partly good in an evil insane way.

3. Every bad guy here is a freaking bandit. Cause they are freaking bandits. Their not even from the same group. They just wander around, looking for people to attack. Just like in the actual series.